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Magazine and News Articles
. Woman's Magazine
Profile: Patsy Ramsey
April 1996
. Newsweek Magazine
A Body in The Basement
January 13, 1997
. Newsweek Magazine
The Strange World of JonBenet
January 20, 1997
. Newsweek Magazine
Staying on the Trail
of JonBenet's Killer

January 20, 1997
. People Magazine
Murder of a Little Beauty
Lost Innocent
January 20, 1997
. Insight on the News
A Murder in the Spotlight
Spinning on top of Tragedy
March 17, 1997
. People Magazine
What's Taking So Long?
March 24, 1997
. Newsweek Magazine
We didn't kill her
May 12, 1997
. People Magazine
Mom and Dad Under Suspicion
Mystery Couple
October 6, 1997
. People Magazine
JonBenet Unsolved Mystery
Neverending Story
December 14, 1998
. Good Housekeeping Magazine
Pretty Babies
February 1999
. People Magazine
Trial by Suspicion
November 1, 1999

[Newsweek Magazine, May 12, 1997]"Newsweek, May 12, 1997, "We Did Not Kill Her"
(by Sherri Keene-Osborn, with Daniel Glick and Mark Miller)

"It looked like any other cheerless government office; drab walls, lightless windows, hard, utilitarian furnature. But the room in Boulder, Colo.'s Criminal justice Center where John and Patsy Ramsey sat for police questioning was uncomfortable by design. Since the day after Christmas, when their 6-year-old daughter, JonBenet-a child beaty queen-was found strangled and beaten in the basement of the famikly's elegant Tudor house, the Ramsey had refused a formal interview with police. So when the couple's lawyers sent word that the family was finally ready to talk, the cops didn't leave anything to chance.

NEWSWEEK has learned that special agents from the FBI's Child Abduciton and Serial Killer Unit spent hours transforming the district attorney's relaxed conference area into a stern interrogation chamber; the Feds decided that putting the wealthy Ramseys in an alien environment was the authorities' best chance to extract honest answers. Agents too everything off the walls and replaced an oval conference table with a square one. Patsy sat with polie for 6 hours; John, for 2 hours."

"When she at last emerged from police questioning, Patsy Ramsey was escorted to yet another room just down the hall. It was the office of Alex Hunter-probably the last man she wanted to see at that moment. But he hadn't called Patsy in for a second grilling. Instead, he offered her his office while she waited for police to finish questioning her husband. For two hours she sat, perched in a chair facing a framed portrait of JFK, and scribbled drawings by Hunter's children. She cooly deflected Hunter's attempted at small talk, and he soon left her alone."

"They arrived at the Justice Center at 8 a.m. Soft-spoken and congenial, Hunter spent an hour introducing the Ramseys to his staff before Patsy was brought into the interview room. She was direct to a stiff-backed chair across a table from hutner's chief prosecutor and two Boulder police officers dressed in suits. Alongside her sat her lawyer and a private investigator. While Patsy was being questioned, John Ramsey went to his own office to wait his turn"

[People Magazine October 6, 1997][People Magazine October 6, 1997]People Magazine, October 6, 1997, 'Mom and Dad Under Suspicion'
(by Richard Jerome, Vickie Bane in Boulder, Sara Gay Dammann in Charlevoix, Fannie Weinstein and Gail Wescott in Atlanta, Jennifer Mendelsohn in Parkersburg, Margie Bonnett Sellinger in Washington and Sue Miller in New York City)

(Page 99): "For Bostonians June Reidlinger and Richard Shibley, August 7 was one of those days when life turns ineffably strange. The couple had planned to rendezvous in the resort community of Charlevoix, Mich. then ferry out to go camping on Beaver Island, But as Reidlinger approached town, a truck rammed her van; almost instantly a woman from a nearlby house arrived on the scene, offering to help."

"With clockwork efficiency, Patricia Paugh Ramsey took charge; She unloaded Reidlinger's camping gear and drove it to the ferry, brought Shibley to her Victorian summer home, then took Reidlinger out for hamburgers. While at the Ramsey house, Shibley, a computer consultant, encountered Patsy's mother, Nedra Paugh. "She asked, 'Do you know who my granddaughter was:?" he recalls. "Then she told me it was JonBenet Ramsey and asked, 'Do you wan to see her room?"

"Uneasily, Shibley trailed upstairs to behold the dead child's "canopy bed and the small pillow with her name embroidered on it." Riding with Reidlinger, meanwhile, Patsy identifed herself as the mother of the slain Little Miss Colorado. Says Reidlinger, an assistant professor at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences; "I wasn't sure why it was impotant for me to know."

(Page 100): "The cops are apparently trying to wear down the Ramseys until one of them, likely the more volatile Patsy, breaks. One weapon may be leaks to the press. For instance, the stick attached to the rope that strangled JOnBenet was broken off one of Patsy's paintbrushes."

(Page 101): "The Ramseys themselves haven't spoken publicly since their May 1 press conference to a handpicked group of reporters--dubbed an infomercial by some in the media--with one notable exception. On Sept. 2 Patsy was watching Larry King Live. In the wake of Princess Diana's death, King was hosting a celebrity rant against stalkerazzi, and Patsy charged headlong into the fray. "She jumped out of her chair and started calling," Nedra reports, "I said, "What are you going to say?" She said, "The Lord will direct my words." King took her call, and she launched into an on-air diatribe castigating the tabs: "I would ask in the memory of my daughter, JonBenet, America's people's princess--and the beautiful people's princess of Great Britain--to ask everytone worldwide to boycott."

(Page 107): "But Phillips recalls a telling exchange with Nedra: "I asked, "what happens if JonBenet wakes up and says, "Nope, I'm not going to be in a pageant tonight"?' And she said, "We say, "You WILL do it." "Adds Vesta Taylor: "Nedra told me over and over that JonBenet was her Miss America, 'This is my Miss America,' she'd say."

(Page 107): "Cosseted though she was, Jonny B, as the family sometimes called her, suffered nagging health problems. She made 27 trips to the doctor during the last three years of her life, several times complaining of vaginal irritation. A genital abrasion detailed in her autopsy inspired speculation of abuse, but her pediatrician, Dr. Francesco Beuf, told Primetime that the number of visits were not unusual and said JonBent's vaginal woes were "perhaps related to the use of bubble bath."

(Page 107): "Last Christmas afternoon, Shirley Brady spoke to Patsy by phone. "I could hear kids giggling in the backgorund," she says. "And Patsy said, Oh, John is out there cleaning the sidewalk so JonBenet can try out her new bicycle."

(Page 107): Photo with John, Patsy, Burke and JonBenet in the red boat. In tiny letters next to photo, permission for use of that photo was given from the JonBenet Ramsey Children's Foundation.

(Page 108): "Officially police have said that only four people are definately not suspects in the child's death: John's children Melinda, 25, a nurse, and John Andrew, 21, a junior at the University of Coloardo--and Fleet White and his wife, Priscilla."
. [People Magazine October 6, 1997]
Page 99
. [People Magazine October 6, 1997]
Page 100
. [People Magazine October 6, 1997]
Page 101
. [People Magazine October 6, 1997]
Page 102
. [People Magazine October 6, 1997]
Page 105
. [People Magazine October 6, 1997]
Page 107
. [People Magazine October 6, 1997]
Page 108

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