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Patsy Ramsey's 40th Birthday

Surprise Party, November 1996
At the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado

December 29, 1996
Cruise Planned on the Big Red Boat Disney Trip



Dear Friends & Family,


"We are all enjoying continued good health and look forward to seeing you in 1997! One final note ...
thank you to all my 'friends' and my dear husband for surprising me with the biggest, most outrageous 40th birthday bash I've ever had! We'll be spending my actual birthday on the Disney Big Red Boat over the new year!"


Merry Christmas and much love,
The Ramseys


[Newsweek Magazine, January 13, 1997 'A BODY IN THE BASEMENT']1997-01-13: "Newsweek Magazine, January 13, 1997 "A BODY IN THE BASEMENT"
(by Mark Peyser, Sherry Keene-Osborn, Daniel Glick in Boulder, Daniel Pedersen in Atlanta)

"Police would not confirm or deny NEWSWEEK's questions about whether out-of-town friends and relatives visiting for Patsy's 40th birthday Dec 29 had been staying in the house that night as well." "Police spent four hours interviewing Patsy Ramsey's parents, Don and Nedra Paugh, and removed a metalic suitcase from their house near Atlanta."

1997-04-30: Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo

Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo
Also present, Pat Burke, Bryan Morgan, Pete Hoffstrom, Jon Foster
April 30, 1997 - Boulder, Colorado


PR: Well, we opened our presents and uh, try to have them do it slowly so it doesn’t it’s not over with in five minutes, you know, and we all opened our things and then we had breakfast and uh, I was packing, as well as wrapping gifts that day. We were, we were going to go to the lake on the 26th so I was putting a few things together for that trip and um, and trying to get the presents together to take up there and then I was packing our suitcases to go, we were going to go on a Walt Disney cruise on. . .
ST: Big Red boat?
Bid Red boat. On my birthday, the 29th. So I was, had summer clothes, trying to get all that ready, so uh, and packing and uh, I think I colored my hair that afternoon, like with one of those quick, you know, uh. . .


[John Ramsey, June 1998 Interviews]1998-06-23: John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane
(Screen Capture from "CBS 48 Hours Investigates - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane
Present also were Bryan Morgan, PI David Williams
June 23, 24, 25, 1998 - Boulder, Colorado


June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Patsy Birthday)

21 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, yeah. We had this
22 Christmas party, usually a day or two before
23 Christmas primarily for our family, friends and
24 children. And we invite Santa Claus to come and
25 we'd have presents for all the kids. And Santa

1 would give them out and hors d'oeuvres and we'd
2 start early and usually end early. And this year,
3 we decided, or that year of '96, we decided, well
4 we weren't going to do that because it was a lot
5 of effort and Patsy just had her 40th birthday
6 party and we were kind of partied out. We had a
7 big birthday party for Patsy.
8 LOU SMIT: When was her birthday?

9 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, we had it, it was a
10 surprise party, it was in early December. He
11 birthday is not until the 29th of December, but we
12 had a surprise birthday party in early December.

13 So we kind of decided not to do the Christmas
14 party. I think we were going to ask a friend or
15 two over. (INAUDIBLE). The Santa Claus which
16 normally came called us and said she had got
17 Charles Kuralt here doing a documentary on me and
18 he's been kind of following me around and I'd like
19 him to come to your house, you know, for your
20 Christmas party because I think it's a nice one
21 and it's one of my favorites.
22 And Patsy kind of threw together a Christmas party
23 quickly because she thought that would be fun for
24 the kids. And Patsy is a born publicist, I guess.
25 She enjoys that kind of thing. And so we invited

1 the regular crowd that always came and we put
2 together the Christmas party.


10 MIKE KANE: And how long were you intending
11 to stay in Charlevoix?

12 JOHN RAMSEY: When it comes to the days, I
13 don't remember. I believe we were leaving for this
14 Big Red Boat thing on Saturday morning, and we
15 were planning to come back on Friday from
16 Charlevoix.
17 MIKE KANE: Okay.
18 JOHN RAMSEY: and I think the 26th was
19 Tuesday or Wednesday. I don't remember.
20 LOU SMIT: Maybe we should look at a
21 calendar.
22 MIKE KANE: Yeah.
23 BRYAN MORGAN: There are records of the
24 Big Red Boat reservations.
25 JOHN RAMSEY: We had bought and paid for


1 the tickets.
2 LOU SMIT: We'll nail it down.
3 BRYAN MORGAN: The 26th was a Thursday.
4 JOHN RAMSEY: Thursday.
5 MIKE KANE: So Wednesday was Christmas.
6 JOHN RAMSEY: Well that doesn't make sense,
7 then. Let's see. So the 26th was Thursday, so we
8 would have gone on Thursday morning. I don't think
9 we were going to stay one night. I'd have to look
10 and say when the Big Red Boat --

11 MIKE KANE: I guess Patsy's birthday was on
12 the --
13 JOHN RAMSEY: Her birthday was on the 29th.
14 I thought we were going to be there already. I
15 don't remember. But we can figure it out.
16 MIKE KANE: So you were going to fly back
17 to Jeffco?
18 JOHN RAMSEY: Right.
19 MIKE KANE: The day before you went to --
20 I guess you had to go to Florida to get there?

21 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, we had to go to Orlando
22 to take a bus, from Orlando to Cape Canaveral and
23 take a bus.
24 MIKE KANE: So you would fly back in the
25 day before, fly out, I think you said TWA?


2 MIKE KANE: And you're leaving on the boat
3 that day or did you fly down and then you would
4 leave the next day?
5 JOHN RAMSEY: No, I think we were doing
6 this boom, boom, boom. Then we were going to be on
7 the boat that night.
8 MIKE KANE: And how long a trip was that
9 going to be?

June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Patsy Birthday)

10 JOHN RAMSEY: It was maybe four days. It
11 was over through New Year's Eve. I don't know if
12 we were came back New Year's day or the next day,
13 but it was a four-day trip.

14 MIKE KANE: And then would you come straight
15 back here?


16 MIKE KANE: And this year, in 1996, you
17 said you weren't going to have it. Was there a
18 discussion about having it and you decided --
19 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, we talked about, you
20 know, should we have a Christmas party or should
21 we just have this big birthday party; and we were
22 going to leave town the next day; and the boat
23 trip. And we said, we won't really do that. I
24 think we were going to invite one or two couples
25 over with their kids and just have kind of a real

1 small family thing. That was the extent of it.


20 MIKE KANE: Yesterday in the room we had
21 some confusion about when you were leaving. Well
22 we know it was the 26th that you were leaving for
23 Charlevoix.
And we found out, I guess, that was a
24 Thursday, when you were going on the Big Red Boat.
25 Did you have an opportunity to talk about that?


1 JOHN RAMSEY: Well we talked a little bit
2 about it last night, because I was amazed of how
3 poorly our memory of things like that. Patsy
4 didn't remember it either, but it's easy to figure
5 out, because we lot purchased the tickets through
6 our travel agent and so forth.
7 BRYAN MORGAN: I may be able to shorten
8 that because I know that I have seen the
9 reservations. So I would be glad to send you
10 copies.

11 MIKE KANE: Okay. That would clear that
12 right up. Great. Where did the idea of going on
13 the Big Red Boat, how did that come about?

14 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, we actually that was
15 fairly well in advance. We had never been on a
16 cruise. Christmas is a tough time for us because I
17 think we lost Beth in January, and we liked to
18 kind of have things to do and planned.
19 So we thought, that would be fun thing to do, a
20 family thing. And we had never been on a cruise,
21 and going to the Big Red Boat and have fun with
22 the kids. So we just planned it and it was kind of
23 a first. Because I'd never done something like
24 that. And it was planned well in advance and we
25 got a package deal and it was TWA that was going


1 through St. Louis, or something like that. Which I
2 was kind of nervous about, because I could see us
3 changing planes and missing planes. But it was a
4 cheap airfare.

5 MIKE KANE: You would rather have flown
6 yourself?
7 JOHN RAMSEY: Or rather flown nonstop to
8 Orlando or something from Denver. I just get very
9 nervous changing planes. But yeah, it was a trip
10 together. We had a very full, a very fun season
11 planned out.

12 MIKE KANE: Who made those arrangements?
13 JOHN RAMSEY: Patsy made the reservations?
14 MIKE KANE: Was it through the travel agent?
15 JOHN RAMSEY: The travel agent. Actually
16 I think I remember calling Walt Disney directly. I
17 think I might have gotten the number out of a
18 magazine or something. Because I think I remember
19 joining the Disney or somebody like that directly.
20 Because we had the option of going to Disney World
21 for a day or two, and we no, because Patsy didn't
22 want to. I Remember.
23 MIKE KANE: And then the trip to Charlevoix,
24 was that planned a lot in advance?
25 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, fairly. Not months

1 in advance, at least a month in advance. We had to
2 get tickets for the kids and figure out their
3 schedule and get Mike Archuleta lined up. So it
4 was planned. For sure three or four weeks in
5 advance.

[JonBenet's Mother]1998-08-00: Jon Benet's Mother: "Tragedy and The Truth!" (Linda Edison McLean)

JBM Page 102

"I next saw Patsy when I was invited to Boulder for her surprise 40th Birthday party. Even though Patsy's birthday wasn't until December, John had decided to have the party in November because of the busy holidays coming up. He left the planning to two of Patsy's friends, it was a grand party. We had dinner at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, followed with a band, dancing and a fellow who came dressed up like Miss America and did a comedy routine about Patsy's life and accomplishments. It was very uplifting because we were all so thankful that she was still here and able to celebrate her 40th birthday.

The morning after the party, I remember all of us being in one bed and talking 'girl talk,' There was Patsy, Pam, Paulette, Melinda, JonBenet and myself. We giggled and talked about the party, how great it was to be together and what was happening in our lives. Patsy talked about her anticipated trip to New York City with JonBenet and other friends and their daughters. They called it the 'mother-daughter' trip. [Debbie]

[WebDollie's Real Audio]1998-12-30: Dave Lucas Radio Show - WROW NY
Hosts: Dave Lucas and Lance Matthews)

Lance Matthews: Hi Pam, eh, somebody out there in Internet land has a question to direct right at you and that was they were wondering the last time you were in Boulder before JonBenet was killed.

Pam Paugh:
The last time I was in Boulder prior to that December would have been, let me think, October 9th through 11th. I was there ah, it was a surprise weekend. John had planned a surprise forth birthday party for Patsy. And my entire family was there. We flew in for it.


[Perfect Murder, Perfect Town]1999-02-18: "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, JonBenet and the City of Boulder"
Written by Lawrence Schiller, February 18, 1999

PMPT Page 146

Partial Letter from Susanna Savage:

"In 1996, Priscilla White called and asked me to watch the kids again. They were having a surprise birthday party for Patsy. I hid out in a car down the block until Patsy's friends picked her up. By then, JonBenet had changed a lot. She was taller and thinner and her hair was colored. I didn't know about her pageants until that night, when I saw all her trophies.

Then Patsy called me on December 1, the night of the Access Graphics Christmas party. She wanted me to sit with JonBenet and Burke. Patsy told me to make sure JonBenet kept her hair in rollers overnight. She had a pageant the next day. Now tell me-what kid wants to sleep in rollers?


PMPT Page 249sb

Portion of Judith Phillips Letter:

“Early last November there was a surprise birthday party for Patsy. Her birthday is in late December, but the family was going to be back east, so the party was in November. Priscilla White organized the entire thing. John told her "Wherever you want it to be--the sky's the limit."

We all met at the Safeway Shopping Center and were loaded into a large bus-all kinds of people. Nedra, Don, john, Patsy's sisters, the Whites, Walkers, Stines, Fernies, Reverend Rol Hoverstock, and Patsy's entire softball team. Then the bus drove to their home and parked while John went up to the door. Patsy was flabbergasted.

PMPT Page 250sb

"Should I change?" were her first words.

"No, no, come along right now," he told her.

Lots of laughing. Patsy didn't have a clue where we were going. Patsy and John sat in the back. There was an open bar.

At the Brown Palace in Denver we had a private room. Fifty people. A band called the 4-Nikators. Sit-down dinner, open bar, huge bottles of Dom Perigon, and even cigars on the tables for everyone. Patsy was striding around big as life, puffing on a cigar like she owned the place.

The MC was a guy in drag-tiara, fluffy fur around his Collar. Talked in a southern accent and did a monologue on Patsy-the Patsy Paugh Experience, from birth to the present. The family must have coached him. Lots of in-jokes and innuendo that I didn't understand. Then at midnight we were back on the bus. Patsy opened her presents on the way back. Everyone else was dropped off along the way, and Patsy and John were left alone on the bus.

That was probably the last time I saw JonBenet alive. Early that evening, before we left Patsy and John's home, both kids got on the bus to say hello to their grandparents and their aunts and uncles.

-Judith Phillips”


[Death of Innocence]2000-03-18: “Death of Innocence” written by John and Patsy Ramsey

DOI Page 05

"In addition to those tasks, Patsy was packing summer clothes and bathing suits in suitcases laid out on the bed in John Andrew's bedroom. We had booked tickets on Disney's Big Red Boat in Florida upon our return from Charlevoix.
The trip would last from December 29 through New Year's, a great way to celebrate Patsy's fortieth birthday and the new Year. Burke and JonBenet were very excited about the trip. We had never been on a cruise and thought that being with Mickey Mouse and Company should be great family fun."

[JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation]2000-04-11: “JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation”
by Steve Thomas and Don Davis, April 11, 2000

ST Page 59

"The next day, Patsy Ramsey's fortieth birthday, St. John's Episcopal Church at Fourteenth and Pine was packed for the memorial service, and the congregation included four Boulder detectives. It was a cold, cloudy Sunday afternoon. I sat in the last row, Detective Gosage worked a hidden camera to film every face, and Sergeant Mason and Detective Arndt were at strategic points. It is not unusual for a killer to attend such services, so we were watchful."


"The holiday season of 1996 was a long series of parties,
including an early surprise fortieth birthday celebration at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, attended by Patsy's friends. None of her Atlanta women friends responded to their invitations. A comic dressed up like the girl who beat Patsy out for the Miss America crown did a three-minute spoof from material supplied by Nedra."


[Forums For Justice at www.forumsforjustice.org]2002-05-24: Forums For Justice on thread titled, "O...Cookie!?!"

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Hey Guys,


"Mom's Gone Bad, the name of our softball team, was conceived by Priscilla and Roxy. Access Graphics became the sponser for the first few years. Patsy designed the tee shirts. I still have my original shirt and a photograph of the team in it's first year. I will try to scan the neg at Kinkos and post a copy of it later. This photo was given to JR as a gift, following the first summer season. We were all dressed in fur coats and tiaras. Our coach was dressed in a black leather jacket. It's quite something to behold.

Some of the teams members in that first season included, Priscilla (2nd base), Roxy (1st base or pitcher), Susan Stine (catcher), Patty Novak (left field), Judith Phillips, me, (shortstop) and other great women. The coach and his wife are names tha I don't seem to recall. I will find out their names later. They became good friends of the R's and later moved , I think, to Seattle. They often took care of Jacques, the dog, when the R's went out of town.



[Forums For Justice]2004-01-14: The Bonita Papers-1999 (Patsy's Birthday-Cruise)
From a poster known as "Spade" on the www.forumsforjustice.org forum posted information regarding a person known as "Bonita." Spade wrote: "These are the unedited "notes" of Bonita Sauer, secretary/para-legal to Dan Hoffman. Bonita intended to write a book from the case documents provided to her boss. But Bonita's notes were sold to the tabs by her nephew. Larry Pozner is a partner in the same law firm. I hope he reads his secretary's notes about this case before he runs his mouth about the Ramsey's. (Again) This is a long file, so I suggest copying to your own computer and printing it out. I have checked the important case info and find it accurate, however there is some BS. Please post your questions." On another postings, Spade wrote, "Bonita is the 1st name of the legal secretary who wrote up the Boulder Police reports, mailed them to her nephew in Oregon who in turn double-dealt them to two tabs for $70,000. Bonita had access to all the BPD reports. Keep in mind that Bonita wrote-up her info in 1999"

"John, Patsy, JonBenet and Burke were also scheduled to leave for Disney World in Florida immediately after they returned to Boulder from Charlevoix. In celebration of Patsy's 40th birthday on December 29, the family was taking the Disney World Cruise. Patsy had to pack for the two separate trips. A few winter clothes were placed in plastic sacks for the Charlevoix holiday, and suitcases were packed with summer clothes for the Disney World Cruise. John spent part of the day checking the personal jet, parked at the Jefferson County airport, that would fly his family to Michigan the next morning."


2007-05-16: Starting Over - JonBenét Forum, thread titled, "The Big Red Boat"

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Posted: Thu May 17, 2007 6:12 pm Post subject:
How long before the planned trip tickets were bought, I think is not specifically known. There are other facts that are certain. The Big Red Boat trip itself, from 1996 through to the end of 1997, only had three options. Either the Ramseys had taken the three-day package, which traveled on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or they took the four-day package, which traveled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There was a third option of a seven-day package, but obviously that would have been a simple combination of the three-day and four-day packages. Children under 17 years of age traveled free. If the Ramseys had traveled to Charlevoix on Thursday, December 26th, they would have been required to get to Florida by sometime on the morning of Friday, the 27th, in order to take the three-day cruise which would have let Patsy legitimately announce that her birthday (December 29th, falling on a Sunday that year) would be on the Big Red Boat. It hardly seemed worthwhile at that point, they would have spent mere hours in Charlevoix, and as crime scene photos have shown, Patsy was not done packing for the cruise, so she would have had to complete that task either Thursday night or in the very early morning hours of Friday morning.

If they had taken the four-day package, leaving on Monday, then there would have been a little more wiggle room for the Charlevoix trip, since they could have spent Thursday and Friday there, then come back to finish packing on Saturday, and flown out on Sunday to be there for a Monday departure. The problem with that scenario is that Patsy would then have been lying when she told her family-newsletter audience that she was celebrating her birthday on the cruise ship, since she would obviously not have been on board yet.

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