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Magazine and News Articles
. Woman's Magazine
Profile: Patsy Ramsey
April 1996
. Newsweek Magazine
A Body in The Basement
January 13, 1997
. Newsweek Magazine
The Strange World of JonBenet
January 20, 1997
. Newsweek Magazine
Staying on the Trail
of JonBenet's Killer

January 20, 1997
. People Magazine
Murder of a Little Beauty
Lost Innocent
January 20, 1997
. Insight on the News
A Murder in the Spotlight
Spinning on top of Tragedy
March 17, 1997
. People Magazine
What's Taking So Long?
March 24, 1997
. Newsweek Magazine
We didn't kill her
May 12, 1997
. People Magazine
Mom and Dad Under Suspicion
Mystery Couple
October 6, 1997
. People Magazine
JonBenet Unsolved Mystery
Neverending Story
December 14, 1998
. Good Housekeeping Magazine
Pretty Babies
February 1999
. People Magazine
Trial by Suspicion
November 1, 1999

"Insight on the News" March 17, 1997 "A Murder in the Spotlight: spinning on top of tragedy'
'Crisis management consultant Pat Korten hired by parents in JonBenet Ramsey murder case' (by John Berlan)

"Kortan began working for the Ramseys just a few days after JonBenet's body was found on December 26 in the basement of her home, tape over her mouth and a noose around her neck. Korten says that because the body was discovered in the home, the child's parents John and Patsy Ramsey were potential suspects. The Rocky Mountain News reported on Feb. 20 that court documents showed the Ramseys had not been eliminated from suspicion.

The Ramseys' Denver law firm hired Korten's employer, Rowan & Blewitt, a Washington "issue and crisis-management consulting firm," to handle press inquiries and Korten was assigned the case. "[The law firm] knew within 24 hours of taking the case that the intensity of the media coverage was going to be so great that they needed someone like us to help them."

Even so, Korten says he had no idea how great the impending media focus would be, and he sites to reasons: "One is that it happened during one of the two slowest news periods of the year - between Christmas and New Year's. Stories that otherwise would run on page 25 tend at that time of the year to run on page 1. What might have been a local Colorado murder mystery found its way on to page 1 across the nation because nothing else was happening."

But, he says, the critical point came when JonBenet's parents, unbeknownst to Korten, delivered a 30-minute interview on CNN. "That sealed it," he says. "Everybody's radar screen lit up."

Korten spends much of his time quelling rumors about the Ramseys that spread through the Internet and from callers to radio talk shows. "Some malicious SOB will decide, "Well, I think I'll pass a rumor today that [John] Ramsey has committed suicide. "It happened for weeks ago." Korten says, "It took me about an hour to dispose of the rumor, but by that time I was getting dozens of calls." And just about every week someone speculates that an arrest is imminent, which Korten says "was horse petootie a week ago, was horse petootie two weeks ago and will be horse petootie next week again."

A brochure for Korten's firm states: "our objective is simple: Help clients win the court of public opinion." Korten says he believes this other court often is overlooked in criminal investigations because law firms aren't equipped to address it. "There's not a law firm in the country...that has even one full-time media person," he says."

[People Magazine March 24, 1997]People Magazine, March 24, 1997, 'What's taking So Long?' 'Stalemate'
(by Bill Hewitt, Vicki Bane and Michael Haederle in Boulder, Barbara Sandler in Indianapolis)

(Page 108): "Sitting in his office at the University of Colorado Law School in Boulder, Prof. H. Patrick Furman looks out on the very neighborhood where 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered in her parent's home the day after Christmas. As winter turns to spring in the Rockies, Furman, a respected criminal lawyer, worried that the trail of JonBenet's killer might be the one thing that is getting progressively colder. "Most crimes get solved pretty quickly, or they don't get solved at all," said Furman last month before he joined the legal team hired by JonBenet's family."

(Page 110): "Three weeks ago, Assistant, Boulder District Attorney Bill Wise admitted at a county commissioners meeting that "there have been some problems [with the investigation]" and added that the DA's office was looking for a seasoned investigator to join their task force. (In recent weeks the DA's office has hired Dr. Henry Lee, the renowned forensic scientist, and asked DNA expert Berry Scheck, so effective for the defense in the O.J. Simpson criminal trial, to be a consultant.)"
. [People Magazine March 24, 1997]
What's taking so Long? Page 3
. [People Magazine March 24, 1997]
Page 108
. [People Magazine March 24, 1997]
Page 109
. [People Magazine March 24, 1997]
Page 110
. [People Magazine March 24, 1997]
Page 111
. [People Magazine March 24, 1997]
Page 112
. [People Magazine March 24, 1997]
Page 113

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