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[Caylee Anthony]Caylee Marie Anthony HOMICIDE - Orlando, Florida (R.I.P. 2005-2008)
Age: 2-1/2, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony on July 15, 2008. At that time Caylee's mother, Casey, said on the July 15, 2008 911 call that her daughter had been missing for "31 days." Date of disappearance is unknown but the math adds up to last seen as of June 15, 2008. Caylee's body was found in a trash bag on December 11, 2008 along Suburban Drive, Orlando, Florida
Information Call: *Orange County Sheriff's Department 1-407-254-7000* or Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477
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CAYLEE ANTHONY CASE TIMELINE - July 16th - 31st 2008
Data From Public Records, Police Reports and Media Interviews


Date DAY EVENT / INCIDENT Description of Event or Incident

2008-07-16 WED 02:00am. Cindy said Casey's brother Lee picked up Casey's backpack and Laptop at Tony's apartment and brought it back to his parents house at 2:30am on the 16th (Cynthia Anthony INTERVIEW 08/04/2008 pg26, line 20): (DETECTIVE EDWARDS) Q. ..taking about things I myself haven't had hands on. But from talking to Lee when he went and picked that computer up from Tony's, Anthony's that day. (CYNTHIA ANTHONY) A. Yeah. Q. And it was if it was wiped clean from the 15th back, like it had been crashed. So I don't know what happened with your computer but those things would have been easily recovered if in fact something hadn't been altered. Just to her to let you know this is what we're up against. A. Right and that computer, all that stuff was sitting in Caysee, in that apartment from the time I picked her up at 7:30. Q. Sure. 7. A. Until he picked it up, actually it was the morning of the 16th cause it was after midnight.. Q. Like 2:00 in the morning. A. Right. Q. It was like 2:30 and then he got back to the house with it. A. Right.
2008-07-16 WED Cindy dumped Casey's backpack on garage floor after Lee brought it home from Tony's. Cindy found a J.C.Penny & Sears credit cards, $160-$200 cash in wallet (Cynthia Anthony INTERVIEW 08/04/2008 pg28, line 22): (DETECTIVE EDWARDS) Q. Um anything else stand out in your mind about what he had brought back from Tony's apartment? (CYNTHIA ANTHONY) A. I dumped, we dumped everything out on the floor in the ga, you know the, the detective just kept walking by and I said, "Don't you guys wanna look at this stuff," and they said "No," so I went through pockets of everything, I dumped the wallet out, I showed the girls everything that was in the wallet, I said, "Can I have my credit cards," she said, "Yes." Q. I was a J C Penney's card. A. J C Penney's and my Sears card was the only credit cards that were in there of mine and then the cash. And I said "Do you mind if I keep the cash it's probably (laughter)...pay somebody back cause they spent mine." Q. (Inaudible) right that's what I said. A. Right. Q. ....to Lee. A. Well, she, and I don't even know how much cash was there. I just Q. Lee said between a 160 and 200 in 20's is what he thought he remembered.
2008-07-16 WED 02:58 am. Sean got missed call from Casey cell phone (Sean Daly INTERVIEW 07/17/2008 Pg9, line 1) SD: ... at 2:58 a.m. I got a call from Casey's cell phone. But when I talked to Lee,[Lee Anthony] which is her older brother I'm sure you know, he told me that it was probably just the cops and not to think anything of it. But I went ahead and wrote that down. I just looked at the time and everything on my phone. And I can show you. - SD: The 16th? Yeah (affirmative), yesterday morning.
2008-07-16 WED 04:21am. E-mail
To Shirley Plesea
From Mary Loubea

Regarding Whether Shirley has heard from Cindy about Casey
Shirley Plesea E-Mails (Caylee's Family) from Mary Loubea
Subj: Re: (no subject)
Date: 7/16/2008 4:21:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Maryloubea
To: ShirleyMP79

2008-07-16 WED 06:21am. Anthony's desktop computer showed somebody was searching for keywords "Zenaida" on Reunion.com (OCSO 08-069208 COMPUTER FORENSICS REPORT): From The HP desktop computer: "A keyword search for "Zenaida" was conducted on the HP desktop computer. The following files are records of web pages indicating that someone was searching for that name on the Internet."
File Created: 07/16/08 06:21:17AM
Last Accessed: 07/16/08 06:21:27AM
Last Written: 07/16/08 06:21:27AM
2008-07-16 WED Chris Stutz got text'd from Casey's cell that Caylee was missing. Then Lee Anthony called Chris. (Christopher Stutz INTERVIEW 07/30/2008 Pg12, line 25): YM: Nothing? Uhm, July 16th. Was that the next time you actually.. CS: She texted me. YM: Uh-hum (affirmative). CS: Uhm, which I don't know, uh, it might be the brother using her phone. I'm not sure. Uhm, it said that uhm, Caylee is missing for thirty-two days. Uh, if you've seen her please call my cell phone or their house phone number. And I replied saying, "What?" Like ecstatic, what? YM: Uh-hum (affirmative). CS: And then uh, there was no answer back. And then uhm, later on that day when I was at work uhm, Lee Anthony called me uhm, basically asking if I knew anything and doing his own little... YM: Sure. CS: ...private investigation.
2008-07-16 WED 09:39am. Jesse Text'd Casey to find out what happened (Jesse Grund Statement 07/16/2008) Jesse: "This morning at 0939 hours, I texted (text messaged) Casey to find out what happened. Casey sent me back a text message advising me Caylee had been missing for 32 days, and that, in a second text message, her nanny took her."
2008-07-16 WED Casey text'd Crisp with message that Caylee's missing 32 days yet Matthew had asked Casey about Caylee July 7th and Casey said Caylee was on a play date in Sanford. (Matthew Crisp INTERVIEW 07/17/08 Pg9, line 1): MC: Uh, uh, yesterday morning uh, was the first I've heard of the incident. I received a text message from Casey Anthony's phone. Uhm, I don't know if it was her, or wasn't it, it appeared as that it was. Uhm, and the text message read uh, if you give me one second I can actually pull it up. Uhm, to kind of summarize while I'm doing that though it said uh, something along the lines of uh, my daughter's been missing for uh, thirty-two days I believe and that uh, and that uhm, if we knew any information to call either her cell phone or her house phone uh, and her they listed her house number. Uhm, upon reading this text message I replied with uh, here it is right here actually. Let me go ahead and read it. Uh, it says, "Caylee is missing. She has been for thirty-two days now. Please, if you have any information call me on my cell or at home." (BLACKED OUT) Uh, again my, my response to that was, "Is this serious?" Uh, "I believe having, we had lunch since then uh, and it never came up." Uh, her response to, to my text message was, "It's a long story. Posting on My Space and Face Book shortly. Please pass it on. Uhm, I recall sending a text message back stating; uh, "I will" Uh, and, and with that she said, 'Thank you." Uh, that was uh, the last text message was at 9:46 a.m.
2008-07-16 WED 04:30pm. Casey Anthony Arrested Casey Arrested (Child neglect, False statements, Obstructing a criminal investigation)
Detective Yuri Melich Report: "As of this writing, this agency has fielded and followed up on hundreds of tips. None of these tips have helped corroborate any of [Casey Anthony's] claims. None of [Casey Anthony's] statements regarding Caylee's disappearance have been confirmed whatsoever. To date, almost all of her statements regarding this have been proven false. Caylee Anthony remains missing."
. [Orange County Sheriff's Office Arrest Casey Anthony 07/16/2008 - www.wftv.com]
Casey Anthony
Arrested 07/16/08
. [Orange County Sheriff's Office Arrest Casey Anthony 07/16/2008 www.wftv.com]
Casey Anthony
Arrested 07/16/08
. [Orange County Sheriff's Office Arrest Casey Anthony 07/16/2008 www.wftv.com]
Casey Anthony
Arrested 07/16/08
. [Orange County Sheriff's Office Arrest Casey Anthony 07/16/2008 www.wftv.com]
Casey Anthony
Arrested 07/16/08
. [Orange County Sheriff's Office Arrest Casey Anthony 07/16/2008] . [Orange County Sheriff's Office Arrest Casey Anthony 07/16/2008]
Arrested 07/16/08
2008-07-17 THUR Casey denied Bond, ordered to have mental health screening for Baker Act criteria Casey Anthony DENIED BOND, ordered mental health screening for Baker Act criteria
Judge John Jordan: "You left your 2-year-old child Caylee Anthony in the custody of a person who does not exist, at an apartment you can not identify and you lied to your parents and friends about your child's whereabouts," "You didn't even report her missing until five weeks later and then only because the child's grandmother insisted."
2008-07-17 THUR 01:46pm INTERVIEW
Danny Colamarino INTERVIEW 07/17/2008 (Owner of Cast Iron Tattoos)
- Casey got the "Belle Vida" tattoo on 07/02/08 at Cast Iron Tattoo done by "Bobby Lee Williams."
- Casey went to Cast Iron Tattoo on Tuesday 07/15/08 to make appt for Saturday 07/19/08 for another tattoo.

- Casey told Danny Colamarino that she would bring Caylee in with her on Saturday 07/19/08.
2008-07-17 THUR 04:00pm INTERVIEW

Casey told Matthew (07/07/08) that Caylee was on a play date with her mother's friend in Sanford, FL.
Matthew Crisp INTERVIEW 07/17/08 (Former Classmate Colonial High School)
- Last time Matthew saw Caylee was about a year ago [2007].
- On 06/19/08 Casey contacted Matthew about Tony wanting to look at rental unit at Crane's Landing Apt.
- On 06/19/08 Casey and Tony met Matthew at Crane Landing, ONLY Tony went to look at the apartment.
- On 06/19/08 Casey didn't have her ID so couldn't view apartment. Casey did not have Caylee with her.
- On 06/19/08 Matthew said that Casey was very jovial, smiley, very upbeat that day.
- Last time Matthew saw Casey was 07/07/08 at Subway, University and Goldenrod during his lunch hour.
- Casey told Matthew (07/07/08) that her boyfriend Tony Lazarro was out of town.

- Casey told Matthew (07/07/08) that Caylee was on a play date with her mother's friend in Sanford, FL.
- Matthew said Casey acted normal and was going to pick her daughter up later that afternoon.

- Matthew said Casey was driving a dark SUV, late 90's model, Casey told him it was Tony's car (07/07/08).
- On 07/16/08 Matthew received calls from friends Katie Robinson and Victoria Aleman to watch the news.
- Matthew said both Katie and Victoria were a year ahead at Colonial High School than Matt and Casey.
2008-07-17 THUR 05:18pm INTERVIEW

Casey told Maria she paid her nanny $400 a week to watch Caylee. Marie didn't know the nanny's name.
Maria Kissh INTERVIEW 07/17/2008 (Girlfriend of Tony Lazarro's roommate)
- Maria met Casey through her boyfriend, Clint House who was roommates with Tony Lazarro.
- Maria recalls time when Caylee was alone on 2nd story balcony at Lazarros while Casey in Tony's bedroom.
- Maria thought it was odd that Casey would spend the night at Tony's apartment without Caylee.
- Casey told Maria she worked at Universal but Maria didn't believe it since she was as Tony's all the time.

- Casey spent 06/20/08-06/22/08 weekend at Tony's, told Maria Caylee was at beach with the nanny.
- Casey told Maria she paid her nanny $400 a week to watch Caylee. Marie didn't know nanny's name.

- Casey told Maria that she and Caylee lived with her parents off Narcoossee Road.
- Casey told Maria beginning of July that her parents moved out of the house & gave house to Casey and Caylee.
- On Thursday July 3rd Casey invited Maria to go to the Dragon Room with her but Casey never showed up.
2008-07-17 THUR 06:34pm INTERVIEW
Jonathan Daly INTERVIEW 07/17/2008 (Brother Sean friends with Casey Anthony)
- Jonathon and his brother Sean Daly met Casey around 8th grade in school.
- Jonathon hasn't seen Caylee since her 2nd birthday [August 2007].
- Jonathon only saw Casey occasionally or when the group had one of their parties.
- Jonathon works at Cast Iron Tattoos but also has a full time job elsewhere.
- Jonathon said when he did see Casey with Caylee that she seemed like a good mother.
- Jonathon saw Casey at Cast Iron Tattoos since Caylee was missing and she acted completely normal.
2008-07-17 THUR 07:09pm INTERVIEW

Sean would ask, "Hey, how's your daughter?" and Casey would just say, "Fine." Sean said Casey would sometimes say Caylee was with a nanny but no details or no nanny name
Sean Daly INTERVIEW 07/17/2008 (Close Friend of Casey Anthony)
- Sean Daly states he's known Casey Anthony since sophomore or junior in high school. {9-10 years)
- Sean says he's close to Casey, she calls him her brother, he knows her parents, brother Lee, girlfriend Mallory.
- Casey has dated a lot of Sean's buddies and he knows all her boyfriends.
- Sean hadn't seen Caylee for a long time, probably around her second birthday (August 2007)
- 07/05/08 was the last time Sean saw Casey at Buffalo Wild Wings on Alafaya Trail for the UFC Fight Night.
- Sean says Casey brought her new boyfriend Tony Lazarro to Buffalo Wild wings 07/05/08.
- Sean doesn't know Ricardo Morales but heard about him through Annie Downing (Mutual friend of everyone).
- Annie Downing told Sean that Casey and Caylee slept at Ricardo Morales 06/09/08 and was there next morning
- Sean said Annie Downing said OCSO was at her parents house 07/17/08 but she doesn't live with her parents.
- Sean said, "she's definitely told her share of lies" and that she was a liar in high school also.
- Sean heard Casey was distancing herself from regular friends to hand with party people.
- Sean heard Casey was smoking marijuana which he said wasn't like her, said she barely drank.
- Sean saw Casey at the Ale House 07/01/08 when Army buddy came to town and she acted completely normal.
- Sean saw Casey at Cast Iron Tattoos and Buffalo Wild Wings 07/02/08 and she acted completely normal.

- Sean would ask, "Hey, how's your daughter?" and Casey would just say, "Fine."
- Sean said Casey would sometimes say Caylee was with a nanny but no detail or no nanny name.

- Sean said he got a missed call on 07/16/08 2:58 a.m from Casey's cell phone.
2008-07-17 THUR Amy went to Anthony Lazzaro's and they talked for hour and a half. Tony told Amy that Casey text messaged him early on the 16th and said, "If they never find her guess who spends eternity in jail?" (Amy Huizenga INTERVIEW 07/23/2008 Pg41, line 16): EE: And them on the 17th you say you talked to him for about an hour and a half? AH: Yeah (affirmative). I went over to his place to go pick up my checkbook. Uhm, I had already closed out the account. I just wanted it back. Uhm, and so I picked that up and I, I honestly has planned it to be an fairly in and out trip, but we ended up talking for like and hour and a half.
(Amy Huizenga INTERVIEW 07/23/2008 Pg43, line 7): EE: Anything in that hour and half conversation on the 17th with Tony that we need to know about? AH: Uhm, he did, and he said he told me that he told guys about a text message from her on Wednesday that said uhm, "If they never find her guess who spends eternity in jail?" Uhm, which I felt was a little weird. He told me that he did tell you guys about that text message though. EE: Guess who spends... AH: Eternity in jail. Which seemed weird to me at the time because then you know... EE: When did that text message come across? AH: I don't know what day that was. He told me that on, whatever that Thurs...the 17th. Uhm, I think he said that was on the Wednesday before she got arrested.
2008-07-18 FRI 00:00pm. Warrant Search Warrant (Served: Anthony home, 4937 Hopespring Drive, Orlando FL 32818)
. [Orange County Sheriff's Office search the back yard of the Anthony home on Hopespring Drive in Orlando]
Hopespring Dr. Search
. [Orange County Sheriff's Office search the back yard of the Anthony home on Hopespring Drive in Orlando]
Hopespring Dr. Search
. [Orange County Sheriff's Office search the back yard of the Anthony home on Hopespring Drive in Orlando]
Hopespring Dr. Search
. [Orange County Sheriff's Office search the back yard of the Anthony home on Hopespring Drive in Orlando]
Hopespring Dr. Search
. [Orange County Sheriff's Office search the back yard of the Anthony home on Hopespring Drive in Orlando] . [Orange County Sheriff's Office search the back yard of the Anthony home on Hopespring Drive in Orlando]
Hopespring Dr. Search
2008-07-18 FRI OCSO search the Anthony home on Hopespring Drive (www.wftv.com "Cadaver Dogs, Investigators Search For Missing 2-Year-Old In Backyard " 07/18/2008):
"With dogs, shovels and manpower, investigators searched the backyard Friday of the home of the grandparents of a missing 2-year-old girl. Detectives said 22-year-old Casey Anthony has told numerous lies about her daughter's disappearance." - "During a press briefing early Friday afternoon, investigators said they can't speak with Casey Anthony anymore because she has hired an attorney and it would be up to her to reach out to them with any information."
2008-07-18 FRI 07:49pm. E-mail
From Shirley Plesea
To Rick Plesea

"They said she was fired in 2006. Cindy didn't know this. Casey was running up bills and also using cindy's credit, she was wiped out. Now cindy is talking bonding Casey out. So she's as nuts as Casey is."
Shirley Plesea E-Mails (Caylee's Family) to son, Rick Plesea
From: ShirleyMP79@aol.com
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2008 7:49 PM
To: RickA1P@aol.com
Cc: Robincr77@aol.com
Subject: (no subject)



2008-07-21 MON KidFinder's Network KidFinder's Network, a West Palm Beach non-profit, Donated 14-foot long billboard
. [KidFinder's Network, a West Palm Beach non-profit, Donated 14-foot long billboard]
KidFinder's Network
. [Anthony family advertise for Missing Caylee Anthony]
. [Anthony family advertise for Missing Caylee Anthony]
Help Find Caylee
. [Anthony family advertise for Missing Caylee Anthony]
Caylee Billboard
. [KidFinder's Network, a West Palm Beach non-profit, Donated 14-foot long billboard]
KidFinder's Network
. [KidFinder's Network, a West Palm Beach non-profit, Donated 14-foot long billboard] .
2008-07-21 MON "A six-foot photo of missing 2-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony will soon be seen around Orlando and Orange County as traveling billboard" (www.orlandosentinel.com "Traveling billboard for Caylee Marie" 07/21/2008):
"A six-foot photo of missing 2-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony will soon be seen around Orlando and Orange County as a traveling billboard. The Kid Finder's Network, a West Palm Beach non-profit, is donating the 14-foot long billboard to the family, said co-founder Sherri Milstead. Milstead and her husband Dennis plan to arrive in the Orlando area tomorrow around 10 a.m. and will stop first at the Anthony home in Lee Vista."
"The couple began Kid Finder's Network in October 2006 after the Milstead's saw Leesburg-boy Trenton Duckett's case. The 2-year-old boy went missing on Aug. 17, 2006 from his home. He has never been found. "He felt like he wanted to do more" Sherri Milstead said of her husband's inspiration to start the business. "So many kids are missing." The couple has paid thousands of dollars out of pocket and are struggling for donations. Each traveling billboard runs the Milstead's about $3,000, Sherri Milstead said. The raising cost of fuel isn't helping. To donate, go to www.kidfindersnetwork.com"
2008-07-22 TUES 00:00?? INTERVIEW

Shirley found a letter that proved Caylee was visiting her great grandfather on Father's Day 06/15/08
Shirley Plesea INTERVIEW 07/22/2008 (Casey's Grandmother)
- Shirley originally thought Caylee was missing on 06/08/08
Shirley found a letter sent to her talking about Caylee visiting Alex Plesea on Father's Day
- Shirley said Caylee at popcorn at the nursing home while visiting Alex Plesea.
- Shirley said she was married to Cindy Anthony's father Alex for sixty-two years
- Shirley said Cindy and Caylee came to her house for Chili after Father's Day [06/15/08] visit with Alex
- Shirley said Casey did not visit Alex Plesea with Cindy and Caylee on Father's Day.
- Shirley did not see any bruises or injuries on Caylee on Father's Day.
- Shirley said Caylee played with her cat and ate Chili at her house.
- Shirley said she didn't think Caylee liked chili so she ate a Peanut & Butter sandwich.
- Shirley said Cindy kept asking Casey "Let me talk to Caylee." but Casey always had excuses.
- Shirley said Cindy was suppose to take vacation but she stayed home hoping Casey would bring Caylee over.
- Shirley can't remember when but there were 2 days when she got 'jibber-jabber of a little kid" on ans machine.
2008-07-22 TUES 11:13am INTERVIEW
Karen Angel INTERVIEW 07/22/2008 (LPN at the Dora Nursing Center)
- Karen Angel (LPN) and Ann Lenington were interviewed during this time.
- Karen Angel worked 3-11 on 06/15/08 and said Caylee was there visiting Alexander Plesea at nursing home.
- Karen Angel said Caylee had on a blue top and white shorts.
2008-07-22 TUES 05:04pm INTERVIEW

Casey's boyfriend, Tony Lazarro never saw Caylee's nanny or saw Casey talk or call a babysitter on the phone.
Tony Lazarro said after 07/05/08 when Casey was living with him full time that several times Casey would wake up in cold sweats and said she was having nightmares
Lazarro witnessed Casey using unknown credit card to buy food at least 8/9 times.
Anthony Lazarro INTERVIEW 07/22/2008 (Casey Boyfriend when Caylee missing)
- OCSO stated that Anthony Lazarro had already been interviewed twice prior to this interview.
- Lazarro signed waiver and gave his NY State license as ID for OCSO to search his Blackberry cell phone.
- Lazarro found Casey on Facebook listed as a Valencia student, so he contacted her on Facebook.
- Lazarro met Casey in person was 05/24/08 at Chris Kokkinos' place for friend, Daniel Howard's birthday.
- Lazarro said Casey's friend Amy Huizenga and Troy Brown also came to the 05/24/08 party.
- Casey introduced Tony to Jesse Grund during his 05/31/08 Hip Hop Showcase at Arden Villas pool party.
- 05/31/08 was Tony and Casey's first real date, movie at Waterford Lakes, then Estelle Goodwin's house.
- 05/31/08 Casey told Tony she couldn't stay over because she said her mother called, she had to go home.
- Lazarro said one time Casey canceled a date saying she was at the nannys & couldn't get Caylee to sleep.

- Lazarro never saw Caylee's nanny or saw Casey talk or call a babysitter on the phone.
- Lazarro said Casey's phone had a special rap song ring that she said was her mother calling.

- 06/01/08 Tony and Casey went to BBQ at Ryan Lopez Pegasus Connection apt Alafaya and University
- Lazarro took cell phone pic of Caylee Anthony on 06/02/08 at 4:52pm at his apartment pool.
- 06/09/08 Casey (w/Caylee) drive Tony to car repair, then to Subway (Target parking lot-University & Goldenrod)
- 06/12/08 Tony took Casey & Caylee to Mall of Millennia & Cheesecake Factory for lunch.
- 06/13/08 Casey went to Hip Hop Showcase first time Friday night at Ultra Fusian Lounge with Tony.
- Lazarro went with Casey two times to her parents house for her to get gas from gas cans.
- 06/27/08 Casey ran out of gas at Amscot parking lot, Tony went and picked her up. NO Caylee.
- Lazarro recalls Casey had freezer pops and like some Tyson chicken when he picked her up at Amscot.
- 06/27/08 Casey told Tony she ran out gas as corner and somebody helped push her car into Amscot parking lot.
- 06/30/08 Lazarro went to NY, his roommate Cameron (to Ohio), Casey drove them to airport in Tony's jeep.
- Lazarro said Casey was upset about a joke he played on her saying he might live in New York for good.
- 07/05/08 Casey got Tony's jeep washed at a car wash then picked him up at the airport.
- Lazarro said when he returned from NY 07/05/08 that Casey was staying with him full time.
- 07/05/08 Tony and Casey to Buffalo Wild Wings, he met Sean Daly and Annie Downing first time.

- After 07/05/08 several times Casey would wake up in cold sweats and said she was having nightmares.
- After 07/05/08 Casey told Tony that "she was not going to live at her house anymore with her child."
- After 07/05/08 Casey told Tony that Caylee at Disney on weekend pass, or Cocoa Beach birthday party.
- Lazarro witnessed Casey using unknown credit card to buy food at least eight or nine times.

- Cindy told Tony, "I hope you're rich because Casey's going to take all your money and leave you high and dry."
2008-07-24 THUR Never Lose Hope Foundation website says its IRS charitable status is still pending and its president admits he has not applied with the State Division of Consumer Services for a license to solicit funds from the public. Never Lose Hope Foundation AND an Exotic car dealer with $200,000 reward
(www.wftv.com "$225,000 Reward Offered For Information Leading To Caylee's Safe Return" 07/24/2008):
"There is a $225,000 reward for information that will help find Caylee Anthony, but where will all of that money come from? There are a dozen billboards local businesses donated that feature messages to help find Caylee Anthony. The donated billboard and donations from an exotic car dealer of $200,000 for a reward leading to Caylee's safe return are the work of The Never Lose Hope Foundation. It registered as a corporation in Florida just a year ago. "I really wanted to help the family. And I thought maybe we can apply something we're already doing to this," explained William Rivera, President, Never Lose Hope Foundation." - ""We've secured a fiscal sponsorship through a charity group here in Orlando called CityLinks," he said. They said they're not asking for money, but if someone does cut the group a check, CityLinks, which has its IRS charity status, will be able to process the donation."
"After Eyewitness News started asking questions, the state is planning to send a letter Never Lose Hope Foundation asking what its plans are for public fundraising. Rivera hopes to have the foundation's IRS charity status confirmed within eight weeks."
2008-07-24 THUR Patrick Bourgeois visited Casey Anthony in jail 07/24/08 9:00am to 9:45am Patrick Bourgeois visited Casey Anthony in jail 07/24/08 9:00am to 9:45am
Frank Bourgeois scheduled to visited Casey Anthony in jail 07/24/08 (NO SHOW)

PATRICK: Ya, uh, I just wanted to come here today just to tell you’ve got a friend outside and
CASEY: Well I appreciate it.
PATRICK: …. and really, I feel really sorry for you and if you need anything, just let me know.
CASEY: Thank you, I appreciate it.
PATRICK: ….and Mike also wanted to tell me to keep your head up and just, we’re here for you
CASEY: Thank you
2008-07-24 THUR 07/24/2008 George Anthony requested meeting away from Cindy with OCSO. (Was surreptitiously recorded)
OCSO asked about the car odor, George said, "I believe that there's something dead back there."
George Anthony met with Orange County Sheriff's Office 07/24/2008
(RECAPS: State of Florida Public Doc Release 11/26/2008"):
- 07/24/2008 George Anthony requested meeting away from Cindy with OCSO. (Surreptitiously recorded)
- George Anthony: "I had bad vibes the very first day when I got that car."
- George Anthony: "I'm just having a hard time grasping what my wife is doing to you guys."
- George said Casey told her attorney she had five thousand, or fourteen hundred to give as retainer.
- OCSO asked about the car odor, George said, "I believe that there's something dead back there."
- George: "When I first went there to pick up that vehicle I got within three feet of it I could smell something"
- George told OCSO Casey said she was robbed at gunpoint when working at Sports Authority.
- George told OSCO he went to Sports Authority and found out Casey never worked there.
- George told OSCO there was something fishy about a $4,000 deposit ticket Casey gave her mother.
- George told OSCO it seemed strange, same amount ($4,000) he sold his Camry for in Aug 2006
- George told OSCO about the backyard gate was left open and the pool ladder up. (06/16 or 06/17?)
- OCSO notes Cindy call them 07/15/2008 about the gate was left open, pool ladder up. (06/16 or 06/17?)
2008-07-25 FRI Casey Jail Visitor Lee Anthony visited Casey Anthony in jail 07/25/08 12:00pm to 12:45pm
2008-07-25 FRI OCSO NOTE at bottom page 2297: "As a note, there are NO people named Jennifer Rosa, Raquel Farrell, Samantha, Gloria Gonzalez, or Zenida Fernandez-Gonzalez or names similiar to these in the defendant's cell phone contacts nor were any calls placed from June 1st through July 16th to anyone with those names." George and Cindy Anthony visited Casey Anthony in jail 07/25/08 1:00pm to 1:45pm
(RECAPS: State of Florida Public Doc Release 11/26/2008"):
Page 2297-2297: Investigative Report Cont: (Casey talks about Zenaida during parents Jail Visit):
- Cindy and George visited Casey in jail, video taped and monitored live by OSCO.
- Casey told parents people should check New York, Charlotte, Miami for Zenaida.
- Casey told parents Zenaida's roots are in North Carolina and her Mother Gloria is in her 50's
- Casey told parents regarding: Zanny: "she needs to return Caylee" and "I forgive her."
- Casey told parents Zenaida drove a 2008 Ford Focus, no tint, very basic, pink floral car seat.
- Casey told parents Zenaida has everything Caylee needs (shoes, socks, toys, etc.)
- Casey told parents she stole from Amy Huizenga during a "time of desperation."
- Casey described Zenaida: curly brown hair that's been straightened, 5'7", 140 lbs, brown eyes, no tattoos.
- Casey said Zenaida's father's name is Victor (possibly Fernandez) and her Mother is Gloria.
- Casey said Zenaida's older sister is Samantha, and that they have different fathers.
- Casey said Zenaida has "a lot of money", her roommates were Raquel Farrell and Jennifer Rosa.
- Casey said Jennifer works for an ABC distribution center, Raquel worked for "TGI Friday"
- Casey said both Jennifer Rosa and Raquel Farrell comes from families with money.
- Lee Anthony sent OCSO e-mail w/all information Casey told her parents during 07/25/2008 jail visit.
2008-07-25 FRI Casey Jail Visitor George and Cindy Anthony visited Casey Anthony in jail 07/25/08 2:00pm to 2:45pm
2008-07-25 FRI P.I. Edward Phlegar visits Casey in jail Jose Baez's P.I. Edward Phlegar visits Casey Anthony in jail 07/25/08
(www.cfnews13.com "Private Investigators Visit Casey" 08/15/2008):
"News 13 has uncovered two other men, who visited her behind bars, are actually private investigators. Jail records show on July 25, Casey got a visit from Edward Phlegar, who is an investigator for her attorney Jose Baez's law firm. Casey Dominic, another private investigator for Baez, visited Casey on Aug. 8."
2008-07-25 FRI State Attorney Office released e-mails that showed Jose Baez approached OCSO 07/25/08 regarding possible limited immunity. First deadline was 08/28/08 then it was extended to 09/01/08 (www.orlandosentinel.com"Texas group of volunteers to join search for Caylee Marie" 08/29/2008):
"Meanwhile, e-mails released Friday morning by the State Attorney's Office shows that Baez approached Orange County investigators on July 25 about meeting with prosecutors about a possible limited immunity. Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick e-mailed Baez on July 29, saying she had not heard from him about what information Anthony could provide. As part of the deal, Anthony would have to waive - in writing - any evidence obtained as a result of her statements to investigators, Drane Burdick wrote."
"On August 25, Drane Burdick sent another e-mail to Baez about the immunity they discussed on Aug. 12 and how it will expire on Thursday, Aug. 28."By that date, you will have had sufficient 'private time' with you client to determine if she wishes to participate in locating her child," she wrote. Since then, that deadline has been extended to Tuesday at 9 a.m. "If you would like to attend to this matter over the Labor Day weekend, please send an e-mail to my work e-mail address and I will be able to retrieve it immediately on my Blackberry," Drane Burdick said."
"I believe what my daughter is telling me, that a lady that she trusted to watch over my granddaughter while she's going to work or been somewhere with someone that this lady has her or this family might have her and she's taking her some place that we can't find her. I don't know, I never met her."
(Geraldo at Large talking to George Anthony 07/26/2008 - "bigjuicykungfu" YouTube):
GEORGE: "My wife had daily contact with our daughter, either through voice mails, text messages even direct contact and every once and a while I'd talk to my daughter but there wasn't, there was never an alarm for concern, she always had good answers, she's with the nanny or she's with a particular friend and you believe that."

- GEORGE: "Up until June 16th we saw our granddaughter every day because she stays at our house, my daughter stays there, that's their home. When we moved down 19 years ago the house we're at is the house were my son and daughter lived in, and when my granddaughter was born she came to our house to live. She's lived there for nearly three years and as far as them leaving, maybe the most they'd be gone would be a day or two but we knew where they were at because they always came back home."

- GEORGE: "Everyone of her friends that came forth that we talked to that we have known whenever they'd be together out with my daughter and my granddaughter would be there they named her "mom", they called her "mom" because she was very selective on who she was with, she didn't drink if they were out drinking, she didn't smoke, because she was very protective. And if she would show up to a party like at TGI Fridays or wherever they hang out, some kind of ale house they use to go to, she never drank, she never did anything, she'd just talk and say "hey guys just want to make sure my friends are here having a good time," she'd talk to them, she'd leave, maybe an hour she'd spend so all of this has caught them off guard. They can't believe anything would ever..."
2008-07-28 MON "Eyewitness News found more than 400 women named Zenaida Gonzalez in Florida and it's turning life upside down for local women who share the name." (www.wftv.com "Women With Same Name As Caylee's Alleged Babysitter Defend Themselves" 07/28/2008):
"Missing toddler Caylee Anthony's mother continues to say that a nanny named Zenaida Gonzalez took her child. So far, investigators haven't been able to find that woman. But one woman in Brevard County with the same name says people have already found her. The name isn't uncommon, in fact Eyewitness News found nearly a dozen in Central Florida alone, enough to fill several sheets of paper."
"One Zenaida Gonzalez blogs on a website called Brevard County Moms. She was flooded with emails and phone calls asking her if she had anything to do with Caylee's disappearance, so she created a website posting to set the record straight that says, "I am not that Zenaida Gonzalez." This Zenaida Gonzalez works in the PR department for UCF and didn't want to go on camera. Her blog usually averages about 50 viewers, but the post where she tells the world she is not Caylee's babysitter has been viewed nearly 3,000 times."
2008-07-28 MON Casey Jail Visitor Lee Anthony visited Casey Anthony in jail 07/28/08 9:00am to 9:45am
2008-07-29 TUES Casey Jail Visitor George and Cindy Anthony visited Casey Anthony in jail 07/29/08 9:00am to 9:45am
2008-07-29 TUES 10:13am. E-mail
From Shirley Plesea
To Cindy Anthony

"Stay off t.v or act like the persony ou reallyare, a nice person, who has worked for 30 yrs, making the home and raising a nice family.you are taking the spotlite off caylee."
Shirley Plesea E-Mails (Caylee's Family) to Cindy Anthony
From: ShirleyMP79@aol.com [ShirleyMP79@aol.com]
Subject: Re: (no subject)
To: cindymant@yahoo.com
Date: Tuesday, July 29, 2008, 10:03 AM

"dear cindy, we are sick over this.we areso worried about caylee. and we are very worried aboutabout you. iv'e seen so many interviews, now they discuss you after you leave, the only one who hasremained kind, to you, is mike on mandj.- then today you blew it- for every onessake ...yours caylees , and yes , even caseys, stay off t.v or act like the persony ou reallyare, a nice person, who has worked for 30 yrs, making the home and raising a nice family.you are taking the spotlite off caylee. we know you love casey, but what about your future.be mad at me if you want, it hurts to see dad plastered on most news casts, in his fragileconditionn, i still believe casey is better off in jail, there are a lot of nutcases out there, andwould like to see her harmed, think aboutit, if she gets out on bond , you all really might be indanger.thanks for the note,-we are both on extra medication for anxiety, the only things we know,are what we and every one else sees, of course most is taken out of context, so don't givethem more to beat you up with, now even nate was on t.v. how does that help caylee." you "are focusing on casey. let her help herself more, since i probably wont get to see you,please take care, thinking of you all. mom"
2008-07-29 TUES Casey Jail Visitor William Waters visited Casey Anthony in jail 07/29/08 7:00pm to 7:45pm
2008-07-30 WED OCSO Interview Ryan Pasley. He's been friends with Casey since they were six years old. Even though he changed schools when they were younger but they stayed friends. Ryan currently lives in Jacksonville going to school but visits family in Orlando often Ryan Pasley Interview RECAP 07/30/2008 (Long time friend of Casey Anthony)
(RECAPS: State of Florida Public Doc Release 11/26/2008"):
Page 2298-2301: Ryan Pasley Interview 07/30/2008 RECAP
- Cindy called him few months before Caylee disappeared to compare notes and confirm Casey's lies.
- Casey's mother, Cindy told Ryan that Casey was a Sociopath.
- Ryan invited Casey to a family cookout weekend of June 13th, 14th but she was busy.
- Cindy called Ryan 8:30am 07/16 (Day Casey arrested) then he talked with Casey 10:00am same morning.
- Ryan NEVER heard the name Zenaida or Zenaida Hernandez-Gonzalez in all the years he's known Casey.
- Ryan said Casey NEVER worked at Sports Authority, he worked there and Casey just visited him there.
- Ryan never knew who Caylee's father was, was told he was a transient and died in a car accident.
- Ryan always thought that Casey worked at Universal Studios and didn't know she wasn't employed anywhere.
- Casey confessed to Ryan and told him that she smoked pot and "this and that."
- Ryan said if Caylee's dead it was an accident and he didn't think Casey would maliciously kill her daughter.
- Jose Baez called Ryan a few days after Casey was arrested, Casey gave Ryan's phone number to Baez.
- Baez wanted Ryan to be a character witness or a reference for Casey. Ryan said no, Baez hung up on him.
- Cindy found out George was talking to some woman on-line, they were going to get divorced a while back.
2008-07-31 THUR "Rotten Pizza Theory" Tested By Eyewitness News"
"Eyewitness News took a basic Domino's Meatzza pizza and put the leftovers inside a locked car in the Florida sun" "No smell whatsoever."
(www.wftv.com "Anthony's "Rotten Pizza Theory" Tested By Eyewitness News" 07/31/2008):
"One of the biggest clues detectives have in the case of missing 2-year-old Caylee Anthony is a foul stench in the trunk of the car her mother, Casey, was driving. The family claimed the stench wasn't caused by Caylee's body, but instead by a rotted pizza." - "It's not the most scientific experiment, but it might shed light on the validity of the "rotting pizza theory." Eyewitness News took a basic Domino's Meatzza pizza and put the leftovers inside a locked car in the Florida sun"
"But the Eyewitness News experiment doesn't support the smelly pizza theory after temperatures in the 90s. After seven days, the moisture was gone from the pizza and it had the consistency of shoe leather. More importantly, you have to get really close to smell anything and, when you do, the smell is pizza. Channel 9 managing editor Joel Davis volunteered his car for the experiment."
2008-07-31 THUR Scheduling caused this interview to be shortened, Cindy volunteered to provide a second scheduled interview George and Cindy Anthony INTERVIEW with OCSO 07/31/08
(RECAPS: State of Florida Public Doc Release 11/26/2008"):
Page 2301-2301: Cindy Anthony INTERVIEW 07/31/2008 RECAP:
- Cindy stated from 06/16 to 07/15 Casey said Caylee was with Zenaida, no time allowing Cindy to talk to Caylee.
- Casey told Cindy at times she was in Tampa w/Zenaida for work but cell phone shows Casey never left Orlando.
- Cindy said Caylee's father is only known as "Eric" and only knows he died based on what Casey told her.

- Cindy claimed Attorney Paul Kelly helped them draw up paperwork for custody of Caylee.
- OCSO spoke with Attorney Paul Kelly who claims he has NO file created for Cindy's stated requests.
2008-07-31 THUR Cindy Anthony on Larry King Live. Cindy said she looked Casey straight in the eye and that she's telling her the truth and Cindy believes her. Cindy believes that Caylee is alive. Cindy Anthony appears on Larry King Live Show 07/31/2008
(transcripts.cnn.com "Larry King Live" 07/31/2008):
LARRY KING: Are you therefore positive she's alive? CINDY ANTHONY: You know, my same gut feeling that I needed to call the authorities on the 15th is my same gut feeling that Caylee is alive. And, you know, I've had a chance since the 15th to actually speak to my daughter on two occasions, look her in the eye. And she's telling the truth. I believe her. LARRY KING: But isn't your daughter causing part of those problems... CINDY ANTHONY: No... LARRY KING: by statements she's made contradictory to other statements? CINDY ANTHONY: Not necessarily. There's been some contradictory statements from a lot of people, from the Orange County Sheriff's Department, from the media, too. So, you know, there's a lot of people who are putting information out there that's not fact and they're putting it on, you know, national TV. So, you know, she's given them as much information she feels comfortable that she can say without jeopardizing the safety of Caylee and her family.
2008-07-31 THUR Cindy Anthony on Larry King Live.
CINDY ANTHONY: So did I fabricate a lie at that point? I worked on whatever I could to get them out there. So, you know, I'm not a liar. I just stretched the truth a little bit.
(transcripts.cnn.com "Larry King Live" 07/31/2008):
LARRY KING: (PLayed a jail house tape between Cindy and Casey) That was a conversation between you and your daughter. Now, certainly, you seemed suspicious then, Cindy. CINDY ANTHONY: Well, you know, that was less than 24 hours after the shock of my granddaughter not being where she was supposed to be and then finding out that she had been kidnapped by the babysitter. I didn't know all the facts at that point. I had not had a chance to start putting things together and start looking at what is out there. LARRY KING: All right. CINDY ANTHONY: So, again, you know, when I called -- made the three 9/11 tapes, I said whatever I needed to do to get the authorities to come help me. LARRY KING: I got you. CINDY ANTHONY: So did I fabricate a lie at that point? I worked on whatever I could to get them out there. So, you know, I'm not a liar. I just stretched the truth a little bit. The car wasn't where it was supposed to be so I said it was stolen because I didn't have any other reason to have the authorities come out to my house. So that doesn't make me a liar or a murderer and I don't think that makes my daughter... LARRY KING: All right. CINDY ANTHONY: a murderer, either, just because she has some mistruths.
2008-07-31 THUR Casey's attorney Jose Baez on Larry King Live Baez said the photos taken in June of Casey partying at the Fusion Altra Lounge are taken out of context. (transcripts.cnn.com "Larry King Live" 07/31/2008):
JOSE BAEZ, ATTORNEY FOR CASEY ANTHONY: Well, I think it's unconstitutional. The mere fact that she's held on half a million dollar bail on a third degree felony and two misdemeanors is just -- it's really a tragedy -- a travesty of justice. I don't think this is justice. I think if you, in this country, feel that someone is guilty of something, you charge them with a crime. You don't assume something. You don't label them as a person of interest and ask the courts to do your job for you. And that's what I think is being done here. LARRY KING: There are photos of Casey partying the weekend of June 21st, just days after the alleged time her daughter became missing. Isn't that rather damaging, Jose? JOSE BAEZ: Well, the facts aren't fully out. And I've -- I've made it a point to lay those facts out in a courtroom when the time comes.
2008-07-31 THUR Larry Sutton, Staff Editor of People Magazine on Larry King Live (transcripts.cnn.com "Larry King Live" 07/31/2008):
LARRY SUTTON, STAFF EDITOR, "PEOPLE" MAGAZINE: Well, the fact that a child could be missing for that period of time with -- despite all the publicity surrounding it. I mean the cover of the magazine, you've been showing it on your show. It's on a number of cable television shows. And that there is no trace whatsoever -- not a good sign, but it makes us very curious about what happened to her. LARRY KING: Also, what about all the different I saw her, I didn't see her, there's a babysitter, that's her name, no such person exists? LARRY SUTTON: Absolutely. LARRY KING: I worked at Universal. I didn't work at Universal. LARRY SUTTON: I mean she's got a lot of problems. You know, I mean, I don't know if they're psychological problems or what. But clearly, the mother in this case, Casey, has told a number of lies to authorities. I mean she told the police, yes, I work at Universal. So they said OK, hop in the car, we'll drive over there and talk to your coworkers. And the moment they get there, she says, oh, I forgot to tell you, I was fired from there two years ago. So that was sort of the beginning of a string of lies that she's been telling over and over to the authorities. And it's no wonder they're having a tough time finding the child. They can't get a straight answer out of her.

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