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Yana Shalina Huss and Children
Peter and Katrina

On April 25, 2007, Russian Immigrant Yana Huss, a 31 year old mother of two, was murdered in her Port Charlotte Florida home as her 8 year old son watched. Second Degree Murder charges were filed against her husband.

We wish to thank all the wonderful people through the generous donations that helped Yana's children, Peter and Katrina and her mother, Elena Kuchinskaya while continuing their efforts while in Florida (USA) to see justice for their beloved mother, sister, and daughter.

The Trust was set up and apply donations for Yana’s beneficiaries needs while in America as well as legal expenses incurred to ensure that the children remain together with Yana’s immediate family.


. . By Holly Near
(fellow student of Yanas)

"It could have been me
But instead it was you.
So I'll keep doin' the work we were doin'
As if I were two

You were a giver of life
A singer of songs
A woman who loved
A fighter who was strong

It could have been me
But instead it was you
So I'll keep doin' the work we were doin'
As if I were two

And if you could work for freedom,
freedom, freedom, freedom,
I can too."

Speech at Manatee Community College, Florida in Yana Huss' memory during graduation ceremony

"I'm honored to be here tonight and be able to share with you a little about Yana and her life. She is not with us tonight but her spirit remains with us and her memory will not be forgotten. Yana was highly regarded and respected by her colleagues. She wanted so much to be a nurse. In fact she wanted it so that she risked her life for it.

Her unhappy marriage and terrible fate were not the full story of her life or a true reflection of the spirit with which she lived each day. Her fellow students describe her as compassionate, insightful, a fighter, unselfish, and always advocating for her patients. Her prior nursing instructors describe her as bright, caring, dedicated to patient needs, yet always concerned about her children, and always willing to help other students. More than a few of her patients and family members privately commented they thought she would make a wonderful nurse. Her friends describe her as one that goes the extra mile continuously and never asking for anything in return.

I believe that we all have purpose and that God intentially places people in our pathways for lessons. I thank God for giving me the blessing and honor of knowing Yana. Her unselfishness emanated through her eyes and the care and advocacy she gave her patients. We could all take from her and remember to take time to know others, to ask questions, and to stretch out our arms to others. Yana represents a number of women in nursing - woman who findin nursing a way to express the caring and compassion that is within them and begin to take contol over their lives in the process. I think that we need to spread the message that safety is first and there is always an answer - even if it means thinking outside of the box. We also need to find a way to reach partners, to help them understand that relationships can change and that people can grow together if there is willingness on both parts to redefine it.

I am happy to announce that Peter and Katrina are with Yana's mother Elena. It has been a struggle, but for now she has custody. We pray for love and peace to you. If anyone would like to help Yana's family to gain permanent custody of the children, you can donate to The Yana Huss Memorial Fund at any Wachovia Bank branches. Thank you." - Leah Helms

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