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[Air View of Ramsey House and Neighborhood]
Screen Capture from Court TV's
"JonBenet: Anatomy Of A Cold Case

Neighbors and Neighborhood
755 15th Street
Boulder, Colorado

December 26, 1996

[Screen Capture by ACR from CBS 48Hours 12-18-2004]
Screen Capture by ACR from
CBS 48Hours 12-18-2004
Ramsey Neighborhood
[Screen Capture by ACR from CBS 48Hours 12-18-2004]
Screen Capture by ACR from
CBS 48Hours 12-18-2004
Ramsey Neighborhood
[Screen Capture by ACR from CBS 48Hours 12-18-2004]
Screen Capture by ACR from
CBS 48Hours 12-18-2004
Ramsey Neighborhood
[Screen Capture by ACR from CBS 48Hours 12-18-2004]
Screen Capture by ACR from
CBS 48Hours 12-18-2004
Ramsey Neighborhood
Borrowed Map From
Visiting Boulder, Colorado
[National Enquirer December 12, 2003]
From Enquirer 12-12-2003
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1996-12-27: Missing girl found dead

Missing girl found dead
Six-year-old was reported kidnapped earlier in day
Camera Staff Writers
December 27, 1996

A 6-year-old Boulder girl reported kidnapped early Thursday was found dead in her parents' house later that afternoon.

Boulder police said a family member discovered the body of Jon Benet Ramsey - daughter of Access Graphics president John Ramsey and Patricia Ramsey - in the basement of the family house at 755 15th St. about 1:30 p.m. The child was the 1995 Little Miss Colorado and a student at Martin Park Elementary School, according to a family friend.

The FBI joined the investigation because the child initially was reported kidnapped at 5:30 a.m. Police detectives and crime scene investigators began searching the house late Thursday after securing a search warrant. No details of what they had found were disclosed.

Although the official cause of death was not yet known, Police Chief Tom Koby said the case is considered a homicide. The child had not been shot or stabbed, said Detective Sgt. Larry Mason. It is Boulder's first official homicide of 1996, Koby said.

No arrest had been made as of press time, and police had no suspects, Mason said. The Boulder County coroner's office refused to discuss details of the case, though an autopsy will be performed today, according to city spokeswoman Leslie Aaholm.

Neighbors described Jon Bonet as a friendly, outgoing child. "She was a beautiful little girl," said Diane Brumfitt, a school counselor who lives next door to the Ramseys. "But her personality - she was very engaging and charming."

Brumfitt said police were outside the Ramsey house most of the day. The Ramseys left in a friend's car at midday, she said.

"It was almost surreal," said Brumfitt. "It just didn't seem real at all."

Joe Barnhill, who lives across the street, said he stowed the Christmas bicycle John Ramsey bought for Jon Bonet until Christmas Eve. Barnhill was outside the house Thursday afternoon walking Jon Bonet's dog - a pet he said she received as a birthday present about two years ago.

He described the Ramseys - John, Patricia, Jon Bonet and her older brother, Burke - as a happy family. "They are such congenial people - the best neighbors," said Barnhill.

Barnhill said Jon Bonet's mother, called Patsy - a former Miss West Virginia - raised a well-mannered, polite daughter. "She has been working so hard to groom her and raise her for the society we live in," said Barnhill.

"Patsy is a doting, loving, incredible mother," said Dee Dee Nelson-Schneider, a family friend who worked with Patsy Ramsey at Flatirons Elementary School. "If anything, they spoiled Jon Bonet. For instance, one day Jon Bonet said to her mother that she didn't have enough dresses, so Patsy took her shopping and let her get some dresses."

Patsy Ramsey traveled around the country with Jon Bonet to attend her daughter's beauty contests. "They were so serious about this beauty queen stuff, but they never put any pressure on her. She was Little Miss Colorado in 1995," said Nelson-Schneider.

"She had her own float in the Colorado Parade of Lights in December 1995, and Patsy walked along the side of the float the whole parade to make sure (Jon Bonet) was safe. That's how protective Patsy was."

The Ramsey family was preparing to go to a second home in Michigan for vacation, a neighbor said.

John Ramsey's company, the Boulder-based computer distributor Access Graphics, recently celebrated its first $1 billion in revenues. Access Graphics, a subsidiary of Bethesda, Md.-based Lockheed Martin Corp., employs 380 people in Boulder.

1996-12-28: Family's friends remember: 'She was like a little doll'

Family's friends remember: 'She was like a little doll'
Camera Staff Writer
December 28, 1996

Monday night, JonBenet Ramsey gave Santa a bottle of stardust at her family's annual Christmas party.

"She gave it to me for my beard, and that just shows that she was thinking about giving and not just getting," said Bill McReynolds, who played Santa at the Ramsey family's Christmas celebration the past three years. "It was a particularly buoyant party, and about 50 people were there. They had lots of decorations, and that was their style. They just loved Christmas."

Less than 24 hours after the holiday ended, the 6-year-old aspiring beauty queen was dead, found strangled in the family's basement.

"She had an angel's spirit, which is unusual not only among adults, but children, and I'm just devastated that she's gone," McReynolds said.

Other family friends and co-workers had similar reactions to JonBenet's death. On Friday, they recalled her as a mature, generous, sweet young girl who loved singing and dancing. JonBenet - the daughter of a former Miss West Virginia and the president of Access Graphics, a Boulder-based computer distribution company - won the 1995 Little Miss Colorado pageant and America's Tiny Little Miss in 1996, family friends said.

"This child was like a little doll," said Dee Dee Nelson-Schneider, a family friend who worked with Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet's mother, as a volunteer at Flatirons Elementary School. "She just had stage presence, and Patsy coaching her a lot, and they interacted beautifully. Patsy had all these pet names for her, like Sugar. It was just a special relationship."

But the family has encountered tragedy before, friends said. Patsy battled ovarian cancer, Nelson-Schneider noted. "There was one time when she walked into school and had on a wig because she lost all of her hair to chemotherapy," she said. "I came back about two hours later and she had taken her wig off, and she was practically bald, and she was still working. She had cancer, and yet she was still at the school working. That's just how dedicated she was."

In another incident about five years ago, John Ramsey's daughter from his first marriage died in a car accident. Ramsey also has another college-age daughter and a son from that marriage, friends said.

"Certainly, I think people are shocked whether they knew John or not," said Laurie Wagner, vice president for worldwide development at Access Graphics. The company, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin in Bethesda, Md., recently celebrated its first $1 billion in revenues.

"People are very concerned for the family but continue to do what they need to do with their job," Wagner said. JonBenet occasionally would arrive at the office and take her father out to lunch with her family, Wagner said.

"She was a charming little girl," Wagner said. "I think when something like this happens, it always makes people contemplate about their own situation; that's a natural reaction. But there doesn't seem to be any need for alarm."

Friends, however, said the incident frightened them.

"It's really scary, because you don't think something like this can happen here," said a family friend who declined to give his name. "They just came by Christmas night ... to drop off a present, and they seemed fine. Patsy was just bubbly, full of life, and she was excited about going to Michigan the next day."

Another close family friend didn't notice anything unusual with the family Monday night.

"I was at the party, and everybody was just so happy," he said. "JonBenet was taking Santa around, and she was with her brother (10-year-old Burke) for a while. The two of them just got along wonderfully."

Indeed, JonBenet doted on her older brother, McReynolds said.

"Last year, she wanted to make sure I spent enough time with him," McReynolds said. "And she always wanted to make sure everyone was having a good time, which is why I was so surprised that she was so young ... I'll really miss her angel spirit."


1997-01-08: Neighbor: Blitz overs

Neighbor: Blitz overs
Daily Times-Call - January 8, 1997
by Pam Regensberg
Daily Times-Call

BOULDER -- A neighbor who lives near John and Patricia Ramsey 's house said the media has gone too far in its coverage of JonBenet's murder.

Coverage, she said, has become ``invasive.''

``It's a sad state of affairs,'' said the Boulder resident, who asked not to be identified. ``I feel everybody is doing their jobs; it's just really getting out of hand.''

News vans are continually parked on the street in front of the 15-room Tudor-style home at 755 15th St.

The yellow crime tape has been removed, but reporters and photographers remain. The neighbor said countless calls from various newspapers and news programs have poured in.

Some tabloid television shows have called neighbors, but have tried to ``trick'' some people into calling back by saying, ``I have some information for you, please call.''

It was a reporter who told the neighbor that JonBenet had been killed.

Since the Dec. 26 slaying of the Little Miss Colorado, Cable News Network, Dateline, the Montel Williams Show and even reporters with computer magazines have tried to interview the Ramseys ' neighbors.

``It's taking away from the fact that a little girl was killed,'' the resident said.

She said the media should back off and let the police department -- which she believes is doing a great job of investigating the case -- do its job.

``I don't know what's true and what's important, but I try not to talk about it. I want to be sensitive to the Ramseys ,'' the resident added.

She admitted, however, that the reporters who came to the door were polite and apologized for interrupting. Nevertheless, the story does not warrant the intense media coverage and it would be nice if the news vans and reporters pulled out of the upscale neighborhood, she said.

Friends in Europe called Boulder to say the story of JonBenet's murder had made it to the front pages of London's newspapers.

``It's terribly sad when any child is murdered ,'' she stressed, adding one child's life isn't any more important than another's.

1997-04-30: Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo

Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo
Also present, Pat Burke, Bryan Morgan, Pete Hoffstrom, Jon Foster
April 30, 1997 - Boulder, Colorado


TT: Okay. Patsy, are there any concerns in the neighborhood up there or have there been any concerns in the neighborhood up there (sound of flipping pages drowns out Tom’s voice.) . . .door to door salesman. Any of your neighbors talk about prowlers anything like that over the last six months?

PR: Uh no. Not that I recall. I mean we did have door to door sales people occasionally.
TT: Um hum. Magazine sales, the typical sales people come (inaudible) come through.

PR: Yeah, sometimes children, you know, like a, um, black children. I mean, they don’t look like they’re from my neighborhood or nothing, or look, you know like they’re from Denver and they have candy bars of (inaudible). . .

TT: Typical kind of door to door sales.
PR: Um hum and um, you know that’s the only thing I can recall.


TT: Okay. How close are you to your neighbors? I know the Whites and Fernies, they live away, but to the immediate neighborhood, the street you live on. How close are you to the neighbors?

PR: You mean close in distance or . . .
TT: Not too much specifically, do you know your neighbors?

PR: Do I know them very well. Well the Barnhills across the street . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .I know very well.
TT: Okay.

PR: Scott and Pricilla next door, I know fairly well.
TT: They live to the south of you.
PR: Well uh . . .
TT: is that towards Baseline?
PR: No the other way.
TT: Okay.
PR: Towards Cascade.
PR: Right.
TT: Alright. You and the neighbors on the block that you know or you talk to, socialize with at all?

PR: Not really very much, well Mary and Pat Van live down two doors . . .
TT: Okay.
PR: . . .on the corner of Cascade and 15th. . .
TT: Same side of the street?
PR: Uh huh. But we didn’t, you know, I didn’t see them very often, but just to wave and


TT: Okay. In talking to them had they noticed any weird people around the neighborhood, anything like that in the last six months?
PR: No.
TT: Anybody that shouldn’t be? I know it’s, Boulder is real transient, I understand that .
PR: Um hum.
TT: . . .but, um, have you guys ever talked about any problems in the neighborhood, um, car break ins, anything like that?
PR: No, not that I can remem. . . (coughing) I think once the neighbors across the alley
TT: Um hum.

PR: Uh, they drive a black SAAB and I think a year or more ago they had had a, they were parking on 14th Street and they had a car break in and uh, consequently they build a, I think they build a deck on their house so that they could pull in under, you know, behind their house.

TT: So they could park in the back?
PR: Right.


ST: As is so often the case in this case you hear so many things that you try to attribute back to a source that’s sometimes, but prior to the 25th was there any persons that came to your home unsolicited uh, that were invited in, not guests on the 23rd to the Christmas party, but in particular uh, wee there any women who asked to view or tour the home . . .

PR: Oh, yeah there, uh two older ladies, now I don’t know what day this was, but two older ladies stopped by. They were talking and uh, I, I think I was out, I don’t know why I was outside, but they stopped and I can’t remember why I invited them in. I think one, one of them said that she had been there on the home tour when the, when the Christmas home tour a couple of years before and I said something about I had the Christmas trees up or something and would you like to come in and they came in. Two, two ladies, old ladies.

ST: Uh, when you say older can you approximate an age for me?
PR: Sixty, seventy.
ST: Did they impress you as if they were neighborhood residents out walking?
PR: Yeah, I think they said they lived over on the other side of Baseline or one of them did or
ST: And were they fairly innocuous and harmless in your estimation.
PR: Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah.

ST: Did you give them a tour of the home?
PR: Yeah, I think I did.

ST: Do you recall, do you recall that tour and, and uh, was that a five cent tour or a two hour shot?
PR: Oh, it wasn’t very long no. They weren’t there very long.
ST: Was that uh . . .

PR: I don’t even remember what day it was. It was, I mean, it was sometime around that time.
ST: Okay. Um, a few day before, a week before, sometime in December prior to Christmas?
PR: Yeah, I mean, I had the Christmas stuff up, you know.
ST: Do you feel that bears any further investigation?
PR: Those, you mean those, those two ladies?
ST: Yes ma’am.
PR: I, no I don’t think so. I mean they were just little old ladies. (Inaudible)



[John Ramsey, June 1998 Interviews]1998-06-23: John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Screen Capture on left is from "CBS 48 Hours Investigates - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane
Present also were Bryan Morgan, PI David Williams
June 23, 24, 25, 1998 - Boulder, Colorado


June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Neighbors in Boulder)


20 JOHN RAMSEY: Right. Another
21 thing that happened that night was, there was a
22 couple that moved in down the street in 777,
23 15th, that had lost a child, and somebody that
24 was at the church party said gee, I know these
25 people, they are really nice, I would like to

1 invite them up and have you meet them. They
2 came up that evening
. 3 LOU SMIT: They lived there?
4 JOHN RAMSEY: Yes, I don't
5 remember the names. Arno (phonetic) -- yeah,
6 yes, Arnold, unusual name. So this lady or
7 couple, I think it was a couple, invited them
8 up, they came up about 9:30, 10 o'clock, kind of
9 as the church party was winding down and they
10 stayed in the kitchen, talked for half hour, 45
11 minutes, and I had never met them before.
12 And --
13 LOU SMIT: When was that foyer
14 party?
15 JOHN RAMSEY: That was at the
16 foyer party.
17 LOU SMIT: When was it?
18 JOHN RAMSEY: That evening,
19 probably 9:30, 10. Gosh, I don't know. I could
20 look at the calendar, but it had been like
21 the --
22 LOU SMIT: In December?
23 JOHN RAMSEY: In December, yeah.
24 In mid December.



25 LOU SMIT: Next door to you, again,

1 I asked you this once before, next door to the
2 north, is the Gibbons and I show that in the
3 phone book, there is a Reid Gibbons listed with
4 a phone number. I know they have a young boy
5 named (INAUDIBLE) is there another boy in there
6 named Reid or anybody older named Reid that
7 maybe had a telephone?
8 JOHN RAMSEY: Geez, I don't know,
9 I don't think so. Scott and Priscilla were the
10 parents. Reid I think was their youngest child.
11 I remember when he was born. Scott had well,
12 Weston I think was Scott's son from another
13 marriage, I am not sure about --
14 LOU SMIT: Did he live there?
15 JOHN RAMSEY: He didn't all the
16 time. He visited.
17 LOU SMIT: How old is he?
18 JOHN RAMSEY: Then he was, you
19 know, Burke's age, give or take. But I don't
20 know why --
21 LOU SMIT: Any older kids that
22 lived there?
23 JOHN RAMSEY: They had seems like,
24 seems like they had someone who lived in the
25 basement for a while. Could that be?

1 LOU SMIT: A lot of times when you
2 start a homicide investigation you start right
3 -- in fact, I had a detective tell me that just
4 recently too, you start winding tight circles
5 around, and that's why I was wondering if you
6 had anybody that could have even lived next
7 door. Like I, said I never --
9 JOHN RAMSEY: There might have
10 been. It kind of rings a bell. I think there
11 was also someone that lived in the apartment at
12 one time above 745. They had like an upstairs
13 apartment. It was -- I don't know if it was a
14 full-fledged apartment. I think someone lived
15 up there.
16 LOU SMIT: That's next door to
17 you --
18 JOHN RAMSEY: To the south.
19 LOU SMIT: To the south, okay.
20 JOHN RAMSEY: Right. 738 was a
21 rental house. 764 was a rental house. The next
22 one down, 774. 7 -- I think it's just those
23 two.
24 LOU SMIT: How about the across the
25 alley from you, I have always been interested in

1 those houses back there. Were you ever
2 acquainted with anybody back there?
3 JOHN RAMSEY: No. I talked to
4 this lady once in that house there.
5 LOU SMIT: That's 756?
6 JOHN RAMSEY: Yeah, she was a
7 British lady. We did meet these people, David
8 and Ann. The Cobies were weird as hell,
9 frankly. Their house was a pig sty. I mean it
10 was, I had never been in it but Patsy had, and
11 she just described it was, you know, a mattress
12 on the floor for the kids, the kids always
13 dressed themselves, they looked like they just
14 dressed themselves in the morning and were I
15 felt very uncared for. He was very weird.

June 1998 John Ramsey Interrogation by Lou Smit and Mike Kane (Neighbors in Boulder)

16 LOU SMIT: Who is he?
17 JOHN RAMSEY: The husband, or the
18 father. He told me once that he was teaching
19 his kids how to ride a bike and he would knock
20 them over so they would learn how to fall off a
21 bike. One day Burke took over a little gun, a
22 plastic gun and he just went crazy, he didn't
23 want any guns in the house.
24 LOU SMIT: Do you know what the
25 man's name is?

1 JOHN RAMSEY: Ruth and -- Patsy
2 would know. He worked for the state. I think.
3 He used to take the bus down to Denver every
4 day. Just, their daughter who was at that time
5 maybe early teenager, would spend hours and
6 hours and hours out on the swing in the
7 backyard, just swinging and swinging, it was
8 like a rope swing. And somebody said gee, that
9 must be -- there must be something wrong with
10 her. We said no, maybe she just doesn't want to
11 be in the house.
12 That's probably right. Evan was a
13 strange little kid. He was --
16 JOHN RAMSEY: I just didn't care
17 for him. He was, one time JonBenet was out in
18 the driveway and she had a -- this was several
19 years ago, she had a dress on that didn't have
20 underwear on because it gotten taken off or what
21 and Evan was down, you know, trying to look
22 under her dress and here he was probably at that
23 time a 7 or 8-year-old. I said Evan, cut that
24 out.
25 LOU SMIT: Now didn't they have an

1 older one there too?
2 JOHN RAMSEY: Kai was there, they
3 had a daughter, two daughters. Ruth was the
4 mom, and the daughter was older than the boys,
5 you know. But --
6 LOU SMIT: How about directly
7 behind you in 756?
8 JOHN RAMSEY: Well, I think that's
9 the British couple, the British lady. I have
10 never met him.
11 LOU SMIT: Do you know if they were
12 home at that time in Christmas of 1996?
13 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't.
14 DAVID WILLIAMS: That the one with
15 the large antenna at the back?
16 JOHN RAMSEY: This one here,
17 that's Kenny Smith. I had met him also
18 actually. He owns a cheese store. He was a
19 nice little guy.
20 LOU SMIT: We had heard that there
21 was a caretaker in one of those two houses in
22 the back, someone was caring for the house right
23 about that time. I don't know if you know
24 anything about that or if you had heard anything
25 on that?

1 JOHN RAMSEY: No, I don't. We had
2 heard once this lady lived here before these
3 people bought it.
5 JOHN RAMSEY: She was a single
6 divorced women or divorced woman, no kids, was
7 going to CU, and somebody told us that she took
8 in boarders and -- which we didn't know. It was
9 kind of a surprise. But she had sold the house
10 and -- that house actually sat empty for quite a
11 while. There was something -- there were some
12 students who lived in that house after she sold
13 it and these people moved in.
14 LOU SMIT: 777?
15 JOHN RAMSEY: Right. These people
16 did not move in right away. It was maybe almost
17 a year later.
18 LOU SMIT: Now, one of the things
19 that I was always interested in is you have done
20 a lot of investigating into this, and you were
21 around, probably knew some of the people or some
22 of the people had talked to you like Joe
23 Barnhill across the street or maybe the nextdoor
24 lady to the south there. Did anyone, to your
25 knowledge, move out suddenly after this or did

1 you have any indication that somebody may have
2 left suddenly?
3 JOHN RAMSEY: I don't remember
4 anybody doing that.


22 VOICE: The only two people that I
23 can think of who moved away, they may have been
24 neighborhood people, we don't know of them, but
25 the only two people that we know of that moved

1 away that was in some way involved in this
2 incident or that's why they moved away, was
3 Randy Simons who moved a hundred miles east of
4 the city, and McReynolds. (INAUDIBLE).


[Perfect Murder, Perfect Town]1999-02-18: “Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, JonBenet and the City of Boulder”
Written by Lawrence Schiller, February 18, 1999

PMPT Page 133sb

"In the early evening of January 6, neighbors gathered at 789 15th Street, the home of Patrick and Mary Vann, who lived three houses away from the Ramseys. They were meeting to discuss the implications of JonBenet's murder for their neighborhood.

The Vanns had been away in Texas on a holiday visit when JonBenet was murdered and had returned on December 27. Mary Vann knew Patsy reasonably well. They had met through various charities In which they were both active, such as the University Women's Club. Over the years, the two couples had met at a few parties. The Vanns' yard was the furthest point on the block where JonBenet was allowed to play alone. Patrick Vann used to see JonBenet rollerblade up to their house and then circle back home.

Mayor Leslie Durgin, who worked with Mary Vann at Chautauqua Park, had suggested that police chief Tom Koby be invited to this gathering of neighbors."

PMPT Page 134sb

"Do we have cause to be anxious?" they asked him.

"There is no murderer loose," Koby said. "I am fairly confident of that." He updated the twenty or so guests on the investigation but never said directly that the Ramseys might be involved. Before Koby left, he invited anyone, who might have questions in the future to contact him directly.

Pat Vann felt the chief had calmed everyone. Nevertherless, the next day Vann called a Denver burglar alarm company and had a system installed in the house and on its perimeter.


PMPT Page 428sb

"By then, Bardach had already spoken with several friends and neighbors of the Ramseys. She had shown up at John and Barbara Fernie's house uninvited. John Fernie would later tell a reporter covering the story that when he, and his wife arrived home, Bardach was waiting for them. When they refused her an interview, she became pushy, said Fernie."


PMPT Page 466sb

"Hoping that someone with information might come forward, Smit believed that the police or the DA should go public with what they'd discovered about a stun gun and asked permission to release the information. But Hunter considered the stun gun theory "iffy." He talked to the police about exhuming JonBenet's body, but they were against it. The media were sure to find out, they said, and exhuming the body would lend credibility to what the detectives called Smit's "wacko" stun-gun theory. Hunter knew they had another reason: no jury would believe that the Ramseys could have used such a device on their daughter."

Lou Smit's request was turned down. The police said they would inquire about a stun gun when they re-canvassed the Ramseys' neighborhood. It would take another six months."


PMPT Page 474sb

"Indeed, in the span of seven months, Thomas had conducted 164 interviews and had traveled to Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Thomas and a partner had interviewed every member of the Ramsey family, their friends, neighbors, ministers, and business associates, possible suspects, and prostitutes. Thomas had tracked down the sources of evidence, followed people and information on the Internet, looked into the world of beauty pageants, dealt directly with the Ramseys' investigators, and verified the alibis of over four dozen people. Eller had given him a free hand. There were few police officers who could match Thomas's encyclopedic knowledge of the case. He was determined to bring JonBenet's killer to justice."


PMPT Page 517sb


Police Chief Tom Koby said Friday that he's considering adding more detectives to the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation.

"One of the things we are still assessing is all the information we got from Quantico," Koby said. "We have to look at our work plan and see if we need additional resources or not." - Charlie Brennan and Kevin McCullen
Rocky Mountain News, September 27, 1997

When Alex Hunter read the "More Detectives" story in the Rocky Mountain News, he must have wondered how the other media would react. The to-do list was lengthy. The Ramseys' neighborhood had to be canvassed again. Cars that had been parked in the vicinity had never been checked. Investigators had to take saliva swabs from many people in order to eliminate them as suspects through DNA testing. The question of the foreign DNA found in the mixed stain on JonBenet's underpants might innocently be accounted for by finding a playmate she had exchanged clothes with. Interviews from as far back as January, February, and March still had to be transcribed. The possible use of a stun gun, the palm print on the wine cellar door, the pubic hair found in JonBenet's blankets, and the shoe imprint were still issues. Hunter hoped all of it would be accomplished before the press got wind of what was still under investigation."


[Death of Innocence]2000-03-18: “Death of Innocence”
Written by John and Patsy Ramsey, March 18, 2000

DOI Page 2

"The kids still believed in Santa. Why shouldn't they? They always had presents from Mom and Dad - and then got special gifts from Santa. Stop believing in Santa, and you lose out on a set of gifts. Burke and JonBenet knew how to work the system. Patsy and I savored the night before Christmas, helping Santa Claus put everything in place.

Last night had been no different. We had made several trips to the basement, where Patsy kept the wrapped gifts stashed away. Then she had arranged them under the fat Fraser fir, which reached to the ceiling of our living room. Joe Barnhill, our neighbor, had met me in front of our house with the new bicycle for JonBenet., which he had been hiding in his basement for us. JonBenet had outgrown her training bike. A bigger bicycle had been on her wish list, and we could now look forward to some family bike trips together."


DOI Page 95

"On December 23 thirty-one people arrived for the party; the Whites, the Barnhills, the Fernies, the Stines, and the Barbers, and all their children, plus their assorted house guests. Later that evening, Glenn Meyer, a single man who rented a room in Joe and Betty Barnhills basement, showed up looking for them. I invited him in because the Barnhills were good neighbors - our family dog, Jacques, lived part-time at their house."


DOI Page 202

"John and I were both amazed at the number of transients who lived in close proximity to our Boulder home. We had learned that the house across the alley was occupied by a house-sitter during that Christmas. This man disappeared within days after the twenty-sixth. Who was he? Why had he left so quickly? The young CU art student who had created the "Daddy's Little Hooker" display had once lived only four doors to the south of us in a student rental house for a period of time. Unfortunately, we were realizing how transient our University Hill neighborhood really was. Some neighbors rented their extra rooms and basements to students and others who moved in and out frequently. We could only hope the police were paying close attention."


DOI Page 221

"We discovered other deficiencies that surfaced in the official investigation of our neighborhood around 755 Fifteenth street. All of the neighbors living close to our former house had not been interviewed after the murder. In effect, some of the people in the closest concentric circle to where the murder occurred were simply written off as possible sources of information. We

DOI Page 222

understood that one of the Boulder detectives had justified this omission by telling Officer Steve Ainsworth, who was on special assignment to the DA's office, "We don't need to do that. We know what happened. The Ramseys did it."


DOI Page 232

"On December 6, 1997, an article in the New York Times brought an issue to light on the national scene that should have started to unravel the police mask of competence. A University of Colorado history professor, Patricia Limerick, who lived directly across the street from our house at 755 Fifteenth Street, was interviewed. In this particular story Patricia said, "My husband and I have never interviewed by the police. For weeks I assumed it was a measure of how well the police doing. Now, I am not so sure. " Eleven months have passed since the murder, and the neighborhood around our former house had never been completely canvassed. Where were the police? Patricia Limerick was asking the right questions.

A few days later, another telling story hit the newspapers, reporting that the police had been asking our friends if they owned shoes or boots with the brand SAS or Hi-Tec. We did not own either brand, and the police were trying to explain away the footprint they had found in the cellar near JonBenet's body. Obviously, the SAS or Hi-Tech footprint could be an important piece of evidence.

The police also began the task of collecting palm prints and mouth swabs to follow up on the prints and genetic material found in the basement and on JonBenet's body. Our friends and their children were approached by the cops and asked to give samples. It had certainly taken the BPD a long time to get around to gathering this important evidence, Patsy and I thought. Yet we felt sorry for our friends. Many of them had to submit to this kind of examination, which obviously was an annoyance. (We wondered if the police were doing the same sampling on the suspects we had given them.) The police, we were later to learn, were mostly trying to explain away the evidence they had found that contradicted their theory that "the Ramseys did it"," in order to eliminate any defense strategy."


DOI Page 320

"I suppose that the jurors checked out all the rooms and looked in the cellar where I had found JonBenet. I'm sure they found that area of the house to be a difficult experience, knowing that they were probably standing on the exact spot where this terrible crime happened. In that same area, the jurors must have also tried shouting through the pipe that was probably the source of a neighbor's report of hearing a scream in the night. Could a scream have been heard across the street when we hadn't heard it three stories above? At

DOI Page 321

each point, this group of people must have tested the theories what were being presented to them in the courtroom."


DOI Page 362

"A man who was working as a house-sitter in the home across the alley from our Boulder house left town shortly after the murder. Was he checked out thoroughly? We don't know. A complete neighborhood canvass was never done.

A young University of Colorado student with blond hair, Susannah Chase, was fatally beaten in the Whittier neighborhood of Boulder on December 21, 1997, almost a year to the day after JonBenet's murder. The morning after Susannah was found, a homeowner called the police department for permission to wash a great deal of blood off the sidewalk in front of his house. Only then did police figure out that Susannah had been assaulted there at Eighteenth and Spruce - where the blood was found - and then dragged to a the spot a block away, where her body had been discovered the previous night."


DOI Page 368

"A significant piece of evidence that surfaced during the investigation was a neighbor reporting that she heard what she described as a bloodcurdling scream around two in the morning on December 26. The old part of our Boulder house had operated off steam heat from a boiler in the basement. From this boiler room, which was immediately adjacent to the doorway into the concrete-walled room where I found JonBenet's body, a ten- to twelve-inch open ventilation pipe ran through the wall and out the front of the house, aimed roughly in the direction of the neighbor's home. It was very

DOI Page 369

possible to hear a scream from across the street but not three floors up in our bedroom because of the megaphone effect this pipe had on sounds coming from that corner of the basement.

Either from the pain of the attack or waking up while being assaulted, JonBenet must have screamed out of sheer terror. Our neighbor awakened her husband, who said that a short time later he heard the sound of metal scraping against concrete. Could this have been the grate over the basement window?"


DOI Page 380

"7. Change your locks at least every year and keep a list of who has your house key -- and make sure it is a short list. If you change cleaning ladies, change the locks. You don't know who has made a copy of someone else's key to your house. We thought we had only given a few of our keys to other people, but as we thought about this, we realized there could have been more than twenty keys outside of our hands, which had been given out over a period of five years. We had given keys to contractors who worked on the remodeling of our house, to cleaning ladies, to neighbors, to plumbers and painters. Furthermore, we couldn't be sure who might have copied those keys or who had access to them. Foolish? Yes. Please don't make the same mistake.

[John Ramsey LKL March 27, 2000]2000-03-27: John and Patsy Ramsey guests on LKL Live Show


KING: Did you ever give the police a list of people in the neighborhood you thought were suspects?


P. RAMSEY: They asked us for a list of everyone that had been in our home for the past five years.


[JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation]2000-04-11: “JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation”
by Steve Thomas and Don Davis, April 11, 2000

ST Page 25

"Detectives also drove through the neighborhood with a video camera, documenting people and vehicles in the area and looking for anything suspicious."


ST Page 38

"Police officers also canvassed the neighborhood. An elderly couple across the street said they had seen John Ramsey's older son and JonBenet's half-brother, John Andrew Ramsey, at the Ramsey home on Christmas Day. Another neighbor, Melody Stanton, whose bedroom faced the Ramsey home from across the street, did not want to get involved with the investigation and told police that she heard nothing unusual during the night. She would soon revise her statement to say that she had heard a child scream."


ST Page 47

"While the house search went on, other cops fanned out to canvass the neighborhood and conduct more interviews. A resident directly to the

ST Page 48

"south reported that the light was off in the southeast comer sunroom of the Ramsey home and thought that odd because it was the only time she was aware in the past few years that it did not bum all night. A neighbor to the north would say that the butler kitchen lights were on around midnight and considered that unusual since it was the first time he had noticed that light being on in the Ramsey home. A third neighbor, to the west, said that her dogs, who barked at anyone walking in the alley, just as they did when the police officer came to question her, made no noise Wednesday night. It was impossible to make a 100 percent sweep because some people were away on holiday vacations, other houses had caretakers, and some just stood empty."


ST Page 70

"Joe and Betty Barnhill, the elderly neighbors so trusted by the Ramseys that JonBenet's silver Christmas bicycle had been hidden with them, would also eventually be pointed at as possible murder suspects by the Ramseys. From the moment I saw them, I knew it was ridiculous that they should be considered and that we should be spending time investigating them.

Joe, a silver-haired man in his seventies, was taking care of his wife, who had Alzheimer's disease, and Joe was crippled so badly with palsy himself that he needed both hands to sign a shaky signature allowing us to obtain their personal and medical records. He never asked for a lawyer, and shook our hands as we left, saying, "I'm confident that you

ST Page 71

will solve it." That sort of cooperation was rare, and we certainly weren't getting it from the Ramseys. We soon cleared the Barnhills.

The Barnhills rented out a basement room to Glenn Meyer, who would be pointed out by Ramsey investigators as a possible suspect because he carried a heavy load of debt. Meyer was an even more unlikely suspect than the Barnhills, since his own son had been murdered in Boston. He could not have been more cooperative with us. After an interview, giving writing and hair samples, and passing a polygraph, he was also cleared.

Meyer and the Barnhills also alibied each other, having watched television together on Christmas night and all going to bed early, Meyer with a case of the flu.

Another reason to interview the Barnhills, however, was that Joe had told the police he had seen JonBenet's older half-brother, John Andrew, in Boulder on the evening of December 25. John Andrew claimed to have been in Atlanta at the time. During the interview Barnhill sheepishly told us he had made a mistake and apologized, saying that he probably would not even recognize the young man in a crowd. That went a long way toward firming up John Andrew's alibi.

The Barnhills also had a key to the Ramsey home, something we had not known. The Ramseys initially said that the only outsiders with keys were two relatives and the housekeeper. Since then we had turned up one with the former nanny Suzanne Savage and now another with the Barnhills. We didn't know how many keys existed, and the number would continue to grow.

Jacques, the white bichon frise dog that belonged to JonBenet and was temporarily in the care of the Barnhills, jumped into my lap while we all watched the five o'clock news about the funeral in Atlanta.

In a few days another neighbor, Melody Stanton, who lived at 738 Fifteenth Street, diagonally across from the Ramsey home, also changed her original story, which was that she had not noticed anything unusual on the night JonBenet died. When a detective interviewed her a second time, Stanton admitted that she had not told the truth earlier because she did not want to be involved in the case. She now claimed to have heard the piercing scream of a child between midnight and two o'clock on the morning of December 26.

If that cry came from JonBenet, it would help determine the time of death. If a neighbor clear across the street heard the scream, I wondered how anyone in the house could not have heard it.

ST Page 72

Her story, which seemed to be a clear piece of evidence, contained its own seed of destruction, however. More than a year later we would discover that Stanton also told the detective, "It may not have been an audible scream but rather the negative energy radiating from JonBenet."

The detective returned to that odd point several times during the interview, but Stanton never again mentioned the "negative energy." She insisted that she heard an audible scream, so the detective did not include the "negative energy" comment in his report.

A year later he was ordered to write an amended report. Changing a report is a huge issue for police since it brings the validity of the entire statement into question. His revised report was not the first, and it would not be the last, that would enter the Ramsey case file."


ST Page 90

"Nedra gave us some two dozen suspects off the top of her head, and when we asked if the initials SBTC meant anything to her, she snapped, "Yes. Son of a bitch Tom Carson." Years before, Carson, the current chief financial officer at Access Graphics, had been involved in Nedra's dismissal from the company. She also pointed to Fleet and Priscilla White, Jeff Merrick and his "vicious" wife, housekeeper Linda Hoffmann-Pugh, a handyman, a painter, the gardener, the nanny, and a couple

ST Page 91

of neighborhood kids. While thinking about other possible suspects, she accused one worker of theft, called a black man "boy," and described a little girl the same age as JonBenet as homely. But she had not one negative word to say about John Ramsey, which I thought was unique for a mother-in-law."


ST Page 150

"Actually, the detectives would- have loved to have found some stranger whom we could wrap in a tight cloak of evidence, for there is no joy in looking at a parent for murder. We found no such person out there, although a recent letter from the Ramsey private investigator supplied a multitude of new "suspects" who had had "frequent and recent access" to the house-hundreds of unnamed guests at Christmas parties, nannies, friends, neighbors, people from the Historic Boulder tour, a battalion of cleaning women, street musicians, caterers, florists, friends, contractors, window cleaners, plumbers, and videotaping crews. When the case began, police were told that the only outsiders with keys were John Andrew Ramsey and the housekeeper, Linda Hoffmann-Pugh. Now a couple of dozen keys were said to be missing."


ST Page 193

"But we all agreed that Melody Stanton, the neighbor who claimed to have heard a scream, "obviously that of a child," on Christmas night, could have done so. I wanted to go over and talk to her right then and dig deeper into her story, but Deputy DA DeMuth refused, putting a blockade between police and Melody Stanton. He said he planned to "prep her" before trial. DeMuth didn't explain his reasons to mere police officers and detectives. I could not fathom why a prosecutor would intentionally stop us from talking to her. Such a thing had never happened before in any investigation I was involved in, but with a wave of his hand-poof!- DeMuth sealed off an important avenue of investigation from the investigators. I knew that in other cities, not only would the prosecutor have okayed the interview but he probably would have helped conduct it on the spot. The difference of opinion between the DA's office and the police had thrown into question whether or not there was a scream at all. It would be up to a jury to make the ultimate decision."


ST Page 281

"In our case, Foster examined hundreds of writing samples from people ranging from family members to Internet addicts, from neighbors to Chris Wolf to the McReynolds family, and a library of books, films, and videotapes."


ST Page 323

"Then he offered up a smorgasbord of suspects that included a cook at Pasta Jay's restaurant, a "striking couple" from "back East" who had been seen in church, his secretary's boyfriend, other church members, business associates, "pigsty" neighbors, and assorted fringe players."

[Old APBnews.com message board 2000]2000-05-05: APBnews.com message board Internet chat with former Boulder Detective Steve Thomas from 5/5/2000 to 5/15/2000

APBnews.com message board - May 13, 2000
Thread: Sweaks Screams and Other Sounds in the Night

Ruthee (May. 13, 2000 09:10 AM)


First let me say that I hope to see the day come when you choose carpentry as a hobby and police work as you vocation.

Can you tell me if you ever considered that the "scrape scrape scrape” sound heard by the neighbors the night of the murder may have come from the basement freezer being scooted across the floor a little at a time due to it's weight? I notice that the freezer was located directly under the air duct to the exterior of the house.

During your work on the murder, was it ever confirmed that a neighbor actually heard a scream in the night? If that is true was the scream heard nearer to midnight or to 2 am.? Both have been reported.

Susan Bennett has posted that she has direct knowledge that JonBenet's head was propped up on something during her slaughter. Do you have any reason to believe this may have been the case? I suspect that this is not true, but if it is do you have any speculation as to what the object may have been?

Due to the lack of massive injury to the other side of JonBenet's brain, I believe she was hit with something rather than "her head running into something" I'm asking if you know of any garden tools stored in the wine cellar or in the garage. Did your investigative efforts ever include a shovel as a possible murder weapon?

I believe the JonBenet may have soiled herself at the White's party or on the way home in the car. If it was on the way home in the car, that would explain the aborted deleivery of the third gift basket. It would also explain the rage that must have been involved in an altercation that I believe initally took place in JonBenet's bedroom.

I have a thousand questions, but will limit myself to these?

Thank you for your time.


SteveThomas (May. 13, 2000 03:14 PM)

Dear Ruthee (is this the same ruthee from JW?)

Unknown what the scraping noise was (or if, in fact, there was ever actually such a noise) Lou suggests it was the metal grate being removed or replaced. I always wondered why a stealth intruder would have been making such loud noises, instead of being "stealth". Justlike the scream, it is unknonw exactly whetehr or not there was even a scrpaing noise at all.

About the scream reported -- check my book out from your library, I describe the issues about the scream, and why we were stymied from fully questioning that witness further.

I am not aware of Ms. Bennett's declaration she has such direct knowledge of the child's head being supported in some particular fashion during the killing -- the only way for her to know that would have been a discussion with whoever killed JB -- the only perosn who knows exaclty what happened.

About the brain/ skull injury -- there were debates concerning cous and contra cous injury, and as usual nothing ws definitive. Too long for this forum, hope to one day be able to discuss with you.

Thank you, Ruthee, and I wish you all the best.


SteveThomas (May. 13, 2000 03:21 PM)


One other note, after reading the "canada25" post above -- I dont seem to recall this person being in the briefing room with us as we worked the case .

A couple of clarifications:

* Neighbors were canvassed early, unfortunately during the holidays many were away. we did do later canvassing.

* Four neighbors did not report screams. One did, and that is what I address in the book.

* Four neighbors did not report a scraping sound. One suggested something to that effect, although there was a great deal of uncertainty regarding the scraping and scream issues.

* In the book I address some of the neighbors comments, including the kitchen lights, but shutters were never mentioned as being closed.

All of this occured while I was on the case, as I read every report that was generated that came for filing. I find it interesting some of the mis-information that is being spread.

thanks, ruthee,


[Atlanta 2000 Interviews]2000-08-29: John Ramsey Interview - Atlanta, Georgia - August 29, 2000 (Screen Capture on left is from "CBS 48 Hours Investigates - Searching for a Killer" 10/04/2002)

John Ramsey Interview - Atlanta, Georgia - August 29, 2000
Interviewed by: Michael Kane, Bruce Levine, Mitch Morrissey,
Mark Beckner, Tom Wickman, Tom Trujillo and Jane Harmer

Ramsey Representatives Present: Lin Wood, Ollie Gray,
and John San Augustine


10 Q. (By Mr. Levin) It was brought to
11 my attention fairly recently that a woman I
12 believe named Jean Fortier, F-o-r-t-i-e-r, for
13 the reporter, who are the parents of some
14 children who were over your house on
15 Christmas, and they, they, she, excuse me,
16 said that her children reported to her at
17 Christmas day when they went over to play,
18 they played with Burke but that JonBenet did
19 not play because she was sick. I hadn't
20 heard that before. Is that nonsense?
21 A. Absolutely. I don't know who
22 that is, but we had a whole parcel of kids
23 there all day.


[Steve Thomas Deposition 09-21-2001 Wolf vs Ramsey]2001-09-21: Steve Thomas Deposition (Atlanta, Georgia)
Wolf vs Ramsey Civil Action File No. 00-CIV-1187(JEC)

(Screen Capture on left is from "Today Show, October 28, 2002)

For Plaintiff: Darnay Hoffman, ESQ.
For Defendants: James C. Rawles, ESQ., L. Lin Wood, ESQ.
For Deponent: Charles P. Diamond, ESQ., Sean R. Smith, ESQ.
Also present: O.M. "Ollie" Gray
Also present: Jay R. Ren, CLVS, Todd Tompkins, Videographer Intern

Steve Thomas Deposition (Atlanta, Georgia)
Wolf vs Ramsey Civil Action File No. 00-CIV-1187(JEC)

(The Scream, Melody Stanton, Neighbors)

3 Q. Did you find Melody Stanton to be
4 a credible witness in terms of hearing a
5 scream of a child sometime around midnight?
6 A. I wish I could have talked to
7 her. I never talked to Melody Stanton.
8 Q. Did the Boulder Police Department
9 consider her to be credible?
10 A. This collective Boulder Police
11 Department, I don't know what their opinion
12 was of her, but certainly Detective Hartkopp
13 interviewed her and whether or not he found
14 her to be credible, you would have to ask
15 him. But apparently so, he never said
16 anything to the contrary.
17 Q. In your scenario that Mr. Hoffman
18 had you read into the record, your
19 description of the death of JonBenet Ramsey,
20 do you include in that description as
21 accurate that there was a scream as described
22 by Melody Stanton?
23 A. According to an ear witness,
24 Melody Stanton.
25 Q. So the answer is yes?

1 A. If the question is, was there a
2 scream and do I believe there was a scream
3 that this witness heard, yes.


2 Q. Let me break them down one at a
3 time. Listen carefully to me. Under your
4 position of the description of this child's
5 murder, John Ramsey did not hear the screams
6 described by Melody Stanton, right?
7 A. He never indicated, as far as I
8 know, that he heard the scream of a child.
9 Q. If he was as you say he was,
10 totally uninvolved in the murder of his
11 daughter, he didn't hear the scream, did he,

Steve Thomas Deposition - 09-21-2001
Chris Wolf vs Ramsey Civil Case

(The Scream, Melody Stanton, Neighbors)

12 because if he had heard the scream, you would
13 have expected that he would have reacted to
14 it or been certainly willing to tell you
15 about it?
16 MR. DIAMOND: Objection.
17 Argumentative. You may answer.
18 Q. (BY MR. WOOD) If he's innocent
19 as you say he is?
20 MR. DIAMOND: Objection.
21 Argumentative. You may answer.
22 A. One could speculate that he would
23 have heard a scream from within the house.
24 Q. (BY MR. WOOD) You will concede
25 that in fact Melody Stanton may be right that
1 the scream occurred and that John Ramsey did
2 not hear it, you would concede that as a
3 possibility supported by your description of
4 the events, right?
5 A. It is a possibility, yes.


2 Q. Did you ever seek to interview the
3 Richardson twins who lived with Melody
4 Stanton?
5 A. No.
6 Q. Why not?
7 A. Because I was unaware of these
8 people.
9 Q. Did anybody in the Boulder Police
10 Department make an attempt, to your knowledge,
11 to interview the two 30-year old twins, the
12 Richardson twins, that lived with Melody
13 Stanton?
14 A. Not that I'm aware of.


[jameson's Webbsleuths]2003-04-27: Webbsleuths Forum (http://www.webbsleuths.com)
"Aerial photo"

Charter Member
10561 posts Apr-27-03, 03:46 PM (EST)

"Aerial photo"
LAST EDITED ON May-03-03 AT 02:04 PM (EST)

why_nut wrote
"The little-seen photo below gives the best view of the house and its surroundings to date, and it was taken shortly after JonBenet's death, so it is a good representation of the state of property. It gives quite a perspective on the fact that the Brumfitt house (seen in the lower right) and the Gibbons house (seen in the upper left) were right next to any pathway an intruder would have to take. Gibbons had a good view of an intruder's entrance from the back alley, and Brumfitt had an excellent view of an exit from the butler's door, in addition to being nearer the potential source of the sound of a bat hitting concrete than anyone, certainly better than Melody Stanton."

[Aerial View of Ramsey Boulder House]Actually, you can see the Ramsey house - and Scott Gibbons' house is the one on the lower right side. He could see the kitchen window from his house, and the butler door.

He reported the lights were on in the kitchen that night when he was up - - but they were different - lower somehow. I think the killer had closed the shutters.

The following photo was taken from Scott's yard - - my back pressed against his house, the window just above my head.

The next photos don't want to show up so please go to the URL - - just take out the spaces after the http

http ://jameson245_archive.tripod.com/JCn3RS.jpg

View from Scott's house - - he reported the butler door wide open sometime during the morning of the 26th - before the detectives arrives, I believe.

The Brumfitt house can't be seen - - it would be in the lower left side of the photo - but it is not shown there.

I stood in their yard, back pressed against the house and took photos from under the windows on the side of the house facing the Ramseys'. Their view is NOT unobstructed and clear. To watch someone over there, they would have to be paying attention - a LOT.

http ://jameson245_archive.tripod.com/winter-south2RS.jpg
view from Brumfitt kitchen

http ://jameson245_archive.tripod.com/winter-south3RS.jpg
view from the Brumfitt room where the boys watched TV and played games until late Christmas night.
Jameson's Photo JCn3RS.jpg
Butler pantry view from Scott Gibbon's house
Jameson's Photo winter-south2RS.jpg
South view from Diane Brumfitt's kitchen
Jameson's Photo winter-south3RS.jpg
South view from Diane Brumfitt's TV Room


2006-08-17: Neighbors Hope JonBenet Arrest Brings Closure

Neighbors Hope JonBenet Arrest Brings Closure
Poll: Do you think John Mark Karr killed JonBenet Ramsey?
Aug 17, 2006 9:10 am US/Mountain
Arturo Santiago, Reporting

"(CBS4) BOULDER, Colo. Neighbors who live near the home in Boulder where JonBenet Ramsey was killed in December of 1996 expressed shock and surprise at news of an arrest of the case Wednesday.

Other people who were in Boulder felt compelled to stop at or drive-by the former Ramsey home. Some took a picture of the house.

"I've known of the case for several years and was passing through Boulder and thought we'd stop and see the house," Kelly Briggs of Clinton, Mo. said.

The home is currently for sale.

Some neighbors hoped the arrest of John Mark Karr in Thailand Wednesday would bring an end to the morbid curiosity and give peace to the Ramsey family.

"It's a good feeling to know that law enforcement is still trying to solve the case that is infamous was never solved," Scott Matasar, a neighbor said.

"It truly would be nice if there were some closure for the family," John Shutz, a neighbor said.

Other people expressed skepticism about the arrest. They continued to hold on to their own theories about who killed JonBenet Ramsey."

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