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Yana Shalina Huss, age 31, mother of two murdered April 25, 2007
2080 Rickover Street, Port Charlotte (Charlotte County) Florida 33953
Yana Huss Murder Home Page

Scott Lee Huss (Manifesto) letter to his mother, Joyce Huss
The letter was brought to Joyce Huss' house around 11:00am April 25, 2007 along with young
Peter Shalina, who Scott Huss dropped off at 950 1st Pl Longwood, [Seminole County] Florida 32750
Scott Huss' wife, Yana Shalina Huss was murdered earlier that morning
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Transcript of manifesto by www.acandyrose.com



This letter is NOT to be read by you until you are contacted by me......unless I cannot contact you. You must promise to abide by the rules of this letter as I state them. This is not a fucking joke. It is time for you to earn my trust. This letter must be distributed according to the guidelines at the beginning of the letter. Do not make a mistake. The property is to be sold. Pay a service to clean the yard perfectly. Pay a service to clean and sell all of the material things. Clean it perfect, sell it at a discount (425,000 or so). Do not listen to any realtor (wait if you have to). When you sell this property, distribute the money to Katrina, Scott Lee, Danielle and Jeremy as follows. $75,000 to each in a trust that NO ONE can touch except them. You keep the rest. Give me a respectful burial........I want a full MILITARY burial. Make it happen, call my colonel. The military insurance money ($400,000) is to be distributed differently. I want $10,000 to be given to each of my grandchildren. I want to give Mike, Kelly, and their wives EACH $10,000 and I want to give the rest to Scott Lee and Katrina ONLY (This fund will be a secret fund for them, HAVE James do this one in his good judgment). The property has much good, high quality stuff. I want all electronic gizmos to be offered to Scott Lee. Yana has stuff in PODS storage in Englewood or Ft. Myers. I don't know where and if we will ever retrieve this. The court should give it up. I want Scott Lee to have the flat TV that Yana stole. If not, buy him a great one. ONE of quality I would buy. Next, create a Scott Lee Corvette Fund. Make it happen so he can have a corvette on his Driver's License day. Tell Ellen that she better back the fuck off or I will take care of her too. I expect you to do justice to me, MOM. Do not call DAD right away. Think before you act. I do not need any more intervention in my life. Understand that I have military life insurance that is worth $400,000. NOTE, that you need to pursue this through my COLONEL. It is real. NO MATTER what the circumstances. LISTEN for once. Do not think you are smart about any of this...........JUST LISTEN. Do as I have said. Do it well and make me proud. Do not let your dogs get in the way of this grave matter. Do it well.


I want special consideration to be given to Katrina to protect her forever. I want her to know the truth when it is time. I have never loved anything as much as her. Keep this confidential MOM because I also love Scott Lee like no other. She is just a baby, a perfect one. You must do as I say and do not stray. Pay attention closely to my words, do not stray. If you need help and assurance, ask from Jeremy, Danielle, James and Mike and Kelly if they care. USE DAD last, his judgment is not good for me. I love Dad, but his methods do not work at all for me. Be careful. I will be watching."



This letter, in its entirety, must be distributed to each party listed within the letter. Also the letter must be supplied to the highest level of Homeland Security (NOT SOME FIELD OFFICE) and Congress. This also must be supplied to the media and to law enforcement LAST. Law enforcement has NO business in this matter. They have caused much of it to exacerbate due to their gross inadequacies. I am very disappointed. If the Army worked the way the southwest Florida law enforcement operates we would all be speaking RUSSIAN or Chinese. A bunch of total idiots.

Everyone should read this in its entirety to begin to understand the magnitude and the truth. It is lengthy but it will be rewarding because a MOVIE will be made in honor of Scott L. Huss. Purserve this for my children.....all of them. I did NOT scream, I did NOT abuse, I only loved and hurt, gave it all away for nothing.


Nobody would listen to the truth.
I asked for help many times from the police, the Sheriffs Office, clergy, ????, etc.
Judge Anderson is a prejudice, racious, asshole. He would not listen to anything except lies.
The only victims are ME, Scott L. Huss Jr. and Katrina, and Piter.
Nobody cares and nobody is willing to do anything about it.
I loved her more than anybody could realize and she "duped" me, you, the country, immigration, everybody. You bunch of hypocritical idiots, all you had to do is give her a polygraph test. I took one last year based on her crap and I passed it with "flying colors". Why don't you guys stop looking at this from the angle that you do and wake up? It is my fault and my responsibility for allowing this horrible person entry into America. There are many many more. She is part of a network, a ring, that does exactly what she has done. ENOUGH. This is the most unprofessional joke of a Sheriffs office and judicial system that I could ever imagine.

This country has gone to hell. I cannot imagine trying to raise a child to believe in this nonsense when I don't even know why I have served this country for many years.

You people missed the truth. The woman is a liar, manipulator, actress, and destroyer. She is dangerous. She wants me dead. Her theatrics are so blatantly obvious, I cannot believe the Sheriff's office does not have people trained to recognize this.

In 2002 my fiance moved here from St.Petersburg, Russia for us to get married. At that time she showed significant bi-polar tendencies. She would go from hot to cold in seconds, screaming at me, her son, my son, etc. I thought it was culture shock, trip stress or something.

We married in Feb., 2003 and the nightmares began. Over the past 4 years, she has had me arrested for Domestic Violence, Leud and Lasivious, and had me served injections four or five times. In every case, they were dismissed, thrown out, and resolved until the next time. She admitted on most occasions that "No, that is not what I meant", "The officer did not understand me", "that is not what I said". She admitted to fabricating the allegations.

After the Leud and Lasivious allegations, I submitted to a polygraph test with the State Attorney's Office preferred polygraph examiner and I passed that without question. I have proven my integrity, honesty, and creditability. SHE HAS NOT.....EVER. She has done the opposite with"


"admitting to false allegations and all of this nonsense. I know this is Mayberry and the Sheriff's Office is filled with uneducated idiots.....BUT you
you you have allowed this total misrepresentation of the judicial system. LOOK AT YOURSELVES and admit that you are all failures. I TOLD YOU. I TOLD YOU MANY TIMES BUT YOU WOULD NOT LISTEN.

She is radically bi-polar and a true nightmare to live with. She shows psychitsophrenia type tendencies every day too. She is horribly abusive and it is killing everybody. The children are yelled at constantly. I love this woman with all my heart and I want her to be happy. She knows that. AND that is why she has been able to do what she has done so successfully. AMERICANS are so selfish, spoiled and stupid.

She has problems with her son. He is severely ADHD, but his symptoms are a direct result of what she has done to him since he was born. She has him on medication but she does NOT offer him a calm, structured environment. She is very hot and cold, screaming at her 8 year old son, our beautiful 2 year old daughter and me. I understand that there is stress in her life. She has abused him every since he was born. He has never had a stable life because his mother is very unstable and emotionally unfit.

She used false domestic allegations to obtain her Green Card. Last month she bought a new car on credit making false employment entries on the application. She was not employed at all at the time and had no income. She constantly lies, creates very large illusions that are damaging the lives of me, her son, herself, and our daughter.

She did not even try to talk with me about this. The day that she made these last allegations (last week) I was not with her at all throughout the day. I was visiting my son and returned home after 6pm. She then immediately left and did not return home until after 10pm with no children.

She lied to me then and said that she left the kids at Debbies (day care) because she had to study. I realized that something odd was going on and after asking her 3 or 4 times, she said that she was moving out. I asked what brought this on. She just said that she has had enough.

I then asked "what can I do to help you"? She said I could help her load her car. I was in the bed and I got up reached to get my glasses and she freaked out and called 911 and started telling them something. I immediately just went outside and called 911 and told them what she had just done. The officers showed up 10-15 minutes later and told me that I had done the right thing by just going outside before she did something else.

I have contacted the Dept. of Children and families regarding her treatment of the children. She needs help very badly. I love her and want her better.

Further, if she wanted to get a divorce, all she had to do is just talk with me and we could have worked it out very civilly.

She makes claims that she is afraid of me. The truth is that she is afraid that someone is going to catch her in her lies. Her continued false allegations are against the law.

Recently she has called me and even asked me to meet her. She continuously lies to the court, the police, everyone. I told her that I did not trust her, she is a liar and that she would call the police. She said that she would NOT and that she wanted to talk to "settle this stuff". I gave in because in the last 4 years she has broken her own injunction every time and reconciled. She admitted to lying and to making up the stories. When I arrived at my home, she acted very weird and asked me to go to the"


garage. IT WAS A SET UP from the start. She had called the sheriffs office and they came and arrested me. She is a liar, actor, and she can fool our stupid judicial system without any problem. It needs to stop before somebody really gets hurt.

I am a highly decorated Army man who works as the Emergency Preparedness Liason NCO for Florida. I also am a full time student and just started working at the ICU Dept at Peace River Hospital (I lost this job because of this woman). I love my family and I don't know what to do.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's office has done nothing to help. I have filed false allegation charges but they dont care about that. The courts base their whole existence on lies and Judge Anderson is extremely prejudice, he won't listen or let anyone talk. The Charlotte County Judicial system is so corrupt and screwed up that a good man's life has been ruined and the Charlotte County Judicial system has made it worse. The USCIS is overwhelmed with too many of these cases to do anything about it, therefore, local law enforcement should step up to the plate to combat this fraud.

The Department of Children and Families is a total joke and they support her even though I have reported her on several occasions for the significant abuse that she inflicts on everyone. Yana Huss can lie to anyone and make them believe her. The investigation performed by the Dept. of Children and Families did not EVEN include a face to face interview with me. That organization should be dissolved.

This woman is a fraud, a liar, and the judicial system here fuels it so that she can obtain citizenship and take money from where ever she can get it. She will not stop EVER.

Three years ago the USCIS was going to deport Yana and her son due to the severity of her actions then, but I stopped them while they were enroute to the Charlotte County Justice center during one of our many hearings.

I did not want to believe this woman is a FRAUD and that she could be capable of doing such horrible things. But, I am not the only one to blame in this. The Charlotte County Sheriff's office, the Charlotte County judicial system, Children and families, and most every organization known to mankind in the area are all responsible. Yana's "friends" are also to blame for fueling her. Her attorney, Bob Segur is a total menace to humanity. He exacerbates lies for his own gain. A true lawyer filled with lies, deception, and more. If he ever makes JUDGE, the country is finished. He is of Satan, just like Yana. These people will not see Jesus.

PEOPLE, before Yana came into this country, I had a few traffic violations and an impeccable work, education, and military record. How is it that 44 years of absolutely great service to the country and world can immediately become a "raving lunatic". It seems that most of you people fell of the turnip truck. It does not take rocket science to figure it all out. If any of you actually had eyes, ears, and a sense of history......it would be quite clear.

She has hurt her son beyond repair and she has destroyed my life for her own personal gain. My daughter has seen her horrible abusive nature for 2 years and 6 months ago, Yana began abusing Katrina.

Katrina has been slapped, screamed at, and neglected by Yana. She typically SCREAMS at the top of her lungs very often and very many times every day. She does not want to raise a family. She wants to shop and have some free service take care of everything. She needs to feed off of someone who will bank roll her. It is a classic pattern. The Russian woman are trained to do this. She began after the"


murder of her first husband. It is who she is. And you stupid, pathetic, wretched, spoiled Americans think that I am the bad guy. Stupid, stupid. I hate stupid.


Joyce Huss
950 1st Place
Longwood, FL

This is the person to arrange care for Katrina. She is my mother and I have much extended family in Central Florida. Piter will need to be considered another way. His extended family is in Russia, and the Netherlands, the state can figure it out. I don't hae any legal merit there.


For Ellen Harvey of Port Charlotte, FL....... You need to praise and thank Scott Lee because if He did not love you so much, you would have not have been allowed to continue controlling and destroying people's lives. He saved you life. You suck you miserable, hygienically nasty, filthy, amoeba. And you better stop abusing and controlling Scott Lee or your life will be very different that you have known it.

For Harve....Be good to Scott Lee or you will suffer greatly. I trust you understand what I mean and that you will abide by my rule in this. I will pray for you for God to give you guidance. It is time for you to put on the pants and squash Ellen to the position she should be. She does not have the right to control YOUR life. I am sorry for you that you ended up with that mistake of nature.

For Danielle and Jeremy....I have always loved you and missed you horribly. Danielle... Learn how to be yourself and be happy and look deep inside yourself (there you will find your father who loved you like a father loves his first born, his first daughter). You are special because of your place in that. Jeremy, turn around and do the opposite than you have already done... no drugs, no alcohol...NOTHING. You are a brilliant man, a true gift to the world. You need to give back to the world every day. It is time for you to just be a husband and daddy. Do it well or you will lose it. I did it well and lost it because of horrible women. I also made mistakes, but I never EVER left anyone. No ONE will ever really know the truth. I will carry it to my grave. Do you guy even remember our times together when you mother made it almost impossible for me to see you? We loved each other so much and suffered dearly.

For James....I respect you immensely. Bless your children as they are my grandchildren. God bless you all. My heart has always been with you. It is imperative that Katrina be care for in the best possible way. Please help my mother determine the best place for her. She must be raised by my family...somehow. Please, in God's name do NOT let her away from my family.


For Amanda...I wish I could have got to know you better...I like you.

LTC Christopher Pagel, (904-753-0130) United States Army Reserves, 81st RR, Birmingham, AL....Sir, I just decided I was ready for the ultimate ETS. I have had enough. I am tired...so tired. I asked for help and could not find it anywhere. I know you would have done anything you could to help but it is not my place to burden you. I respect you, I like you. I considered you my friend. I wish I could have been more for you.

For Debbie Dennet (Port Charlotte, FL...Katrinas Day Care)...Thank you so much for caring for my baby. I am sorry you were caught up in this. Yana is a horrible liar and I still love her. I respect you immensely for what you do. I have missed Katrina too long.

For Mom and Dad...I failed miserably in spite of my golden heart. I am not anything like you think I am. I am actually a very positive, productive person with a great mind and great goals and aspirations. Mom, remember when I saved our dog's life with CPR? Remember our lunches together? Dad, remember my attempt to reconciliation with you? At least I tried.

For Mike and Kelly...I have always loved, respected and missed you both. I just wish you would have called me sometime. I always called you both. I was never a bad guy, I just wanted to have fun and be happy. I love you both dearly. Dad, thanks for saying that you were proud of me for going back to school. Damn, I was doing great.

For Debbie Huss, and Jackie....I was always fond of you for your kindness, friendliness, and your glue that helps hold your families together. It is a glue that I never experiences. I admire both of you for that.

For all my Grandchildren...I don't know you, and that is my fault, but trust me when I tell you that I think of you every day. Learn from my mistakes, BE CAREFUL, Love but protect your heart. Be mindful, trust God. Go slow, there is time. Listen to your parents, and be good....ALWAYS be kind and good. NEVER hurt anyone, NEVER.

For Katrina...I love you with every ounce of my being. You are the golden child. Prosper, be happy, be free and be true. You are of my blood, and you have my heart. I will watch over you, forever. I am only deeply sorry that I could not be your inspiration. I know you cherished every moment you spent with you "DADDY". You showed me that in every hug, kiss, and smile. You are the most wonderful, kind, and beautiful blessing I have ever seen. You are my life.

For Yana, I loved you like no other. I cannot forgive you any more. I pray that you have a relationship with Jesus and he forgives you for what you have done. I hope to see you on the other side, perhaps there you will see my love for you.

For Scott Lee.....You are my man, my heart is with you every second. I have missed you terribly and I am so sorry about what has happened. Forgive your mother for her horrible nature and what she has done. She is too stupid to know better. Forgive me"


"for having to go but I cannot be treated so badly any more. You mother started all of this because of her stupid big fat mouth. She will pay dearly for what she has done. I will watch over you forever and you and Katrina will sit at my side in heaven. I gave all of myself to you and your learning and wellbeing. I was only happy when you were with me. I did not send you to the neighbor's daughter to watch you. I played with you, every game you played. I did not do some games very good but I tried. You are the best, you are the one. I wish I could hug you one last time. OH GOD.

FOR EVERYBODY..........There is truly something GOOD inside all of us, even Yana. I loved her because I have the ability to see the good in her in spite of the bad. Her bad was influenced by bad people, her friends, her family, attorneys, some Russian Network of Fraud and she took ridiculous actions that hurt everybody. Her good was very good and was deeply rooted in culture and tradition. She just could not get it all together and she was a horrible communicator. Ellen is a good example of the horror that influences people in an unspeakable way. When Ellen leaves the Earth, the angels will sing. She is possessed by something horrible.

Jesus has forgiven me as I gave my heart and life to him long ago."

FOR HOMELAND SECURITY....When a decorated military person comes to you with a serious allegation that is a matter of life or death or National Security...YOU must take action immediately. YOU failed miserably. Your organization must be totally reconstructed. Immigration fraud is an epidemic and they are coming in by the thousands every year. I cannot believe we let ANYONE come it and I made the mistake of falling for it BUT when I cried for help....nobody listened.




(by Maxx and Elena Garrett)

Recently we published "Classification of Scammers" article on this web site. The Green Card Girl (also called the Green Card Hunter, or the Green Card Scammer) was mentioned there briefly. However the problem of CGCs is of much bigger concern to us than the problem of the usual visa and tickets scammers we all know about. Read on and you will know why.

How they operate

Here is the usual plan:"





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