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Magazine and News Articles
. Woman's Magazine
Profile: Patsy Ramsey
April 1996
. Newsweek Magazine
A Body in The Basement
January 13, 1997
. Newsweek Magazine
The Strange World of JonBenet
January 20, 1997
. Newsweek Magazine
Staying on the Trail
of JonBenet's Killer

January 20, 1997
. People Magazine
Murder of a Little Beauty
Lost Innocent
January 20, 1997
. Insight on the News
A Murder in the Spotlight
Spinning on top of Tragedy
March 17, 1997
. People Magazine
What's Taking So Long?
March 24, 1997
. Newsweek Magazine
We didn't kill her
May 12, 1997
. People Magazine
Mom and Dad Under Suspicion
Mystery Couple
October 6, 1997
. People Magazine
JonBenet Unsolved Mystery
Neverending Story
December 14, 1998
. Good Housekeeping Magazine
Pretty Babies
February 1999
. People Magazine
Trial by Suspicion
November 1, 1999

[People Magazine December 14, 1998]People Magazine, December 14, 1998 'JonBenet Unsolved Mystery' 'Neverending Story'
(by Vickie Bane with Gail Cameron and Amy Laughinghouse in Atlanta)

(Page 126): "But by and large, visitors to the house find very little out of the ordinary, "Burke's playing Nintendo and John's on the phone, and the laundry's being done," says McLean, "It all seems normal. Except, of course, it isn't."

"Adding to the fog has been the public relations blitz launched by the Ramseys and their supporters. In July, British television aired a documentary, made with the cooporation of John and Patsy, that depicted the couple in a distincly sympathetic light. Among other things, the producers made little effort to challenge the Ramesys' scenario that an intruder had killed their daughter."

(Page 129): "So far, what is know of the prosecution's case comes from a series of leaks to various news media, which means there may be other facts and findings that have not been made public. But based on those leaks, it appears that investigators have several key pieces of physical evidence. Potentially one of the most compelling, which has only come to light in recent months, are four fibers that were reportedly found on the inside of the duct tape that was used to gag JonBenet. According to police sources, the fibers are consistent with clothing Patsy was believed to be worn the night of the killing."

(Page 130): "Finally, investigators have managed to enhance the recording of Patsy's frantic phone call to 911 that she said she made after finding the ransome note on the kitchen staircase. All along, the Ramseys have insisted that son Burke was asleep that morning until police arrived. On the enhanced tape, however, Burke can be heard asking his parents what they have found, at which point his father tells him to go back to bed."

(Page 131): "For instance, the documentary attacks early police statements that no footprints were found in snow around their home, which would suggest the killer was in the house all along. The Ramseys claim they have proof there was little snow on the ground on Dec. 26, so an intruder need not have left footprints. But police souces says privately there was snow earlier in the day that may be melted."

(Page 132): "Despite the family's legal bills, which are estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars already, the Ramseys appear to have no money problems, thanks to the millions of dollars John made when he sold his software business to Lockheed Martin seven years ago. (The Ramseys' lawyer Hal Haddon says, however, that they "took a bath financially" when they sold their Boulder home to a relocation company a year ago.)"
. [People Magazine December 14, 1998]
Page 126
. [People Magazine December 14, 1998]
Page 127
. [People Magazine December 14, 1998]
Page 128
. [People Magazine December 14, 1998]
Page 129
. [People Magazine December 14, 1998]
Page 130
. [People Magazine December 14, 1998]
Page 131
. [People Magazine December 14, 1998]
Page 132

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