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Internet Subculture Story

On the night of December 25, 1996, a six year old child was murdered in Boulder, Colorado. Her name was JonBenet Patricia Ramsey. It was Christmas night and she was alone in her home with her parents, John and Patsy Ramsey and her older brother, Burke Ramsey. The crime was set up to look like a kidnapping but the young JonBenet was murdered and left in the basement of her home. A three page ransom note was left behind. She had been hit on the head and strangled. There is possible sexual assault involved. As of today, it has been two years and three months since she lost her life that horrible night and nobody has been charged with the murder.

Because of the murder of this child, a subculture sprung up on the Internet where people all over the world followed the case. Discussion Forums were created and people met anonymously and posted messages on their theories. And fights would break out during disagreements. Some posters were more involved in following the case, some so much so that they actually interjected themselves into the case. And it seemed like everybody had a hidden source who was telling them tidbits of information.

People wrote books and there were Internet website all over where you could find out just about anything you wanted on the case. Radio talk shows discussed the case and television networks made movies. There were parody sites where Internet posters wrote satires on people in the case and others poked fun of other Internet posters. There were cartoons, pictures, poems, limericks. There was rage and anger on the forums and forums were shut down and open again and spammed and hacked. Posters got angry and left the forums leaving behind farewell postings, while others stuck it out. There were forum queens and flamers and those who were flamed.

The Internet Subculture was a world beyond virtual reality. There were nut cases, creeps, psycho's and doctors and lawyers and reporters and just everyday people who hid behind a "hat" name to post under.

This website has been a project to bring that Internet subculture to reality. To tell about the posters, the forums, what went on behind the scenes and to document and archive the historical satire of the people behind the hats. The webmaster of this site has in all honesty attempted to bring forth both sides of the story. This is an ongoing story and so much has to still be written and documented and archived.

Someday and God willing, there will be justice for this little girl name JonBenet Ramsey. And even in all the sickness and confusion of the people surrounding the Internet subculture, deep down I believe they all care about this child. They have learned to love her and they don't even know her. She was a beauty queen at the age of six but she was also a little girl, an innocent child whose life was taken from her on Christmas night 1996.

The ACandyRoseŠ Internet Subculture Web site is an privately owned archive site for documentation on the history of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case investigation via the Internet. All information has been accessed from public domains and/or quotes following the rules under the "fair use rule of copyright law." This web site is non-profit. Donations are welcome via the PayPal donation button on the home page. God willing someday there will be justice for JonBenet Ramsey.
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