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[48hours] CBS 48 Hours
April 8, 1999
Susan "Jameson" Bennett's Only Goal:
To Discredit Donald Foster
Literature Professor at Vassar College in New York

Why was Susan "Jameson" Bennett out to get Donald Foster?
Blackmail? ~ Vendetta? ~ Ego? ~ Control?
Or Was It The Right Thing To Do?

Before this CBS show aired, Susan "Jameson" Bennett posted a thread on the WebbSleuth's Forum for Donald Foster leaving him a personal message as well as a website link to a webpage that Susan "Jameson" Bennett made just for Donald Foster calling it his webpage to continue to discredit him.

This is Susan "Jameson" Bennett's Posting below:
"Foster's own web page"
Posted by jameson on 18:31:27 4/08/99
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Message to Donald Foster

You could have stopped this at any time. I wish you had.
You had to know the truth would be told.

I only wish I understood why you let it go so far

Below are pictures captured from the CBS 48 Hour Show along with the section of transcript when Susan "Jameson" Bennett appeared.

Listen to the RealAudio of this CBS 48Hour
Segment with Susan "Jameson" Bennett (3 min.)


Erian Moriarty: But like everything else in this case the story doesn't end there. We've learned that before Professor Foster started working with the Boulder authorities he had a very different suspect in mind, not Patsy Ramsey but her step-son John Andrew Ramsey. It's a bazaar story that raises questions about Fosters creditability. A story that begins with the Internet and this woman.

Sue Bennett: A stayed home house wife, bakes bread.

Erian Moriarty: Forty seven year old Sue Bennett became fascinated with the Ramsey case and would spend hours online.


Sue Bennett: The threads are the subject that we are talking about for the day

Erian Moriarty: That's where she met professor Foster

Sue Bennett: They're talking about homicide survivors.


Erian Moriarty: Bennett says that in May 1997 a writer using the screen name of Jameson

Sue Bennett: Jameson's Timeline, the Ramsey note is there.

Erian Moriarty: Who seem to know a lot about the murder caught Foster's attention
So what would Donald Foster say on his computer?

Sue Bennett: He only saw posted by "Jameson."


Erian Moriarty: There were literally hundreds of statements posted by Jameson.

Sue Bennett: Jameson didn't mince words, he just comes out and says, 'the Ramsey's are innocent." And Donald Foster saw one word out of a hundred who said the Ramsey's are innocent, I know this.

Erian Moriarty: After spending sometime analyzing Jameson's writings Foster came to a startling conclusion that Jameson was John Andrew Ramsey. More startling that John Andrew might be the killer.

Sue Bennett: I mean it's just it's crazy."


Erian Moriarty; Foster was so sure that in a letter to his literary agent he bragged that he had solved this Colorado crime.

Sue Bennett: His …… was from Vasser, respected professor

Erian Moriarty: How does Sue Bennet know?

Sue Bennett: I'm Jameson, there's never been another Jameson.

Erian Moriarty: That's right, Sue Bennett is Jameson."


Sue Bennett: Somehow this man who can tell everything from analyzing text determined that I could murder a six year old child with a garrote

Erian Moriarty: Foster responded to Bennett's accusations in a letter to 48 Hours saying that he had just been speculating and that he had never publicly accused anybody of anything.

Sue Bennett: If he was wrong with all of my examples I don't believe that there is anyone should give him any creditability now judging Patsy Ramsey.

Erian Moriarty: And Foster's creditability could become crucial if the grand jury acts on his report and indites Patsy Ramsey. At that point the two and a half page ransom note would once again become the crucial piece of evidence.



The Jameson / Foster Reviews (From Internet posters)

Why did Susan "Jameson" Bennett want to appear before the Grand Jury?

February 15, 1999: Susan "Jameson" Bennett: "I HAVE formally requested to be allowed to speak tot he grand jury IF certain other things take place in that room. I may have information that is important to the grand jury if they want the truth. As I said, my request was CONDITIONAL - I have information relating to a certain piece of evidence. If that is not brought up in the hearing, there is no need for me to speak. I have yet to hear if my request will be allowed or rejected. I expect it well may be rejected - But the fact is, my request is in and I have not received any response yet.

March 27, 1999: Susan "Jameson" Bennett: "I received a letter from Michael Kane advising me that my petition to be seen by the grand jury was not acceptable. He was not denying my request, he said, he was simply stating that I had not presented my request properly. "Because this is not a denial of your request to testify, but rather a determination that your petition does not meet the statutory requirements...." I reworded my application and resubmitted it immediately."

March 31, 1999: Susan "Jameson" Bennett: "I have information that the grand jury should know before they take ANY action - - before they vote OR before they wrote a report. I have given this information to the authorities and the Ramsey representatives. The authorities seem to wish I would disappear. The Ramsey representatives are not yet in any position to use the information I got to them. Since I have never spoken to any of the Ramsey lawyers, I don't know what they can or will do with it in the future. I have decided to go public with that information. The story will be out in April. It is scheduled to air on 48 Hours. Soon after, it will be on the internet."

April 1, 1999: Susan "Jameson" Bennett: "I have petitioned again to be heard by the grand jury. I may still get in. I understand it can be as little as 48 hours between the time they decide to let you appear and the actual appearance. Just have to hope they decide to correct a mistake."

If Micheal Kane had agreed to Susan "Jameson" Bennett's "CONDITIONAL REQUEST" to see the Ramsey Grand Jury, would Susan "Jameson" Bennett have cancelled her appearance on the CBS 48 Hours?

And why would Susan "Jameson" Bennett be filming the CBS 48 Hour Show to reveal
the exact same information she was going to present to the Grand Jury?


A good clue can be found from this screen display captured from the
CBS 48 Hour telecast showing the thread being discussed is dated March 21, 1999.

One last thing that this webmaster of this site wants to comment on is that the Internet poster who goes under the hat name of "Jameson" who appeared on this CBS special as one Susan Bennett of North Carolina quoted on this show, "Jameson didn't mince words, he just comes out and says, 'the Ramsey's are innocent.' And Donald Foster saw one word out of a hundred who said the Ramsey's are innocent, I know this"

In Susan Bennett's quote above, she refers to "Jameson" as a "HE."

Jameson said that Donald Foster saw "ONE WORD."

One word "HE" and Foster determined Jameson was a male.

How is it that Susan "Jameson" Bennett STILL references herself as a "HE" in April 8, 1999 and yet she condemns Donald Foster of thinking she was a male poster on the Boulder News Forum under the hat name of "jameson" in June 1997?

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Who is Susan "Jameson" Bennett?


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