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7:00 AM MDT, Sun. 8/5/01 (day #1685 week #242 month #55 year #4)
1. Remembered - on black velvet

Good Morning!

Yeah, I'm back from vacation, all fat and brown. And, man, I can't believe that those Scamsey's are exploiting "that child" again while they merrily "get on with their lives" recap...

July 21 - Daily Camera Arndt appeals to higher authority...

July 22 - Denver Post ditto, scroll down to second story...

July 25 - Daily Camera with an audible smirk, on the JonBenét ad and the new "non-profit foundation"...

(Note: It is my belief, and quite unshakable, that Ratsy and her bosom buddies deliberately waited until Moi was on hiatus to run that ad without me murmuring things like "Scamseys" and "Ratsy"...)

July 26 - Associated Press in the Rocky Mountain News tacky "find my killer" ad in the Camera...

July 27 - Daily Camera, New York Post wanting to peek at Mary Keenan's JonBenét files...

July 27 - Reuters Keenan and company fight Post subpoena...

July 28 - Daily Camera, judge suggests a team cull the files (I like that word cull) the New York Post desires...

July 28 - Rocky Mountain News, neutral lawyers is an oxymoron...

July 29 - Denver Post JonBenét and Chandra, joined at the hip...

July 30 - New York Times ditto...

August 1 - Daily Camera, hearing delayed due to sudden, unexplained problem (?), shades of Ellis Armistead eh...

August 1 - Rocky Mountain News on irreconcilable differences...

Need to vent? Imwitchu. Although Justice Watch is down temporarily for reincarnation tomorrow ("that child's" 11th birthday). Cybersleuths is cookin' at a new location (snazzy). And, you can schmooze with the likes of J.T. Colfax at CandyRose's place which she has kindly opened to the public during this period. See you there!

While you're waiting for the Hoffmann-Pugh and Miller books, check out how the current JonBenet books are selling and ranking at

In other news, it's a mother and child reunion - stay tuned...


6:40 AM MDT, Mon. 8/6/01 (day #1686 week #242 month #55 year #4)
1. My Boss

Good Morning!

Today would have been JonBenét Patricia Ramsey's 11th birthday - and Lucille Ball's 90th (Hi Kathy).

Justice Watch has reopened, stop in and say howdy.

Missed one yesterday - Mark Beckner comments and commiserates with the DC cops (hey, if the Washington Post, or the New York Times, called me, I'd talk to them too).

While I was fishing, Patty Calhoun at Westword updates us on the latest happenings in the Ramsey circus. Unbelievable.

The CIA in Boulder, redux... Conspiracy theorists debunked by former-spooks daughter, scroll down more than halfway to "Just plain suicide"

But Westword (ah, delicious WestWord!) makes something of it - reminds me of the song "Little Blue Man" (a favorite of Dr. Demento, how apropos).


7:06 AM MDT, Tue. 8/7/01 (day #1687 week #242 month #55 year #4)
1. "Duck tape"

Good Morning!

Fictionalized JonBenét/Patsy/JR scenario, sounds like Quiet, Samantha (link compliments of v_p on Justice Watch)

Tacky - duct tape and kiddie pageants (also from v-p).

Maybe they should have moved to Ivory Coast: Meanwhile, the classic "guitar-shape" is in for African pageants.

Meanwhile, back in Boulder, Keenan says "let them eat cake" - Sex offenders released in Boulder County to include molesting Nederland elementary teacher David White.

List of the Sick Puppies also includes a woman who posed as a man.



Due to an unforeseen, family emergency there will be no Wednesday issue of Mrs. Brady's URLs. She will return on Thursday, August 9th.



6:00 AM MDT, Fri. 8/10/01 (day #1690 week #243 month #55 year #4)
1. Is he wearing mascara?

Good Morning!

Parody, not reality, but I howled just the same. Lin Wood and Gary Condit, linked at the hip via Boulder Weekly. A keeper!

Remember R.W. "Pete" Peterson? No? (scratches head) Well this paper calls him "high profile", despite his ugly press conference where he announced Santa did it (murdered JonBenét).

Chandra and JonBenét, that Siamese-Twin thang, another media critic takes the (tired) plunge...

And another one, odd that it's from Black World Today.

In other news...

Molesting baby-sitter sentenced to 12 years probation in Boulder County - parents of victims angry.

Boulder County teenager who mother and grandmother plans insanity defense.

The "largest child-pornography bust in U.S. history" included the arrest of three Coloradans.

Colorado DA's are "tight", Alex Hunter "dream team" member, Denver DA Bill Ritter, may run for U.S. Senate...

TV ALERT: Larry King Live, CNN, 7 PM MDT, tonight's guest is "Daughter Dearest" Christina Crawford who will talk about life with Mommy, Joan Crawford.

HOUSEKEEPING: Irritated by pop-up ads? Not visiting New York Post, National Enquirer, LA Times or because of the hassle? Download freeware NO-ADS! I did about two months ago and I love it! Take that X-10-amazing-video-camera...DING!


7:34 AM MDT, Sat. 8/11/01 (day #1691 week #243 month #55 year #4)
1. The Demon Within by Cutter

Good Morning!

The only JonBenét mention today goes under the "Too Stupid to Live" category - - Ninnies seeking JonBenét Ramsey tip line flood Directory Assistance, scroll down to "For capitals, press 1", no, I'm not making this up.

In other news...

Mommie Dearest: Boulder County mom and daughter, age 9, attempt suicide together so they can go to heaven.

Sick Puppy: Flagrant! Unregistered sex offender caught red-handed, chatting up a 10-year-old boy in UNC library.

Largest child porn sting in U.S. History, the Landslide Productions case, also netted two Wyoming men (scroll down to last item)...

More on the porn bust and ramifications of molesting "Sim" children in this National Law Journal article (found on CrimeNews2000).

If you missed MOMMIE DEAREST author on Larry King Live last night (shame on you) the transcript can be read here, well worth your time.

Totally Unrelated: I've read three shark books this summer, so I have sharks on the brain. Only swam in the bay once in two weeks (climbed out after about 3 minutes) and only waded ankle deep in the ocean. Anyway, the dude who had his leg bitten off in the Bahamas has hired Johnnie Cochran and will sue the resort.


7:17 AM MDT, Sun. 8/12/01 (day #1692 week #243 month #55 year #4)
1. Patsy in Mad Magazine

Good Morning!

Surfing since 6:30 AM, EDT and not a newsworthy link in sight.

For pure disgust factor you can read about leaving children unsupervised at swimming pools (three dead, found on CrimeNews2000) - and the latest on Willie Wonka at

And, if you are a Chandra-phile, someone has kindly begun a forum on Delphi to chew the Condit.

Hoping for a more fruitful Monday, I am, always, your humble servant...


5:56 AM MDT, Mon. 8/13/01 (day #1693 week #243 month #55 year #4)
1. Frozen Pops (and Moms)

Good Morning!

Lazarus evoked: West Virginia project to raise the dead via cloning detailed. If they could re-create JonBenét would the murder case be dropped? In your dreams Patsy!

Frozen Pop: Coloradans embracing cryonics, not crime for abuse of corpse?

Some Colorado crime news...

Granny git yer gun: 74 year old woman shoots intruder, bags serial rapist.

Sketchman: Another serial rapist on the loose in the Fort Collins/Boulder corridor.

Ironic or Inefficient: But no word on whether the attack above can be linked to a series of five home-invasion/rapes.

Elsewhere: Condit speaks. So does Mark Fuhrman.


5:55 AM MDT, Tue. 8/14/01 (day #1694 week #243 month #55 year #4)
1. Rock Band "JonBenét"

Good Morning!

Boulder Police do intern! But better not pat this one on the butt..."There are still people over there working on the (JonBenét) Ramsey case" he says.

Boulder County DA's say "We're winning cases that wouldn't have been charged before", well dang me, changing attitudes on acquaintance-rape.

Child abuse victims treated like criminals in Denver.

Elsewhere: Case dismissed. Barbie artist prevails over Mattel.


7:11 AM MDT, Wed. 8/15/01 (day #1695 week #243 month #55 year #4)
1. Lunching out

Good Morning!

Getting "on with their lives" after the murder of "that child", JohnBoy and the Patster spied lunching in Chicago...(Chicago?!?).

Maybe it was their one/last/big/fling before his stock options took a hit? This delicious tidbit supplied by Candy on Cybersleuths (because the 'Bussiness' section gives me a headache).

How cold do you want that crow? CNN describes Ramsey debacle..." It is not a cold case yet, but could be some day"...

This one has a mere mention of Jon Benet (sic) with a story on a conveniently dead suspect.

Same song different verse, on CNN later in the day, this one is just shorter.

Coverage of the Cold Case conference also in the Baltimore Sun.

In other news...

Jury selection is expected to begin this morning in the trial of Johnny Lee, one of six men accused of gang raping a CU student two years ago.

Describing himself in Patsy's words..."killer on the loose"...suspect in 1996 murder captured.

There's a molester on the loose - Boulder's Michael Hal Ballard soon to be in a "halfway house".

And an editorial - Boulder County's "Least Wanted" on Ballard.

Sheesh. What. Fort Collins and Boulder are FINALLY comparing notes on the similarities of the Boulder/Tantra Lakes rapes and the series in Fort Collins - both attackers described as smelling strongly of cigarettes. Also an update on the serial rapist terrorizing Fort Collins, Colorado in the Times-Call. (NOTE: Check the University registrations for a student who transferred from CU to CSU...)

Elsewhere - the Miss America Pageant tries another gimmick to boost ratings when it airs live from Atlantic City next month.

Leaving you laughing ... columnist mulls the Barbie decision.


7:01 AM MDT, Thurs. 8/16/01 (day #1696 week #244 month #55 year #4)
1. Under the bus...

Good Morning!

No JonBenét news today. Here are some interesting tangential issues though...

Post columnist Chuck Green under fire from various pundits (scroll down to "Getting your fill" about halfway down the page).

Paula Jones (yeah, remember her?) has filed another lawsuit.

Also in the Post (if you can tolerate those #$)(#*+! pop-up ads) - a smirking Michael Skakel puts the evil eye on Martha Moxley survivors.

I love Jeezus! Would Lazarus approve of this church elder on trial for molestations, 75 counts, count 'em, 75...

HOUSEKEEPING: I cannot compete with the excellent archiving being done elsewhere on the Chandra Levy case, so I'll direct you elsewhere. Just like Ramsey, the rumors are now outweighing the facts.


:25 AM MDT, Fri. 8/17/01 (day #1697 week #244 month #55 year #4)
1. Sketchman - EXPOSED

Good Morning!

Listen, too can help clear the Rammers...just send your husband's dirty underwear to Mark Beckner. Hell, just spit in a baggie and clip/pull some pubic hair too while you're at it...(Mark you should be ashamed of yourself, tsk, tsk).

In another case, proof of how FUBAR law enforcement is out there, and stars, ta da, banned-from-Boulder Steve Ainsworth (but we knew he was a jerk).

What kind of case is it? A JONBENET CASE. Not to be confused with a OJ CASE or a HEAD CASE like a CODE SIX WINGNUT. From The Patster's home-town paper the Journal-Constitution.

Rankings: (Ah ha, I just love being cutting-edge) Proof that the rankings do matter, the Associated Press investigates.

Elsewhere: I just love Governor Bill Owens - he's KOOL.

Yeah, I'm exasperated and yelling, sorry about all the caps...


4:35 AM MDT, Sat. 8/18/01 (day #1698 week #244 month #55 year #4)
1. Some people collect this stuff

Good Morning!

I hate wasting bandwidth on this, so briefly...the CODE SIX WINGNUT dirty underwear tip story was picked up by Reuters , the Associated Press, and KCNC Denver TV 4 (vg as Bridgett would say).

Update on the "fondler" case in Nederland (see yesterday's issue), Sheriff's investigators remain dogmatic despite DA's refusal to file charges. Photographer says his life is ruined.

For the conspiracy theorists, a Ballard/California connection noted in this article on his sentencing to 8 years in a halfway house.

Whatever happened to the Steven McGonigle case? His trial was scheduled to begin July 31st, and I haven't seen a single news reference..Here are my notes...

Steven McGonigle's trial is scheduled for July 31...allegedly used a stun gun in an attempt to kidnap and rape a teenage girl, has pleaded not guilty in Douglas County Court to several felony charges - He has since moved to North Carolina but is required to wear an electronic monitoring device.

...if you know please email me (put something tantalizing in the subject line or I may delete it like so much AOL spam).


5:50 AM MDT, Sun. 8/19/01 (day #1699 week #244 month #55 year #4)
1. "The Jerks's" revenge

Good Morning!

No news is good news?

How boring can the dog daze of mid-August be? The headliner at the Daily Camera is Demand for sandstone remains high. (Sandstone?) At the Denver Post it's Home Insurance rates (what can be more boring than insurance?). Even Drudge let me down with a sleeper on the Social Security commission. In the 'Elsewhere' category the most tantalizing was Michigan Officer Kills Rogue Ostrich.

No replies on the Steven McGonigle/stun gun query in yesterday's issue (see below) either.

So, I am working, it's just DEAD. Try back tomorrow, I will.


7:00 AM MDT, Mon. 8/19/01 (day #1699 week #244 month #55 year #4)
1. matching shirts, how cute

Good Morning!

The unedited, uncensored version of hilarious send-up of a fictional (but logical) Gary Condit/Lin Wood matchup is now available here on Holoworld (the Boulder Weekly version has been archived, but still worth it).

Candy Rose has been busy updating her J.T. Colfax files, a blast from the past.

Still waiting for some enterprising go-getter to call the Douglas County Court and find out what's happening with the Steven McGonigle case (stun gun in an attempt to kidnap and rape a teenage girl, see day issue below) - if you get something please email me.

HOUSEKEEPING: The Bradys are off on another road trip...I'll try to browse and post up from the wilderness but if there's no Tuesday through Thursday issue uploaded, don't fret, I'll be back 'fersure on Friday morning at the latest.


7:00 AM MDT, Mon. 8/20/01 (day #1699 week #244 month #55 year #4)
1. matching shirts, how cute

Good Morning!

The unedited, uncensored version of hilarious send-up of a fictional (but logical) Gary Condit/Lin Wood matchup is now available here on Holoworld (the Boulder Weekly version has been archived, but still worth it).

Candy Rose has been busy updating her J.T. Colfax files, a blast from the past.

Still waiting for some enterprising go-getter to call the Douglas County Court and find out what's happening with the Steven McGonigle case (stun gun in an attempt to kidnap and rape a teenage girl, see day issue below) - if you get something please email me.

HOUSEKEEPING: The Bradys are off on another road trip...I'll try to browse and post up from the wilderness but if there's no Tuesday through Thursday issue uploaded, don't fret, I'll be back 'fersure on Friday morning at the latest.


5:37 AM MDT, Tue. 8/21/01 (day #1700 week #244 month #55 year #4)
1. Ballard

Good Morning!

Gag Me: The "new DNA" story got sniffed by the Australian News Network and (as always is the case with Aussie reporters) totally bollux the facts.

Boulder's conundrum: Where to put molester Michael Hal Ballard?

Denver murderer sits on death row for almost 20 years, Craig Silverman prosecuted and is interviewed about the delay.

Intruder: Bear attacks and kills 93 year old woman in her home.

Connie Chung wins Gary Condit interview, airs Thursday on ABC.

And this just in - Janphi points out that the California rampage murderer (see wires) looks like Sketchman. Yeah, really.


5:50 AM MDT, Wed. 8/22/01 (day #1701 week #244 month #55 year #4)
1. Pam would not approve?

Good Morning!

No Ramsey news is good news, but you can chaw the silence at Cybersleuths once again...


Analyze this: Gary Condit admits to "shortcomings" in letter to constituents. Penis size? Premature ejaculation? My brain hurts.

Pam's Happy Meal: (Would you like some fries with that?) I'm going to boycott McDonalds, makes my knees look fat anyway.

Will be home from road trip this afternoon and hope to do some serious digging in time for Thursday's issue...


6:37 AM MDT, Thurs. 8/23/01 (day #1702 week #245 month #55 year #4)
1. umbrella

Good Morning!

"High profile cases are going to continually be tried in the court of public opinion so you've got to use the media just as it, in effect, uses you" says Lin Wood on Larry King last night...And the Rammers - "lost in the court of public opinion because there were too many people that believed they were in fact guilty of the horrible crime of murdering their daughter."

JonBenét as motive to prosecute? The kinky/quirky Mirabal case is back in the news (also saved here if that link is stale).

And this AP version from KUSA Denver TV 9 has pictures of all the major players.

Less scandalous versions of the same story (no mention of the minister's wife) in today's Camera and Rocky...

In other news...

Nabbed - army officer who lured a 14 year old girl over the internet.

Greeley: Soccer coach pleads guilty to sexual exploitation/enticement of children.

Coloradans love Bill Owens! (Take that...four more years!)

Elsewhere ... No more Osmonds at Miss America pageant - vg - that open zipper on Donnie, ewwwwww.

TV ALERT: Gary Condit interviewed by Connie Chung, ABC, 10 PM EST, check local listings for time.


6:58 AM MDT, Fri. 8/24/01 (day #1703 week #245 month #55 year #4)
1. Scoggin and Limerick

Good Morning!

"Low" light: CNN's Larry King Live web page now offers "highlight" (their characterization) video of Lin Wood, looking smug and tan, commenting on the Condit mess with Rammer perspective (see right hand column).

Robert Blake puts house on the market, disaster specialists reference JonBenét debacle in predicting buyer distaste.

Meanwhile, hell-hole neighbor and CU Prof Patricia Nelson Limerick will do "Readings from the American West" August 30-31 (scroll down near bottom).

In other Colorado news...

Fort Collins serial rapist strikes again! Escalation in attacks terrorizes locals. Eyewitness to "car speeding away"...

Wild West Justice: The current Boulder Weekly cover story is on Colorado cops gunning down civilians.

Cause of Death: Annual report from the Boulder County Coroner is full of interesting tidbits.

Highlands Ranch, Colorado Target store scene of child molestation. Perp "made strange noises and whispers" during attack.

Elsewhere - -

California: Trend-setting sex offender requests, and is granted, surgical castration.

Estero, Florida: O.J. will host rap concert tonight, will "slay" the crowd (their pun not mine). Whatz next? Patsy hosting the jewelry segment on QVC?

Late today because (of course) I had to read ALL the recaps of the ConDIDit interview last night, and this is the best one if you are in a rush...


7:34 AM MDT, Sat. 8/25/01 (day #1704 week #245 month #55 year #4)
1. Did he strike again?

Good Morning!

No JonBenét's in sight, here's some local crime news though...

The Daily Camera STILL is not mentioning that Matthew Mirabal was also having an affair with the minister's wife...

Well, duh. This latest Boulder rapist sounds just like the one who struck back in May (see photo above).

Saturday follow-up article on the Fort Collins rapist.

Study finds that there may be upwards of 800 sex offenders wandering around loose, unregistered. That's comforting.


Tuesday the 28th - psychic Sylvia Browne will (finally) be facing her skeptic James Randi on Larry King Live, CNN 7 PM MDT.

Friday the 31st - sentencing of Boulder Montessori school founder/teacher Alan Temple in Boulder.

Friday the 31st - next court appearance for Fleet White on contempt charges.


7:37 AM MDT, Sun. 8/26/01 (day #1705 week #245 month #56 year #4)
1. Bordering on child porn

Good Morning!

The closest thing to Ramsey news that I can find today is that Boulder cable TV 8 will air the forum "Free Press or Fair Trials" starring 'case-characters' Roxanne Bailin, Mary Keenan, Barrie Hartman, and Mimi Wesson, moderated by Patsy's CRIMINAL DEFENSE attorney Pat Furman. Might be streaming on the 'net, I'll check that out.

Follow-up story on the twisted love-triangle story of the Mirabals by B.J. Plasket.

Totally off-topic: Cindy Adams is at her best today, on "Leery Condom", a must read.


7:24 AM MDT, Mon. 8/27/01 (day #1706 week #245 month #56 year #4)
1. Dummy murder

Good Morning!

The internet is truly a great wasteland today, and it's bound to get worse between now and next Wednesday. So bulk up on your etiquette and peruse, print, copy and memorize Dunvegan's new guide to copyright issues. I started but it made my head hurt...

And master-archivist CandyRose is at it again, tweaking makes perfect, fun reads here.

Good news for venters, Cybersleuths is actually working today, grab it while you can :-)

Boulders Free Press or Fair Trials forum starring a vortex-load of case characters (see Sunday issue below) will be streaming on the internet, check the schedule here first (they haven't updated it for this week yet).

Meanwhile the Condit story is gaining some respectability in today's New York Times. For the seedier side check out the brains on Etherzone and the rumors on AheadNews.


7:00 AM MDT, Tue. 8/28/01 (day #1707 week #245 month #56 year #4)
1. Facelift anyone?

Good Morning!

Hey, hey, JonBenét news today, what a surprise - Fleet and Priscilla's appeal of the appeal of the appeal in the "Mystery Woman" fiasco has been dismissed. End of the road. Went all the way to the Supremes. Shish boom.

Interesting - PoliceTraining.Net has a whole page on Steve Thomas and advertising his availability as a speaker for cop groups.

JonBenét in the Financial pages: Yep. I missed one. Dating back to June, Motley Fool refers to JonBenét and "E" (I promised never to mention 'that child' again) - - "There'll be a witch-hunt, ... the financial media will have to tell the truth: Every time it tried deeper reporting, ratings sagged."

CandyRose is berry, berry busy: Bless her heart, she preserved four of our dear Ruthee's web pages...

Murder Library Index
Intruder With a Stun Gun?
Susan Stine and the Shotgun
Passover and a Purple Christmas

...As well as setting up a memorial to Panico/Wanda and preserving some of her lost files...

Panico/Byron/Puma Peter Boyles transcripts

In other news -

Boulder jury finds rapist guilty on all 19 counts, Mesa County (change of venue) sick puppy arrested in 1996.

The Highlands Ranch Colorado child molester struck again, same day, this time in a Walmart.

Gossip on the periphery: Interesting look at the internal dramas brewing at KMGH Denver TV 7 during the heat of the early Ramsey coverage.

HOUSEKEEPING: I'm planning a redesign of this page to coincide with our FOURTH anniversary on Saturday, the logo tests can be seen here. Let me know what you like. If you'd like to submit an entry please email me first to establish contact (i.e., you are not inadvertently sending me a virus by mistake) and create with a white background. Muchas gracias.


6:48 AM MDT, Wed. 8/29/01 (day #1708 week #245 month #56 year #4)
1. Foster

Good Morning!

The September 2001 issue of Smithsonian has a lengthy article on Don Foster (tip compliments of my 78-yr-old father, spry old goat).

Everybody wants to get in on the act - Jayelles at Websleuths found another book on the Ramsey case, sounding suspiciously like a Hodges analysis.

Is Patsy 'lost'?: Her sorority thinks she is.

In other news, Broomfield, Colorado auto mechanic arrested for sex assault on a 11-year- old girl.

Facelift update: The infamous Digerati submitted several logos for the redesigned page (for Saturday's 4th anniversary), you can check them out here.