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Yana Shalina Huss, age 31, mother of two murdered April 25, 2007
2080 Rickover Street, Port Charlotte (Charlotte County) Florida 33953
Yana Huss Murder Home Page

Scott Lee Huss arrested for the murder of Yana Shalina Huss
2007-04-30 00:00

Scott Huss taken
from Leon Co. jail to Charlotte Co. jail
Monday "Scott Lee Huss, 48, arrived at the Charlotte County Jail late Monday night from the Leon County Jail, where he was being held after his arrest at a bus depot while trying to escape. Deputies say he then dropped her son off at his mother's home in Longwood before driving to Tallahassee. Police there found him just after he'd purchased a bus ticket."

05/03/2007 Headline: "Murder suspect back in Southwest Florida" http://www.nbc-2.com/
Monday April 30, 2007 Scott Huss in Charlotte County Justice Center
2007-04-30 00:00

Charlotte Co. court
Scott Huss declared public threat, held without bail
Monday "At Scott's first appearance Monday morning at the Charlotte County Justice Center, Assistant State Attorney Andreas Gardiner requested that Judge Peter A. Bell order Scott to be held without bond or for $2 million bond, saying he was a potential danger to others and might flee again.

"He stabbed (Yana) repeatedly in the chest, as well as cutting her across the neck, whereby almost decapitating her," he said. Gardiner also told Bell that the manslaughter charge may change. "The state anticipates that the charge will be amended to possibly either a second-degree murder or possibly a first-degree murder," Gardiner said.

The State Attorney's Office has not had the case long enough to know definitively whether the charges will be amended, said Samantha Syoen, spokeswoman for the SAO. No changes had been made by Wednesday. Bell ordered that Huss be held without bond, and he remained at the Charlotte County Jail Wednesday. Though he had been assigned a public defender at the time of the first appearance, his attorney had no response to Gardiner's request for no bond.

Huss' next scheduled court appearance is May 21, when he has a hearing on a previous arrest for allegedly violating a domestic violence order. His arraignment on the manslaughter charge is scheduled for June 18.

05/01/2007 Headline: "Huss might see charge upped" http://www.sun-herald.com/
2007-05-01 00:00

Watch Video
Joyce Huss
Tuesday "The man accused of killing his mail-order bride then dropping her 8-year-old son off at his mom's house in Seminole County is back in the Charlotte County, where the killing took place. Huss is accused of killing his Russian immigrant wife, because she was more in love with being in the United States than she was with him, police said. Huss' mother said she thinks he just snapped."

05/01/2007 Headline: "Police: Man Returns After Killing Mail-Order Wife" http://www.wesh.com/
2007-05-08 00:00

LE interviewing staff at Myakka River Elementary School
Tuesday "Gayler [Charlotte Superintendent Dave Gayler] said two district investigators arrived at the Myakka River campus late Tuesday to start interviewing staff at the school. He said the investigation should be competed by the middle of next week. Gayler said he is also investigating whether [Carol] Ziroff [second-grade teacher at Myakka River Elementary School] or anyone else at the school broke the law by discussing confidential information about a student. Ziroff said when she learned about Yana Huss' death she was so upset that she was sent home from school. Ziroff also said she later went to the local Florida Department of Children and Families office to check on the boy, but was unable to see him."

05/10/2007 Headline: "Boy told his teacher of stepfather's threats" http://www.heraldtribune.com/
May 10, 2007 Court Hearing sought to terminate Scott Huss parental rights
2007-05-10 00:00

Court hearing for
Parental Rights
[Scott Huss age 48 charged with murdering his wife Yana Huss]
Scott Huss
Thursday "Scott Huss clenched his jaw as the state Department of Children and Families sought to terminate his parental rights Thursday. Bill Issac, a DCF attorney, told the circuit court that he could prove that Huss acted in an "egregious" manner and deserves to lose his rights as a father to his 2-year-old daughter.

Huss, charged in the slaying of his wife, Yana, 31, also has a son in the custody of his ex-wife and two grown children from another marriage. Yana Huss came to the United States from Russia with her 8-year-old son in 2002. She married Scott Huss in 2003. At Thursday's hearing, the court weighed only the future of Scott Huss' biological daughter. The 2-year-old and the 8-year-old are in DCF custody. Scott Huss, 48, spoke once during the hearing, responding to Circuit Judge James Thompson with a quiet "Yes, sir" when asked a standard question. Huss, his hands and legs shackled, was flanked by four sheriff's deputies. Two more stood watch in the Charlotte County courtroom."

05/11/2007 Headline: "Slaying suspect fights for daughter" www.heraldtribune.com
2007-05-10 00:00

Bill Issac Florida Department of Child Welfare Attorney said he could make his case in 90 minutes

Yana Huss family flew from Russa to Holland to Florida (USA) after Yana was murdered

Scott Huss trial
set for 08/09/2007
Thursday "According to Florida statutes, one of the grounds for terminating parental rights is conduct that threatens the life, safety or physical, mental or emotional health of the child or the child's sibling. Issac [Bill Issac, a DCF attorney] told the court that he could make his case in just 90 minutes. He cited what evidence he intends to use during the trial, which has been set for Aug. 9.

Issac said he plans to use a nine-page letter written by Scott Huss. In the letter, Huss gave details about his relationship with his wife and described how he wanted to distribute his assets. In addition, Issac said he will use an interview conducted with Scott Huss' mother, Joyce Huss, by Seminole County law enforcement. Joyce Huss reported her fears about Yana Huss after her son, Scott, dropped off his stepson at her home. Issac said he also may call the 8-year-old to the stand. The child witnessed the slaying of his mother, according to authorities."

"Throughout the court hearing, Scott Huss' eyes were fixed on his mother at the back of the courtroom. Joyce Huss has expressed interest in taking custody of her 2-year-old granddaughter. Yana Huss' family members, who flew from Russia and Holland to Florida after the slaying, have also expressed interest in gaining custody of both children. Issac said the state normally seeks to keep siblings together, but that may prove difficult in this case because the 8-year-old boy is still a citizen of Russia and his half-sister is a U.S. citizen.

05/11/2007 Headline: "Slaying suspect fights for daughter" www.heraldtribune.com
2007-05-11 00:00

Friday "The Charlotte County school district is looking into rumors that a murdered woman's child told school officials about abuse. The Charlotte County school district is conducting an investigation to determine whether the child of an alleged murder victim told Myakka River Elementary School officials about abuse, and whether those officials reported the abuse as required by law."

"The 8-year-old son of Yana Shalina Huss, 31, whose husband Scott Huss, 48, allegedly stabbed her to death, was a student at Myakka River Elementary. The school district investigation aims to determine whether the boy told anyone -- including second-grade teacher Carol Ziroff -- about abuse involving Scott, his stepfather, and how any information was handled by school personnel."

05/11/2007 Headline: "Investigation aims to determine whether abuse was reported" http://www.sun-herald.com/
2007-05-21 00:00

Mother and Sisters
[http://www.heraldtribune.com STAFF PHOTO - JENNA ISAACSON - Yana Huss' mother, Elena Kuchinskaya, center, a Russian citizen living in Holland, is hoping to gain custody of Yana's two young children, Peter and Katrina. Seen with her are Yana's sisters, Yulia Nabokova, left, and Irina Kuchinskaya.]
Elena Kuchinskaya
Yulia Nabokova
Irina Kuchinskaya
Monday "Yana Huss' mother, Elena Kuchinskaya, center, a Russian citizen living in Holland, is hoping to gain custody of Yana's two young children, Peter and Katrina." - "For nearly a month, she has tried to wend her way through the legal system with little knowledge of the English language and even less of the state and local agencies involved in her fight for custody of her two grandchildren. "Every day is hard," said Kuchinskaya, 49. "What I feel? What can I say? I cry every single day. Peter, and his 2-year-old sister, Katrina, are in foster care. Monday, she went to yet another court hearing in the murder case, yet another delay."

"So far, she has relied on one of her daughter's friends to act as a translator during meetings with detectives, the Department of Children & Families, the guardian ad litem, prosecutors and a court-appointed attorney. Complicating already emotional and complex matters, Kuchinskaya is unsure how she will support herself as she awaits word on custody. She is not allowed to work because she does not have a work visa, only a six-month visitor's visa. But leaving is not an option. "Anything to be with the kids," she said. "I will stay until the end." - "Yana's mother is seeking custody of both children while Scott Huss' family wants custody of Katrina because she is his only biological child with Yana. Peter, Yana's son from her previous marriage, was 6 months old when his father died. Peter is a Russian citizen; Katrina has dual citizenship in the United States and Russia."

05/22/2007 Headline: "Fighting for her grandchildren" http://www.heraldtribune.com
2007-05-21 00:00

Yana's mother is allowed one 2-hour supervised visit per week with her grandchildren
Monday "The state has filed a motion to terminate Scott Huss' parental rights. The trial is set for August. He is being held at the Charlotte County jail without bail. Meanwhile, DCF will determine who should have temporary custody of the children. The department is still in the process of scheduling home visits to evaluate the children's future."

"[Elena] Kuchinskaya is allowed one two-hour, supervised visit a week with her grandchildren, who are staying with a foster family in Lee County. Katrina's paternal grandmother lives in Longwood, 175 miles from Port Charlotte. Stella and Joe Giordano, friends whose family shared birthdays and Easter Sunday with Yana and her children, also have asked for temporary custody of Peter and Katrina. "When I met (Yana) in September, I could read it on her face," Joe Giordano said. "She needed help. Yana's friends are helping her mother -- driving her to court hearings, meetings with the state attorney's victim advocate and offering moral support in a country she is unfamiliar with. "

05/22/2007 Headline: "Fighting for her grandchildren" http://www.heraldtribune.com
2007-05-22 00:00

Click Photo below
Elena video interview

[Yana Huss and her two children, Peter and Katrina]
Yana with children
Peter and Katrina

Yana's best friend Stella Giordano is helping the family search resources
for assistance
Tuesday "[Elena] Kuchinskaya says she talked to her daughter five times a day, and knew something was wrong when she didn't hear from her for two days. She learned of her Yana's death through a friend. "My daughter always said, 'mother mother please help me!' But, what can I help?" Kuchinskaya said fighting back tears. The only way she knows how to help is to get custody of her two grandchildren: Piter and Katrina, who are currently with a foster family."

"I need a lawyer, for a lawyer, I must pay. Without a lawyer, I cannot do anything" she said. "The first interest now is the children. Children must be with family. And, I can stay in this country however long they need me." The only thing she does have is support from Yana's best friend, Stella Giordano. The two didn't know each other before the incident, but have now become very close. "We know this is not going to be resolved overnight," said Giordano. "We're plowing through all the different agencies and looking for places to assist us. We need as much help as we can get."

"When she's not fighting this fight, Kuchinskaya goes back to her photos. She has hundreds. She also created a memorial to her daughter, spread out throughout the baron home she's now staying in, along with her two daughters who also live in Russia. "I think when you see photo of my family in Russia, American people will understand," said Kuchinskaya."

05/22/2007 Headline: "Murder victim, Yana Huss's, family and friends speak out" http://www.winknews.com/
2007-05-24 00:00

Rev. Robert Kondratick Holy Spirit Orthodox Church in Venice is helping Yana's family

Scott Huss' mother, Joyce Huss, 76 wants 2 yr old Katrina to stay in the USA
Thursday "Yana Huss's family feels strongly that the little girl should not be separated from her brother, according to the Rev. Robert Kondratick of the Holy Spirit Orthodox Church in Venice, who has become a friend of the family. The children's Russian grandmother, Elena Kuchinskaya, 48, lives in Florida with two of Yana's sisters. The family is seeking to get custody of both children, Kondratick confirmed. He has been working to connect Kuchinskaya with Yana's local friends and the local Russian community. "We hope, above all, the children will remain together because Yana did everything she possibly could to make sure the children were together and happy," Kondratick said. "It would be extremely, emotionally and psychologically, hurtful to separate them."

Joyce Huss, 76, said Katrina would be surrounded with a family that includes a half sister and "lots of cousins," if placed with her American grandmother. "We are family, and she is a U.S. citizen, and I think the best thing would be to let her stay here," Joyce Huss said."

05/24/2007 Headline: "Grandmothers vie for child of murder victim" ww.heraldtribune.com
2007-05-24 00:00

Joyce Huss claims she isn't allowed visitation with her grandchildren
Thursday "Joyce [Huss] also said she was miffed that the DCF has granted Kuchinskaya and her family visitation of her grandchiIdren, but not herself. Joyce said she contacted the DCF to request visitation and left a message. No one called her back, she said. Kristi Sonntag, spokeswoman for the DCF, said she couldn't comment on any specific case due to confidentiality rules. However, she said in typical cases, the DCF's first priority is to place children orphaned by tragic events with relatives, if possible."

05/24/2007 Headline: "Grandmothers vie for child of murder victim" ww.heraldtribune.com
May 29, 2007 Court Hearing - Scott Huss for the violation of the restraining order
2007-05-29 00:00

Violation of restraining order dismissed because petitioner
is deceased
Tuesday "The civil case that Yana Huss filed against her husband, Scott Huss, was dismissed Tuesday by circuit court Judge Jack R. Schoonover because the petitioner is deceased. Yana Huss filed for a domestic violence injunction against her husband at the end of March. On April 13, Scott Huss was arrested and charged with violating that injunction."

05/29/2007 Headline: "Yana Huss' civil case dismissed" www.heraldtribune.com
Yana Huss Memorial Fund set up to help Yana's mother fight for custody of grandchildren
2007-05-30 00:00

Yana Huss Memorial Fund set up were donations accepted at the Wachovia Bank

[Yana's mother, Elena Kuchinskaya]
Elena Kuchinskaya
Wednesday "State child protection officials have given [Elena] Kuchinskaya little information about how long the custody decision might take. Meanwhile, the state DCF has temporarily placed Yana's two children, Peter, 8, and Katrina, 2, with a foster family in Fort Myers. Kuchinskaya is allowed to visit for two hours once a week. Kuchinskaya fears the longer it takes, the longer it will take the children to heal. That's especially true for Peter, who witnessed his mother's murder, she said. "You cannot wait long time; not good for Peter," she warned. "That's an extraordinary situation and special actions need to be taken."

Now, Kuchinskaya is seeking the public's help. She announced she has established the Yana Huss Memorial Fund to raise money to hire an attorney and, eventually, help support the children. People can contribute to the fund at any Wachovia Bank. Originally from Russia, Kuchinskaya now lives in Holland with her husband. However, she has rented a house in Port Charlotte in order to stay near the children. Kuchinskaya said the expense of air travel, burial and rent has been difficult to afford."

05/30/2007 Headline: "Murder victim's mother seeks help" www.sun-herald.com
2007-05-30 00:00

Godparents of Yana's children are Maxim and Julia [Yana's sister] Nabokova who both live in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Wednesday "[Elena] Kuchinskaya is calling for both children to be placed with their godparents in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The children last met their godparents, along with about a dozen other family members, in December 2006, when Yana took them to visit her family in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The godparents include Yana's sister, Julia Nabokova, and her husband, Maxim. Both are young professionals with good jobs and no children of their own, said Kuchinskaya."

05/30/2007 Headline: "Murder victim's mother seeks help" www.sun-herald.com
2007-05-30 00:00

Ilona Dunchyk, also from Russia and friend of Yana's is serving as interpreter for Yana's Russian family
Wednesday "During [Elena] Kuchinskaya's first visit with the children since the murder, Peter spoke only about the bloodshed he had witnessed, his grandmother said. "The little boy became like an adult," explained Ilona Dunchyk, a friend of Yana's who met her while both women were studying nursing at Manatee Community College. "You can tell this tragedy turned his life upside down." Dunchyk, who is also originally from Russia, is helping Kuchinskaya by serving as an interpreter. After Kuchinskaya spent a little more time with Peter, he "became a different person," Dunchyk said. The two children now spend most of their visits with their Russian grandmother "laughing and happy," Dunchyk said."

05/30/2007 Headline: "Murder victim's mother seeks help" www.sun-herald.com
2007-05-30 00:00

Yana taught her 2 yr old daughter to speak Russian but Peter speaks only English because Scott Huss forbade him speaking in Russian
Wednesday "Peter has all but forgotten his first language because Scott Huss forbade his wife to converse with her son in Russian, [Elena] Kuchinskaya said. However, Yana Huss disobeyed her husband's demand when it came to speaking Russian with her daughter. As a result, the 2-year-old converses gleefully in Russian with her grandmother, Kuchinskaya said.

She said she spoke by phone or "Web cam" with her daughter and grandchildren as often as five times a day before Yana's murder. They talked about what the kids ate for lunch and what they did that day."

05/30/2007 Headline: "Murder victim's mother seeks help" www.sun-herald.com
June 13, 2007 Scott Huss charged in second degree murder of Yana Huss
2007-06-13 00:00

Scott Huss charges upgraded to second degree murder
Wednesday "The charge of manslaughter against Scott Huss in the slaying of his wife has been upgraded to second-degree murder. Assistant State Attorney Daniel Feinberg filed the change, claiming that Huss killed Yana Huss on April 25 by stabbing her with a knife or another sharp object. If convicted of second-degree murder, Huss could face a life sentence but not the death penalty, according to Florida statutes."

06/13/2007 Headline: "Huss case now second-degree murder" http://www.heraldtribune.com/
2007-06-14 00:00

State Attorney reviewing grand jury possibility for first degree murder
Thursday "The warrant was issued for manslaughter when there was very little information," said Assistant State Attorney Daniel Feinberg. "They knew they had enough for that."

The murder charge fits the alleged incident because Huss is accused of using a knife or similar weapon to stab the victim to death, according to the information filed by Feinberg. Second-degree murder is defined by Florida law as a killing that is not premeditated but occurs as the result of an act that is imminently dangerous to another person and shows a disregard for human life. The State Attorney's Office is reviewing whether to take the case to a grand jury so it can be considered for a first-degree murder indictment, Feinberg said."

06/13/2007 Headline: "Huss receives charge of second-degree murder" http://www.sun-herald.com
Yana's mother, Elena Kuchinskaya joins Parents of Murdered Children group
2007-06-20 00:00

Parents of Murdered Children group helping Elena Kuchinskaya

Watch Video HERE
Wednesday "Now, [Elena] Kuchinskaya hopes to share the pain she feels with strangers, after losing her daughter to homicide. "My life now, not easy," she said. Elena joined the group, Parents of Murdered Children, an emotional support group that allows victims' families and friends the opportunity to share their story. "It's the club that no one wants to join," said Southwest Florida Chapter President, Connie Ankney. "Someone else has initiated us, and now we are going to survive."

Now, Kuchinskaya hopes to share the pain she feels with strangers, after losing her daughter to homicide. "My life now, not easy," she said. Elena joined the group, Parents of Murdered Children, an emotional support group that allows victims' families and friends the opportunity to share their story. "It's the club that no one wants to join," said Southwest Florida Chapter President, Connie Ankney. "Someone else has initiated us, and now we are going to survive."

06/20/2007 Headline: "Support Group: Recent murders spark need for meetings" www.winknews.com
2007-07-02 00:00

2007 ML 681477
Marriage License amended 07/02/2007 by Elena Kuchinskaya to correct Yana's maiden name to read as "Kuchinskaya"
Monday Document Type: (MAR4) Amended Marriage License
Modified Date:
Record Date : 7/2/2007 12:15:01 PM
Event Date : Not Available
Groom Name (last, first, middle): HUSS, SCOTT LEE ()
Bride Name (last, first, middle): SHALINA, YANA GENNADYEVNA ()
Book Type: L
Book / Page: 108 / 886
# of Pages: 3
Consideration: 0.00
Legal: Address: 17477 MAPLEDALE AVE
Bride Zip Code 33953
Before me this day, July 2, 2007, personally appeared Elena Kuchinskaya, who, being dually sworn, deposed and say that the marriage license issued to Scott Lee Huss and Yana Gennadyevna Shalina on December 18, 2002 contained incorrect information and request that an amended license be issued to them. The correct information should read:

Bride's maiden name should read: Kuchinskaya

Charlotte County Official Records Search
Florida State Attorney releases 1,200 pages of documents on the Huss case
2007-07-27 00:00

Winknews Video Pt1
[In the 12-hundred pages of documents, WINK News found a 12 page letter - it is the note Scott Huss wrote to his mother, which appears to be a suicide note. In it he writes 'It did not have to end this way']
Winknews Video Pt2
Friday "The State Attorney's Office released some of the evidence in the case. In the 12-hundred pages of documents, WINK News found a 12 page letter - it is the note Scott Huss wrote to his mother, which appears to be a suicide note. In it he writes "It did not have to end this way."

{Scott] Huss went on to say that "everyone should read this in its entirety to begin to understand the magnitude and truth. It is lengthy, but it will be rewarding because a MOVIE will be made in honor of Scott L. Huss." Huss also writes "Nobody would listen to the truth" and called Yana a "liar and manipulator." Friends also told detectives Yana found child pornography and violent websites on Scott Huss's computer.

WINK News is also learning that Yana may have documented her own abuse. A month before she was murdered Yana was in a car accident she told an emergency room nurse she needed her bag hidden from her husband. That bag allegedly contained a recorder, note pad, and digital camera - which documented the abuse.

Friday, the day the documents were released is also the day Yana should have graduating from nursing school at Manatee Community College. Instead, her mother attended the ceremony and the school held a moment of silence for Yana Huss."

07/27/2007 Headline: "New details in Huss murder case" www.winknews.com
2007-07-27 00:00

[Laundry Room Sketch]
Laundry Room Sketch
Yana Huss Murdered
Friday "Apologies, threats, and excuses were all coming from Scott Huss, the man accused of murdering his own wife back in April. Evidence and pictures were also released in a detailed stack of pages on Friday." - "On page five, it shows how Yana Huss' eight-year-old son who told detectives he witnessed Scott Huss stab his mother in each lung as well as several other places on her body. Later on in the sea of pages, a sketch of Yana Huss' body is shown lying face down in the laundry room while photographs of her paint a picture of a smiling and happy woman."

"Pages 545 through 555, entitled "The Letter" written by Scott Huss, say otherwise. In those pages he calls Yana "a liar, manipulator, actress, and destroyer." Later in "The Letter," Huss attacks Green Card Girls - an organization that marries American men with foreign women. Huss calls the organization immigration fraud and said, "I made the mistake of falling for it." In a letter to his mother, he instructed her to sell the house and divide the finances. He warned that if a woman named Ellen gets in the way, he'll "take care of her too." He ended the letter to his mom saying, "Be careful. I will be watching."

07/27/2007 Headline: "Report: Son witnessed father stabbing mother " http://www.abc-7.com/
2007-07-28 00:00

Saturday "The document was among more than 1,200 pages of case records released by the State Attorney's Office on Friday. In the manifesto, Huss did not discuss the crime he is accused of, but did state his point of view -- including a belief that he and his children are "the only victims." The document begins with a letter to Scott Huss' mother, Joyce Huss. It outlines how to divide his finances, what price to sell his property for and what type of funeral to arrange for him -- "I want a full MILITARY burial," the letter states. Huss is a former captain in the U.S. Army National Guard. He also tells his mother to protect the 2-year-old daughter he had with Yana, Katrina, and to start a "Corvette Fund" so his son from a previous marriage, Scott Lee Huss Jr., can have a Corvette the day he receives his driver's license.

In 2002, Yana moved from Saint Petersburg, Russia, to marry Huss, the letter states. They married in 2003. Huss wrote that Yana was bipolar and lied about being abused, but claimed he loved her. "PEOPLE, before Yana came into this country, I had a few traffic violations and an impeccable work, education and military record," he wrote. "And you stupid, pathetic, wretched, spoiled Americans think that I am the bad guy. Stupid stupid. I hate stupid."

"For Yana, I loved you like no other," he wrote. "I cannot forgive you anymore. I pray that you have a relationship with Jesus and he forgives you for what you have done. I hope to see you on the other side, perhaps there you will see my love for you." As for himself, Huss wrote in all capital letters, "I have been forgiven already and I long to go home. This world sucks and has not been good to me ever. I give, and the world takes. I have nothing else to give except my life to God. I ask that Jesus accept me into his arms for healing. This world has hurt me. I am tired."

07/28/2007 Headline: "Accused murderer's manifesto released" http://www.sun-herald.com/

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