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[Darney Hoffman] Darney Hoffman
The Hoffman Files

Mr. Hoffman, a graduate of Cardozo Law School in New York (class of 82), Specializes in civil litigation and trial. He is also considered a grand jury expert.

Hoffman's folly
Camera Editorial
Monday, November 24, 1997
"Hoffman is a New York lawyer and self-described victims' rights advocate with two particular claims to fame: He defended subway gunman Bernhard Goetz, and he married Sydney Biddle Barrows, the one-time "Mayflower Madam" who ran an exclusive call-girl service in the 1980s."


The Hoffman Files
03-11-1997Letter to District Attorney Alex Hunter ("Lindbergh" letter)
05-24-1997Letter to District Attorney Alex Hunter
05-24-1997Darney Hoffman's: JonBenet Ramsey Homicide Analysis
10-31-1997Darney Hoffman's fax to Tom Miller
11-03-1997Tom Miller's Handwriting Analysis
11-14-1997Cina Wong Handwriting Analysis
11-26-1997David Liebman Handwriting Analysis
12-09-1997Darney Hoffman vs Alex Hunter - Motion to Dismiss
01-20-1998Judge dismissed Hoffman vs Hunter suit
11-23-1998Hoffman Letter to Colorado Governor Elect Bill Owens
12-23-1998Darney Hoffman on the Dave Lucas Radio Show
12-30-1998Darney Hoffman on the Dave Lucas Radio Show
01-20-1999Denial letter for handwriting experts to appear at grand jury
01-30-1999Darney Hoffman on the Dave Lucas Radio Show
02-02-1999Photos from "scrapbook?" used as exemplars by experts
02-03-1999Tom Miller Curriculum Vitae, handwriting expert
02-06-1999Darney Hoffman on the Dave Lucas Radio Show
02-24-1999Hoffman book review of "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town"
03-13-1999Darney Hoffman on the Dave Lucas Radio Show
04-19-1999Darney Hoffman on the Dave Lucas Radio Show
03-21-2000Lin Wood Letter to Darney Hoffman
03-24-2000Darnay Hoffman, Jeralyn Merritt on Fox EDGE
05-01-2000Darney Hoffman and Chris Wolf on O'Reilly
05-09-2000Attorney for Chris Wolf vs John and Patsy Ramsey
08-04-2000Attorney for Linda Hoffman-Pugh vs Alex Hunter
03-05-2001Attorney for Linda Hoffman-Pugh vs John and Patsy Ramsey
03-05-2001Darney Hoffman on Peter Boyles Radio Show (Transcript)
04-17-2001Darney Hoffman Internet chat - Crimenews2000 (Transcript)


Darney Hoffman Media Links
11-18-1997Daily Camera: N.Y. lawyer plans suit in Ramsey case
11-20-1997N.Y. attorney sues D.A. Hunter
11-24-1997Daily Camera: Hoffman's folly
11-25-1997Expert: Patsy Ramsey shows high match with ransom note
12-10-1997Daily Camera: D.A. wants complaint dismised
12-10-1997Longmont FYI: DA wants attorney's motion thrown out
12-14-1997Daily Camera: Lawyer to submit writing examples
12-29-1997Longmont FYI: Attorney again hits DA's Ramsey tactics
12-30-1997Daily Camera: D.A.: Lawyer's demand in Ramsey case illegal
01-21-1998Daily Camera: Judge rejects suit against D.A.
04-11-1998Hoffman: Five myths about the JonBenet Ramsey case
07-04-2001RMN: Lawyer: Open JonBenet grand jury files
07-05-2001Daily Camera: Lawyer: Open JonBenet grand jury files
07-05-2001Denver Post: Ramsey ex-housekeeper to testify
07-05-2001Judge: Grand jury silence rule unconstitutional
07-05-2001Denver Post: Secret's out: Law proves absurd


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