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Yana Shalina Huss, age 31, mother of two murdered April 25, 2007
2080 Rickover Street, Port Charlotte (Charlotte County) Florida 33953
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Names (Found Materials) in the media or public documents - Yana Huss Murder Case
Huss, Joyce G.
Mother of Scott Huss
FL Joyce G. Huss is the mother of Scott Huss, mother-in-law to Yana Huss and lives at 950 1st Pl Longwood, [Seminole County] Florida 32750. The morning that Yana Huss was murdered in her home at 2080 Rickover Street, Port Charlotte [Charlotte County], Scott drove his 8 year old step-son, Peter Shalina, in a shirt covered with his mother's blood, from that same home on Rickover and drove 174 miles north that took three hours to his own mother's house in Longwood.
Joyce G. Huss is also listed as a director of the non-profit corporation, "The Temple of the Tao, Inc" formed 02/02/1994 by her son, Scott L. Huss. Joyce is listed on the property deed of Scott and Yana's home at 2080 Rickover St, Port Charlotte, [Charlotte County] Fla 33953. Charlotte County public records show Joyce Huss, [As director of "The Temple of the Tao, Inc"] filed an eviction notice [Case Number: 07000460CC] against Yana Huss on April 4, 2007
Huss, Yana Shalina
Wife of Scott L Huss
Murdered April 24, 2007
FL Yana Huss was murdered on April 25, 2007 in her home in Port Charlotte, Florida. Reports are that her son Peter witnessed the murder. Her husband, Scott Huss then drove eight year old Peter in a shirt covered with his mother's blood for three hours to his own mother's house in Longwood, Florida, 170 miles away. Scott Huss is now charged with Yana's murder. ACandyRose's Timeline on Yana Huss Murder
Lechleidner, Kevin
Battalion Chief Charlotte County Fire / EMS
FL "Chief Lechleidner was appointed to the department on August 7, 1985 and was promoted to his current position on April 14, 1999. Chief Lechleidner is currently assigned to Battalion-3 on A-shift. Battalion-3 encompasses all areas west of the Myakka River." Charlotte County Fire / EMS

"1 p.m. - Scott Huss goes to the home of Kevin Lechleidner [04/23/2007] and retrieves several weapons, including AK-47 and AR-15 assault rifles. Huss had asked him to watch the weapons for him because he was going away on a trip and had nowhere to keep them, and feared they would be stolen. Lechleidner and Huss both worked for Charlotte County Fire & EMS a couple of years ago." 08/01/2007 http://www.heraldtribune.com/
McDonnell, Margaret A.
Filed Paternity Complaint against Scott Huss in 1989
DeLand, Volusia Co. FL
FL MARGARET A MCDONNELL v. SCOTT L HUSS, Case Number: 1989 9525 CA 03, Filing Date: 12/04/1989, DeLand, Florida, Volusia County, Paternity Complaint for Child Support. Judgment Awarded to Margaret McDonnell 04/25/1991 and Scott Huss ordered pay child support. Last records show Scott Huss was ordered to pay $263 mo beginning 02/28/2006 Volusia County Florida Court Records - http://www.clerk.org/
The Temple of the Tao
Non-Profit Corporation
formed by Scott L. Huss
FL The Temple of the Tao, Inc., is a non-profit corporation formed by Scott Lee Huss on February 2, 1994 (FEI Number 650468148). Scott L Huss is listed as the President/Treasurer/Director. As of the last annual report for 2006, the directors were listed as: President: Scott L Huss, 17477 Mapledale Ave, Port Charlotte, FL 33953; Directors: Michael Michaud, 1200 Amherst St, Port Charlotte, FL 33953; Joyce Huss, 1200 Amherst St, Port Charlotte, FL 33953; Nancy Blackstone, 7858 Saddle Creek Tr, Sarasota, FL 34241; and Larry Reyes, 7120 Odom Place, North Port, FL 34287

Florida Corporations Search at http://www.sunbiz.org/

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