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. Woman's Magazine
Profile: Patsy Ramsey
April 1996
. Newsweek Magazine
A Body in The Basement
January 13, 1997
. Newsweek Magazine
The Strange World of JonBenet
January 20, 1997
. Newsweek Magazine
Staying on the Trail
of JonBenet's Killer
January 20, 1997
. People Magazine
Murder of a Little Beauty
Lost Innocent
January 20, 1997
. Insight on the News
A Murder in the Spotlight
Spinning on top of Tragedy
March 17, 1997
. People Magazine
What's Taking So Long?
March 24, 1997
. Newsweek Magazine
We didn't kill her
May 12, 1997
. People Magazine
Mom and Dad Under Suspicion
Mystery Couple
October 6, 1997
. People Magazine
JonBenet Unsolved Mystery
Neverending Story
December 14, 1998
. Good Housekeeping Magazine
Pretty Babies
February 1999
. People Magazine
Trial by Suspicion
November 1, 1999

[Woman's Magazine April 1996][Woman's Magazine April 1996 Page 10][Woman's Magazine April 1996 Page 11]Woman’s Magazine - April 1996 'Profile: Patsy Ramsey'
(by Deborah Rosenberger)

"Ramsey moved to Atlanta (GA) soon after her graduation from West Virginia University. With her bachelor's degree in advertising and marketing, Ramsey began her career with McCann- Ericson Advertising Agency , where she focused on doing promotional marketing for Coca-Cola USA. Later she joined Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc., as Director of Marketing Services, and worked there for five years developing user-friendly product instruction manuals. One of the software manuals Ramsey was responsible for won first place in an international technical writing competition. Her job with Hayes also put her in charge of special events, trade shows, and in-house advertising."

"Ramsey never forgets how fortunate she is - not only to have fought the illness but also to have the opportunity to live the life she has chosen. Many of us today do not have the option to choose between a career and a family. For Ramsey, the privilege of such a choice is clearly one she revels in. "I get up early every morning to get my children ready for school," she says. "I pack their lunches and set them off - then I have from 9:00 to 3:00 to participate in my own interests."

"Ramsey has always been involved in her community and believes that volunteer work is an important contribution. Ramsey's skills and professional acumen serve her well as she writes business plans for fund raising projects and job descriptions for committee workers and meets with area professionals and corporate executives to solicit sponsorships to benefit local causes. From her efforts with the Eggleston Children's Hospital that raises over $1,000,000 annually to her work Iocally on such illustrious projects as the "Toast to the Artists" opening night event for the Colorado Dance Festival that will honor Mikhail Baryshnikov, Ramsey has impressed all around her."

"Though she takes much-deserved pride in these labors, most of her volunteer work is centered around her children. This spring, for example, she was chairperson of the science fair at High Peaks, a Core Knowledge School. Ramsey found the entire experience to be very rewarding, and she enjoyed encouraging the young people's talent. Ramsey has also co-chaired a successful fund-raising effort through the school known as the "Good Fairy Project," which she helped create from its inception four years ago"

[Newsweek Magazine January 13, 1997]"Newsweek Magazine, January 13, 1997 "A BODY IN THE BASEMENT"
(by Mark Peyser, Sherry Keene-Osborn, Daniel Glick in Boulder, Daniel Pedersen in Atlanta)

"Later that day, John Ramsey, a former navy officer, piloted about a dozen relatives on is private yet to George, where the family had lived before moving to Colorado in 1991." "Police would not confirm or deny NEWSWEEK's questions about whether out-of-town friends and relatives visiting for Patsy's 40th birthday Dec 29 had been staying in the house that night as well." "Police spent four hours interviewing Patsy Ramsey's parents, Don and Nedra Paugh, and removed a metalic suitcase from their house near Atlanta."

"But JonBenet-the 1995 Little Miss Colorado and the reighning America's Little Royal Miss-did inspire jeanlousy. "Several mothers told me that when JonBenet competed, they would take their daughters out of competition because they knew their girls would not win," says Eleanor Von Duyke, who runs the Show Biz USA circut of pageants. And the Ramseys reveled in their daughter's career. Patsy Ramsey regularly had her kindergartner's hair lightened at a beauty salon.
Her parents submitted JonBenet's photo for the February issue of 'Babette's Pageants and Talent Gazette,' a popular magazine for contestants' families. After the murder, publisher Buffie Davenport says she contacted the family to make sure they still wanted to the photo to run. They said yes"

[Newsweek Magazine January 20, 1997]Newsweek Magazine, January 20, 1997 "The Strange World of JonBenet"
(by Jerry Adler, with Sherry Keene-Osborne, Mark Miller and Daniel Glick in Boulder, Ginny Carroll in Lujkin, Texas, Daniel McGinn in Charlevoix, Mich., Daniel Pedersen and Vern E. Smith in Atlanta and Anne Belli Gesagman in Houston)

"Not long before she was killed, she was chosen for the cover of the spring issue of 'Babette Talent Gazette,' one of the several bibles of the pageant world. Publisher Buffie Davenport described her as 'a natural, a real dynamo...the up-and-coming 100 would could win the cars and the cash." The picture will appear, as scheduled, next month."

"We're not looking for the little girl who is all made up in a frilly dress," said Dolly Abbey of Traverse City, Michigan., who was executive director of the Little Miss Charlevoix pageant when JonBenet won in 1995, beating out a field of two other 4-year-olds. "We're looking for what's inside the person, not for beauty. We shy away completely from the other kind of pageant." "We tried to take the good we saw in the world of pageants and eliminate the bad," says Wayne Dolan, who with his wife, Susie, runs Denver's Royal Miss competitions. "Our pageant system promotes self-confidence and self-esteem. I've seen kids win in $60 dresses and I've seen kids win in $600 dresses"
. [Newsweek Magazine January 20, 1997]
Page 3
. [Newsweek Magazine January 20, 1997]
Page 42
. [Newsweek Magazine January 20, 1997]
Page 43
. [Newsweek Magazine January 20, 1997]
Page 44
. [Newsweek Magazine January 20, 1997]
Page 45
. [Newsweek Magazine January 20, 1997]
Page 46
. [Newsweek Magazine January 20, 1997]
Page 47
Newsweek Magazine, January 20, 1997 'Staying on the Trail of JonBenet's Killer'
(by Marc Peyser with Sherry Keene-Osborne, Mark Miller and Daniel Glick in Boulder, Daniel McGinn in Charlevoix, Michigan)

"Two Boulder police officers spent 90 minutes searching the Ramseys' summer home in Charlevoix, Michigan, but seized nothing. And what were they looking for in the Ramsey's' three cars, including John Ramsey's $80,000 Mercedes 500SL?"

"Just about the only detail the police would publicly confirm is that they have significantly narrowed the list of suspects. NEWSWEEK has learned the number may be as few as seven or eight."
Newsweek Magazine, January 20, 1997 'It's Like Playing Dress-Up'
A Pageant mother-herself a former baton twirler-on why her little girl loves the stage' (by Dawn German)

"Breanna was almost 3 when she entered her first pageant. It was really a baton-twirling competition i which the girls also modeled casual clothes. She wore a little cotton dress; the entrance fee was only $6. We thought it would be something interesting for her to do with other girls her age. This may seem odd to some people, but our rural farm town in Michigan has a pageant nearby every summer. Breanna thought it was exciting and fun. And she won."

"Last year Breanna was in seven pageants from March to August, which was the most she's ever done. It can be expensive, especially for a typical middle-class family like ours (my husband works in an iron foundry). We spent about $7,000 on pageant expenses in 1996."

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