. [www.acandyrose.com logo] A Personal Collection of Found Materials
. [Drew Peterson: 'I would say I was controlling, but I wasn't abusive,' he told Barbara Pinto in the ABC Interview - Photo found at www.abcnews.go.com]
Drew Peterson
"The ex-wives saying such a thing, they're getting even I would say, For me divorcing them or cheating on them or whatever."

. [Carol Brown, formerly Carol Peterson, first wife of Drew Peterson - Photo found at www.abcnews.go.com]
Carol Brown (#1)
(Married 6 Years)
From 1974-1980
"Said that the two of them grew apart and that she discovered he was having an affair with another woman"

. [Kyle Piry: 'He would follow me and stalk me after I broke up with him,' Piry said. 'He would pull me over on a Friday or Saturday night and give me tickets for stupid stuff, like bald tires. They were ridiculous things.' - 'In 1983 -- by this time Peterson was already married to his second wife -- Peterson and another officer arrested Piry as she arrived at work, Piry said. The officers said Piry had amassed too many parking tickets, Piry said. She was ordered into Peterson's cruiser and fingerprinted at the Bolingbrook police station, Piry said.' 11-21-2007 'The woman who told Drew no' www.suntimes.com]
Kyle Piry
4 mos. 1980
"There was a voice inside of me that said there's something wrong here,"
Piry said.

. [Vicki Connolly: 'He has the experience, the knowledge, the means, and the mind to do that,' she said, her voice trailing off. 'That's all I've thought about. ... I'm still working through it. I'll be honest.' - 'I believe that man had a disease to his ego. He's a legend in his own mind.' 11-16-2007 http://www.chicagotribune.com]
Vicki Connolly #2
(Married 10 Years)
From 1982-1992
"Peterson hit her and told her he could kill her and make it look like an accident."

. [Kathleen Savio: 'A phone conversation was made that he is coming over to have to deal with me, He wants me dead, and if he has to he will burn the how down just to shut me up. I called after I drop my children off school, he came running after me, ready to beat me up. He (????) for me to return home to teach me a lesson, he has a gun, and other weapon I believe he will use on me. He just doesn't care if he lives or dies, or I live or die']
Kathleen Savio #3
(Married 11 Years)
From 1992-2003
"He wants me dead, and if he has to he will burn the house down just to shut me up"

Kathleen Savio's
Home Page
. [Stacy Peterson]
Stacy Peterson #4
(Married 4 Years)
Missing 10/28/2007
"Just remember, if I disappear, it is not an accident. He killed me." She said
"it all the time,"
said Bychowski.


Drew Walter Peterson
Who Testified Chart
Drew Peterson Hearsay Trial
January 19, 2010 to February 19, 2010

Murder Trial 2012
Jury Selection, Screen Captures
Witness Testimony Excerpts

Found Materials
Screen Captures

[Kathleen Savio]
Kathleen Savio

[Kathleen Savio]
Kathleen Savio

[Kathleen Savio]
Kathleen Savio with her two children

[Stacy Peterson]
Stacy Peterson

[Stacy Peterson]
Stacy Peterson with her two children

[Stacy Peterson]
Stacy Peterson with her own two children and Kathleen Savio's two children

[Suntimes 10/30/2007]
October 30, 2007
Chicago Suntimes

[Suntimes 11/08/2007]
November 8, 2007
Chicago Suntimes

[Suntimes 11/14/2007]
November 14, 2007
Chicago Suntimes

[Suntimes 11/23/2007]
November 23, 2007
Chicago Suntimes

[Suntimes 11/29/2007]
November 29, 2007
Chicago Suntimes

[Suntimes 12/15/2007]
December 15, 2007
Chicago Suntimes

[Suntimes 02/21/2008]
February 21, 2008
Chicago Suntimes

[Suntimes 02/25/2008]
February 25, 2008
Chicago Suntimes

[Suntimes 05/22/2008]
May 22, 2008
Chicago Suntimes

[Suntimes 07/23/2008]
July 23, 2008
Chicago Suntimes

[Drew Peterson's Step Brother tells his story]
March 10, 2009
Chicago Suntimes

[Drew Peterson arrested]
May 7, 2009
Chicago Suntimes

[Drew Peterson arrested]
May 7, 2009
Chicago Tribune

[Drew Peterson arrested]
May 7, 2009
Red Eye - Chicago

[Drew Peterson arrested]
May 7, 2009
Southtown Star
Tinley Park, IL

[The Times, Munster, Indiana 05/07/2009]
May 7, 2009
The Times
Munster Indiana

Hearsay Hearing

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Hearing)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Will Co Court House

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Hearing)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Judge Stephen White
Will Co Court

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Hearing)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Drew Peterson
Charged with Murder

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Hearing)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
James Glasgow
States Attorney

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Hearing)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
James Glasgow
John Connor:
State's Attorney and
Asst. State Attorney

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Hearing)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Joel Brodsky
Defense Attorney

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Hearing)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Andrew Abood
Defense Attorney

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Hearing)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
George Lenard
Defense Attorney

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Hearing)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Reem Odeh
Defense Attorney

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Issam Karam
Savio Co-Worker
Testified 01/19/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Lisa Mordente
Savio's Employer
Testified 01/19/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Chris Vanderhoof
Testified 01/19/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Michelle Jeffress
Testified 01/19/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Kyle Toutges
Stacy's Uncle
Testified 01/19/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Lt. James Coughlin
Drew's former Partner
Testified 01/19/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Kenneth Simpson
Bolingbrok Detective
Testified 01/19/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Alexander Beck
Drew's Divorce Atty
Testified 01/19/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Eric Tyrell
Sprint/Nextel Rep
Testified 01/19/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Thomas Morphey
Drew's Step-Brother
Testified 01/21/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Eric Peterson
Drew Peterson's Son
Testified 01/21/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Patrick Collins
Retired Police Sgt.
Testified 01/21/2010
Testified 01/22/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Sharon Bychowski
Peterson Neighbor
Testified 01/22/2010
Testified 01/25/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Bruce Zidarich
Stacy's Friend
Testified 01/25/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Nick Gatto
Meijer Grocery Mgr
Testified 01/25/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Jacquelyn Torrez
Peterson Neighbor
Testified 01/25/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Hector Torrez
Peterson Neighbor
Testified 01/25/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Penny Skogh
Picked up Drew's Son
Testified 01/25/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Candice Aikin
Stacy's Aunt
Testified 01/26/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Donna Badalamenti
Friend of Stacy
Testified 01/26/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Sheryl Alcox
Morphey's Fiancee
Testified 01/26/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Dr. Vinod Motiani
Savio's Physician
Testified 01/27/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Patrick Callaghan
ISP Special Agent
Testified 01/27/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Richard Treese
Bolingbrook Police
Testified 01/27/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Steven Clark
Starbucks Barista
Testified 01/27/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Susan McCauley
Peterson Affair 1997
Testified 01/27/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Elizabeth Fragale
Former Will County
Ex-Asst State Atty
Testified 01/27/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Cassandra Cales
Stacy's Sister
Testified 01/28/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Jeffrey Pachter
Hit Man Contact
Testified 01/28/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Keith Rosetto (Twin)
Stacy's Ex-boyfriend)
Testified 01/28/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Rev. Neil Schori
Stacy's Pastor
Testified 01/29/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Scott Rosetto (Twin)
Friend of Stacy
Testified 01/29/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Dr. Gene Neri
Savio's Neurologist
Testified 01/29/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Dominick DiFrancisco
Savio Neighbor
Testified 01/29/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Christopher Wolven
Testified 01/29/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Nick Pontarelli
Savio Neighbor
Testified 02/01/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Mary Pontarelli
Savio Neighbor
Testified 02/01/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Thomas Pontarelli
Savio Neighbor
Testified 02/01/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Louis Oleszkiewicz
Testified 02/01/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Robert Akin Jr.
Testified 02/01/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Steve Maniaci
Savio's Boyfriend
Testified 02/02/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
James B. Carroll
Drew's Uncle
Testified 02/02/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Jacqueline Mitchem
Peterson Neighbor
Testified 02/02/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Susan Doman
Savio's Sister
Testified 02/02/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Anna Doman
Savio's Sister
Testified 02/02/2010
Testified 02/03/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Kristin Anderson
Savio's Friend
Testified 02/03/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Lt. Brian Hafner
Bolingbrook Police
Testified 02/03/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Sgt. Brant Duval
Bolingbrook Police
Testified 02/03/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Jerry Jude
Bought Sud's Pub
Testified 02/03/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Jennifer Schoon
Steven Peterson's
Testified 02/03/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Sgt Bryan Falat
Illinois State Police
Testified 02/04/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Irene Lalagos
Stacy's Psychic
Testified 02/04/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Robert Deel
CSI Investigator
Testified 02/04/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Mary Parks
Savio Classmate
Testified 02/05/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Dr. Larry Blum
Forensic Pathologist
Testified 02/05/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Harry Smith
Savio's Attorney
Testified 02/08/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Rodolfo Hernandez
Bought Savio Home
Testified 02/08/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Joseph Steadman
Claims Adjuster
Testified 02/08/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Ric Mims
Former Drew Friend
Testified 02/08/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Teresa Kernc
Former Lt. BPD
Testified 02/08/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
William Green
Would Be Hit Man
Testified 02/09/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Mike VanOver
Deputy Coroner
Testified 02/09/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Howard Ellison
Testified 02/09/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Vicki Connolly
Drew's 2nd Wife
Testified 02/09/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Michael Miles
Stacy's Friend
Testified 02/09/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Sgt. Craig Gunty
Bolingbrook Police
Testified 02/09/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Lt. Jeremy Johnson
Bolingbrook Police
Testified 02/09/2010

(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Tony Imrisek
Ericsson Telecom
Prev w/Sprint/Nextel
Testified 02/09/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Dr. Jeff Jantzen
Forensic Pathologist
Hired By Defense
Testified 02/17/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Walter Martinek
Friend of Morphey)
Testified 02/17/2010

[Peterson Hearsay Hearing 01/19/2010]
(Hearsay Witness)
01/19/10 - 02/19/10
Dr. Michael Baden
Forensic Pathologist
Testified 02/19/2010

[Peterson Defense Team]
Joe Lopez
Defense Attorney

[Peterson Defense Team]
Steven Greenberg
Defense Attorney

[Peterson Defense Team]
Ralph Meczyk
Defense Attorney

Found Materials Archive Collection
Mini Timeline of Events

January 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

01/04/2010: (suburbanchicagonews.com): Lawyers want closed Peterson hearing
01/04/2010: Drew Peterson's legal team has asked to bar the public from 01/19/2010 Hearsay Hearing (suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/04/2010: Peterson attorney George Lenard filed the motion Monday. (suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/04/2010: Now, instead of letting Peterson clown around, his lawyers want to ban the public from his Jan. 19 hearsay hearing.
01/04/2010: The motion claims "the potential jury pool will be saturated with television, newspaper and Internet coverage of
01/04/2010: "..inadmissible hearsay information that will be reported over and over before the actual trial begins"
01/04/2010: The motion claims "this national exposure of testimony elicited during this pretrial hearing will likely result in the potential
01/04/2010: ".. jurors having preconceived notions as to the guilt or innocence of the defendant, thus depriving him of a fair trial."

Thursday, January 7, 2010

01/07/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Peterson witness prepares for hearing
01/07/2010: A potential star witness in the Peterson murder case visited state's attorney's office (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/07/2010: Thomas Morphey, Peterson's stepbrother, was at state's attorney's office about 10 a.m. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/07/2010: Morphey claims to have helped Peterson dispose of Stacy's body. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/07/2010: Tom Morphey nor Charles B. Pelkie would comment on visit to Attorney James Glasgow. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)

Friday, January 8, 2010

01/08/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Sun-Times Media fights for open Drew hearing
01/08/2010: Sun-Times attorney Damon Dunn filed motion re:Peterson's attorney to ban public at trial.
01/08/2010: Dunn's motion: Peterson's apparent love of the limelight, "has been subject to widespread publicity for many years."
01/08/2010: Motion: "Indeed, (Peterson) has actively sought the media spotlight that the Court has had to restrain him."
01/08/2010: Seth Stern, another Sun-Times Media attorney, plans to file the motion in Joliet this morning.
01/08/2010: The Associated Press and the Tribune Co. have joined in the effort as well. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)

01/08/2010: (www.nbcchicago.com): Judge Allows Public Access to Peterson Hearing
01/08/2010: Prosecutor James Glasgow vehemently implored White to keep the hearing open. (www.nbcchicago.com)
01/08/2010: James Glasgow: "You've all heard of the Spanish Inquisition. Close the doors, bad things can happen."
01/08/2010: James Glasgow: "In the United States, we don't do that!" (www.nbcchicago.com)
01/08/2010: James Glasgow: "The press is scrutinizing me, they're scrutinizing you, to make sure we do it by the rules!"
01/08/2010: Joel Brodsky, argued that it ''will be impossible for jurors to avoid'' media coverage of the hearing.
01/08/2010: James Glasgow: "Nobody can pull a fast one, because everybody is watching." (www.nbcchicago.com)
01/08/2010: Will County Court Judge Stephen White denied a request to keep pretrial closed to the public. (www.nytimes.com)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

01/09/2010: (www.nypost.com): Martin Bashir To Testify In Drew Peterson Murder Case
01/09/2010: ABC News' Martin Bashir subpoenaed for pre-trial over his January 2009 interview with Peterson. (www.nypost.com)
01/09/2010: Bashir interview allegedly contradicted statements Peterson gave LE. (www.nypost.com)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 (Day 1 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

01/19/2010: (abclocal.go.com): Drew Peterson pre-trial hearing begins
01/19/2010: The hearing started just before 10 a.m. Peterson walked in looking confident but he was casual. (abclocal.go.com)
01/19/2010: Drew Peterson looked over to the media and gave a smirk.(abclocal.go.com)
01/19/2010: When asked how he was doing, Peterson said he was doing fine.(abclocal.go.com)
01/19/2010: Drew Peterson was wearing a red-burgundy Polo shirt, khakis and glasses. (abclocal.go.com)
01/19/2010: Peterson's attorneys also walked in Tuesday morning, with an official motion to ban hearsay testimony

01/19/2010: (www.chicagotribune.com): Ex-Savio co-workers tell of Drew Peterson threats
01/19/2010: Peterson, only a quick laugh when a reporter observed his shirt barely covered his abdomen. (www.chicagotribune.com)
01/19/2010: Joel Brodsky handed out pens with his name emblazoned on them to some media members.(www.chicagotribune.com)
01/19/2010: Joel Brodsky: "If anybody else is good to me, then they get a pen." (www.chicagotribune.com)

01/19/2010: Issam Karam (ih-SAHM' kah-RAHM') (Savio former Co-worker), (Media Excerpts)
01/19/2010: Kathleen Savio told him [Issam Karam] Drew Peterson threw her to the floor one night and told her he could kill her.
01/19/2010: Karam says Savio said Peterson grabbed her throat, had a knife, and he told Savio he "could kill her there and then."
01/19/2010: Issam Karam, said he worked with Kathleen Savio at Parkway Imaging in Romeoville in late 2003.
01/19/2010: Issam Karam wrote an anonymous November 2007 letter to the media, but police questioned him before he mailed it.
01/19/2010: Attorney Andrew Abood, claimed Karam was attempting to seek the spotlight by sending an anonymous letter.
01/19/2010: "You just wanted to bring attention to yourself," Abood told Karam. "That's exactly what you did."
01/19/2010: Karam said Savio was stunned when Peterson managed to enter her house though she recently had locks changed.
01/19/2010: "I was not a close friend," he said. "I thought she'd tell other people and they'd go to the cops." (www.suntimes.com)

01/19/2010: Lisa Mordente (mohr-DEHN'-tay) (Savio's employer). (Media Excerpts)
01/19/2010: Lisa Mordente testified that a number of times a Bolingbrook squad car parked in front of her business. (cbs2chicago.com)
01/19/2010: Lisa Mordente said that on one occasion, Savio was returning from lunch and approached another vehicle parked outside
01/19/2010: "She was very shaken up when she came back in, her hand was shaking, she had tears, she was a mess," Mordente said.
01/19/2010: Mordente also testified that Savio told her it was Drew Peterson outside and they were fighting over money
01/19/2010: Mordente [Parkway Imaging] said she didn't call police when she learned Savio died "because it wouldn't have helped."
01/19/2010: "Kathleen had stated on several occasions she had called police," Mordente said. (cbs2chicago.com)

01/19/2010: Chris Vanderhoof (Starbucks L-P Department) (Media Excerpts)

01/19/2010: Michelle Jeffress (Starbucks L-P Department) (Media Excerpts)

01/19/2010: Kyle Toutges (Stacy Peterson's Uncle) (Media Excerpts)
01/19/2010: Kyle Toutges testified that shortly after Savio's death some of Drew Peterson's friends were at a party [March 2004].
01/19/2010: Kyle Toutges said they were teasing him saying it looked suspicious that Savio died as the two amid property settlements.
01/19/2010: Kyle Toutges said, "(Peterson) said 'Let them prove it" (www.forbes.com)
01/19/2010: "Our family gave Drew the benefit of the doubt," Kyle Toutges testified. (www.chicagotribune.com)
01/19/2010: Kyle Toutges: "We were told Kathleen was crazy and on drugs and needed to be in a home." (www.chicagotribune.com)
01/19/2010: Joel Brodsky, accused Toutges, Stacy's uncle, of coming forward with his story for the sake of publicity.
01/19/2010: "Kyle never came forward until he was getting limo rides to Larry King and such," Brodsky said.
01/19/2010: Kyle Toutges failed to see the point of reporting Peterson to the police since "he is a police."
01/19/2010: Kyle Toutges said he was unsure how to handle it, he "never had a niece [Stacy] murdered before"
01/19/2010: Brodsky shot back, "It didn't happen," to which Toutges replied, "Then where's Stacy?" (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)

01/19/2010: Lt. James Coughlin (Drew Peterson's former partner BBPD) (Media Excerpts)
01/19/2010: Lt. James Coughlin was once punched by Peterson in the head during a station house locker room dustup
01/19/2010: Lt. James Coughlin ran into Peterson in the courthouse in February 2004, Peterson griping about divorce lawyers.
01/19/2010: Lt. James Coughlin said Peterson said, "My life would be a lot easier if she were dead or died."
01/19/2010: Lt. James Coughlin said Kathleen Savio turned up dead two weeks later. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/19/2010: Lt. James Coughlin: "I responded to a domestic violence call at Drew and Kathleen's home."
01/19/2010: Lt. James Coughlin: Kathleen did not ask for Drew to be arrested and told the police officer."
01/19/2010: Lt. James Coughlin: Kathleen said, "Jim, you know as well as I know, if I pursue this then he (Drew) will lose his job.
01/19/2010: Lt. James Coughlin: "and he would lose his pension." Kathleen's comments were never documented in LE report that night."

01/19/2010: Kenneth Simpson (Bolingbrook Police Detective) (Media Excerpts)

01/19/2010: Alexander Beck (Peterson's divorce attorney) (Media Excerpts)
01/19/2010: Alexander Beck could say little due to attorney-client privilege. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)

01/19/2010: Eric Tyrell (Sprint/Nextel Representive) (Media Excerpts)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

01/20/2010: (www.chicagobreakingnews.com): Peterson lawyers argue case over weapons charges
01/20/2010: A lengthy hearing in the Peterson murder case was put on hold Wednesday. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
01/20/2010: Appellate court justices were skeptical today of arguments by Drew Peterson's attorneys over weapons charges dropped.
01/20/2010: Case before the 3rd District appellate court in Ottawa, Ill. John Connor, a top prosecutor on the Peterson case, observed
01/20/2010: In 2008, Peterson was charged with possessing an illegally-modified assault rifle.
01/20/2010: Will county judge ordered the gun returned, state police revoked Peterson's FOID card.
01/20/2010: Judge Richard Schoenstedt then dismissed the case after prosecutors refused to turn over internal documents
01/20/2010: Peterson's attorneys sought to prove their client was the victim of "vindictive prosecution."
01/20/2010: Gary Gnidovec, attorney w/state appellate prosecutor's office, told justices Schoenstedt was wrong to order discovery
01/20/2010: Peterson's attorneys failed to demonstrate that prosecutors had an "animus" against Peterson
01/20/2010: Without it, no charges would have been filed.
01/20/2010: Peterson attorney Andrew Abood argued that the circumstances of the case were too narrow to open a "Pandora's box."
01/20/2010: Joel Brodsky argued that federal law shielded Peterson from even being charged with the weapons offense.
01/20/2010: The appellate court typically doesn't issue its ruling for several months after oral arguments.

Thursday, January 21, 2010 (Day 2 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

01/21/2010: Thomas Morphey (Drew Peterson's Step-brother) (Media Excerpts)
01/21/2010: Peterson apparently asked Morphey how much he loved him, and was it enough to kill for him (www.myfoxchicago.com)
01/21/2010: Morphey testified that wasn’t something he could live with, Peterson asked, “Can you live with knowing about it?”
01/21/2010: Tom Morphey told Peterson, “I said I always assumed you killed Kathleen,” Morphey testified.
01/21/2010: “No, I would never hurt Kathleen. She was a great mother,” Peterson said according to Morphey's testimony.
01/21/2010: Morphey said he helped Peterson remove a mysterious blue barrel on the day Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy, vanished
01/21/2010: Tom Morphey said Drew Peterson suggested he would kill Stacy because she planned to divorce him. (www.foxnews.com)
01/21/2010: Tom Morphey admitted that he suffers from manic depression. (www.nbcchicago.com)
01/21/2010: Tom Morphey so shaken by the incident, he tried to kill himself with a bottle of anti-depressant pills.
01/21/2010: States Attorney Jim Glasgow played a wiretap of a phone conversation 11/26/2007 between Peterson and morphey.
01/21/2010: "If the police want to talk to you," Peterson said on the tape. "tell them you want a lawyer." (www.nbcchicago.com)
01/21/2010: Thomas Morphey has been granted immunity by state's attorneys. (www.nbcchicago.com)
01/21/2010: Morphey said Peterson suggested on Oct. 27, 2007, that he intended to kill Stacy (www.washingtonpost.com)
01/21/2010: Morphey said he drank heavily the next day. "I just heard someone was going to murder somebody else."
01/21/2010: Morphey said the two men took the barrel, put it in Peterson's SUV and Peterson drove Morphey home.
01/21/2010: "He said, 'This never happened,' Morphey testified. "I said,'I won't tell a soul.'" (www.washingtonpost.com)
01/21/2010: Morphey said he later told his girlfriend, brother and a neighbor. (www.washingtonpost.com)
01/21/2010: "He was a police officer," Morphey said. "I thought, 'What would be the point of calling 911?'"
01/21/2010: Morphey suffers from a bipolar disorder and has admitted to drinking too much as well as problems with drugs

01/21/2010: Thomas Morphey (Drew Peterson's Step-brother) (Media Excerpts)
01/21/2010: Prosecutors played video footage and witness interviews showing that both men at Starbucks, day of blue barrel incident.
01/21/2010: Morning of Saturday, Oct. 27, 2007, Peterson drove Morphey to an industrial park. (www.chicagotribune.com)
01/21/2010: Drew Peterson then told Morphey that Stacy was cheating on him and wanted a divorce
01/21/2010: Peterson to give Morphey $200 to rent a storage unit [Romeoville] under Morphey's name and store a container there.
01/21/2010: "I said, 'What about the smell?'" Morphey said. "He said (the container) would be airtight."
01/21/2010: Peterson said Morphey would check on the unit "from time to time to make sure there was no odor."
01/21/2010: Peterson would return in six months after the "smoke cleared" to take care of it. (www.chicagotribune.com)
01/21/2010: If something happened to Peterson, he told Morphey to "drop it in the canal." (www.chicagotribune.com)
01/21/2010: Drew said Stacy was cheating on him with two possible lovers, one of whom he wanted to frame for Stacy's murder.
01/21/2010: Peterson wanted Morphey to drive Stacy's car to Shorewood, where one of Stacy's men lived.
01/21/2010: Peterson wanted to leave the car there with the keys in the ashtray in an attempt to lead the cops there.
01/21/2010: Peterson said Stacy wanted him out in 4 days, seeking custody of their two children and Savio's two boys.
01/21/2010: "She wanted half his pension, which meant he had to work for the rest of his life," Morphey said.
01/21/2010: Morphey also told how Peterson dropped him off in a park with a cell phone for about an hour the night after Stacy was last
01/21/2010: Morphey said Peterson told him not to answer the phone when it rang.
01/21/2010: The phone rang twice, Morphey said, and both times the caller ID showed Stacy's name.

01/21/2010: Eric Peterson (Drew Peterson's estranged son) (Media Excerpts)
01/21/2010: Eric Peterson witnessed a 1993 incident when his father dragged his third wife, Kathleen Savio, into the house
01/21/2010: "She was screaming for help," Eric Peterson said. (abcnews.go.com)
01/21/2010: Eric Peterson also said Savio had been drunk at the time. "He [Drew] was pulling her down the stairs." (abcnews.go.com)
01/21/2010: Eric Peterson, who once spent weekends with Savio and Peterson, has been estranged from his father since 1993.
01/21/2010: Eric Peterson and his younger brother, Stephen Peterson, were visiting their father and Savio for the weekend
01/21/2010: when Drew hauled his wife through the front door by her hair. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/21/2010: Savio was shouting obscenities at her husband, begging the children to call the police.
01/21/2010: Eric Peterson said his father ordered his sons upstairs and pulled Savio down to the basement.
01/21/2010: He said the commotion downstairs sounded like a train ran through the house. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/21/2010: Eric Peterson said one of Savio's sisters and the police later showed up.
01/21/2010: The next morning, Eric said, there was no sign of Savio, but the house was strewn w/broken glass, overturned furniture.
01/21/2010: Eric Peterson said he has not spoken to his father since January 2003. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/21/2010: "I don't love him or hate him," Eric Peterson said of his father. "It's separate of emotion. It's indifference."

01/21/2010: Sgt. Patrick Collins (Retired Bolingbrook Police) (Media Excerpts)
01/21/2010: In his 22 years as a detective, Collins said he had never handled a homicide. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/21/2010: Collins plus 2 other LE decided about a half hour after showing up at Savio's house that her death was likely accidental.
01/21/2010: Sgt. Patrick Collins said Drew Peterson told the state police that he and Savio had an amiable relationship
01/21/2010: Peterson told Collins at the time of Savio's death, he did not stand to profit from her dying.
01/21/2010: "He [Drew] said basically he would gain nothing because during the divorce Kathy changed some of the paperwork."

Friday, January 22, 2010 (Day 3 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

01/22/2010: Sgt. Patrick Collins (Retired Bolingbrook Police) (Media Excerpts)
01/22/2010: Retired Sgt. Patrick Collins admitted there were numerous shortcomings in his investigation. (chicagobreakingnews.com)
01/22/2010: Patrick Collins: "I'm not going to beat myself up right now, you can second-guess anything."
01/22/2010: Patrick Collins: "Looking back now, everything could have been important."
01/22/2010: Patrick Collins: "But at that particular moment, I was looking for things that were more obvious."
01/22/2010: Crime scene technicia assessment colored his view of what happened because he had never investigated a murder before.
01/22/2010: Collins also admitted he broke with normal protocol and allowed Peterson to sit in on an interview with Stacy Peterson
01/22/2010: Drew asked for "professional courtesy" and sat about a foot away from Stacy while she was interviewed, Collins said.
01/22/2010: Collins said Drew answered one question to his then-wife about what he and Stacy had eaten for breakfast that day.
01/22/2010: Stacy Peterson gave Drew Peterson his principal alibi for his whereabouts in the days before Savio was discovered.
01/22/2010: Police interviewed Stacy Peterson for one hour on March 3, 2004. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
01/22/2010: Stacy said she and her husband had spent the weekend with the children. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
01/22/2010: Stacy said they had spent Saturday hanging around the house and had gone to the Shedd Aquarium Sunday.
01/22/2010: Stacy said the only time Peterson left was Sunday morning to get doughnuts. Savio was found the next day, a Monday.
01/22/2010: Patrick Collins also said he regretted not reaching out to any of Savio's family. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)

01/22/2010: Sgt. Patrick Collins (Retired Bolingbrook Police) (Media Excerpts)
01/22/2010: Collins admitted: Not examining or saving a glass of orange juice in the kitchen or a cup in the microwave.
01/22/2010: Collins admitted: Not specifically asking about the position of Savio's body in the bathtub.
01/22/2010: Collins admitted: Not asking if the people who had discovered her had touched the body.
01/22/2010: Among the potential evidence crime technicians failed to collect: the clothes she had been wearing that day
01/22/2010: Collins admitted: He also never interviewed members of Savio's family. (www.msnbc.msn.com)
01/22/2010: One of the things that led him to believe Savio's death was accidental was that he found no defensive wounds on her body.
01/22/2010: Collins never tried to verify gash Savio recieved on her head when it was suggested she accidentally hit back of tub.
01/22/2010: Collins also didn't attempt to account for why her body was slumped forward when investigators arrived.
01/22/2010: Collins didn't ask if anyone had touched or moved her body.
01/22/2010: Collins also said it never occurred to him that the scene in the bathroom might have been staged.
01/22/2010: Collins stopped short of admitting he was ever wrong but did say investigation could have been more thorough.
01/22/2010: Patrick Collins: "If I had to do certain things over, yes, I would," he said. (www.msnbc.msn.com)
01/22/2010: There was no forced entry to the home, no obvious defensive injuries on her body, nothing appeared missing or out of order.
01/22/2010: Collins said Drew Peterson was never a suspect. He said Stacy Peterson was very nervous and visibly shaking.
01/22/2010: Collins: "Drew was sitting next to her, very close, guarding her. (www.dailyherald.com)
01/22/2010: Collins: He was looking at her mouth, listening to the words she was repeating to us." (www.dailyherald.com)
01/22/2010: Police did not question Peterson's neighbors or double check his receipts and phone records to verify his whereabouts.
01/22/2010: They also didn't interview Savio's family, sons, or her attorney in the often volatile divorce.
01/22/2010: Stacy, who was 20 at the time had an 8-month-old son and was pregnant again.(www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/22/2010: The interview was conducted in the basement of Peterson's house, Stacy was emotional, broke down and started crying.
01/22/2010: Collins described himself as "naive" said he relied heavily on guidance of State Police crime scene technician Robert Deel
01/22/2010: Peterson's career as a police officer included time as an evidence technician, according to prosecutors.
01/22/2010: But Collins, who didn't interview any of Peterson's fellow officers, did not know that.

01/22/2010: Sharon Bychowski (Peterson's neighbor, Stacy's friend) (Media Excerpts)
01/22/2010: Bychowski said Drew appeared on her Bolingbrook doorstep acting "kind of crazy," insisting she follow him back home.
01/22/2010: I said, 'Oh my God, Drew! Is there something wrong with Stacy?'" "He said, very dramatically, 'Well, she left me.'"
01/22/2010: Bychowski was immediately suspicious she said Stacy, with whom she was close friends, would never leave her kids.
01/22/2010: Bychowski: "She would leave him, but not without her kids," who tearfully described Stacy as "the world's best mother."
01/22/2010: Bychowski said Drew Peterson told her he last spoke with Stacy that Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007
01/22/2010: Bychowski said Drew said Stacy left him for another man, took $25,000, some new clothes, titles to their house and a car.
01/22/2010: "If she was going to leave, I would have known," Bychowski said. (www.dailyherald.com)
01/22/2010: Bychowski testified she allowed Fox News' Greta Van Susteren to record interview in her home with Rick Mims
01/22/2010: After allowing Van Susteren to change in bedroom, Bychowski said that Mims' description of Stacy as unstable was a lie.
01/22/2010: Van Susteren's producer told Bychowski Mark Fuhrman was willing to advise her on keeping Stacy's name in the press.
01/22/2010: Bychowski and her husband met with Mark Fuhrman for about an hour at a Marriott hotel in Oak Brook
01/22/2010: Bychowski helped raise $18,000 to pay for airplane fuel, a boat and other expenses related to the search for Stacy Peterson

Saturday, January 23, 2010

01/23/2010: (www.suntimes.com): Jury duty for President Obama?
01/23/2010: Sneed's Column: Drew's Law? Quoth the Sneed reader: "They shouldn't make that 'Drew's Law.' (www.suntimes.com)
01/23/2010: They should make that 'Kathleen's Law.' Why honor him? To me it's an honor. He shouldn't have that honor."-- Lorraine R.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Monday, January 25, 2010 (Day 4 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

01/25/2010: Sharon Bychowski (Peterson's neighbor, Stacy's friend) (Media Excerpts)
01/25/2010: A week before Stacy disappeared, she told her Bychowski that her cop husband is "going to kill me." (www.suntimes.com)
01/25/2010: "If I disappear, Sharon, it's not an accident. He killed me," Stacy Peterson told Sharon Bychowski in 2007.
01/25/2010: A week before that, Sharon Bychowski saw Stacy Peterson crying outside the home, Stacy wanted Drew out.
01/25/2010: "She said Drew wouldn't go. He wouldn't leave," Bychowski testified. (www.suntimes.com)
01/25/2010: "She didn't love him anymore and having sex with him made her skin crawl." (www.suntimes.com)
01/25/2010: Bychowski testified Stacy Peterson said: "I packed 10 boxes of his. I want him to go and he won't go."
01/25/2010: Bychowski said she then saw the boxes sitting in the Petersons garage. (www.suntimes.com)
01/25/2010: Stacy Peterson then told her: "If I disappear, Sharon, It's not accident. He killed me," Bychowski testified.
01/25/2010: Bychowski, who began crying during her testimony, said she told Stacy to begin writing down her concerns.
01/25/2010: Stacy replied:"It doesn't matter. I'm already dead. He's going to kill me." (www.suntimes.com)
01/25/2010: Bychowski said Stacy never said anything about Savio's death or that she may have suspected Drew Peterson.
01/25/2010: Bychowski also testified that Stacy Peterson talked at length about her intention to divorce Peterson.
01/25/2010: Stacy told Bychowski that Drew bought her gifts, motorcycle, ring, breast enhancement to keep her.
01/25/2010: In 2006 and 2007 before she disappeared, Stacy got a tummy tuck, liposuction & breast implants. (chicagotribune.com)
01/25/2010: Stacy showed Bychowski a hole in the garage ceiling she said was made when Drew fired a gun thru the bedroom floor.

01/25/2010: Sharon Bychowski (Peterson's neighbor, Stacy's friend) (Media Excerpts)
01/25/2010: Rescueapet from (petersonstory.wordpress.com) attended hearing and took notes:
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: Drew Peterson is wearing a suit in court. He stood and scanned the whole courtroom before taking a seat.
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: George Lenard was doing the cross examination of Sharon. He asked her if she disliked Drew Peterson
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: Sharon Bychowski said she disliked what she believes Drew did to Stacy.
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: George Lenard asked her about an incidence of playing loud music on an ipod, the song “Bad Boys”
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: Bychowski answered that there was music being played and that was one of the songs among others.
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: George Lenard asked Bychowski if Stacy trusted her to talk to her about her menstrual cycle.
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: Bychowski assumed Stacy trusted her but he's asking her to say what Stacy thought, she couldn’t do that.
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: She was asked if she had any contracts for books or any other sort of media contract. She replied she did not.
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: She stated that when Joe Hosey interviewed her but she didn't know it would be used in a book.
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: She was questioned about Avon a lot. He asked “Hasn’t this been good for Avon?”
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: Stacy did some Avon work for Sharon, LE did contact her to make sure Stacy wasn't on an Avon errand.
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: Sharon was questioned about the incident of Greta Van Susteren changing clothes in her bathroom.
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: George Lenard asked, “Did Greta being in your house make you feel special?”
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: Sharon replied that since this all began “nothing makes me feel special”.
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: Sharon testified that the search boat is in storage in Ottowa, it will be donated to a missing persons group.
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: George Lenard asked Sharon about what Stacy had told her about her mother (Christie Cales).
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: Sharon said Stacy said her mother left for church one day, never came home and that she loved her mother.
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: Sharon said Stacy told her money withdrawn week before she disappeared was to pay off a motorcycle loan.
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: Sharon told George Lenard that Stacy was interested in the safety of all the children.
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: George Lenard said, “Stacy was a flirt, wasn’t she?” To which Sharon answered that Stacy was outgoing

01/25/2010: Bruce Zidarich (Friend of Stacy Peterson) (Media Excerpts)
01/25/2010: Rescueapet: Bruce Zidarich’s testimony confirmed paint date, text messages between Stacy and Bruce from 10/27/07
01/25/2010: Bruce Zidarich is former boyfriend of Stacy's sister Cassandra Cales. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/25/2010: Bruce Zidarich revealed Stacy's alleged plot to make her husband "stop loving her." (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/25/2010: Bruce Zidarich said Stacy poke of having sex with another man in front of Drew to make him stop loving her
01/25/2010: Bruce Zidarich said Drew installed a satellite GPS tracking system in her cell phone to monitor her movements by computer
01/25/2010: Zidarich: "She said she didn't want anything — she wanted out." (www.chicagotribune.com)
01/25/2010: But Stacy said Drew, who had been tracking her whereabouts with a GPS system on her cell phone, wouldn't let her go
01/25/2010: Zidarich said he was increasingly worried about Stacy's safety. (www.chicagotribune.com)
01/25/2010: Zidarich recalled a July 2007 incident when Peterson came to his Yorkville home looking for Stacy, who had left
01/25/2010: Peterson asked to see a computer, and Zidarich said he took him to his home office.
01/25/2010: "He showed us how he had all the phones on GPS," Zidarich said. Peterson showed him where Stacy was on the map
01/25/2010: On Oct. 27, the day before Stacy vanished, Zidarich talked to Stacy about her increasing desperation to leave Peterson
01/25/2010: They exchanged a series of text messages just after midnight, where Zidarich suggested they meet for coffee.
01/25/2010: Stacy asked if they could "go to breakfast in the morning w/my babies instead" because it had been a long day.
01/25/2010: Zidarich spoke to Stacy by phone later that morning 10/28/2007 about helping him repaint inside his Yorkville rental home.
01/25/2010: Stacy never responded to Zidarich's 4:30 p.m. text message — "Whatcha doin 2marrow?" (www.chicagotribune.com)
01/25/2010: Zidarich said he and Cassandra Cales drove past the Petersons' home, spotting both of their cars in the driveway
01/25/2010: Zidarich called Drew about 2:25 a.m. Drew told him that Stacy had taken $25,000 and gone to Jamaica with her boyfriend.
01/25/2010: Zidarich said he didn’t believe Stacy would vanish without taking her two children or her two stepchildren.
01/25/2010: “I don’t think she’d leave — not without her kids,” Zidarich said. (www.suntimes.com)

01/25/2010: Nick Gatto (Meijer Grocery Manager) (Media Excerpts)

01/25/2010: Jacquelyn Torrez (Peterson Neighbor) (Media Excerpts)
01/25/2010: Jacqueline Torrez testified on day Stacy Peterson disappeared, she saw a man on her street wearing a hooded sweatshirt.
01/25/2010: Torrez said he looked as though he was confused, had no purpose, with look in his eyes like he just killed someone.
01/25/2010: Jacqueline Torrez later learned that person was Drew Peterson. (abclocal.go.com)
01/25/2010: Jacqueline Torrez seen him about a mile from Peterson's home on Pheasant Chase Court. (abclocal.go.com)
01/25/2010: Jacqueline Torrez said the man she saw was walking on Cranberry Street in Bolingbrook. (abclocal.go.com)
01/25/2010: She said she was sure he was Peterson because both have "fish eyes," a "broad nose" and a mustache.
01/25/2010: Jacquelyn Torrez said she was aware of more helicopters than usual around her house.
01/25/2010: Jacquelyn Torrez said the helicopters bothered her daughter and her dog. She called them a "nuisance."
01/25/2010: Torrez saw Peterson walking away from a car parked about a mile from Peterson's home around 6:30 p.m. on 10/28/2007

01/25/2010: Hector Torrez (Peterson Neighbor) (Media Excerpts)
01/25/2010: The man so alarmed Torrez's husband, Hector Torrez, that he called the police to report a suspicious person.

01/25/2010: Penny Skogh (Picked up Thomas Peterson) (Media Excerpts)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 (Day 5 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

01/26/2010: (www.suntimes.com): Judge: Minister can reveal talks with Stacy Peterson at trial
01/26/2010: Will County judge says a Bolingbrook minister can reveal conversations he had at a coffee shop with Stacy Peterson 2007.
01/26/2010: Schori can't reveal conversations he had with Drew and Stacy Peterson at their home or conversations he had with Drew.
01/26/2010: Defense attorneys say communications are privileged, prosecutors say they aren't because church is nondenominational.
01/26/2010: Minister Neil Schori [Westbrook Christian Church in Bolingbrook] provided marriage counseling to Drew and Stacy Peterson
01/26/2010: When Pastor Schori counseled Stacy Peterson alone, it was usually at a local Caribou Coffee shop
01/26/2010: When he counseled both Stacy and Drew Peterson together, he did it at their house.
01/26/2010: Defense attorneys say all of Schori's testimony should be barred due to marital privilege.

01/26/2010: Neil Schori (Church Pastor) (SEE Friday, January 29, 2010 (Day 8)

01/26/2010: Candace Aikin (Stacy Peterson's Aunt) (Media Excerpts)
01/26/2010: "I wish Drew would hit me so I could get out," she told her aunt Candace Aikin in early October 2007. "I feel stuck."
01/26/2010: Aikin testified that Stacy wanted to leave, but she did not know how she could support her children if she divorced.
01/26/2010: Stacy told Aikin Drew stole Savio's garage door opener to go to her house to swipe her wedding ring
01/26/2010: Stacy told Aikin this was shortly before Savio was found dead in her bathtub in March 2004. (www.wgntv.com)
01/26/2010: Stacy told Aikin Drew broke into Savio's car to steal her garage opener (www.myfoxtwincities.com)
01/26/2010: Aikin also recounted a January 2007 visit that the Petersons paid to her California home.
01/26/2010: Aikin said Drew and Stacy fought so much that she asked them if they wanted to be married anymore.
01/26/2010: When both said they did, she encouraged them to "hold each other and ask forgiveness." (www.wgntv.com)
01/26/2010: "Please forgive me for burdening you with my past," Aikin recalled Drew saying. (www.wgntv.com)
01/26/2010: Candace Aikin said that Drew bragged Jan 2007 he could kill someone and "make it look like an accident."
01/26/2010: She said Stacy Peterson heard that and replied, "Not with this chick you don't." (abcnews.go.com)
01/26/2010: Aikin said Stacy told her Drew would follow her from room to room while she was speaking on the phone.
01/26/2010: Stacy had been drinking more and was on antidepressants, her aunt said. (www.chicagotribune.com)
01/26/2010: Aikin said Stacy complained of trouble sleeping because Peterson kept waking her to ask if she had been cheating on him.

01/26/2010: Donna Badalamenti (Friend of Stacy) (Media Excerpts)
01/26/2010: Donna Badalamenti is a friend of Stacy's Aunt Candace Aikin and says she's known Stacy Peterson for years.
01/26/2010: At a family event in 2003 Drew said he'd kill himself if his marriage didn't work out. (abcnews.go.com)
01/26/2010: Badalamenti told Drew Peterson not to say that, and she said he responded, "Then I'll kill her."
01/26/2010: Badalamenti went on to tell how Peterson showed off a set of lock picks he was carrying. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/26/2010: Peterson bragged that he had another set [lock picks] and still one more on order. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/26/2010: "He said he used them [lock picks] with his work," said Badalamenti. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/26/2010: Badalamenti, who noted that when Peterson spoke of killing Stacy, "he kind of laughed, but it was a chilling laugh."

01/26/2010: Sheryl Alcox (Tom Morphey's fiancee) (Media Excerpts)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 (Day 6 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

01/27/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Peterson convinced Stacy was cheating
01/27/2010: It was announced that Pastor Neil Schori's testimony has been postponed until Friday. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/27/2010: State's Attorney James Glasgow's illness. Glasgow is under a doctor's care but expects to return Thursday.

01/27/2010: Dr. Vinod Motiani (Kathleen Savio's Doctor) (Media Excerpts)
01/27/2010: Dr. Vinod Motiani, who testified that there was nothing in Savio's medical records that indicated she was prone to falling.
01/27/2010: Motiani said his records indicated Savio complained of dizziness and shortness of breath. (www.suntimes.com)
01/27/2010: Dr. Vinod Motiani testified that Savio was taking a variety of medication and had complained of numbness to the feet.
01/27/2010: Dr. Vinod Motiani said Savio was not more prone than a normal person to slip and fall.
01/27/2010: He also read a note in his files from another physician that said "she feels very unsteady in her gait."

01/27/2010: Patrick Callaghan (ISP Special Agent) (Media Excerpts)
01/27/2010: Patrick Callaghan said Drew Peterson told him that he was convinced that his wife was being unfaithful.
01/27/2010: Callaghan said Drew repeatedly brought up the "great sex" he had with Stacy. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/27/2010: Drew also said he suspected Stacy was "screwing around on him," Callaghan testified.
01/27/2010: Drew accused a fellow officer and one of Stacy's ex-boyfriends of trying to get with his "hot 23-year-old" wife
01/27/2010: State police special agent Callaghan said Drew Peterson said he and Stacy Peterson had been having marital problems.
01/27/2010: Callaghan says Drew Peterson believed she left him for another man. (www.kwqc.com)
01/27/2010: Callaghan also noted that when Drew Peterson talked about his wife, it was in the past tense. (www.kwqc.com)
01/24/2010: Patrick Callaghan said Peterson only would allow one of three investigators into his Bolingbrook home on Oct. 29, 2007
01/24/2010: Peterson insisted on accompanying that investigator, wouldn't allow him to open drawers, only to vrify Stacy wasn't there.
01/24/2010: Peterson also refused to sign a form allowing investigators to search his two vehicles except to open trunk of one.
01/27/2010: Callaghan said Peterson wouldn't let police examine the other car at all. (www.wgntv.com)
01/27/2010: The one Drew said Stacy had said to him the night before in a telephone conversation she had taken to Clow Airport.
01/27/2010: In that call, Peterson told police, Stacy said she was tired of her life and wasn't coming back.
01/27/2010: After receiving that call about 9:30 p.m. on the 28th, Peterson told police he drove around for a while.
01/27/2010: Then walked to the nearby airport and retrieved Stacy's car. He said he found the car unlocked with keys on the floorboard.
01/27/2010: Callaghan said Peterson bragged to investigators about his sex life with Stacy, even though he hadn't be asked about that.
01/27/2010: Callaghan also said Drew Peterson never said he was with his stepbrother Thomas Morphey that night 11/28/2007.
01/27/2010: Callaghan: "He stated she was a hot 23-year-old girl, "He stated she was a good mother. Again, using 'was,' past tense."

01/27/2010: Richard Treese (Bolingbrook Police Officer) (Media Excerpts)
01/27/2010: Richard Treece: “He said he’d be better off if that (expletive) was dead,” Treece recalled. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/27/2010: Peterson’s attorneys, Joel Brodsky, got Treece to confirm that Peterson was a “practical jokester.”
01/27/2010: “He [Peterson] put a live goose in a squad car one time,” Treece said of Peterson’s penchant for gags.

01/27/2010: Steven Clark (Starbucks Barista) (Media Excerpts)

01/27/2010: Susan McCauley (Ex-Lover of Drew Peterson) (Media Excerpts)
01/27/2010: Susan McCauley worked at Peterson's bar [Sud’s Pub] for both Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio in 1997.
01/27/2010: Susan McCauley had a 9 month affair when Drew Peterson was married to Kathleen Savio.
01/27/2010: She asked him about getting a divorce, Peterson said he'd never get a divorce, he didn't want Savio to get half his pension.
01/27/2010: McCauley recalled visit to home of Daniel Harrison, a friend of Peterson, early 2008 (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/27/2010: Peterson told Susan McCauley “he had some business to take care of, that we’re on the ‘street death squad.”
01/27/2010: McCauley testified that Peterson told her “if we ever need anyone taken care of, that they could take care of them.”
01/27/2010: McCauley broke it off with Peterson when she suspected him having sex with someone other than his wife.
01/27/2010: “I honestly thought he was cheating on me,” McCauley said. “He obviously was with his track record.”
01/27/2010: After their split, McCauley ran into Peterson in a Bolingbrook bowling alley few weeks after Savio's death
01/27/2010: McCauley asked about the two sons he had with Savio. She said Peterson told her, “They’ll be fine. She was crazy.”
01/27/2010: McCauley said she told Peterson he was lucky, he was now off the hook for child support, surrendering his assets.

01/27/2010: Elizabeth Fragale (Ex-Will Co Asst State Attorney) Testified (Excerpts from media articles)
01/27/2010: Elizabeth Fragale (FRUH'-gaw-lee) testified she does remember meeting Savio in 2002. (www.fox2now.com)
01/27/2010: Fragale said Savio pleaded with Fragale to dismiss domestic violence charges against her. Savio was later acquitted.
01/27/2010: At the same meeting, Fragale says she remembers Savio saying former police officer Drew Peterson was abusive.
01/27/2010: Fragale said she told Savio to talk to Illinois State Police and get an order of protection. (www.fox2now.com)

Thursday, January 28, 2010 (Day 7 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

01/28/2010: Cassandra Cales (Stacy Peterson's Sister) (Media Excerpts)
01/28/2010: Cales said Stacy feared for her life and would never leave her children. (abclocal.go.com)
01/28/2010: Cales said when she called Drew 11 pm looking for Stacy, Drew told her Stacy had left him
01/28/2010: Cales said Drew said Stacy took $25,000 from a safe, the car titles, and the keys to the house.
01/28/2010: He allegedly said, "one minute we're having wild passionate sex and the next thing she wants to leave like your mother."
01/28/2010: Cassandra Cales recalled how Stacy talked of divorcing Drew on 10/26/2007 less than 48 hours she vanished.
01/28/2010: Cales said as they sat in the master bedroom of Peterson's home, Stacy told Cales she was taking kids, leaving Drew.
01/28/2010: "I told her I was scared. Everything that happened to his ex-wife is kind of weird," Cales said.
01/28/2010: "She looked at me with a blank face and said she feared for her life.
01/28/2010: She said if anything ever happened to her, Drew did something to her." (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
01/28/2010: Stacy worried that Drew would fight for the older boys. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
01/28/2010: Cales testified she last saw her sister on Oct. 27, the night before she disappeared.
01/28/2010: Cales and a friend joined Stacy and the kids for dinner before settling in the basement to watch a movie.
01/28/2010: Stacy didn't show up to help Cales paint her home the next day. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)

01/28/2010: Cassandra Cales (Stacy Peterson's Sister) (Media Excerpts)
01/28/2010: Cales said she began calling and texting her sister but got no response. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
01/28/2010: Cales contacted the Downers Grove police around 11:30 p.m. to report her sister's disappearance.
01/28/2010: She testified she did not call Bolingbrook authorities for help because Drew Peterson worked there.
01/28/2010: The same doubts prevented Cales from going to LE immediately after Stacy expressed concerns about her safety, she said.
01/28/2010: "Drew is the police," she said. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
01/28/2010: Cales: “She didn’t want any of his money. She just wanted her kids; to get away from him and get a restraining order.”
01/28/2010: The two hung out the next night, too. Cales read their last text exchange, shortly after 1:30 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007
01/28/2010: Stacy wrote: "I’ll call you if I can’t sleep, but I’m going to try now. Good Night. Sweet Dreams.” Cales responded: “Ditto.”
01/28/2010: Cales said Stacy bought a new cell phone about one to two weeks before she disappeared
01/28/2010: Because Drew Peterson had been checking her bill, then calling phone numbers to check up on her.
01/28/2010: Cales said Peterson also didn’t want Stacy to have any friends and, once in front her, pushed Stacy against some furniture.
01/28/2010: George Lenard got Cales to admit a depressed Stacy had spoken of her desire to start a new life
01/28/2010: and was reconnecting with old male friends, and knew she lacked the financial means to take care of her children alone.
01/28/2010: Still, Cales said, Stacy would never leave without her children. (chicagopressrelease.com)

01/28/2010: Jeffrey Pachter (Ex-Co-Worker of Drew Peterson, Hitman Contact) (Media xcerpts)
01/28/2010: Jeffrey Pachter (former co-worker) testified that Peterson offered him money to kill Kathleen Savio.
01/28/2010: Drew Peterson invited him for a ride in his police car, then offered him $25,000 to kill ex-wife Kathleen Savio
01/28/2010: Jeffrey Pachter said during a ride with Drew, "Drew asked me if I knew anyone who could take care of his third wife."
01/28/2010: Jeffrey Pachter said he said he simply replied, "OK." (abclocal.go.com)
01/28/2010: Jeffrey Pachter said six months later in July 2004 Pachter called Drew to see how his current wife Stacy and son were.
01/28/2010: Drew allegedly said, "by the way, the favor that I asked I don't need it anymore because Kathleen passed away."
01/28/2010: Drew added that Savio fell in a bathtub and hit her head. (abclocal.go.com)
01/28/2010: Joel Brodsky: "It that's a hitman, that's got to be the most worst choice of a hitman in history of the world."
01/28/2010: Peterson's defense characterized Pachter, a convicted sex offender, as an unethical and degenerate gambler
01/28/2010: Peterson's defense said Pachter made up the story because Drew wouldn't loan him $1,000 to clear up his debt to a bookie.
01/28/2010: Jeffrey Pachter, 35, said the offer came up in the winter of 2003. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
01/28/2010: They knew each other because they worked for subcontractors for the same Downers Grove cable company.
01/28/2010: Peterson said he wanted his third wife "taken care of," and offered him $25,000 to find someone to kill her.
01/28/2010: Peterson said he asked Pachter because he worked on the east side of Joliet, there was gang and drug activity.
01/28/2010: Pachter also testified that Peterson wanted to know when it was going to happen so he could have an alibi.
01/28/2010: Peterson had told Pachter that he thought Savio "had something on him" and that he might lose his job if she told
01/28/2010: Under questioning from the defense, Pachter said Peterson never told him his wife's name, what she looked like.
01/28/2010: Pachter also said Peterson never told him where she lived and admitted he didn't take the offer seriously at the time.
01/28/2010: Pachter is a convicted sex offender who acknowledged he owed his bookie $1,000 at the time and had marital problems
01/28/2010: Prosecutors suggested Pachter wouldn't be the kind of person who authorities would believe over the word of a police officer.
01/28/2010: Joel Brodsky called Pachter’s testimony “ridiculous,” saying Peterson barely knew the cable nstaller. (www.suntimes.com)
01/28/2010: Joel Brodsky: “Drew knew this guy for like 10 minutes and asked him to be a hitman? It’s ridiculous.”
01/28/2010: Jeffrey Pachter says he did talk to William Green about the offer. (www.suntimes.com)

01/28/2010: Keith Rosetto (Stacy Peterson's ex-boyfriend) Testified (Excerpts from media articles)

01/28/2010: (petersonstory.wordpress.com): Hearing snippits
01/28/2010: Herald-News reporter, Joseph Hosey, tweeted that Jeffrey Pachter, of Braidwood, testified today
01/28/2010: Jeffrey Pachter said Drew Peterson asked him to find someone from the Hill neighborhood on Joliet’s east side to kill Savio.
01/28/2010: He said, “He asked me because of the area that I worked (in) if I knew anyone who could have his ex-wife taken care of.”
01/28/2010: Fox’s Craig Wall tweeted that Peterson “wanted to know when to set up alibi.”
01/28/2010: Pachter says he called Drew in July of 2004 and Peterson told him, “The favor I asked you to do — I don’t need it anymore.” 01/28/2010: 2:45pm – Court is over for the day

Friday, January 29, 2010 (Day 8 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

01/29/2010: Reverend Neil Schori (Church Pastor) (Media Excerpts)
01/29/2010: Rev. Neil Schori is now lead pastor at Naperville Christian Church, but was at Westbrook Christian Church in Bolingbrook
01/29/2010: Pastor Schori said Stacy made the confession Aug. 31, 2007, after the two met at Bolingbrook Caribou Coffee shop.
01/29/2010: Rev. Neil Schori testified Stacy told him the night before her husband's ex-wife was found dead, Drew had disappeared.
01/29/2010: Pastor Schori said Stacy told him Drew turn up later dressed in black and carrying a bag of women's clothes.
01/29/2010: "She was scared of the control Drew had on her life. She was scared to be with him and scared to be away from him."
01/29/2010: Stacy told Pastor Schori the night before Savio's body was found, she had fallen asleep with Drew Peterson
01/29/2010: Stacy told Pastor Schori she woke up in the middle of the night to discover her husband was gone.
01/29/2010: Stacy told Pastor Schori she searched the house and called Drew's cell phone without an answer.
01/29/2010: Stacy told Pastor Schori she didn't see her husband until later in the laundry room, Schori said.
01/29/2010: She said Drew dumped clothes he was wearing, and women's clothing from a bag he was carrying, in the washing machine.
01/29/2010: Stacy told Pastor Schori the woman's clothes were not hers. (www.washingtonpost.com)
01/29/2010: Pastor Schori said he didn't tell police because Stacy Peterson asked him not to.
01/29/2010: Stacy told Schori, "It won't do any good. You can't get away from the police when your husband is a police officer."
01/29/2010: Pastor Schori told him her husband Drew urged her to lie when LE asked her about the death of his third wife.
01/29/2010: Stacy told Pastor Schori had advised her for hours on giving an alibi for him for Kathleen Savio's death.
01/29/2010: Stacy admitted providing a false alibi for her husband after he coached her how to lie to police.
01/29/2010: "It never went very far," Schori said Stacy told him of the police probe. "The police didn't go very far looking at him."
01/29/2010: After his talk with Stacy, Schori said, he had a voice-mail message waiting for him back at work from Drew Peterson.
01/29/2010: Drew's voice mail to Schori: "I know you were just meeting with Stacy. I haven't seen you in a while."
01/29/2010: Drew's voice mail to Schori: "I thought maybe we could get together today and go for a ride in my plane."
01/29/2010: State's Attorney James Glasgow asked Schori "Did you think that was a good idea?" "Certainly not," Schori responded.

01/29/2010: Reverend Neil Schori (Church Pastor) (Media Excerpts)
01/29/2010: Pastor Schori said Stacy planned to stay faithful, Stacy still wanted out of her marriage.
01/29/2010: "She said that he made it clear that she would never get away from him, that she would never be with someone else."
01/29/2010: "She was very clearly scared," said the preacher, who then made the reason for Stacy's fear quite apparent.
01/29/2010: Pastor Schori said he "immediately" tried to contact police after Stacy Peterson's disappearance.
01/29/2010: Pastor Schori said he made numerous attempts to contact state police but they failed to return his calls.
01/29/2010: Schori went to the District 5 state police headquarters, but still could not get anyone to take the time to talk to him.
01/29/2010: Schori happened to be on grand jury duty at the time. Sgt. Patrick Collins was called before the grand jury as witness.
01/29/2010: It was only then, Schori said, that he was able to get someone to listen to him. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/29/2010: Defense attorney Andrew Abood asked Schori whether he went on Van Susteren's show to attract members to the church
01/29/2010: Pastor Schori said this was not the case. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)

01/29/2010: Scott Rosetto (Friend of Stacy) (Media Excerpts)
01/29/2010: Scott Rosetto, a nurse and twin brother to Stacy Cales Peterson's High School sweetheart, Keith Rosetto in 2001.
01/29/2010: Rosetto and Stacy were sitting on a couch at his Shorewood home 10/26/2007, two days before she vanished
01/29/2010: Stacy Peterson told Rosetto she had contacted a divorce lawyer and was ready to leave her husband.
01/29/2010: "The night Kathleen Savio died, he came home very, very late at night," Rossetto said Stacy told him.
01/29/2010: Stacy said "He was dressed in black," Rossetto said. "He said, 'If anybody asks, I was at home.'"
01/29/2010: Stacy's friend, Scott Rosetto, who also testified Friday, said Stacy confessed to him that it was a false alibi.
01/29/2010: Stacy told Rosetto, Drew came home really, really late, all dressed in black. (www.washingtonpost.com)
01/29/2010: She said she was eager to break free of Peterson's control and was reconnecting with old friends.
01/29/2010: She said she was looking into attending nursing school and wanted to get a job. (www.washingtonpost.com)
01/29/2010: Defense attorney George Lenard got Rosetto to admit Stacy tried to kiss him after telling him her secret.
01/29/2010: "She wanted a deep kiss, probably with a tongue," said Rossetto, who claimed to put a stop to this
01/29/2010: Scott Rosetto said he had no interest in a relationship with Stacy. www.suburbanchicagonews.com0
01/29/2010: "I wouldn't date somebody who's already dated my brother and my best friend," he said.
01/29/2010: Scott Rosetto described Stacy as a big flirt, but said he did not return her sexual advances.
01/29/2010: Scott Rosetto, a nurse is now a captain in the Army and stationed in Germany. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
01/29/2010: Pressed by defense attorneys, Rossetto acknowledged that Stacy had grown increasingly flirtatious with him.
01/29/2010: Rossetto acknowledged Stacy sending sexually suggestive text messages to him. (www.suntimes.com)
01/29/2010: Peterson’s attorneys dismissed the testimony claiming Rosetto made differnet testimony to a Will County grand jury.

01/29/2010: Dr. Gene Neri (Kathleen's Neurologist) (Media Excerpts)
01/29/2010: Dr. Gene Neri testified that he had diagnosed her with cervical vertigo (www.foxnews.com)
01/29/2010: Dr. Neri said "In 30 years of treating (patients) I haven't had a single person fall as a result of cervical vertigo."
01/29/2010: Dr. Neri said, in fact, he said that's because people with this particular kind of vertigo are extremely careful.

01/29/2010: Dominick DiFrancisco (Kathleen Savio's Neighbor) (Media Excerpts)
01/29/2010: Dominic DiFrancisco lived in Mary Pontarelli house at the time Kathleen died. (petersonstory.wordpress.com)
01/29/2010: Dominic DiFrancisco testified he saw Kathleen’s bedroom light on at 2am. night she died.
01/29/2010: Dominic DiFrancisco said that he was not questioned by ISP after Kathleen was found dead.

01/29/2010: Christopher Wolzen (Locksmith) (Media Excerpts)
01/29/2010: Christopher Wolzen, Larry’s Lock Service, 550 N Frontage Rd East, Bolingbrook, IL 60440 (petersonstory.wordpress.com)
01/29/2010: Chris Wolzen is the night guy at Larry’s Lock Service but it is owned by someone named Bob.
01/29/2010: Chris got the call from Drew, who asked for Bob’s cell phone number.
01/29/2010: Wolzen couldn't testify if Drew reached "Bob" or if "Bob" went to Savio's house that night or not.
01/29/2010: (petersonstory.wordpress.com): This could be “Bob”. He and Chris Wolzen share the same business address:
01/29/2010: Robert Akin Jr, CRLM, Larry’s Mobile Lock Service, 550 N Frontage Rd East, Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Saturday, January 30, 2010

01/30/2010: (www.chicagotribune.com): Stacy Peterson's brother agonizes through trial
01/30/2010: Yelton Cales gave his first interview since his sister, Stacy Peterson disappeared 10/28/2007. (www.chicagotribune.com)
01/30/2010: Yelton Cales said listening to testimony stir up good memories of his sister
01/30/2010: Like the time she painted, decorated his room, leaving stacks of Diet Pepsi (his favorite) in the closet as a surprise.
01/30/2010: Or hearing descriptions of his sister by witnesses as friendly, outgoing — or "bouncy."
01/30/2010: "It hurts," said Cales, 30, describing the pain as a punch in the gut. "There's no closure." (www.chicagotribune.com)
01/30/2010: Cales is one of the few family members allowed to sit in court and watch the case unfold.
01/30/2010: Cales sex-offense history has been invoked repeatedly by Peterson's attorneys in attempt to undermine state's witnesses.
01/30/2010: Peterson's attorneys have suggested that Cales molested Stacy Peterson, who is four years younger than him.
01/30/2010: "They're trying to irritate me," said Cales, who was freed from prison in June.
01/30/2010: After serving nearly three years for aggravated criminal sexual assault. (www.chicagotribune.com)
01/30/2010: Cales is a registered sex-offender for crimes against a 16-year-old girl in 2005.
01/30/2010: Other prison stints were for domestic battery and possession of a motor vehicle.
01/30/2010: Cales learned of his sister's disappearance while he was in prison. The guards took him to an isolation cell.
01/30/2010: "I said, 'He killed her,' "Cales recalled. "[The counselor] said that she was missing, so I repeated: 'He killed her.' "
01/30/2010: "I met him [Drew] before they started dating," Cales said. "Stacy worked at Springhill Suites in Bolingbrook."
01/30/2010: But Drew Peterson's possessiveness of Stacy Peterson scared and angered Cales. During one July 2007 incident.
01/30/2010: Peterson showed how he could track his wife by GPS on her cell phone.
01/30/2010: "He said it smug, with his little chuckle," Cales said. "I was like, 'Are you serious?' Drew said, 'Yeah.' "

Sunday, January 31, 2010


February 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010 (Day 9 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli (Kathleen Savio Neighbor) (Media Excerpts)
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli, 19, said he was 14 at the time of Savio's death in 2004. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/01/2010: "Kathy was like a second mom to me,'' said Pontarelli, dressed in a blue oxford shirt and tie.
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli testified Savio was terrified of Drew Peterson in the months before she was found dead.
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli said Savio had placed a deadbolt lock on her bedroom door and a second deadbolt lock on the front door
02/01/2010: He said but Savio believed Peterson had drilled a hole over the deadbolt in her bedroom.
02/01/2010: Savio showed him a black box connected to telephone in basement bedroom that Drew used before he moved out
02/01/2010: Savio showed him a stack of tapes she said were of conversations she believed Peterson had recorded.
02/01/2010: Savio played two of the tapes, Pontarelli testified.
02/01/2010: Savio showed him a hole leading from a garage to her home that Peterson used to climb through to get into the home.
02/01/2010: Savio had Nick Pontarelli take a picture of the hole so she could use it during the divorce proceedings.
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli said he last saw Savio shortly before her body was found in March of 2004
02/01/2010: He went to Savio's for lunch 02/28/2004. She was afraid, the divorce settlement was coming, she wanted to move.
02/01/2010: That evening, as he was driving back to his home with his family, he noticed a light on in her bedroom.
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli said said he tried to call her the next day to offer her pasta from his family.
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli even went and rang her doorbell but go no answer. She was found dead the next day in her bathtub.
02/01/2010: Pontarelli said Savio was considering suing the Bolingbrook police department, where Peterson was working at the time.
02/01/2010: "She didn't feel law enforcement helped her as much as they could," said Pontarelli. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli testified Monday that Savio told him Peterson once put a knife to her throat (www.suntimes.com)

02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli (Kathleen Savio Neighbor) (Media Excerpts)
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli testified Savio said Drew broke into Savio's house, planted recording devices.
02/01/2010: Pontarelli says Kathleen Savio was afraid of Drew Peterson.
02/01/2010: "She said if anything ever happened to her it wasn't an accident," Nick Pontarelli told Judge Stephen White.
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli told of Stacy driving by Savio's home and giving her the finger. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
02/01/2010: That same day in May 2002, Savio was charged with battery for allegedly punching Stacy in the face.
02/01/2010: The way Nick Pontarelli told it, Stacy was videotaping Savio with a camera supposedly stolen from Savio's home.
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli said during a confrontation, Stacy called out that Savio struck her.
02/01/2010: Peterson threw Savio to the ground, twisted her arm behind her back, pushed her face into the grass.
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli testified. Peterson also warned away those who tried to intervene, he said.
02/01/2010: "Every time anyone would approach, we were told it was police business," said Nick Pontarelli
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli said after Drew moved out he install a new lock and deadbolt on the home's front door.
02/01/2010: His father installed a deadbolt on Savio's bedroom door at her request after she said items were missing from the room.
02/01/2010: In late 2003, Nick Pontarelli said, he took photos of damage inside Savio's home that she said was caused by Peterson.
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli photos included a drilled hole and scratches above the deadbolt on the bedroom door.
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli photos included repairs from a large hole cut into the drywall of the garage
02/01/2010: Drew Peterson has admitted making to gain access inside the home. (www.chicagotribune.com)
02/01/2010: Pontarelli said Savio was planning to use the photos in the property dispute.
02/01/2010: Both photos were shown Monday in court. (www.dailyherald.com)
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli heard Savio stories that Drew held her hostage for a couple of hours.
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli said he talked to her afterward and that "she was crying, very upset."
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli said the day after Savio's body was discovered, he saw Drew Peterson, Stacy and one of Drew's adult sons
02/01/2010: They were at Kathleen's house loading the vehicle with items, including a bag of clothes. (abcnews.go.com)

02/01/2010: Mary Pontarelli (Kathleen Savio Neighbor) (Media Excerpts)
02/01/2010: Mary Pontarelli was pulled up in her car while Peterson was pinning Savio to the ground in May 2002
02/01/2010: "I said, 'Drew, how could you pin your wife down into the lawn in front of the whole neighborhood?'"
02/01/2010: Mary Pontarelli testified. "He said, 'Mary, don't come any closer. This is police business.'"
02/01/2010: Pontarellis all testified that Peterson called their home, asked them to go inside Savio's house while he waited outside.
02/01/2010: Steve Carcerano, another neighbor was the first to see Savio's body. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
02/01/2010: Mary Pontarelli was right behind and screamed when she caught a glimpse of her friend in the tub.
02/01/2010: Drew Peterson on their heels — then bounded up the stairs to the bathroom.
02/01/2010: "To me, it seemed like somebody placed her in there," Mary Pontarelli said of Savio's body.
02/01/2010: "Kathy was afraid," Mary Pontarelli said. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
02/01/2010: "It was after he had moved out that she said he was going to kill her one day and make it look like an accident."
02/01/2010: On the night of March 1, 2004, Mary Pontarelli ran screaming from the bathroom into Savio's adjoining bedroom.
02/01/2010: "I threw myself down and started hitting her bed with my fists," (www.chicagotribune.com)

02/01/2010: Mary Pontarelli (Kathleen Savio Neighbor) (Media Excerpts)
02/01/2010: Mary Pontarelli and Kathleen Savio were close since Christmas 1999 when Mary brought her new neighbor a poinsettia.
02/01/2010: Their families went on vacation and spent holidays together. (www.chicagotribune.com)
02/01/2010: Mary Pontarelli said she checked Savio's wrist for a pulse. (www.chicagotribune.com)
02/01/2010: She ran her hand through Savio's wet hair and noticed it wasn't pinned up like normal.
02/01/2010: She saw no towels, bathrobe or clothes. A rug Pontarelli remembered sitting next to the tub was gone.
02/01/2010: Mary, said she also thought it odd that Savio's long raven hair was down rather than up in her usual clip.
02/01/2010: The defense team noted, a towel and a robe are visible in police photos of the bathroom.
02/01/2010: Defense attorney Andrew Abood shrugged off the prosecution's theory that Peterson later added the items.
02/01/2010: "There would have been no time to set up a staged scene," said Abood. (www.dailyherald.com)
02/01/2010: Defense attorney Andrew Abood the Pontarellis didn't say anything negative against Peterson to LE until years later.
02/01/2010: Mary Pontarelli told the court that one day in 2001, Savio called her to say Peterson was trying to kill her.
02/01/2010: When Mary went outside, Savio ran out, shoved a letter she was trying to fax to an attorney down Pontarelli's blouse.
02/01/2010: Drew Peterson went to Mary Pontarelli asking about the letter. (www.chicagotribune.com)
02/01/2010: An anonymous writer told Savio that Peterson was having an affair with a girl named Stacy Yelton (Stacy Cales)
02/01/2010: "Protect yourself and your family," it said. Pontarelli told Peterson she didn't know about the letter.

02/01/2010: Thomas Pontarelli (Kathleen Savio Neighbor) (Media Excerpts)
02/01/2010: Nick Pontarelli's father Thomas Pontarelli testified next. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/01/2010: He was one of the four people who were in the home with Peterson when Savio's body was discovered.
02/01/2010: Besides Peterson, the four people were: Thomas, Mary and Nick Pontarelli and another neighbor.
02/01/2010: He said that he did not see any clothes, towels or rug in the bathroom in which Savio's body was found
02/01/2010: He said that when Peterson saw Savio's body, he took her pulse and asked, "What am I going to tell the children?"
02/01/2010: Peterson then told people to leave the bathroom because it might be a crime scene, he said.
02/01/2010: He was standing in hallway next to Drew when Peterson used his cellphone to call what Pontarelli believed was the police.
02/01/2010: Pontarelli said that one of the things Drew said to the person on the phone was that people would think Peterson did it.
02/01/2010: Thomas Pontarelli Peterson seemed genuinely emotional and that his voice appeared to crack, eyes seemed to tear.
02/01/2010: Thomas Pontarelli said he was struck by what wasn't in Savio's bathroom when he looked down at her body.
02/01/2010: "I said 'Look around, where's her clothes? Where's her towel?'" Pontarelli testified he said to Peterson and others.
02/01/2010: Thomas Pontarelli said he noticed there was no soap scum in the bathtub. (abcnews.go.com)
02/01/2010: Thomas Pontarelli said it widely known in the neighborhood that Peterson and Savio were in the midst of a bitter divorce.
02/01/2010: Peterson said he summoned a locksmith to the home because he hadn't been able to reach her by phone.
02/01/2010: Thomas Pontarelli also said Drew Peterson left a .38-caliber bullet nose-up in his family's driveway as a threat.
02/01/2010: Thomas Pontarelli said Peterson told him "any friend of (Savio's) was an enemy." (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)

02/01/2010: Louis Oleszkiewicz (Bolingbrook Paramedic) (Media Excerpts)
02/01/2010: Paramedic Louis Oleszkiewicz testified a towel shown in crime scene photos side the tub was not there when he arrived.
02/01/2010: Oleszkiewicz did not see a bathrobe, two towels shown in a photo, hung on inside of bathroom door. (Chicago Tribune)
02/01/2010: Two towels shown in a photo, hung on the inside of the bathroom door, which were not visible when the door was open.

02/01/2010: Robert Akin Jr. (Locksmith) (Media Excerpts)
02/01/2010: Witnesses testified that Savio always kept her front door and screen door locked when she was gone or inside her home.
02/01/2010: Robert Akin Jr. said only the front doorknob, one of three locks on the two doors was locked.(www.chicagotribune.com)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 (Day 10 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

02/02/2010: Steve Maniaci (Kathleen Savio's boyfriend) (Media Excerpts)
02/02/2010: Steve Maniaci (mahn-ee-AH'-chee) told LE Savio's ex-husband, Drew Peterson, might be involved. (www.suntimes.com)
02/02/2010: Maniaci said he told investigators that Peterson had cut a hole in a wall in Savio's house
02/02/2010: Maniaci said he told investigators that Savio was afraid of the former Bolingbrook police officer.
02/02/2010: Maniaci also said police assured him the Savio investigation would be handled as a homicide until it was proven otherwise.
02/02/2010: The night Savio's body was found, Peterson denied killing her or having any motive to. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/02/2010: Maniaci said he arrived at Savio's house after LE found her body the night of 03/01/2004, saw Peterson standing outside.
02/02/2010: He said he told Peterson, "I sure hope you didn't have anything to do with this," to which Peterson responded, "I didn't."
02/02/2010: Maniaci said he later told Peterson, "It sure worked out well for you Drew." (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/02/2010: Peterson responded, "She would have lost anyway," referring, Maniaci testified, to the divorce property settlement
02/02/2010: "She said Drew could kill her and would kill her," Maniaci said. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/02/2010: Maniaci said none of what he said to investigators found its way into the police report on Savio's death.
02/02/2010: Two nights before Savio's body was found, he saw no bruises on her elbow, finger or buttocks.
02/02/2010: Maniaci testified, like the bruises clearly visible on photographs shot of Savio after her death.
02/02/2010: Asked if he had seen scratches on her arms two nights before, Maniaci answered quietly, "No."
02/02/2010: Shown photo of Savio in bathtub with her hair down, Maniaci said she always put her long hair up when she took a bath.

02/02/2010: James B. Carroll (Drew Peterson's Uncle, Executor of Kathleen will) (Media Excerpts)

02/02/2010: Jacqueline Mitchem (Peterson Neighbor) (Media Excerpts)
02/02/2010: Jacqueline Mitchem, a neighbor of Drew Peterson and fourth wife Stacy (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
02/02/2010: Mitchem said Peterson appeared distracted and preoccupied the afternoon of Sunday, Feb. 29, 2004.
02/02/2010: It was the only time she saw Peterson behave that way. It was the night after prosecutor's allege Peterson killed Savio.
02/02/2010: Mitchem said the state police never spoke to her or any of Drew and Stacy's other neighbors after Savio was found dead.

02/02/2010: Susan Doman (Kathleen Savio's Sister) (Media Excerpts)
02/02/2010: Sue Doman testified Savio said Drew held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/02/2010: Susan Doman: "She was terrified, She said he was going to kill her. She told him to do it and just get it over with."
02/02/2010: The defense tried to tarnish Doman's credibility by painting her as someone seeking fame and money.
02/02/2010: Defense was referring to a wrongful death suit Susan Doman filed against Peterson in civil court.
02/02/2010: Doman also has signed a book and movie deal that would earn her at least $30,000 if the story made it to film or television.
02/02/2010: "This is not about money, this is about getting the story out about my sister. I believe I am my sister's voice."
02/02/2010: The day after Savio was found dead, the family went to Savio's home to look for a will or insurance policy.
02/02/2010: Shortly after arriving, Peterson began banging on the front door and yelling that the family didn't belong there.
02/02/2010: Both sisters joined Peterson at the kitchen table, where Susan Doman asked if he killed Savio.
02/02/2010: Both sisters said he made a "choked" noise before answering that he did not. (www.chicagotribune.com)>
02/02/2010: "I wouldn't kill the mother of my children," Peterson replied, according to Susan Doman.
02/02/2010: Sue Doman recounted Tuesday that Peterson claimed he had found Savio's will after she died, taunting her about it.
02/02/2010: "He said, 'Ha, ha, ha. Tell Anna I found the will under the floorboards, and you guys aren't going to get anything."

02/02/2010: Anna Doman (Kathleen Savio's Sister) (Media Excerpts)
02/02/2010: Doman says six weeks before Savio was found dead in her bathtub in 2004, she went to Doman's house.
02/02/2010: Savio told her Drew said he'd kill her. Doman quoted Savio, "You have to promise me to take care of my boys."
02/02/2010: January 2004 conversation, Savio told Doman where she could find a container with documents she'd compiled
02/02/2010: The day after Savio was found dead, the family went to Savio's home to look for a will or insurance policy.
02/02/2010: Shortly after arriving, Peterson began banging on the front door and yelling that the family didn't belong there.
02/02/2010: Both sisters joined Peterson at the kitchen table, where Susan Doman asked if he killed Savio.
02/02/2010: Both sisters said he made a "choked" noise before answering that he did not. (www.chicagotribune.com)>
02/02/2010: "I wouldn't kill the mother of my children," Peterson replied, according to Susan Doman.
02/02/2010: Anna Doman: Peterson took clothing and paperwork from the upstairs bedroom and $100 from Savio's purse before leaving.
02/02/2010: Anna Doman said Drew once bound Savio's hands and feet, put her in the basement with lights off, threatened to kill her.
02/02/2010: Anna Doman said Savio arrived at a 1999 baby shower with a black eye. (www.chicagotribune.com)
02/02/2010: The defense tried to paint the sisters as fortune hunters, they filed a $300,000 wrongful death lawsuit in 2008

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 (Day 11 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

02/03/2010: Anna Doman (Kathleen Savio's sister) (Media Excerpts)
02/02/2010: Savio said she put important documents in garage, asked Anna Doman to rush to house to get them should Savio die.
02/02/2010: She said, 'Everything you need is in here," Doman recalled.
02/02/2010: Doman said she did retrieve the documents after her sister died, but she did not discuss their contents during the hearing.

02/03/2010: Kristin Anderson (Kathleen's friend, rented basement) (Media Excerpts)
02/03/2010: Kristin Anderson testified Savio told her Drew, dressed all in black, once put a knife to her throat, threatened to kill her.
02/03/2010: Kristin Anderson lived at Savio's home for two months in late 2003. (www.washingtonpost.com)
02/03/2010: Savio was so afraid of Peterson that she installed a deadbolt lock on her bedroom door
02/03/2010: Kristin Anderson said Savio slept with a kitchen knife under her mattress.
02/03/2010: “She indicated to me if Drew was going to come after her, she was going to fight, she was going to be prepared to fight.”
02/03/2010: Anderson, her husband and children lived in Savio’s basement between September and November 2003.
02/03/2010: Anderson testified that Savio told her about her fears that Drew Peterson would kill her
02/03/2010: Savio showed Anderson a briefcase with police reports and other documents about Peterson's abuse.
02/03/2010: Anderson also said she saw some of what was in the briefcase, police reports and letters.
02/03/2010: Briefcase Docs: letter she sent to former Assistant State's Attorney Elizabeth Fragale telling of the abuse.
02/03/2010: Briefcase Docs: an anonymous note detailing Peterson's affair with a teenage Stacy.
02/03/2010: Savio was creating a paper trial "in case she was murdered, she wanted everybody to know who did it," Anderson said.
02/03/2010: Anderson testified that Peterson had told Savio that he could kill her at anytime and make it look like an accident
02/03/2010: "She was distraught, and also resigned," Anderson said. "She was so convinced that it was going to happen."
02/03/2010: "She tried with all of her might to prevent what took place. She went to all the higher authorities," Anderson said.
02/03/2010: After Savio died, Anderson called state police twice to tell them about Peterson putting the knife to Savio's throat.
02/03/2010: Kristin Anderson testified that no one ever came out to interview her. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/03/2010: Anderson said she told state police she feared Peterson might have been involved in her friend's death.
02/03/2010: Anderson, 46, said she, her husband and children grew close with the 40-year-old Savio while they shared the home.
02/03/2010: Savio referred to her family as her “guardian angels, While we were living there, Drew stayed away,” Anderson said.
02/03/2010: State police finally did interview Anderson in December 2007 but failed to include the knife to Savio's throat incident.

02/03/2010: Sgt. Brant Duval (Bolingbrook Police Sergeant) (Media Excerpts)

02/03/2010: Jerry Jude (Bought Sud's Pub) (Media Excerpts)

02/03/2010: Jennifer Schoon (Steven Peterson's ex-girlfriend) (Media Excerpts)

02/03/2010: Lt. Brian Hafner (Bolingbrook Police Lieutenant) (Media Excerpts)
02/03/2010: Lt. Brian Hafner testified position of Savio’s body in bathtub didn’t appear consistent with “slip & fall” accidental drowning.
02/03/2010: “It didn’t look that way to me,” said Lt. Brian Hafner, who noted that the twisted position of one of Savio’s arm in the tub
02/03/2010: Lt. Brian Hafner testified ut could have resulted from a restraining technique commonly used by Bolingbrook police officers.
02/03/2010: Lt. Brian Hafner reviewed police photos taken when Kathleen Savio was found drowned in a bathtub
02/03/2010: Lt. Brian Hafner suggest that a hold often used by police to subdue prisoners may have been used on her.
02/03/2010: Lt. Brian Hafner said scene photos he viewed appear consistent with the use of an "arm bar."
02/03/2010: An arm bar which entails twisting an arm behind someone's back. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/03/2010: An arm bar is an arrest control tactic Peterson was schooled in, Hafner said.
02/03/2010: Hafner also testified about Peterson's training in police tactics, including 32 hours with nunchucks and his employment.
02/03/2010: The department used the martial arts weapons in the 1980s but no longer do, Hafner said.
02/03/2010: Records showed that Peterson was appointed to a police evidence technician position in June of 1984, Hafner said.
02/03/2010: Lt. Brian Hafner dug up the records of Peterson's Bolingbrook Police Department training
02/03/2010: Lt. Brian Hafner found Peterson had been appointed an evidence technician.
02/03/2010: For some reason, certificates from a pair of karate schools were included in Peterson's police training files
02/03/2010: Lt. Brian Hafner teaches defensive police tactics to the Bolingbrook force, had no role in Savio's death investigation.
02/03/2010: Lt. Brian Hafner based his opinion on four photos taken in Savio's bathroom shortly after her body was found 03/01/2004.

Thursday, February 4, 2010 (Day 12 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

02/04/2010: Lt. Brian Hafner (Bolingbrook Police Lieutenant) (Media Excerpts)
02/04/2010: Peterson was asked what he was doing on Sunday before Savio's body was found, Falat said Peterson acted suspiciously.
02/04/2010: "When Peterson was talking, he was very still, wasn't moving his hands or anything, he was staring at Sgt. Collins."
02/04/2010: Falat said, adding that most people move their hands when they talk.
02/04/2010: Peterson also kept blurting out times when he and the children were doing things, without thinking."
02/04/2010: After Peterson left, Falat said he told Collins, "I believe Mr. Peterson was not being truthful."
02/04/2010: "I felt we needed to bring him in for further questioning," Falat said. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/04/2010: Two days after Savio was found dead, Collins and Falat interviewed Stacy Peterson.
02/04/2010: Drew Peterson was at the interview because he would only allow Stacy Peterson to be interviewed if he was in the room.
02/04/2010: Falat said Sgt. Patrick Collins told him Peterson only would allow Stacy to be interviewed in the basement of their home
02/04/2010: "I thought it was ridiculous. I then expressed my concerns to Sgt. Collins," he said.
02/04/2010: Stacy Peterson's rundown of the day of Savio's death was "eerily similar to Mr. Peterson's account," Falat said.
02/04/2010: "Once again, her times, there was no thinking involved, she just blurted out all the times," he said.
02/04/2010: She sometimes appeared unsure and would look at Drew Peterson, as if to figure out what to say.
02/04/2010: There also was some prompting by Drew Peterson, he said. She was too "scripted" in her answers.
02/04/2010: Falat also testified that he thought Stacy Peterson and Savio's two sons should have testified before a grand jury
02/04/2010: Falat said he requested but never seen Bolingbrook police reports of prior domestic violence calls for Savio and Drew
02/04/2010: Within days of Savio's death, Falat's assignment was changed and he was off the case March 10.
02/04/2010: Falat witnessed Savio's autopsy, stood out from other postmortems because he was concerned she was murdered.
02/04/2010: Falat said he told CSI Bob Deel about a used condom he found in a trash basket in Savio's bathroom
02/04/2010: Falat said apparently was again not listened to. ("He did not tell me that," Deel testified.)

02/04/2010: Master Sgt. Bryan Falat (Illinois State Police) (Media Excerpts)
02/04/2010: Master Sgt. Bryan Falat said he thought Peterson and his fourth wife were lying when they were interviewed.
02/04/2010: Master Sgt. Bryan Falat assisted in the investigation into Kathleen Savio's 2004 death (www.suntimes.com)
02/04/2010: "Quite honestly, I was sort of disgusted about how the investigation was handled," Falat said.
02/04/2010: "It was obvious that Stacy was hiding something, that she was not telling the truth," said Master Sgt Bryan Falat.
02/04/2010: Falat said the state LE leading the initial investigation into Savio's death in 2004 paid too much deference to Peterson
02/04/2010: Falat said Drew was interviewed in the lunchroom of the Bolingbrook Police Department where he worked.
02/04/2010: Master Sgt. Bryan Falat was a trooper at the time of Savio's death, doing temporary duty as an investigator.
02/04/2010: Bryan Falat assisted State Police Sgt. Patrick Collins on the investigation. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/04/2010: Falat said he thought it was a bad idea to interview Peterson at the Bolingbrook Police Department
02/04/2010: "I was told that it was [Collins'] decision and we were going to the Bolingbrook Police Department to do the interview."
02/04/2010: Master Sgt. Bryan Falat: At first, Peterson's demeanor was "very cooperative, almost jovial
02/04/2010: "As we started asking him questions it turned into arrogance and a little cocky," Falat said.
02/04/2010: Falat said he asked a few questions about whether Peterson stood to gain financially from Savio's death
02/04/2010: Falat said they asked about his time with his children during the weekend because they were his alibi.
02/04/2010: Falat said "That's when he became sort of cocky and arrogant." (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)

02/04/2010: Irene LaLagos (Psychic, Fortune Teller) (Media Excerpts)
02/04/2010: Irene LaLagos met Stacy Peterson four months before she disappeared. (www.rrstar.com)
02/04/2010: Stacy told LaLagos her husband boasted he could kill her and hide her body in a place no one would find it.
02/04/2010: Irene Lalagos testified today she read cards for Stacy Peterson once in 2006 and once in 2007.
02/04/2010: Lalagos says Stacy told her she wanted to leave Drew Peterson, but she didn’t know how she get away with four kids
02/04/2010: Lalagos also testified Stacy Peterson described Drew Peterson as controlling and suspicious
02/04/2010: Irene Lalagos is a longtime friend of Drew Peterson's mother, of Glendale Heights.
02/04/2010: Lalagos said that she reads a 40-card deck that people shuffle them themselves.
02/04/2010: Lalagos says she can feel a person's vibrations from the cards and hears the voice of God.
02/04/2010: Drew Peterson called Lalagos, said Stacy wanted to leave him, he didn't want a divorce
02/04/2010: Drew Peterson wanted Irene Lalagos to talk to Stacy Peterson. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/04/2010: "I said, 'Don't worry about it. I'll try to talk to her and help you any way I can,'" Lalagos said she told Peterson.
02/04/2010: Lalagos advised Stacy Peterson to see a psychologist or a minister about her troubles with Drew.
02/04/2010: Stacy told Lalagos that Peterson was "smothering her," checking the mileage on her car after she drove it.
02/04/2010: Lalagos said she told Peterson that "he needed to treat [Stacy Peterson] like a wife and not a daughter."
02/04/2010: Though Lalagos did not predict future violence, she said Stacy was convinced her fears would prove prophetic.
02/04/2010: When asked why Peterson called her, she responded tersely: "How am I supposed to know?"
02/04/2010: Lalagos told the fortunes of Stacy and Stacy's friend and neighbor Sharon Bychowski
02/04/2010: Lalagos read cards for Peterson's mother, Betty Morphey, whom she professed to "love", said she's known for 40 years.

02/04/2010: Bob Deel (CSI Illinois State Police) (Media Excerpts)
02/04/2010: Bob Deel said that besides taking photos, walking around inside and outside of Savio's house he collected no evidence
02/04/2010: CSI Bob Deel said he did not look for fingerprints. (www.washingtonpost.com)
02/04/2010: CSI Bob Deel didn't test for traces of blood in the home or even collect a disposed condom in the bathroom trash.
02/04/2010: He said he did not test for the presence of unseen blood in the bathroom, collect a blood sample from the tub
02/04/2010: CSI Bob Deel said he did not take into evidence a glass of orange juice in the kitchen
02/04/2010: CSI Bob Deel said he did not take a bottle of cleaning fluid on a dresser in Savio's bedroom.
02/04/2010: Even as he insisted that he did not conclude the death was an accident until later.
02/04/2010: Bob Deel also acknowledged that he did not see any bruises on Savio's body or even the cut to her head.
02/04/2010: Even if he had "they were insignificant to me." Deel said he still believes that the death was an accident.
02/04/2010: "At that time, there was no indication that fingerprints would be of any evidentiary value," Deel explained.
02/04/2010: Deel said he failed to notice the bruising to Savio's body but said, "It's really not my job" to catch clues of that nature.
02/04/2010: Robert Deel said he had been handling CSI for about one year when he was called to Savio's 03/01/2004.
02/04/2010: "There wasn't really anything to look for," he said of evidence in the bathroom.
02/04/2010: Savio's fingernail clippings — sometimes a source of crime scene DNA — were never tested, Deel said.
02/04/2010: Deel said he believed her death was accidental but didn't reach conclusion until after reviewing autopsy, toxicology results.
02/04/2010: CSI Bob Deel admitted prosecutors told his bosses they do not want him working crime scenes in Will County anymore.

02/04/2010: (www.nbcchicago.com): Drew Peterson's Been on His Best Behavior in Court
02/04/2010: Peterson arrives at the Joliet courthouse every day in chains and a jumpsuit.. (www.nbcchicago.com)
02/04/2010: His lawyers provide him with a fresh suit and tie. He changes. His chains are reattached.
02/04/2010: Before Peterson enters the courtroom. Then the chains are removed, again, in a show for the court.
02/04/2010: He scans the courtroom every time he comes in, and has been known to stop and stare at Cales family.

Friday, February 5, 2010 (Day 13 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

02/05/2010: Mary Parks (Savio's Nursing Classmate Joliet Junior College) (Media Excerpts)
02/05/2010: "He had friends everywhere," said Parks, who took classes with Savio in 2002 and 2003. "She would not be able to hide."
02/05/2010: Parks testified that Savio showed her red marks on Savio's neck in the fall of 2003 and told her Peterson had choked her.
02/05/2010: Savio said as Peterson pinned her down he asked, "Why don't you just die?" (www.wgntv.com)
02/05/2010: Parks, who said she had been in an abusive relationship in the past
02/05/2010: Parks testified she never called police to report Savio's fears because she didn't want to make a bad situation worse.
02/05/2010: By late 2003--just a few months before her death--Savio had grown thin and pale, Parks said
02/05/2010: Parks testified Savio had trouble sleeping and became obsessed with making sure her doors were locked.
02/05/2010: Savio was convinced that her ex-husband planned to kill her, Parks said. (www.wgntv.com)
02/05/2010: "It became very scary because he was a big ego with a gun," she said. (www.wgntv.com)
02/05/2010: Parks described how a devastated Savio unzipped her fleece jacket one day on campus to reveal bruises on her neck.
02/05/2010: "I said, 'Oh my God, what happened?'" Parks testified.
02/05/2010: "She told me her ex-husband, Drew, the night before had come into her home and had penned her down."
02/05/2010: "More than once, she told me he told her he could kill her and no one would know; no one would find out," Parks said.
02/05/2010: Parks said she contacted prosecutors after Savio was found dead but was told there was no investigation into the case.
02/05/2010: Parks said Savio was convinced she could not escape Peterson, who Savio said had "his own little mafia."
02/05/2010: Defense attorney, Andrew Abood painted Savio as stressed and bitter.
02/05/2010: Andrew Abood got Mary Parks to admit "Kathy was mad because Drew was with a younger woman."
02/05/2010: Parks said Savio told her that "He wanted the money, he wanted the kids, he wanted the businesses; he wanted it all."
02/05/2010: "Kathy was very sure that if she gave up every cent ... that her ex-husband still would not leave her alone," Parks said.

02/05/2010: Dr. Larry Blum (Forensic Pathologist, 2nd autopsy 11/13/07) (Media Excerpts)
02/05/2010: Dr. Larry Blum (BLOOM) testified Kathleen Savio's death a homicide, and his testimony marked first public explanation.
02/05/2010: Blum reiterated that Savio did drown, but her 2004 death wasn't accidental as originally determined.
02/05/2010: Dr. Larry Blum, who said he has conducted 9,233 autopsies, testified Savio's injuries, psychological history
02/05/2010: Dr. Larry Blum testified to position of her body, scene of death led him to rule out accidental drowning or suicide.
02/05/2010: Dr. Larry Blum: "That is my opinion, that it was homicidal," Blum said. (www.dailyherald.com)
02/05/2010: As Blum detailed Savio's injuries, Peterson focused intently on photos of her decomposed remains
02/05/2010: Photos of Savio's decomposed remains showed a gash on the back of her head, 1/2 doz bruises, cuts and scratches.
02/05/2010: Blum did not find any medical reason to support the defense's theory that she slipped and fell in the bathtub.
02/05/2010: Blum testified, it was his opinion that the gash on the back of Savio's head was inconsistent with a fall.
02/05/2010: Blum even laid in Savio's bathtub during his investigation. www.dailyherald.com)
02/05/2010: Blum noted internal bruising on Savio's diaphragm consistent to a "bear hug." www.dailyherald.com)
02/05/2010: Blum testified Friday authorities also didn't use what's commonly called a rape kit.
02/05/2010: Blum described the original failure to perform one as, "not good." "It's just standard operating procedure now," he said.

02/05/2010: Dr. Larry Blum (Forensic Pathologist, 2nd autopsy 11/13/07) (Media Excerpts)
02/05/2010: "There was no blood, hair or tissue on the tub," said Blum. (www.washingtonpost.com)
02/05/2010: Blum pointed to a wound in the area of Savio's diaphragm as one that wouldn't have been caused in a fall.
02/05/2010: "The bruise was deep, down to the bone," he said. He said her injuries indicated that there was a struggle.
02/05/2010: Joel Brodsky tried for hours without success to get Blum to say Savio's death might be suicide or an accident.
02/05/2010: Joel Brodsky also speculated scenarios, such as Savio slipping on a bar of soap, striking her head and drowning.
02/05/2010: "The ugly facts of the injuries destroy that beautiful theory," Blum said. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
02/05/2010: Blum pointed out there was no sign of blood, hair on the walls or tub...
02/05/2010: ...which led him to believe Savio's head had been struck by something else. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
02/05/2010: Blum said he gathered more samples. performed additional tests, including one to tell if Savio was sexually assaulted.
02/05/2010: Forensic pathologist Bryan Mitchell did not perform this test because he was told "it wasn't foul play," Blum said.
02/05/2010: "The state didn't want to do it," he said. "I would have liked to have seen him do one."
02/05/2010: It turned out Savio had not been sexually assaulted. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
02/05/2010: "They used tunnel vision and didn't look at the whole picture," he said of investigators. (www.chicagotribune.com)
02/05/2010: Blum said he visited the death scene, which was something else Mitchell did not do, and even climbed into the bathtub.
02/05/2010: "I wanted to get a feel for the size of it and I wanted to put myself in her position," he explained.
02/05/2010: Blum said the position of Savio's body in the tub — facedown with both feet pressed hard against the tub wall,
02/05/2010: .her toes hyperextended, made it "highly, highly unlikely" she drowned accidentally. (www.chicagotribune.com)
02/05/2010: Blum: Judging from flow of blood, appeares a 1-inch gash on back of her head was inflicted after her body was in the tub.

02/05/2010: Dr. Larry Blum (Forensic Pathologist, 2nd autopsy 11/13/07) (Media Excerpts)
02/05/2010: Blum said he reviewed 43 cases of bathtub fatalities (Illinois)...
02/05/2010: ..that Savio's death "falls so far out of the pattern for accidental." (www.chicagotribune.com)
02/05/2010: Blum testified the alleged murder scene was "pristine" with little blood....
02/05/2010: ..no splashed water and nothing around the tub knocked over, but he could not say whether the scene was staged.
02/05/2010: Blum testified about photos from the scene, on computer monitors pointed away from the courtroom gallery
02/05/2010: Blum testifie about injuries to her body that he said were fresh. (www.chicagotribune.com)
02/05/2010: Blum said the injuries were not consistent with a fall, and that Savio had no drugs or alcohol in her system.
02/05/2010: Blum said possible defensive wounds on Savio's hand could have been caused by her cat. (www.chicagotribune.com)
02/05/2010: Blum said possible defensive wounds on Savio's hand by careless workers removing evidence bags on her hands.
02/05/2010: Blum also said Savio's face was streaked with blood on the left side, blood from a wound to the back of her head
02/05/2010: Blum was suggesting the injury was inflicted when she was in that face down position, not from falling backward.
02/05/2010: Blum also said that cut could have been inflicted after Savio was actually dead. (www.myfoxhouston.com)
02/05/2010: Blum said Savio could have been rendered unconscious by a choke hold that cuts off blood to the brain leaving no injuries.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Sunday, February 7, 2010


Monday, February 8, 2010 (Day 14 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

02/08/2010: Harry C. Smith (Kathleen's Divorce Attorney) (Media Excerpts)
02/08/2010: Harry Smith says Stacy told him Drew was angry because he thought she'd told somebody named "Tom" he killed Savio.
02/08/2010: Stacy wasn't concerned about her safety because she had too much dirt on Drew work at the Bolingbrook Police
02/08/2010: Harry Smith represented Drew Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio in her divorce case with Drew.
02/08/2010: Smith said he represented Savio in both her divorce and charges related to an alleged assault against her.
02/08/2010: Harry Smith said the alleged assault charges against Savio by Drew were eventually dropped.
02/08/2010: Harry Smith said Savio told him if she died, "you need to let people know that Drew did it."
02/08/2010: Smith acknowledged that he thought Savio was paranoid and did not take such talk seriously, until he heard she had died.
02/08/2010: Harry Smith, later represented Stacy Peterson. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/08/2010: Stacy asked Smith, "Can we get more money out of Drew if we threatened to tell police how he killed Kathy?"
02/08/2010: Smith said after Savio's body was found he did called state police to tell them about Savio implicating Peterson.
02/08/2010: Smith said the person he talked to "was not prepared for that kind of conversation," Smith said.
02/08/2010: Smith said the person he talked to said someone would get back to him. No one ever did.
02/08/2010: "I attempted to do what she told me to do (if she died), I had to go to the authorities and tell them Drew did it.
02/08/2010: "I called," Smith said. "I told him who I was and I told him essentially the complaint and the thing Kathleen had told me."
02/08/2010: Smith said he got a phone call from Peterson's attorney saying executor didn't want him involved in Savio's estate.
02/08/2010: That executor was Peterson's uncle, James Carroll, who previously testified that he only did what Drew told him to do.
02/08/2010: Smith did not say that Stacy said Drew killed Savio, only that Drew believed that she had told someone he had.
02/08/2010: Smith said Stacy called him for her own divorce, but he told her he could not represent her, conflict of interest.
02/08/2010: Smith said shortly before Savio was found dead, a judge told him and Peterson's attorney the recommendations
02/08/2010: Smith said Judge recommend Savio be allowed to keep the couple's Bolingbrook home. (www.nytimes.com/aponline)
02/08/2010: Smith said Judge recommend Savio receive a share of his police pension. (www.nytimes.com/aponline)
02/08/2010: Smith said Judge recommend Savio receive child support and some money from the sale of a bar the couple had owned.
02/08/2010: Smith said Drew "was not happy, he was angry," recalling as he watched Drew Peterson's lawyer explain to him.
02/08/2010: Smith said Savio frequently faxed, called him with complaints about Peterson, including custody matters, alleged threats.
02/08/2010: Smith said Savio told him Peterson had threatened to kill her and make it look like an accident.
02/08/2010: After she was found dead, Smith said, "I thought I'd done a poor job of listening to my client."

02/08/2010: Rodolfo Hernandez (Currently Owns Kathleen Savio's home) (Media Excerpts)

02/08/2010: Joseph Steadman (Claims Adjuster Insurance Policy) (Media Excerpts)

02/08/2010: Ric Mims (Former friend of Drew Peterson) (Media Excerpts)
02/08/2010: Ric Mims said Peterson asked him to be his hostage if the police came to take him. (www.wbbm780.com)
02/08/2010: "He said, 'I'm going to ask you a really weird question. I'm going to ask you to be a hostage,'" Mims said.
02/08/2010: "He didn't want Stacy's family to get the kids. (www.wbbm780.com)
02/08/2010: He wanted to keep the police at bay until (Peterson's adult son) Steve got there to take the kids."
02/08/2010: Ric Mims said he grew suspicious of his friend after talking to former Los Angeles police Detective Mark Fuhrman.
02/08/2010: "I call it my 'coming to Jesus' meeting," Mims said of his meeting with Fuhrman. (www.wbbm780.com)
02/08/2010: Ric Mims testified Monday that he helped Drew Peterson follow Savio around. (www.chicagotribune.com)
02/08/2010: Ric Mims once sat in a parked vehicle outside Savio's office while Peterson was removing papers from Savio's house.
02/08/2010: Ric Mims testified the National Enquirer paid him $17,500 for his story. (www.chicagotribune.com)

Teresa Kernc (Former Lt. Bolingbrook PD) (Media Excerpts)
02/08/2010: Bolingbrook police sergeant Teresa Kernc took Savio's report. (www.chicagotribune.com)
02/08/2010: Teresa Kernc, who retired as a lieutenant in 2005 and is now mayor of Diamond, Illinois.
02/08/2010: Savio refused to include in her written statement the detail about Peterson using a knife.
02/08/2010: Teresa Kernc said Savio was worried that detail could cost Peterson his job.
02/08/2010: When interviewed by Kernc, Peterson denied attacking Savio.
02/08/2010: Peterson said Savio invited him over and alleged that Savio exposed herself to him and asked if he "missed this."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 (Day 15 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

02/09/2010: William Green (Approached to kill Kathleen Savio) (Media Excerpts)
02/09/2010: William Green testified that Peterson was looking for someone to kill Kathleen Savio and make it look like an accident.
02/09/2010: Green says he quickly declined and never talked about it again -- either with Peterson or his friend, Jeff Pachter.
02/09/2010: Green says he contacted LE after Stacy disappeared in 2007 because that's when he first heard about Savio's death.
02/09/2010: Jeffrey Pachter testified that he did talk to William Green about the offer. (www.suntimes.com) (SEE Jeffrey Pachter)
02/09/2010: William Green that cable contractor co-worker Jeff Pachter told him in July 2003. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/09/2010: William Green said Jeffrey Pachter said "Drew would like me to ask you if you would kill his wife."
02/09/2010: Green said Pachter told him Peterson said he wanted it to look like an accident.
02/09/2010: Green said Pachter told him Peterson wanted to be out of town when it happened.
02/09/2010: William Green said he didn't take the offer seriously. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/09/2010: Peterson moonlighted at the cable firm at the same time he was employed by the Bolingbrook Police Department.
02/09/2010: Green said today he didn't remember how much he had been offered. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/09/2010: He also suggested he had been approached because of the Heavy Metal T-shirts he wore.
02/09/2010: After Stacy missing, he called Lombard police and told them about the offer to kill Savio.
02/09/2010: Green said he thought Pachter came to him because he looked menacing, wore heavy metal T-shirts and had tattoos.

02/09/2010: Mike VanOver (Will County Deputy Coroner) (Media Excerpts)
02/09/2010: Deputy coroner Michael VanOver was called to the scene and pronounced Savio dead. (abclocal.go.com)
02/09/2010: Based on information he received from state police, VanOver said he did not follow the suspicious death protocol.
02/09/2010: At the time, Savio's death was ruled an accident, a conclusion VanOver says he did not feel comfortable with
02/09/2010: Mike VanOver said he "didn't quite agree" with state police's assessment of the case.(www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
02/09/2010: VanOver said while he was at Savio's house, CSI Robert Deel told him there was nothing "we need to be looking for here."
02/09/2010: VanOver said CSI Robert Deel prompted him to abandon the suspicious death protocol
02/09/2010: The protocol dictates that the victim's hands be bagged, for the body to be placed in a fresh white sheet.
02/09/2010: The protocol dictates that the victim's body be placed in a white body bag and a second body bag.
02/09/2010: VanOver said Savio's hands were bagged, but the rest of the procedure was skipped.

02/09/2010: Howard Ellison (Accountant) (Media Excerpts)

02/09/2010: Victoria Connolly (Drew Peterson's 2nd Wife) (Media Excerpts)
02/09/2010: Vicki Connolly and Peterson were married for 9 1/2 years. She described their divorce as amicable.
02/09/2010: Connolly said she and Peterson had an amicable divorce in part, because she agreed not to go after his pension.
02/09/2010: They remained co-owners of a bar more than a year after their divorce. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/09/2010: Connolly said during their marriage, Peterson had affairs with other women on several occasions
02/09/2010: Connolly said Peterson had an affair with a baby sitter across the street from the home they shared.
02/09/2010: Connolly said the marriage finally ended after he began having an affair with Kathleen Savio.
02/09/2010: Drew Peterson's second wife testified he threatened to kill her and told her he could make it look like an accident.
02/09/2010: Connolly said Drew pulled a gun on her three or four times. (www.wrex.com)
02/09/2010: She says he once put the weapon to her head and told her he would kill her and then kill himself. (www.wrex.com)
02/09/2010: "At one point he did tell me he could kill me and make it look like an accident,' Connolly said.
02/09/2010: Connolly said that during their marriage Peterson also threatened to kill himself on at least one occasion.
02/09/2010: Connolly said after they split, Peterson offered to change the locks on her house. (www.google.com)
02/09/2010: Connolly said after their divorce, she awoke to find Peterson broke into her home and in her bedroom standing over her.
02/09/2010: "We did not exchange words at all. Drew turned around and left," Connolly said, adding that she did not report incident.
02/09/2010: Connolly did not know if Peterson had made a set of keys or used the locksmith tools she said he carried.
02/09/2010: Connolly admitted she had discussions about a possible book deal, she does not believe she would find one.
02/09/2010: Connolly said she has not completely rejected the idea of selling her story for a movie deal.
02/09/2010: "It depends on how much is involved,'' she said. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
02/09/2010: Connolly described an argument in the mid-1980s when Peterson grabbed her by the throat. (www.google.com)
02/09/2010: Connolly said Peterson's controlling behavior extended after their divorce, saying he followed her, even got into her house.
02/09/2010: Connolly was married to Peterson from October 1982 to February 1992, they divorced and she moved to Montgomery.
02/09/2010: Connolly said she last used cocaine eight years ago and not at all while she was married to Peterson.
02/09/2010: Drew Peterson shook his head and laughed as she made her denial. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
02/09/2010: Connolly said she was sober when Peterson appeared in her house uninvited. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)

02/09/2010: Michael Miles (Stacy Peterson's friend) (Media Excerpts)
02/09/2010: Michael Miles was a friend and one of Stacy Peterson's classmates from Joliet Junior College.
02/09/2010: Michael Miles is an electrician and auxiliary Lockport police officer. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
02/09/2010: Michael Miles recalled the conversation he and another friend had with Stacy Peterson in 2002. (www.google.com)
02/09/2010: "She told us [in 2002] Drew planned on killing Savio and make it look like an accident," said Michael Miles.
02/09/2010: Miles testified Stacy said the "only reason" Savio was still alive was because Stacy talked Drew out of killing her.
02/09/2010: Miles testified Stacy said "He said he planned on killing her and making it look like an accident."
02/09/2010: Miles testified Stacy said "and he could do it too because he was a Bolingbrook cop."
02/09/2010: Miles said Stacy wanted to leave Peterson but "had nowhere to go." (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
02/09/2010: Miles recalled how he and a friend drove Stacy to Peterson's home one night.
02/09/2010: They were confronted by the angry Bolingbrook cop, who called after them, "Keep driving, pretty boys," as they fled.
02/09/2010: Miles said he saw Stacy in class soon after, and she was upset. "She wasn't herself again, She said she was pregnant."

02/09/2010: Sgt. Craig Gunty (Bolingbrook Police Sergeant) (Media Excerpts)
02/09/2010: Sgt. Craig Gunty said Stacy poured her fears in a 2-hour phone call of Peterson a month before she disappeared.
02/09/2010: "If you guys knew what Drew did, it would make your head flip," he said Stacy Peterson told him.
02/09/2010: Sgt. Craig Gunty said Stacy said "Drew would kill me if I said what it is." (www.chicagotribune.com)

02/09/2010: Lt. Jeremy Johnson (Bolingbrook Police Lieutenant) (Media Excerpts)

02/09/2010: Tony Imrisek (Ericsson Telecom, formerly with Sprint/Nextel) (Media Excerpts)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

02/10/2010: (www.wandtv.com): Drew Peterson's hearsay hearing on break for week
02/10/2010: Drew Peterson's hearsay hearing is taking a break until next week when defense plan to put on their own witnesses.
02/10/2010: The defense witnesses had been expected to start Wednesday. (www.wandtv.com)
02/10/2010: Spokesman Chuck Pelkie of the Will County state's attorney's office says that was put off until next Wednesday
02/10/2010: Spokesman Chuck Pelkie said attorneys need to met with the judge. He declined to say why.

02/10/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Peterson hearing to break for a week
02/10/2010: 68 witnesses and more than three weeks in, Judge Stephen White has called for a week-long break in the hearsay hearing.
02/10/2010: The defense said it has 20 witnesses of their own, but may call as few as one.
02/10/2010: Judge White will decide which of 15 hearsay statements that prosecutors want admitted will make it into the trial.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Friday, February 12, 2010

02/12/2010: (www.suntimes.com): Telling all Turn of the screw (By Michael Sneed, Columnist)
02/12/2010: "Drawing Drew: Sadock tells Sneed the last time she sketched suspected wife murderer Drew Peterson.."
02/12/2010: "Drew told her she made him look "suspicious." But Peterson added: "At least you didn't give me horns."

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Sunday, February 14, 2010


Monday, February 15, 2010

02/15/2010: (www.dailyherald.com): Savio was a kind, fun-loving person
02/15/2010: (Letter to the Editor, Scott Karel, Elgin)
02/15/2010: I saw someone interview Drew Peterson on TV. During the interview, Peterson stated that Kathy Savio was a "hellcat."
02/15/2010: I once dated Kathy Savio. We went to the same high school in Hillside. I do not ever remember her being a "hellcat."
02/15/2010: She was a beautiful, fun-loving person. She enjoyed being around people. She was energetic, kind and loved attention.
02/15/2010: Come Judgment Day, the Lord Jesus will avenge Kathleen's death.
02/15/2010: Whoever murdered her, whoever the spineless jellyfish is will be punished for all eternity.

02/15/2010: (www.wbbm780.com): Peterson weapons case back to court
02/15/2010: Drew Peterson's problems are piling up, as the appellate court shot down the dismissal of a felony gun charge
02/15/2010: Three appellate judges unanimously agreed to reverse Will County Judge Richard Schoenstedt's decision
02/15/2010: ...to dismiss the unlawful use of a weapons charge Peterson was arrested on in May 2008.
02/15/2010: Peterson's attorneys had argued that their client was the victim of a vindictive and selective prosecution.
02/15/2010: Schoenstedt bought into the idea and instructed prosecutors to surrender internal documents to Peterson's defense team.
02/15/2010: Assistant State's Attorney John Connor refused to do so, prompting Schoenstedt to dismiss the case in November 2008.
02/15/2010: Weapons case stemmed from Peterson, a former Bolingbrook police sergeant, allegedly possessing an assault rifle
02/15/2010: The alleged assault rifle with a barrel shorter than the state-mandated 16 inches.
02/15/2010: The weapon, along with other firearms, were seized by the state police when they executed a Nov. 1, 2007, search warrant
02/15/2010: Prosecutors successfully got Schoenstedt, the judge who dropped the gun charge, removed from Peterson's murder case.
02/15/2010: The gun case apparently will return to Schoenstedt's court, but it remains if prosecutors will get it heard by another judge.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

02/16/2010: (www.law.com): Accused Wife-Killer Tests Illinois' New Hearsay Law
02/16/2010: Hearsay evidence is often inadmissible, though there are exceptions to in federal, common law and in a number of states
02/16/2010: In response to the Peterson case, Illinois passed a law last year allowing hearsay statements.
02/16/2010: To date, the new law hasn't been tested, so there's little precedent for knowing how Judge Stephen White will rule.
02/16/2010: Peterson's lawyer, Joel Brodsky of Chicago-based Brodsky & Odeh, maintains that the law is unconstitutional
02/16/2010: Brodsky plans to present only one or two witnesses Wednesday when the hearing resumes.
02/16/2010: He said a number of other statements from the defense will be entered into the record.
02/16/2010: "If we lose the case, then we can take it up on appeal, but we don't plan on losing," Brodsky said.
02/16/2010: Brodsky added that he may also seek a change of venue for the subsequent trial.

02/16/2010: (www.google.com): Prosecutors must show Peterson's wife was killed
02/16/2010: The crime scene technician didn't think twice about the bottle of cleaning fluid near the bathroom where the body was
02/16/2010: Or whether it might have been used to wipe away evidence of a crime.
02/16/2010: In most murder trials, the evidence of a slaying is as obvious as a bullet hole or a stab wound
02/16/2010: The only question is "whodunnit?" But in Peterson's case, nothing is obvious.
02/16/2010: "This is a true circumstantial evidence case,'" said Vincent Bugliosi, who won murder conviction of Charles Manson 1969.
02/16/2010: "In circumstantial evidence cases you're putting one speck of evidence upon each other"
02/16/2010: "..You're putting on evidence showing the unlikelihood that this is an accidental death."
02/16/2010: You have to pile a lot of suspicious circumstances on top of each other," Bugliosi said.
02/16/2010: "You have to get to the point where you can say (to a jury) 'Come on folks.'"

02/16/2010: (www.chicagobreakingnews.com): Drew Peterson hearsay ruling might be kept secret
02/16/2010: 80 hours of testimony, 68 witnesses, 155 pieces of evidence gives public a fascinating preview of the murder case
02/16/2010: Attorneys for both sides say the public won't hear which, if any, of the 15 hearsay statements will be allowed at trial
02/16/2010: Attorneys on both sides expect White will issue his ruling under seal to avoid influencing the jury pool.
02/16/2010: Prosecutors were required to show by a "preponderance of the evidence" that Peterson killed Savio
02/16/2010: ...or his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, who disappeared in 2007, to prevent them from testifying against him.
02/16/2010: Former federal prosecutor Steven Miller: "The dozens of witnesses is a witch's brew of problems for a defendant."
02/16/2010: Steven Miller: "It's the sheer volume of evidence, the multiple dead women connected with (Peterson)"
02/16/2010: White already has found that perhaps the most damning statement -- from Pastor Neil Schori,
02/16/2010: ...who told the media that Stacy told him Peterson had killed Savio -- won't be allowed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 (Day 16 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

02/17/2010: Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen MD (Pathology expert) (Media Excerpts)
02/17/2010: Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen MD is a former chief medical examiner in Milwaukee who teaches at the University of Michigan.
02/17/2010: The defense hired Michigan professor Jeffrey Jentzen to review the evidence.
02/17/2010: The forensic pathologist estimates he’s performed or supervised 18,000 autopsies in his career
02/17/2010: Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen said he did not conduct an autopsy on Savio's body
02/17/2010: Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen said he relied on previous autopsies, crime scene photographs, police reports and other information.
02/17/2010: Jentzen said the evidence clearly points to an accident – from the absence of any defensive wounds on Savio's body
02/17/2010: To the condition of the bathroom when her body was found. He said the bathroom appeared normal
02/17/2010: Jentzen said Savio's glasses were folded and there was no sign of an intruder.
02/17/2010: The pathologist said he believes Savio may have simply slipped or fainted in the tub.
02/17/2010: Whatever happened, "she suffered a blunt force injury and that could have rendered her unconscious," Jentzen said.
02/17/2010: Jentzen said she was wearing what he called a "delicate" necklace strongly suggested she didn't struggle with attacker.
02/17/2010: The prosecution pressed Jensen on how he came up with his conclusion, if all of Savio’s injuries could happen in one fall.
02/17/2010: The prosecution did get Jensen to concede that it is possible it was a homicide, but he said it’s unlikely.

02/17/2010: Walter Martinek (Friend of Tom Morphey) (Media Excerpts)

02/17/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Friend of Drew's stepbrother to testify
02/17/2010: Walter Martineck, neighbor, long-time friend of Peterson's stepbrother, Tom Morphey, was subpoenaed by the defense.
02/17/2010: Defense Attorney George Lenard to cast doubt on Tom Morphey's tale by his account differed from Martinecks.
02/17/2010: George Lenard said Martineck told LE Morphey helped carry a square container down stairs of Drew's house.
02/17/2010: Thomas Morphey was adamant that he and Drew Peterson carried a blue barrel.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

02/18/2010: (www.glasgowlaw.net): Legal Expert: Peterson Hearsay Hearing
02/18/2010: DEFENSE: -Savio’s death first ruled an accident.
02/18/2010: DEFENSE: -No forensic evidence collected.
02/18/2010: DEFENSE: -No physical evidence in this case. No DNA, no fingerprints.
02/18/2010: DEFENSE: -Savio had a heart murmur and complained about vertigo and dizziness to her Dr. before the accident
02/18/2010: DEFENSE: -The defense can bring in drinking, sleepwalking, drug use, dizzy spells to show death result of an accident.
02/18/2010: DEFENSE: -No evidence of a break in. How did someone get in kill Savio and get out without anyone knowing?
02/18/2010: DEFENSE: -No one has testified seeing Peterson or anyone else sneak inside Savio’s house that day.

02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -Subsequent autopsy ruled her death a homicide
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -Witnesses testified Peterson’s training, subduing suspects knowledge of choke holds, martial arts
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -No towels, no robe, and the toiletries were undisturbed in the bathroom.
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -Cleaning fluid found beside the bathtub.
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -Her hair was down when she was found.
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -One witness who lived with Savio said it was always up when she took a bath.
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -Peterson’s second wife testified she saw him with locksmith tools.
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -Peterson’s friend testified he followed Savio once
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -Peterson's friend testified Peterson said he was going to break into the house to retrieve some papers.
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -Prior to the law changing, the above is all you would likely hear at trial.
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -Now we have the new hearsay law in force and as admissibility of the proposed statements is much lower
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -Burden of proof is lower in hearing phase as opposed to trial
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -Judge is likely to let in at least some of the statements
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -If the Judge does, then Peterson is in the unenviable position
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -Peterson will have to contest a statement that he cannot cross examine.
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -With these statements, the prosecution’s case is powerful and a conviction much more likely.
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -Changing the law to convict one man is a dangerous thing
02/18/2010: PROSECTION: -This law presents a very slippery slope for a state that has convicted an imprisoned innocent people

Friday, February 19, 2010 (Day 17 - Drew Peterson hearsay hearing)

02/19/2010: Dr. Michael Baden (Forensic Pathologist, Former Medical Examiner) (Media Excerpts)
02/19/2010: Michael Baden (BAH'-den) is the former chief medical examiner of New York City.
02/19/2010: Michael Baden contends Kathleen Savio not only drowned in her bathtub, she was beaten. (www.wrex.com)
02/19/2010: Baden says most people who drown in bathtubs are babies or the elderly.
02/19/2010: But when pressed by the defense, he conceded that it was equally rare for healthy adults to be killed in a bathtub.
02/19/2010: Baden says Savio's toes were pressed against the side of the bathtub as if she was struggling. (www.wrex.com)
02/19/2010: Baden says Savio was not relaxed as if she'd fallen and knocked herself out. (www.wrex.com)
02/19/2010: Baden also refuted claims by the defense pathologist that a heart murmur may have caused Savio's heart to stop
02/19/2010: Baden said Savio's heart condition [heart murmur] didn't cause or contribute to her death.
02/19/2010: Michael Baden, one of the best-known U.S. medical examiners, said a Fox News producer assisted him at Savio's autopsy.
02/19/2010: Baden said a producer for Greta Van Susteren, a Fox host, acted as his assistant.
02/19/2010: "One always needs an assistant during an autopsy and there was no one else available," Baden said.
02/19/2010: Baden said he concluded Kathleen Savio was a victim of homicide. (www.upi.com)
02/19/2010: Baden said it's "extremely rare" for a healthy adult such as Savio to drown accidentally in a bathtub.
02/19/2010: Peterson's defense contending Dr.Baden was determined to reach the conclusion to please his bosses at Fox News.
02/19/2010: Producer for Fox News host Greta Van Susteren helped Baden with autopsy on Savio by taking photos, moving the body.
02/19/2010: The defense tried to downplay the bruises by suggesting they were the result of rough sex or clumsiness.
02/19/2010: While Baden conceded some could have been made that way,
02/19/2010: ..A few -- particularly a hemorrhage of the diaphragm -- was the result of blunt force trauma.
02/19/2010: "You can get a lot of injuries from rough sex, but a hemorrhage of the diaphragm is not one of them," Baden said.

02/19/2010: (www.chicagobreakingnews.com): Prosecutor: 'Hideous' Peterson used choke hold
02/19/2010: Closing Arguements (Prosecution: James Glasgow, John Connor)
02/19/2010: State's Attorney James Glasgow, who referred to Peterson as a "knucklehead" and "hideous B-movie stalker,"
02/19/2010: ..laid out for the first time a theory of how Stacy, who disappeared in 2007, was killed.
02/19/2010: Prosecutors said in 2007 they found a red "alibi folder" in Peterson's home with unwrinkled receipts for cash purchases
02/19/2010: ..he made on the day before Savio's body was found in a dry bathtub in her Bolingbrook home.
02/19/2010: The early morning hours of that Sunday are when prosecutors allege Savio was slain.
02/19/2010: "How does he know this was the operative time?" Glasgow said.
02/19/2010: Night Savio's body was discovered, Peterson sent 4 untrained neighbors into a home where an intruder could be lurking.
02/19/2010: Drew Peterson did not call his fellow officers for assistance.
02/19/2010: When Peterson heard a neighbor scream, he didn't run in with his gun drawn as police are trained to do.
02/19/2010: Though he was a trained evidence technician, Peterson touched Savio's body.
02/19/2010: Glasgow alleged after a neighbor asked why there was no towel in bathroom, Peterson planted one later for death photos.

02/19/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Drew's wives are '2-for-2'
02/19/2010: Closing Arguements (Prosecution: James Glasgow, John Connor)
02/19/2010: Assistant State's Attorney John Connor put it, "Mr. Peterson's wives are 2-for-2 in predicting their own murders."

02/19/2010: (www.washingtonpost.com): Hearsay hearing for Drew Peterson comes to an end
02/19/2010: Closing Arguements (Prosecution: James Glasgow, John Connor)
02/19/2010: Prosecutors portrayed Peterson as a cold-blooded killer who took the lives of Kathleen Savio in 2004
02/19/2010: ..and Stacy Peterson three years later to keep them from getting his money.
02/19/2010: "They are killed so they can't take the witness stand in a divorce proceeding," said Attorney John Connor.

02/19/2010: (www.chicagobreakingnews.com): Prosecutor: 'Hideous' Peterson used choke hold
02/19/2010: Closing Arguements (Defense: Andrew Abood and George Lenard)
02/19/2010: Defense attorney Andrew Abood said prosecutors had failed to show Savio's death was a murder.
02/19/2010: Defense attorney Andrew Abood said prosecutors had failed to link Peterson to her home at the time Savio died.
02/19/2010: Andrew Abood said Savio herself had a history of lying.
02/19/2010: Abood said a taped depo Savio gave June 2003 for insurance claim she alleged Peterson stole her wedding ring, jewelry
02/19/2010: Abood said June 2003 depo contradicted her statements to people that Peterson had threatened he could kill her.
02/19/2010: Savio testified at the June 2003 deposition that Peterson told her "I could never hurt you," Abood said.
02/19/2010: Brodsky said two pieces of jewelry Savio reported stolen matched pieces of jewelry found in her possession after her death.
02/19/2010: Defense attorney Joel Brodsky, who said he believes Savio may have filed a false claim.
02/19/2010: She changed her story and attributed the missing items to a "rash of break-ins" after learning that Peterson,
02/19/2010: ..who was living at her home then, was also on the insurance policy, Brodsky said.
02/19/2010: Andrew Abood said Savio lied during a divorce deposition about income from a tenant.
02/19/2010: "She describes things the way she wants, to make people feel sorry for her," Abood said.

02/19/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Drew's wives are '2-for-2'
02/19/2010: Closing Arguements (Defense: Andrew Abood and George Lenard)
02/19/2010: Andrew Abood suggested Savio's boyfriend, Steve Maniaci, had greater access to her bathroom — and less of an alibi.
02/19/2010: Andrew Abood questioned why Steve Maniaci was not the one under suspicion.
02/19/2010: And as far as Stacy, Lenard said the evidence points to her running off with another man.
02/19/2010: "She doesn't want to have sex with (Peterson) anymore because it makes her skin crawl.
02/19/2010: I don't think that's a compliment," Lenard said.
02/19/2010: "No offense to Drew Peterson, but he's not the young boy-toy anymore," Lenard said.
02/19/2010: "He's not the guy walking around with the gelled hair. He's an old man she doesn't want to be with anymore."

02/19/2010: (www.washingtonpost.com): Hearsay hearing for Drew Peterson comes to an end
02/19/2010: Closing Arguements (Defense: Andrew Abood and George Lenard)
02/19/2010: "For someone to say five, six, seven, eight, nine times that she's dead doesn't mean she's dead," George Lenard said.
02/19/2010: "The reason she [Stacy] is not here with Mr. Peterson is that she left, and she left with another man."
02/19/2010: Abood: "They (prosecutors) want to come here and say it's a staged crime scene because they have no evidence."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

02/20/2010: (www.chicagotribune.com): Pitfall in state’s case against Drew Peterson
02/20/2010: In the middle of the prosecution's closing arguments two of Drew Peterson's attorneys tried to suppress small smiles.
02/20/2010: The judge had just signaled a potential problem with the state's case, and everyone in the courtroom knew it.
02/20/2010: In order to have Stacy's alleged statements about her husband's involvement in Savio's death admitted at trial..
02/20/2010: The prosecution must show that Drew Peterson killed Stacy to prevent her from testifying in a legal proceeding.
02/20/2010: Attorney John Connor accused Peterson of murdering Stacy in October 2007 to avoid a financially devastating divorce.
02/20/2010: However, Stacy had not actually filed for divorce.
02/20/2010: A fact critical enough to the prosecution's burden of proof that Judge White interrupted closing arguments to point it out.
02/20/2010: "There was no (divorce) case," White told Connor. "You must show that's the intent to silence her."
02/20/2010: "His life was going to get a lot more difficult if she filed for divorce," Connor argued.
02/20/2010: "Let the divorce go," Glasgow said during rebuttal. "This (case) is the one" with the intent to silence.

02/20/2010: (www.wbbm780.com): Hearsay hearing for Drew Peterson comes to an end
02/20/2010: Attorney Andrew Abood said real killer was Savio's boyfriend Steve Maniaci, who had a tiff with her just before her death.
02/20/2010: But Glasgow said in his argument that the quarrel was minor, and that a lot of circumstantial evidence points to Peterson.
02/20/2010: Abood argued that Peterson had alibi evidence: receipts from a donut shop, Shedd Aquarium, restaurant at the aquarium
02/20/2010: Glasgow seized on the existence of receipts "in pristine condition" as proof that Peterson was trying to cover his tracks.
02/20/2010: "You can't rely on the government to protect the innocent," Abood countered. "So he did it himself...Is that so sinister?"

02/20/2010: (www.suntimes.com): Sad dad?
02/20/2010: An attorney for Drew Peterson claims his client is having a hard time not being able to see his sons.
02/20/2010: “His two teenage sons are doing well,” said attorney Walter Maksym, who works on the financial side of Peterson’s case.
02/20/2010: Jail update: “He’s in isolation, and he can’t see anybody. He watches a little TV.
02/20/2010: I wanted to get him some books, but the only books he can have, have to come directly sealed from a publisher.
02/20/2010: You’d think the guy was in Stalag 17 or something. They’re treating him like he’s Hannibal Lecter.”

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Monday, February 22, 2010

02/22/2010: (www.mediabistro.com): Former FNC Producer Who 'Helped' with Savio's Autopsy
02/22/2010: Steph Watts, who was a producer for Fox News' "On the Record," has responded via TVNewser to recent media reports
02/22/2010: Dr. Michael Baden, the medical examiner who had performed Savio's autopsy stated Watts assisted him during autopsy.
02/22/2010: "During the autopsy, which lasted approximately 3 hours, I took extensive notes and shot video," Watts writes to TVNewser.
02/22/2010: "I never had any physical contact with the body of Kathleen Savio, nor participated in 'performing' the autopsy in any way."

Steph Watts:
"It was through my work on Greta's show, that we uncovered documents leading us to facts that questioned the original classification of Kathleen Savio's death as an accident, and exposed egregious errors by the Bolingbrook Police Department, the original coroner and coroner's jury. Dr. Michael Baden agreed that the findings indicated Savio's death was a homicide. After reviewing the same documents, the State Attorney's office decided to exhume the body of Kathleen Savio and perform a second autopsy. The family of Kathleen Savio, weary of the State Attorney's office, discussed with me having an additional private autopsy done, but knew they could never afford such an expensive endeavor. I took their interest to Dr. Michael Baden, and he volunteered his time. I was already in Chicago covering the case, and accompanied Dr. Baden on every endeavor while he was in town. I asked permission of the family to be in the room with Dr. Baden while the autopsy was performed, and they agreed. I agreed with the Savio family that I would only film Dr. Baden, and no images of the body would ever be filmed or aired. The family knew Dr. Baden would be reporting his findings, whichever way they concluded. During the autopsy, which lasted approximately 3 hours, I took extensive notes and shot video. I never had any physical contact with the body of Kathleen Savio, nor participated in "performing" the autopsy in any way. There were a least 6 Illinois State Police troopers in the room at any given time, and the entire experience was handled with the utmost respect to the Savio family, and most importantly to Kathleen. There is no magic wizard behind the FOX News curtain, pulling strings to influence the findings by one of the country's finest Forensic Pathologists."

02/22/2010: (www.suntimes.com): June 14 trial date set for Drew Peterson in Savio death
02/22/2010: Judge Stephen White ordered jury selection to begin that day [06/14/2010] for Drew Peterson
02/22/2010: Peterson, who remains jailed, has denied any involvement in Savio's death — which initially was ruled accidental
02/22/2010: Peterson denied involvement in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, who remains missing.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

02/23/2010: (www.washingtonpost.com): Missing 4th wife may be big part of Peterson trial
02/23/2010: "You still can win without Stacy, but it's much tougher without it," said David Erickson, Chicago-Kent College of Law.
02/23/2010: Stacy Peterson's disappearance also figures in another cornerstone of the prosecutors' case:
02/23/2010: That Drew Peterson had the ability to kill Savio, not leave any evidence, and even make her death look like an accident.
02/23/2010: "This is not somebody who just watched CSI," Attorney John Connor told White on the last day of the hearing
02/23/2010: Prosecutors detailed Peterson's LE career, including his experience as CSI. "This is somebody who's been CSI."
02/23/2010: One challenge in Savio's case is convincing jurors there was a homicide at all.
02/23/2010: That might be easier if prosecutors could convince jurors he killed Stacy Peterson.
02/23/2010: To do that, experts say prosecutors would have to zero in on what happened after Stacy Peterson disappeared: nothing.
02/23/2010: Stacy never again used a credit card or her cell phone, and never wrote a letter to anyone she knew.
02/23/2010: "And the biggest one: She never attempted to contact her children."
02/23/2010: "When you're doing cross examination you've got to be damn sure you don't do something that trips into the other case,"
02/23/2010: David Erickson: "If there's one phrase trial judges love it's, 'Counsel, you opened the door."

02/23/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Judge sets June date for Peterson trial
02/23/2010: Judge White said two shifts of 35 potential jurors each will be brought through court when the selection starts.
02/23/2010: Attorneys from both sides will have 240 possible jurors to choose from.
02/23/2010: In August 2009, White had the 240 men and women come to court and fill out questionnaires.
02/23/2010: Judge White also warned them to avoid information about the Peterson case.

02/23/2010: (www.chicagotribune.com): Peterson trial date set, but no decision yet on hearsay
02/23/2010: During closing arguments prosecutors revealed the importance they place on what they say was an accidentally answered
02/23/2010: ..four-minute phone call from Stacy's cell phone to Peterson's cell phone the night Stacy was reported missing.
02/23/2010: "This is a miracle, judge," Attorney James Glasgow said, "We probably wouldn't be standing here if it didn't happen."
02/23/2010: Thomas Morphey testified that Peterson dropped him off at Remington Lakes park in Bolingbrook that night,
02/23/2010: ..handing Morphey Drew Peterson's cell phone and telling him not to answer it.
02/23/2010: Glasgow said two calls rang unanswered, but a 9:07 p.m. call was accidentally picked up by Morphey,
02/23/2010: ..who by then had placed the phone in his coat pocket.
02/23/2010: Prosecutors allege Peterson, who was trying to frame a Shorewood man, was forced to concoct a story what his wife said.
02/23/2010: During the hearing, LE and others testified Peterson said his wife told him during the call she was running away with a man.
02/23/2010: Stacy's sister, apparently the first to speak with Peterson that night, testified he told her Stacy went to Jamaica.
02/23/2010: If the four-minute call from Peterson's wife is real, "their whole case about Stacy falls apart," Brodsky said.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Thursday, February 25, 2010

02/25/2010: (www.officialwire.com): Drew Peterson Book Now Available For Download
02/25/2010: "Analyzing Monsters – Family Cures" - By Dr.Dan - "This book is not all about Drew Peterson. Dr. Dan wanted to write a book that would be an answer the question "What five books in your family library do you wish to pass on to your children and grandchildren?" Hopefully some day he will write one. In "Analyzing Monsters – Family Cures" Dr. Dan exhibits tough love and plays Devil’s advocate with many monsters and monstrous events that threaten our families. His findings and analysis are presented throughout the Book. Dr. Dan has interviewed, supervised, evaluated, analyzed, and tested Drew Peterson over separate decades. He has accumulated over a thousand hours with Drew Peterson and his family."

Sunday, February 28, 2010

02/28/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Did state police bungle the Peterson case?
02/28/2010: Prosecutors spent a month tarring Peterson with hours of testimony about how he supposedly killed his last two wives.
02/28/2010: But after all the witnesses, all the arguing, in the end, it was the state police who may have looked the guiltiest of all.
02/28/2010: Sgt. Patrick Collins, the top man of a team of state police investigators, made up his mind within an hour
02/28/2010: ..of arriving at Savio's home that the dead woman in the tub had died accidentally.
02/28/2010: And apparently no one could talk him out of it. Not even one of his own.
02/28/2010: Sgt. Patrick Collins testified at the hearsay hearing that he had never worked a homicide when he was sent to Savio's home
02/28/2010: Sgt. Patrick Collins deferred to the judgment of Crime Scene Investigator Robert Deel, a 24-year veteran of the state police.
02/28/2010: CSI Robert Deel collected no evidence during his investigation of the Savio death scene.
02/28/2010: CSI Robert Deel overlooked a glass of orange juice on Savio's kitchen counter, a mug of water in her microwave.
02/28/2010: CSI Robert Deel overlooked a condom in a bathroom wastebasket. Savio's boyfriend says he did not put there
02/28/2010: CSI Robert Deel didn't look in the wastebasket or in other trash receptacles
02/28/2010: CSI Robert Deel also failed to check for the clothes Savio was wearing before she took her supposed death bath
02/28/2010: CSI Robert Deel didn't document whether there were any towels in the bathroom.
02/28/2010: CSI Robert Deel neglected to dust for fingerprints or conduct chemical blood testing.
02/28/2010: CSI Robert Deel did not find it strange that he could find no blood or hair on any of the surfaces around the tub.
02/28/2010: CSI Robert Deel said, "The bruises on the body are insignificant to me" re: Savio's scratches and extensive bruising.
02/28/2010: Attorney Andrew Abood asked Deel if he was reprimanded for failing to take fingerprints.
02/28/2010: Attorney Andrew Abood asked nobody said, "I don't want Bob Deel investigating crimes in Will County anymore?"
02/28/2010: CSI Robert Deel said "I don't know about a letter, but I know that's happened."
02/28/2010: Deel answered, "No comment," when asked if he was still allowed to conduct CSI in Will County.
02/28/2010: After Deel's testimony on 02/04/2010, state police Master Sgt. Isaiah Vega confirmed Deel does still work there.

02/28/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Did state police bungle the Peterson case?
02/28/2010: Questions about CSI Robert Deel performance may be raised in at least one other high-profile murder case as well.
02/28/2010: Attorney Gerald Kielian, who represents Christopher Vaughn in pending murder case, confirmed CSI Deel processed scene.
02/28/2010: CSI Robert Deel "was the chief investigator [On the Christopher Vaughn case]," Kielian said.
02/28/2010: Christopher Vaughn faces death penalty, allegedly shot his wife and three young children to death June 200.
02/28/2010: The Vaughn family were killed in the family SUV murdered on the Interstate 55 frontage road outside Channahon.
02/28/2010: Attorney John Rogers argued a motion to dismiss the case in September based on the alleged mishandling of evidence.

March 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

03/12/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Savio pathologist dies
03/12/2010: Dr. Bryan Mitchell, the pathologist who performed autopsies in the death of Kathleen Savio has died
03/12/2010: Mitchell lost a battle with cancer Thursday, leaving behind many friends in Kane County.
03/12/2010: Mitchell was chief pathologist for Will County coroner's office for the past 12 years, said Coroner Patrick K. O'Neil.
03/12/2010: "Dr. Mitchell had performed over 3,000 autopsies for Will County coroner's office.
03/12/2010: Illinois statute provides prosecutors with ability to enter autopsy protocol at trial in event of a pathologist's death."
03/12/2010: Mitchell correctly identified Kathleen Savio as a drowning victim.
03/12/2010: Forensic pathologist Dr. Larry Blum and medical examiner Michael Baden determined Savio the victim of a homicide.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

03/16/2010: (abclocal.go.com): Missing dog returned to owners after years
03/16/2010: A 5-year-old Rottweiler named Butch is back home with his family in Riverside after missing for nearly four years.
03/16/2010: The Simmons family received a phone call from the Lake County, Indiana animal control.
03/16/2010: They found the dog and a microchip embedded in him directing them to the family.
03/16/2010: Butch vanished from the family's fenced in backyard, turned up Monday 40 miles away on a porch outside of Gary, IN.
03/16/2010: Matthew Simmons said he purchased the Rottweiler for close to $1,000 so that he would protect the family.
03/16/2010: Kerry Simmons is Stacy Peterson's stepsister. Peterson has been missing for more than two years.

April 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

04/12/2010: (murphymilanojournal.blogspot.com): Susan Murphy Milano Hosts A Special Hour
04/12/2010: A special hour devoted to Domestic Violence, Stalking, Intimate Partner Violence perpetrated by LE in the home.
04/12/2010: Special Guest: Joseph Hosey author of the acclaimed book "Fatal Vows The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson."
04/12/2010: Special Guest: Steph Watts producer, blogger and has done investigative work with Mark Fuhrman for OTR at FOX News

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

04/14/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Two Peterson attorneys withdraw
04/14/2010: George Lenard of Joliet and Andrew Abood of East Lansing, Mich. filed motions to withdraw from Peterson murder case
04/14/2010: The motions for both men cited "irreconcilable differences with co-counsel Joel Brodsky"
04/14/2010: Abood declined to discuss Peterson's reaction to losing two-thirds of his defense team.
04/14/2010: "I don't want to comment on Drew's emotional state," he said.
04/14/2010: George Lenard is scheduled to appear before Judge Stephen White on April 29 to discuss the motion.

04/14/2010: (www.fox59.com): Shakeup of Peterson's defense team as 2 Atty motion to be removed
04/14/2010: But lead attorney Joel Brodsky says Peterson's trial will begin in June as scheduled.
04/14/2010: Joel Brodsky says attorney Joseph Lopez will join the defense team.
04/14/2010: Joseph Lopez represented one of several reputed mobsters convicted in 2007 in a major racketeering conspiracy.

04/14/2010: (www.chicagobreakingnews.com): Peterson loses 2 from defense, gains high-profile Atty
04/14/2010: Will County Circuit Court Judge Stephen White approved Abood and Lenard's request to withdrew from the case.
04/14/2010: When asked if he objected to their motions, Peterson hesitated before telling White he had no objections.
04/14/2010: "I think (Peterson) understands and I think he's disappointed that we're no longer on the case," Abood said
04/14/2010: In their motions, Andrew Abood and George Lenard said the two differed with Joel Brodsky over defense strategy.
04/14/2010: Motions: To proceed would violate their firms' "ethical duty to zealously represent the best interests" of their client.
04/14/2010: Brodsky admitted to differences with his co-counsels about defense strategy, but declined to elaborate.
04/14/2010: Joseph Lopez, a Chicago attorney who handled Peterson's defense in a mock trial, joined Peterson's defense team today.
04/14/2010: Joseph Lopez recently represented Frank Calabrese Sr., in the Family Secrets trial in federal court.
04/14/2010: Brodsky tried to get a formal request for Abood to turn over transcripts from Peterson's hearsay trial.
04/14/2010: Andrew Abood said he would turn over the transcripts requested but did not need a judge's order to do so.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

04/15/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): 'The Shark' dives in
04/15/2010: Joseph "the Shark" Lopez is a Chicago lawyer famous for representing mob hitmen and drug cartels
04/15/2010: And as far as trial strategies go, Lopez ripped the one Abood and Lenard supposedly wanted to use.
04/15/2010: "They have absolutely no concept about how to defend this case," Lopez said.
04/15/2010: "This is a pretty easy case to defend -- it was an accident," he said.
04/15/2010: "(Abood) wants to put on an alibi defense. You don't need an alibi defense when it's an accident."

Monday, April 19, 2010

04/19/2010: (www.cnn.com): 'Shark' joins Drew Peterson's defense amid shakeup
04/19/2010: Joining the defense team is Joseph Lopez, a veteran trial attorney nicknamed "The Shark."
04/19/2010: Joseph Lopez is known in legal circles and among mafia buffs for representing some of Chicago's most notorious mobsters.
04/19/2010: Joel Brodsky said the shakeup would not affect the trial's June start date.
04/19/2010: "We absolutely want to go on as planned. Drew wants to go to trial June 14, I want to go to trial on June 14.
04/19/2010: Mr. Lopez will be ready on June 14," Brodsky said in a telephone interview Friday.
04/19/2010: Joseph Lopez: "It's just a straight-up case of an accident that later turned into an allegation of murder."
04/19/2010: "There's no DNA, no scientific evidence, expert witnesses that disagree on the cause of death, that's reasonable doubt."
04/19/2010: Lopez, a friend of Brodsky's, is no stranger to Peterson's case. He "represented" Peterson in a mock trial staged in 2009
04/19/2010: His law firm doesn't have a Web site. Instead, Lopez said he prefers to rely on his reputation.
04/19/2010: Joseph Lopez reputation is tenacious cross-examination and off-the-cuff remarks to the press to bring in clients.
04/19/2010: Lopez: "They just come, like moth to a flame."
04/19/2010: Lopez: "I've always been ruthless when it comes to this kind of stuff -- anything, you name it."
04/19/2010: Lopez was born and raised in Chicago's Little Italy.
04/19/2010: Lopez scoffs at the irony of his high-profile representation of 13 mobsters in the "Family Secrets" federal trial.
04/19/2010: Lopez said his arguments in the Peterson mock trial mirror his view that Savio's death was an accident.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

04/21/2010: (www.chicagobreakingnews.com): Bolingbrook pond searched for remains of Stacy
04/21/2010: A search of a Bolingbrook pond is being conducted this morning by a volunteer group organized by Stacy Peterson's sister.
04/21/2010: There have been no new leads as to her whereabouts, the spokeswoman said. So far, nothing has been found.

04/21/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Divers search Bolingbrook pond for Stacy Peterson
04/21/2010: Bolingbrook police Lt. Michael Rompa said the search was strictly a civilian effort.
04/21/2010: The search of a pond near the intersection of Boughton and Weber roads.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

04/22/2010: (www.dailyherald.com): Two more big names join Peterson defense team
04/22/2010: Attorneys Steven A. Greenberg and Ralph E. Meczyk are expected to file their appearances by Monday.
04/22/2010: Meczyk defended former Chicago police officer Anthony Doyle in the landmark Family Secrets federal mob trial.
04/22/2010: Greenberg represented triple killer Brian Dugan for the infamous 1983 sex slaying of Jeanine Nicarico of Naperville.
04/22/2010: Greenberg and Meczyk join lead attorney Joel Brodsky, Reem Odeh, and Joseph "The Shark" Lopez.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

04/28/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Peterson lawyer crew up to six
04/28/2010: Steven Greenberg, Ralph Meczyk and Meczyk's partner, Darryl Goldberg, all filed to represent Peterson.
04/28/2010: Reem Odeh, also is in on the case but has done next to no courtroom work on it in the year since Peterson's arrest.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

04/29/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Violence expert taps Peterson case for book
04/29/2010: A new book would have given Stacy Peterson the ways and means to escape her allegedly abusive relationship.
04/29/2010: "It was born out of Stacy's death, actually," Murphy-Milano said of her new book, "Time's Up," which was released April 12.
04/29/2010: Murphy-Milano said the idea for "Time's Up" came to her after she spoke with a preacher Stacy confided in.
04/29/2010: The book "Time's Up" provides a roadmap to safety for victims of domestic violence.

Friday, April 30, 2010

04/30/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): ME: Peterson's attorney owes me money
04/30/2010: Dr. Brian L. Peterson, medical examiner for Milwaukee County, Wis., said Brodsky owes him for reviewing Savio autopsy.
04/30/2010: For the first time in my forensic pathology career, now over 21 years, I have been stiffed for the fee, $4,000.
04/30/2010: Dr. Peterson said he was approached by the "Brodsky team" to review the death of Drew Peterson's third wife.
04/30/2010: At hearsay hearing, defense attorneys presented testimony from a forensic pathologist of their own, Jeffrey Jentzen.
04/30/2010: Jeffrey Jentzen of Michigan insisted Savio may have accidentally died in her bathtub.
04/30/2010: Dr. Peterson said Jentzen recommended him to Peterson's attorneys.
04/30/2010: "Joel (Brodsky) even, for the first time in my career, asked that I sign a confidentiality agreement.
04/30/2010: Dr. Peterson: "I did. And being an honorable guy, I will not tell you what my opinions were."
04/30/2010: "What I can tell you, which doesn't violate confidentiality, is I disagree with Jeff (Jentzen)."
04/30/2010: Dr. Peterson said the attorneys told him not to write a report and to simply submit his bill.
04/30/2010: Dr. Peterson said he followed these instructions in December but is still waiting to get paid.
04/30/2010: Joel Brodsky blamed the lack of payment on his former colleague, attorney Andrew Abood of East Lansing, Mich.
04/30/2010: "Abood went to consult with Dr. Peterson all by himself, without first consulting me or the client," said Brodsky.
04/30/2010: "The bill is Mr. Abood's responsibility, not mine, and that is why he is paying it," Brodsky said.
04/30/2010: Abood said he is picking up Dr. Peterson's tab, but only so the consultant does not lose out on his fee.
04/30/2010: "Andrew seems to be a good guy and has now agreed to pay me independently, out of his own funds," Dr. Peterson said.

May 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

05/15/2010: Drew Peterson's Harley Davidson Motorcyle was removed from Ebay
05/15/2010: Ebay says Peterson's motorcycle is "murderabilia" and too offensive for it to peddle (www.suntimes.com)
05/15/2010: Drew Peterson's Motorcyle back on Ebay with starting bid of $50,000.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

05/16/2010: Drew Peterson's Motorcyle was removed again from Ebay, last bid $37,500 (petersonstory.wordpress.com)

Monday, May 17, 2010

05/17/2010: Drew Peterson's lawyer says Peterson's Harley-Davidson motorcycle has been sold private buyer. (www.wbbm780.com)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

05/18/2010: SEALED MOTIONS EXPOSED: Brodsky blamed the circuit clerk's office for detailing the contents of sealed motions.
05/18/2010: Descriptions printed on the sealed envelopes of seven secret court motions Brodsky filed in the past few days.
05/18/2010: Joel Brodsky filed motion, quash the warrants used to search Peterson's home. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
05/18/2010: Joel Brodsky filed motion, quash exhuming grave of Kathleen Savio. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
05/18/2010: Motion: Exclude "any evidence that Kathleen Savio was fearful for her life" (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
05/18/2010: Motion: Stop prosecutors from using "items recovered from Drew Peterson's household" (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
05/18/2010: Motion: Exclude items showing Peterson was in Chicago the weekend before Savio's body was found
05/18/2010: Motion: Stop prosecutors want to use these "in an effort to show a 'false alibi.'" (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
05/18/2010: Motion: Exclude "statements made by (celebrity medical examiner) Michael Baden" (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)
05/18/2010: Charles Squires, the chief deputy circuit clerk, said he could not discuss the matter. (www.suburbanchicagonews.com)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

05/25/2010: Sneed hears Drew Peteson was strip searched and his cell was searched by LE last week. (www.suntimes.com)

Friday, May 28, 2010

05/28/2010: OTHER NEWS: "Riley Fox Killer Identified Six Years After Will County & Illinois Screwed It Up" (www.chicagonow.com)
05/28/2010: First degree murder charges to be filed against Scott Wayne Eby for the murder of Riley Fox
05/28/2010: Eby, already in jail for a sexual predator crime, has confessed to the crime after a DNA match confirmed his involvement

05/28/2010: Drew Peterson attorneys head to court Friday, trying to get a delay in Peterson's trial, scheduled to begin June 14
05/28/2010: Will County Circuit Judge Stephen White will decide next week whether to delay the trial
05/28/2010: Will County State's Attorney Jim Glascow told Judge Stephen White that he will be ready for trial whenever the judge wants
05/28/2010: Peterson's attorneys were denied a motion to have Judge White removed from the case.
05/28/2010: Judge Stephen White released list of jurors from pool of 240 selected in August who have excuses for missing the trial

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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Monday, May 31, 2010


June 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

06/02/2010: OTHER NEWS: Natalie Holloway Suspect Joran Van Der Sloot Accused of Peru Murder
06/02/2010: Stephany Tatiana Flores (age 21) found murdered in the Miraflores hotel Tac in Peru.
06/02/2010: Joran Van der Sloot was in Lima Peru since May 14, then checked out of the hotel Sunday morning 05/30/10
06/02/2010: Joran Van der Sloot is believed to be in Chile en route to Argentina
06/02/2010: Stephany Tatiana Flores father is Ricardo Flores, 48, is a former president of the Peruvian Automobile Club
06/02/2010: Ricardo Flores brings circuses and foreign entertainers to Peru, ran for vice president in 2001

06/02/2010: (www.kwqc.com): Judge to rule on delay of Drew Peterson trial
06/02/2010: Circuit Judge Stephen White is scheduled to issue his ruling Wednesday on motion for Peterson trial delay
06/02/2010: Drew Peterson's attorney Joel Brodsky is asking judge for the trial delay until Aug. 23, 2010
06/02/2010: Brodsky says prosecution proposed to call four new expert witnesses, including a neuropathologist.
06/02/2010: Judge Stephen White agreed to delay the start only until July 8 since a jury pool had already been selected

06/02/2010: (www.chicagotribune.com): Drew Peterson trial delayed
06/02/2010: Judge Stephen White pushed back jury selection to July 8.
06/02/2010: Peterson's lead attorney, Joel Brodsky, asked that the trial be delayed until Aug. 23 to give the defense team.
06/02/2010: The trial is expected to last up to three weeks, said Joseph Lopez, one of the new defense attorneys.
06/02/2010: Drew Peterson has pleaded not guilty and is being held on $20 million bail.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Friday, June 4, 2010

06/04/2010: (www.tmz.com): NEWS ALERT: Cops May Have Found Body of Drew Peterson's Wife
06/02/2010: TMZ has learned authorities believe they may know exactly where the body is buried, and then plan to dig for it tomorrow.
06/04/2010: Will County Sheriff's deputies, prosecutors took the alleged accomplice to Peoria Friday.
06/04/2010: The alleged accomplice led LE to a private hunting grounds [where Stacy is reportedly buried].
06/04/2010: Friday afternoon LE had police dogs immediately took them to the place where accomplice said body was.
06/04/2010: TMZ.com was told State Police are guarding property and LE will begin digging Saturday morning.
06/05/2010: TMZ sources say Peterson told an inmate he had an accomplice help him dispose of the body.
06/05/2010: Accomplice informed Will County Sheriff's LE and prosecutors that Stacy's buried just outside Peoria, Ill
06/05/2010: The accomplice told authorities the body was stuffed in a metal drum that had been buried underground.

06/04/2010: Timeline Related Excerpts from Media on Peoria Search
06/04/2010: 10:00am: The inmate personally took authorities to the club Friday morning. (www.pjstar.com)

06/04/2010: Timeline Related Excerpts from Media on Peoria Search
06/04/2010: LE contacted David Alwan Friday and asked to search his land northwest of Peoria. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/04/2010: David Alwan confirmed he owns and lives on the 150-acre farm where LE is digging. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/04/2010: David Alwan said about 10-20 federal, state, Will County LE met w/him Friday at his farm (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/04/2010: David Alwan said "They had pretty solid leads with specific coordinates" (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)

06/04/2010: Timeline Related Excerpts from Media on Peoria Search
06/04/2010: David Alwan, owner of Echo Valley Meats and the new 309 restaurant was in shock when LE called. (www.pjstar.com)
06/04/2010: David Alwan said he went out to Echo Valley Farms, Grange Hall Rd near Trigger Rd with 15 LE. (www.pjstar.com)
06/04/2010: David Alwan: "I took them out on my John Deere tractor, They wanted to make sure the spot was on my property."
06/04/2010: Sources told the Journal Star a cadaver dog alerted handlers to human remains in the area Friday
06/04/2010: An anthropologist from the Dixon Mounds site in Fulton County was called in to aid with the search
06/04/2010: The dig site was located a considerable distance off the road in a heavily wooded area.(www.pjstar.com)
06/04/2010: Rain fell overnight Friday didn't make the digging any easier. (www.pjstar.com)
06/04/2010: Peoria Co Coroner Johnna Ingersoll and State's Attorney Kevin Lyons confirmed search was for Stacy Peterson.

06/04/2010: Timeline Related Excerpts from Media on Peoria Search
06/04/2010: Peoria Co Coroner Johnna Ingersoll said she was told [Friday] by LE did a search without digging. (www.dailyherald.com)
06/04/2010: Peoria Co Coroner Johnna Ingersoll told Friday "excavation is expected on Saturday" (www.dailyherald.com)
06/04/2010: Sources do confirm that law enforcement, using dogs, searched a hunting area east of Peoria Friday. (www.suntimes.com)

06/04/2010: Timeline Related Excerpts from Media on Peoria Search
06/04/2010: National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch: Peoria, Fulton, Marshall, McLean Co for Sat. (www.pjstar.com)
06/04/2010: National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch: Stark, Tazewell, Woodford, Knox Co for Sat. (www.pjstar.com)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

06/05/2010: (abclocal.go.com): Police search for Stacy Peterson under way
06/05/2010: Sergeant Tom Burek tells ABC 7 LE searching a rural area near the town of Metamora ILL. (abclocal.go.com)
06/05/2010: Peoria County Coroner Johnna Ingersoll confirms forensics teams have been summoned to the scene (abclocal.go.com)
06/05/2010: So far no human remains. The coroner say excavation work is underway to search for human remains. (abclocal.go.com)

06/05/2010: (www.wbbm780.com): TMZ: Police Know Where Stacy's Peterson's Body Is
06/05/2010: Joel Brodsky says there is no substance to story that Drew Peterson told inmate at Will Co jail (www.wbbm780.com)
06/05/2010: Joel Brodsky says NO accomplice helped Drew Peterson dispose of Stacy's body. (www.wbbm780.com)
06/05/2010: Joel Brodsky says body is not stuffed in metal drum, buried on private hunting grounds in Peoria. (www.wbbm780.com)
06/05/2010: Joel Brodsky says "The story is based upon an inmate telling LE Drew told inmate and I know for a fact that's impossible"
06/05/2010: Will Co Sheriff Department told Newsradio 780 Peterson's in solitary confinement since arrested a year ago.

06/05/2010: (www.nbcchicago.com): Cops Deny Lead on Stacy Peterson's Body
06/05/2010: Joel Brodsky told NBC 5 story not true because his client is so isolated that he can't talk to other inmates.
06/05/2010: Pat Barry at Will Co Sheriff said he first heard of story at 3 a.m. Saturday morning. (www.nbcchicago.com)
06/05/2010: Pat Barry said authorities were not planning to go down to Peoria. (www.nbcchicago.com)

06/05/2010: (www.suntimes.com): Police to dig for Stacy Peterson's body near Peoria: source
06/05/2010: Officials confirmed a search for “human remains” is underway Saturday morning. (www.suntimes.com)
06/05/2010: Sources told a Sun-Times Media reporter Stacy Peterson’s relatives are also at the scene. (www.suntimes.com)
06/05/2010: 10:00am: No human remains located at this point,” Peoria County Coroner Johanna Ingersoll said. (www.suntimes.com)

06/05/2010: (www.dailyherald.com): Police investigate lead on Peterson's 4th wife
06/05/2010: Peoria County Coroner Johnna Ingersoll said it is currently raining heavily in the area. (www.dailyherald.com)
06/05/2010: Spokesman for Stacy Peterson's family told WBBM 780 radio LE are "following a very good lead."
06/05/2010: Peoria County Coroner Johnna Ingersoll: "If remains are found, I will be involved" in the subsequent investigation.

06/05/2010: (www.prnewschannel.com): Statement from Joel Brodsky on Reports of Search in Peoria
06/05/2010: "The current report about Stacy Peterson is just another in a long line of baseless allegations." (www.prnewschannel.com)
06/05/2010: "The one thing all of these stories have in common is that they always prove to be false" (www.prnewschannel.com)

06/05/2010: (www.pjstar.com): Flash flood watch issued for 8 counties
06/05/2010: The National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch for:
06/05/2010: Peoria, Fulton, Marshall, McLean, Stark, Tazewell, Woodford and Knox counties all day Saturday.
06/05/2010: The ground is already saturated with water from Tuesday's storms.
06/05/2010: 1 to 2 inches of rain predicted Saturday will be run off with no place to go, which means roads could flood.
06/05/2010: Power was knocked out to about 300 of 5,000 members of Spoon River Electric Cooperative because of heavy winds.

06/05/2010: (www.myfoxchicago.com): Police Dig Near Peoria on Stacy Peterson Lead
06/05/2010: Pam Bosco, a spokeswoman for Stacy Peterson’s family “very hopeful at this point” (www.myfoxchicago.com)
06/05/2010: Pam Bosco: “They seem to be really positive that this will be something that will help the case.” (www.myfoxchicago.com)
06/05/2010: Pam Bosco: “we’ve just been told it’s a very good lead and they’re very hopeful.” (www.myfoxchicago.com)

06/05/2010: (www.kmox.com): Police investigate lead on Drew Peterson's 4th wife
06/05/2010: State police Sgt. Tom Burek says LE agencies are searching rural land "thick with timber" on foot. (www.kmox.com)
06/05/2010: State police Sgt. Tom Burek says rains reduced land to "muddy mess," vehicles can't get to search area. (www.kmox.com)

06/05/2010: (www.chicagobreakingnews.com): Authorities pursue lead downstate in search for Stacy
06/05/2010: Peoria County Coroner Johnna Ingersoll said that a search, which began Friday, will continue today for "human remains."
06/05/2010: State police Master Sgt. Tom Burek wouldn't say when the search began or how large the search area is.
06/05/2010: State police Master Sgt. Tom Burek wouldn't confirm where the lead came from or how credible police thought it might be.
06/05/2010: Drew Peterson's attorney, Joel Brodsky, called the search "patently ridiculous." (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)

06/05/2010: (www.pjstar.com): Authorities digging near Jubilee State Park for Stacy
06/05/2010: Illinois State Police, Peoria County Sheriff's deputies, federal agents are at Big Hollow Sportsman's Club (www.pjstar.com)
06/05/2010: Big Hollow Sportsman's Club, 7517 W. Grange Hall Road Peoria Illinois. (www.pjstar.com)
06/05/2010: Google Maps show address as: 7517 Grange Hall Rd Dunlap, IL 61525-9228
06/05/2010: Command center set up: Illinois Dept of Trans facility, U.S. Route 150, near Orange Prairie Rd (www.pjstar.com)

06/05/2010: (www.chicagobreakingnews.com): Nothing found yet in Peoria-area search related to Stacy
06/05/2010: LE digging on property owned by Peoria restaurant, meat company owner David Alwan. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/05/2010: LE contacted David Alwan Friday and asked to search his land northwest of Peoria. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/05/2010: David Alwan confirmed he owns and lives on the 150-acre farm where LE is digging. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/05/2010: David Alwan said about 10-20 federal, state, Will County LE met w/him Friday at his farm (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/05/2010: David Alwan said "They had pretty solid leads with specific coordinates" (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/05/2010: LE doen't believe David Alwan had any involvement in Stacy's disappearances. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/05/2010: 01:00pm: State police Master Sgt. Tom Burek said that nothing had yet been found. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/05/2010: David Alwan also would not say if he's ever noticed digging on his land before. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/05/2010: David Alwan added that investigators are unearthing soil near Kickapoo Creek. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)

06/05/2010: (www.pjstar.com): Police dig near Jubilee State Park for Stacy Peterson's body
06/05/2010: Police are searching an area near Jubilee State Park. (www.pjstar.com)
06/05/2010: David Alwan (Echo Valley Farms) said he was asked by LE not to reveal information about the search. (www.pjstar.com)
06/05/2010: David Alwan said he never met Drew Peterson and doesn't know why his property was selected.(www.pjstar.com)
06/05/2010: Officers are probing the ground and sifting through soil by hand. (www.pjstar.com)
06/05/2010: An end-loader and back hoe are on the scene if needed. (www.pjstar.com)

06/05/2010: (www.tmz.com): Drew Peterson's Wife -- The Search Scene
06/05/2010: TMZ has obtained photos of the scene where authorities are searching for the remains of Drew Peterson's fourth wife.
06/05/2010: Cops have taped off a section on private hunting ground in Peoria, IL.
06/05/2010: It appears officials have set up a tent inside the restricted area.

06/05/2010: (www.upi.com): Peterson dig suspended
06/05/2010: 04:30pm: Peoria County Coroner Johnna Ingersoll said no remains found. (www.upi.com)
06/05/2010: Searchers were digging at a property owned by David Alwan, who said county, state and federal LE were at his farm Friday.
06/05/2010: Celebrity news Web site TMZ reported Friday LE got tip from prisoner who said Peterson described where remains found.
06/05/2010: "I heard it's a friend of a friend of a friend -- there's nothing there," Joel Brodsky said.
06/05/2010: Joel Brodsky: "I think TMZ should stick to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt."

06/05/2010: (www.suntimes.com): Police end the search for Stacy Peterson's body
06/05/2010: 06:00pm: Forensic Anthropologist hired by LE gave up his search. (www.suntimes.com)
06/05/2010: State Police Master Sgt. Tom Burek: "We are pursuing some other avenues in ref to this lead, we will be back in this area."
06/05/2010: State Police Master Sgt. Tom Burek: “They must think it’s pretty credible ... they’re here.” (www.suntimes.com)
06/05/2010: Digging area closed off by a wrought iron gate identifying the place as “Big Hollow Huntsman’s” (www.suntimes.com)

06/05/2010: (www.pjstar.com): Police dig in rural Peoria County for Stacy Peterson's body
06/05/2010: LE have exhausted their initial search in Peoria County, but the effort will resume within days. (www.pjstar.com)
06/05/2010: An anthropologist finished digging in a 10x10-foot area on Dave Alwan's Echo Valley Farms property.(www.pjstar.com)
06/05/2010: Illinois State Police Master Sgt. Tom Burek: would be back to the site as early as Monday. (www.pjstar.com)

06/05/2010: Timeline Related Excerpts from Media on Peoria Search
06/05/2010: Don M. Zimmerman: From Amy Jacobson: "Found out tip did NOT come from Drew Peterson's cell" (J Hosey Facebook)
06/05/2010: Don M. Zimmerman: From Amy Jacobson: "Person" came forward who knows someone who knows" (J Hosey Facebook)

06/05/2010: Timeline Related Excerpts from Media on Peoria Search
06/05/2010: Stacy Peterson's aunt, Candace Aikin [Los Angeles] stayed on computer Saturday for updates. (www.dailyherald.com)

06/05/2010: Timeline Related Excerpts from Media on Peoria Search
06/05/2010: Joel Brodsky: "They're trying to dirty up the defendant with an irrelevant search. It's a despicable tactic."
06/05/2010: A source familiar with the investigation told the Tribune that a jail informant directed LE to search near a downstate gun club

06/05/2010: Timeline Related Excerpts from Media on Peoria Search
06/05/2010: 08:00pm: Report of tornado touchdown near Peoria at shopping center, routes 150 and 91 (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/05/2010: 09:18pm: Tornadoes hit Peoria, Streator, Dwight, Kankakee County Illinois (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/05/2010: The storm system passed through south of the I-80 corridor, with reports of tornadoes touching down near Peoria
06/05/2010: One of 15 tornadoes touched down in north-central Illinois Saturday night destroyed homes, businesses in Elmwood

Sunday, June 6, 2010

06/06/2010: (www.suntimes.com): Police end the search for Stacy Peterson's body
06/06/2010: LE spent 12 hours digging on a private farm near Peoria for Stacy Peterson Saturday, found nothing.
06/06/2010: Some LE staying behind to guard the site, and detectives were expected to return at undisclosed date.
06/06/2010: LE declined to say whether or not any evidence was recovered during Saturday’s search.
06/06/2010: Pam Bosco: “more positive on this than any of the leads they’ve had in the past.”

06/06/2010: (cbs2chicago.com): Stacy Peterson's Sister Reacts To News Of Search Reporting
06/06/2010: "It's good to see them following through with the lead, or whatever tip they got," said Cassandra Cales, Stacy's sister.
06/06/2010: "I'm not getting my hopes up now. If there is human remains there, you still got DNA testing and that could take a month.
06/06/2010: In recent weeks, both of Drew and Stacy Peterson's kids were swabbed for DNA to be used in case remains are found.
06/06/2010: Joel Brodsky says he spoke with Drew Peterson Saturday, and his client's mood never changed.
06/06/2010: "I can tell you that his mood was upbeat and confident, and he was looking forward to the trial," Brodsky said.
06/06/2010: Cassandra Cales says cadaver dogs did hit on the area where investigators were digging.
06/06/2010: And although the search ended with no major discoveries, she says they'll be back out there in the days to come.

06/06/2010: (www.chicagotribune.com): Stacy Peterson search suspended, but not over
06/06/2010: LE said Sunday they are still actively pursuing tip that Stacy's body is buried on Peoria farm.
06/06/2010: The search was suspended at dusk Saturday, and no further work was done Sunday.
06/06/2010: Illinois State Police Master Sgt. Tom Burek said no searching for the body was planned Monday.
06/06/2010: Source told the Tribune the hunt would resume later this week, possibly as early as Tuesday.
06/06/2010: Illinois State Police Master Sgt. Tom Burek denied search suspended waiting for delivery of special electronic equipment.

Monday, June 7, 2010

06/07/2010: (www.1470wmbd.com): Greg & Dan show guest Peoria County Sheriff Mike McCoy
06/07/2010: Sheriff Mike McCoy: "Police dogs found things in the exact remote place the inmate specified."

06/07/2010: (cbs2chicago.com): 4 Tornado-Ravaged Counties Declared Disaster Areas
06/07/2010: Gov. Pat Quinn said disaster area for LaSalle, Livingston, Peoria, Putnam Co after touring tornado-ravaged areas.

06/07/2010: (scaredmonkeys.com): Listen To The Dana Pretzer Show Tonight Live At 9 pm
06/07/2010: Dana Pretzer Show Tonight LIVE at 9 PM ET on Scared Monkey's Radio.
06/07/2010: Joel Brodsky, the attorney for Drew Peterson discussing updates recent developments in the case
06/07/2010: Jossy Mansur, Managing Editor of Diario Aruba discussing the recent arrest of Joran Van Der Sloot
06/07/2010: Clint Van Zandt, Former FBI profiler, author and safety expert discusses Peterson and Joran Van Der Sloot Cases
06/07/2010: RED, Editor In Chief of Scared Monkeys.com, Scaredmonkey.net discusses Drew Peterson and Joran Van Der Sloot
06/07/2010: Robin Sax, NBC analyst and Former LA prosecutor discusses Peterson, Van Der Sloot cases and John Mark Karr.
06/07/2010: Dana Pretzer Show: “Blink on Crime” with "rumor": meal-bringers and bookcart wheelers are inmates

06/07/2010: (today.msnbc.msn.com): Today Show June 7, 2010
06/07/2010: Joe Hosey (www.suntimes.com) to be on the Today show at 9am

06/07/2010: (www.pjstar.com): Breaking News: Peterson search found only opossum bones
06/07/2010: An anthropologist who helped LE search a central Illinois for Stacy Peterson says he found only opossum bones
06/07/2010: Anthropologist Alan Harn believes authorities have a "really good" tip about Stacy Peterson.
06/07/2010: Alan Harn says the tip about the site came from "a representative" of someone in jail.
06/07/2010: Alan Harn advised LE to return to the area near Peoria with a device that gets images of what's underground.
06/07/2010: Alan Harn told media he excavated three sites on Saturday identified by cadaver-sniffing dogs.

06/07/2010: (www.wbbm780.com): Search for Stacy Peterson expected to resume
06/07/2010: Alan Harn, anthropologist at Dickson Mounds Museum, says he found bones, but not human bones.
06/07/2010: Alan Harn: "I think they're very convinced. I think they're very convinced that she is somewhere on that property.

06/07/2010: (www.myfoxchicago.com): Expert: Peterson Search Found Only Opossum Bones
06/07/2010: Anthropologist Alan Harn, whose work in 2005 led to the arrest of serial killer Larry Bright.
06/07/2010: Harn spends his time unearthing prehistoric American Indian villages near Dickson Mounds Museum in Lewistown.
06/07/2010: Harn's team used a device called a magnetometer to locate underground house sites in the centuries-old Morton Village.
06/07/2010: Harn said such a tool could help LE find spots where soil has been disturbed.
06/07/2010: Harn said cadaver dogs won't be of much help, because dogs do well spotting recently buried bodies in shallow graves
06/07/2010: Harn said cadaver dogs don't perform as well with older, deeper sites.
06/07/2010: Harn said when LE asked for his help over the weekend, he was told only that it was a high-profile case.
06/07/2010: Harn said he spent about 12 hours at the site Saturday and learned there it was a search for Stacy Peterson

06/07/2010: (www.suntimes.com): Dig for Stacy Peterson turns up possum skeletons
06/07/2010: Anthropologist Alan Harn turned up two possum skeletons and a makeshift drainage trench.
06/07/2010: Even the animal skeletons discovered during the day of digging were 40 to 50 years old.
06/07/2010: Alan Harn said he excavated two small sites selected by cadaver-sniffing dogs.
06/07/2010: Alan Harn said “I suspect I’ll probably be going back out there.”
06/07/2010: LE wouldn’t confirm that investigators plan to return to the site, but hinted more work might done there soon
06/07/2010: Illinois State Police Master Sgt. Tom Burek, “I certainly wouldn’t close the door to this week”

06/07/2010: (townhall.com): John & Amy are broadcasting live from the Elgin Country Club
06/07/2010: Will County Sheriff Paul Kaupas joined John & Amy to talk about this weekend's search.
06/07/2010: Joel Brodsky is representing Drew Peterson and believes that this weekend's search was nothing but a PR stunt.

06/07/2010: (www.chicagobreakingnews.com): No human remains found in downstate search
06/07/2010: Reed Landmark, Big Hollow Sportsman member said Peterson was not a member. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/07/2010: Bill Russell, Big Hollow Sportsman member said Peterson wasn't even a guest. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/07/2010: Big Hollow Sportsman's Club has about 15 members that shoot clay pigeons. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/07/2010: Big Hollow Sportsman's Club sits on about 10 acres along Kickapoo Creek. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/07/2010: Big Hollow Sportsman's Club garbage bins at the club are blue barrels. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/07/2010: Reed Landmark said the club gave LE a roster of its members. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/07/2010: Bill Russell: The club flies under the radar and doesn't even have a Web site. (www.chicagobreakingnews.com)
06/07/2010: Reed Landmark: The only way to reach the site where investigators were digging is via the club's remote drive.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

06/08/2010: (www.suntimes.com): Stacy search source not from jail (Michael Sneed Column)
06/08/2010: Sneed hears the recent search for Stacy Peterson's body was NOT prompted by a jailhouse source.
06/08/2010: Sneed hears: "The source sought us out and we are now reassessing the validity of the source," the source said.
06/08/2010: • Backshot: The search, conducted with cadaver dogs and shovels over an area smaller than half a basketball court
06/08/2010: on a private farm near Peoria, was called off Saturday after a day of unproductive digging.
06/08/2010: • Fore shot: "As soon as we establish the info is credible...."
06/08/2010: ...."we would start searching again using costly thermal imaging or ground penetrating radar," the source added.

06/08/2010: (www.pjstar.com): Search for Stacy Peterson could resume this week
06/08/2010: Peoria County Sheriff Mike McCoy: "The way they got the information seems to make it viable." (www.pjstar.com)
06/08/2010: Peoria County Sheriff Mike McCoy: "I believe in talking with Will County and State LE that we will work with them further."
06/08/2010: The Peoria County Sheriff's Department has a detective and lab technician assigned to the case. (www.pjstar.com)
06/08/2010: Spokesman Chuck Pelkie said Monday prosecutors plan to move forward with the scheduled July 8 trial date.

06/08/2010: (www.wbbm780.com): Cops convinced they're close to finding Stacy Peterson body
06/08/2010: Anthropologist Alan Harn: "I think they're very convinced that she is somewhere on that property.
06/08/2010: Anthropologist Alan Harn: "And I think they're very convinced that it's not very far from where we were."

06/08/2010: (www.wgntv.com): Peterson's attorney talks recent search for Stacy's body
06/08/2010: Joel Brodsky joined Morning News to talk search for Stacy and Drew Peterson trial.

06/08/2010: (www.prnewschannel.com): Drew Peterson's Lawyer: Inmate Tip is 'Just Another Fallacy'
06/08/2010: Joel Brodsky, appeared on the Headline News program "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell" (www.prnewschannel.com)
06/08/2010: "There have been leads and tips for the last three years, and not one has had any factual basis whatsoever," Brodsky said
06/08/2010: "They have nothing. This whole thing is based on a supposed inmate tip. Drew is in isolation. (www.prnewschannel.com)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

06/09/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Bones' mystery unsolved (Not Stacy)
06/09/2010: Bones were washed up on the banks of the Des Plaines River near Channahon in May 2009
06/09/2010: The bones were found with some Gap blue jeans the same size John Spira wore.
06/09/2010: In the pocket of the blue jeans was a pair of guitar picks which Spira, an accomplished blues guitarist, may have carried.
06/09/2010: Along with the guitar picks was Orajel toothache medicine. Spira had a tooth pulled just before he vanished in Feb 2007.
06/09/2010: LE had early suspicions that they might be that of missing Bolingbrook mother Stacy Peterson.
06/09/2010: Then DNA testing conducted at the state police crime lab proved the bones weren't Spira's.
06/09/2010: After the state police crime lab ruled out Spira, LE shipped to the University of North Texas Health Science Center
06/09/2010: Spira's sister, Stephanie McNeil, questions the validity of the sample DuPage County Sheriff supplied for the test.
06/09/2010: McNeil said the DuPage County LE took DNA samples from her and her mother, Maggie Spira.
06/09/2010: McNeil said she was told the DuPage County LE also took samples from a toothbrush and hairbrush found in Spira's home.
06/09/2010: Dawn Domrose, spokeswoman for DuPage County Sheriff said her agency obtained a sample from Spira's toothbrush.
06/09/2010: McNeil said her brother and his wife, Suzanne Spira, were in the midst of a contentious divorce.
06/09/2010: McNeil said her brother was still living in the same house throughout the "tumultuous" time leading up to him missing.
06/09/2010: After John Spira disappeared, his wife gave toothbrush to LE. McNeil suspects it might be someone else's toothbrush.
06/09/2010: Even Suzanne Spira, who now lives in Orchard Park, N.Y., said the toothbrush might not belong to her missing husband.
06/09/2010: McNeil wants the bones from the Des Plaines River to be compared to the DNA samples she and her mother provided.
06/09/2010: McNeil also wants the samples she and her mother gave to be tested against the toothbrush.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

06/10/2010: (willcountycircuitcourt.com): Estate of Kathleen Savio, Deceased wrongful death suit
06/10/2010: Will County Case 09L 000326
06/10/2010: BRODSKY JOEL ALAN 6 10 10 900 WCCA PETERSON DREW 09L 000326 CIVJ
06/10/2010: PETERSON DREW 6 10 10 WCCA 900 09L 000326 Case
06/10/2010: SAVIO HENRY J 6 10 10 WCCA 900 09L 000326 Case
06/10/2010: VARSEK LAWRENCE E. 6 10 10 900 WCCA SAVIO HENRY J 09L 000326 CIVJ

Friday, June 11, 2010

06/11/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Police confident Stacy's body is in Peoria, source says
06/11/2010: State police still believe the tip that sent them downstate in search of Stacy Peterson is solid.
06/11/2010: The operation to locate Stacy Peterson on farm in Peoria halted Saturday evening and has yet to resume.
06/11/2010: A source close to the investigation said state police are extremely confident that Stacy's body is buried in that area.
06/11/2010: Peterson's attorneys, Joseph "Shark" Lopez, said there is another reason the state police have not returned to Peoria.
06/11/2010: "Why don't they go back? Because there ain't nothing there," Lopez said.
06/11/2010: "Kind of like Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone's vaults," Lopez said. "A big flop."

06/11/2010: (OTHER NEWS): Peruvian Judge: Joran van der Sloot jailed - first-degree murder, robbery
06/11/2010: Peru LE said Van der Sloot took Flores' cash, about $300 Peruvian currency, two credit cards and her national ID card.
06/11/2010: Police say he also took her car, abandoning it in a lower-class Lima neighbourhood before fleeing south to Chile.
06/11/2010: Joran van der Sloot remains the lone suspect in the 2005 disappearance in Aruba of Natalee Holloway
06/11/2010: Joran van der Sloot transfered to "Miguel Castro Castro" jail in Lima Peru
06/11/2010: Joran Van der Sloot says he knows where Natalee Holloway is buried
06/11/2010: Joran Van der Sloot said he would only testify (on the matter) before Aruba authorities."

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Sunday, June 13, 2010


Monday, June 14, 2010

06/14/2010: Drew Peterson trial date scheduled. (Has been changed to July 8, 2010)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

06/15/2010: (www.pjstar.com): Search for Stacy Peterson goes quiet
06/15/2010: The search quietly began June 4, gained national media exposure, when it was abruptly halted with little explanation.
06/15/2010: Illinois State Police have said a search of the property would resume, though no timetable revealed.
06/15/2010: Peoria County Sheriff Mike McCoy said Tuesday his department still is awaiting word from lead LE on the case.
06/15/2010: Sheriff Mike McCoy: "Illinois State Police District 3 said that when they return, they would contact us before they came."
06/15/2010: Sheriff Mike McCoy: "At this time, we're protecting the site, waiting to assist them when they return."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

06/16/2010: (www.wbbm780.com): Why hasn't dig for Stacy remains resumed?
06/16/2010: The digging for the remains of Stacy Peterson is on hold, state police have indicated.
06/16/2010: The last date state police talked about digging on that site near Peoria was Saturday before last - ten days ago.
06/16/2010: They said they didn't take any evidence away from the scene.
06/16/2010: So why hasn't digging resumed? Rain in the area is one reason, says Illinois State Police Master Sergeant Thomas Burek.
06/16/2010: LE are doing followup on the lead that led state police to Peoria County in the first place, Burek said.
06/16/2010: Attorney Joel Brodsky mocked the search effort, saying, "Two possum families finally have closure."

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Friday, June 18, 2010

06/18/2010: 09CF001048 – State of IL vs. Drew Peterson, Defendant: Murder / Intent
06/18/2010: MECZYK RALPH EUGENE 6 18 10 930 402 PETERSON DREW W 09CF001048 SDW
06/18/2010: PETERSON DREW W 6 18 10 402 930 09CF001048 0 MURDER/INTENT TO 1 Pre-trial
06/18/2010: PETERSON DREW W 6 18 10 402 930 09CF001048 0 MURDER/INTENT TO 2 Pre-trial
06/18/2010: JURY SELECTION BEGINS JULY 8, 2010 PER JUDGE WHITE 06/02/2010

06/18/2010: (www.chicagobreakingnews.com): Defense: Keep Stacy's name out of Peterson trial
06/18/2010: A pre-trial hearing was scheduled for 9:30 a.m. today in Will County Circuit Court in Joliet.
06/18/2010: Joel Brodsky said he will make a motion barring mention of Stacy Peterson during Peterson's trial.
06/18/2010: Joel Brodsky also will seek to keep certain video, such as TV appearances by Peterson before his arrest, out of the trial.

06/18/2010: (abclocal.go.com): Atty: 'Great day' in court for Drew Peterson
06/18/2010: Defense says it was a good day despite most of their 12 sealed motions to Judge Stephen White were denied.
06/18/2010: Motion Denied: To dismiss the indictment
06/18/2010: Motion Denied: To sequester the jury
06/18/2010: Motion Denied: To quash the exhumation evidence
06/18/2010: Motion Denied: Supress search warrant of Kathleen Savio's body in November of 2007.
06/18/2010: Motion Denied: To suppress evidence obtained in a search warrant in connection to Stacy Peterson.
06/18/2010: Motion Denied: To keep Stacy Peterson's name out of the trial
06/18/2010: Motion Denied: To delay the murder trial until late August.
06/18/2010: Motion on Hold: To keep Peterson's television appearances (before his arrest) out of the trial proceedings.
06/18/2010: Motion on Hold: To keep jurors from hearing about Peterson's prior "bad acts."
06/18/2010: Brodsky: "Drew wouldn't be in the situation he's in if there wasn't a bunch of media hysteria" when Stacy disappeared.

06/18/2010: (www.chicagotribune.com): Drew Peterson's lawyers haggle over what jury will hear
06/18/2010: Oct. 31, 2007, LE found 23 firearms, 5 other weapons. nunchucks, and a red "alibi folder" with receipts day Savio drowned.
06/18/2010: Attorney John Connor said folder would be used to show Peterson "staged" drowning, planned to use receipts as alibi.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

06/19/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Will jury hear about Drew's prior bad acts?
06/19/2010: Attorney Steven Greenberg: "Just because (Peterson) said something on TV, it doesn't come in unless it's admit of guilt.
06/19/2010: Greenberg also called the montage the "greatest hits of Drew and Joel on their world tour."
06/19/2010: Judge White was amenable to reviewing a video montage of Peterson and Brodsky's media appearances.
06/19/2010: Before White came to the bench, Norma Peterson, the wife of Peterson's brother Paul was spotted in the courtroom gallery.
06/19/2010: Norma Peterson was warned not to communicate with her brother-in-law after noticing them mouthing words to each other.
06/19/2010: Attorney Brodsky then approached her to ask what she was doing there. "I just stopped in to say hi," Norma Peterson said.
06/19/2010: "I was in the area, out of curiosity's sake, I just stopped to say hi," Norma Peterson said. "I haven't seen him in a year."

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Monday, June 21, 2010


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

06/23/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Peterson lawyers want answers about Peoria dig
06/23/2010: The state police are trying to keep a lid on why they were poking around Peoria for the body of Stacy Peterson
06/23/2010: "We want to know why they're digging in Peoria," said Joel Brodsky, the lead attorney for Stacy's husband
06/23/2010: "We're curious," Brodsky said. "For a lot of reasons, we're curious."
06/23/2010: Brodsky has taken potshots at the state police since they launched the Peoria search operation, did so again this week.
06/23/2010: "The state police finally have it right," Brodsky said. "Stacy is playing possum."
06/23/2010: State police Master Sgt. Tom Burek said there is no timetable for resuming the search
06/23/2010: Source with knowledge of the investigation insisted the cops are confident that Stacy is in the ground in that area.
06/23/2010: At a hearing last week, Asst. Atty General Deborah Simpson argued against surrendering LE reports related to dig.
06/23/2010: "It's an ongoing investigation" said Robyn Ziegler, a spokeswoman for the attorney general's office.
06/23/2010: Robyn Ziegler: "Illinois State Police believe that providing that information will impact their investigation."
06/23/2010: Judge Stephen White said he wants the state police to turn the material over to him by Thursday.
06/23/2010: If LE refuses to comply on Thursday, White can hold him in contempt of court.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

06/24/2010: Judge in Drew Peterson case upset that news channel allegedly videotaped autopsy
06/24/2010: (www.chicagotribune.com): Judge said he may not allow the high-profile pathologist to testify at trial next month.
06/24/2010: Judge appalled that a Fox News producer videotaped autopsy of Kathleen Savio, after her body was exhumed in 2007.
06/24/2010: Judge White: "You're saying Fox videotaped the autopsy? Somebody allowed a TV station to videotape an autopsy?"
06/24/2010: Steph Watts, a freelance reporter saying in a phone interview that he never filmed the body.
06/24/2010: Steph Watts said he has been subpoenaed by Peterson's attorneys but doesn't have a copy of the tape.
06/24/2010: Steph Watts said he shot "less than 5 minutes" of footage strictly of Dr. Baden.
06/24/2010: "There is no videotape of the body," Steph Watts said.
06/24/2010: Assistant State's Attorney John Connor said the video was made with "a surreptitious camera."
06/24/2010: Kathy Patton, another assistant state's attorney, said Baden's autopsy, was done on behalf of Savio's family.
06/24/2010: Defense attorney Darryl Goldberg said the videotape was a vital piece of evidence. "This is something we have to have."
06/24/2010: Judge White on Thursday received a briefing from Illinois State Police on not-yet-completed files on Peoria search.
06/24/2010: Judge said he will review their completed records to see if anything needs to be turned over to defense attorneys.
06/24/2010: Attorney for LE said that depending on White's ruling, they may withhold records and appeal even if it means contempt.

Friday, June 25, 2010

06/25/2010: (abclocal.go.com): Report: Pastor to testify in Peterson trial
06/24/2010: Judge decided to allow testimony from Stacy Peterson's pastor at the upcoming trial of Drew Peterson.
06/24/2010: The Chicago Tribune reports the pastor can testify about a counseling session with Stacy Peterson.
06/24/2010: Stacy said her husband talked her into providing a false alibi for the weekend of Savio's death in 2004.

06/25/2010: (www.chicagobreakingnews.com): Exclusive: Jury to hear Stacy's false alibi confession
06/24/2010: Judge ruled jury could hear the false alibi discussion, because it took place at a Starbucks (public place).
06/24/2010: By Stacy sharing her secret at Starbucks, she waived her right for conversation to be private with pastor.
06/24/2010: Stacy allegedly made similar confession to her friend Scott Rossetto. The judge has barred that statement from the trial.
06/24/2010: Jury will not hear of alleged 2002 incident in which Peterson allegedly broke into Savio's home.
06/24/2010: Jury will not hear of when Savio said Peterson held a knife to her throat; and threatened to kill her.
06/24/2010: Case based on pathologist findings and 13 hearsay statements that will allow the women to speak from the grave.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

06/26/2010: SEE 06/29/2010 www.suntimes.com: Source: Stacy Peterson search goes back to Peoria
06/26/2010: Sneed learned an unproductive six-hour search for Stacy, was conducted Saturday on a private farm near Peoria.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Monday, June 28, 2010


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

06/29/2010: (www.suntimes.com): Source: Stacy Peterson search goes back to Peoria
06/29/2010: BY MICHAEL SNEED Sun-Times Columnist: The search for Stacy Peterson is getting stranger and stranger.
06/29/2010: Sneed learned an unproductive six-hour search for Stacy, was conducted Saturday on a private farm near Peoria.
06/29/2010: Source of "new additional information" (who prompted first search) refused to "physically go out on the property to help."
06/29/2010: "We asked the source to come out and help, but he didn't want to and didn't specify as to why," said Sneed's source.
06/29/2010: Source also stated the search was conducted with cadaver dogs over two sites comprising several acres.
06/29/2010: "Over the course of the last couple years we've searched over 100 sites [for Stacy Peterson]," the source added.

06/29/2010: (abclocal.go.com): Peterson attorneys want search info released
06/29/2010: Drew Peterson's attorneys in court Tuesday morning trying to get a judge to release Peoria search information.
06/29/2010: Chicago Sun-Times is reporting there was another search for Stacy on farm near Peoria recently that turned up nothing.
06/29/2010: The first search by state police also did not find anything, but Peterson's attorneys want to know what led to the search.

06/29/2010: (chicagotribine.com): Peterson's defense team questions Fox News autopsy on Savio
06/29/2010: Drew Peterson's defense team is seeking to bar a renowned pathologist from serving as a prosecution witness
06/29/2010: A telephone number for "Girls Gone Wild" producer Joe Francis in notes related to an autopsy.
06/29/2010: Dr. Michael Baden's sterling reputation would add to allegations that Peterson drowned his wife in 2004.
06/29/2010: Dr. Michael Baden worked on the O.J. Simpson and Phil Spector murder trials, he is the host of the HBO series "Autopsy."
06/29/2010: Dr. Baden testified at hearsay hearing that Steph Watts, a freelance producer for OTR assisted him with the Autopsy.
06/29/2010: Steph Watts says he videotaped Baden during the autopsy, has denied touching the body.
06/29/2010: Steph Watts to the Tribune he also took dictation from the pathologist during the procedure.
06/29/2010: Watts said he had Francis' number in his notes because he was working on a story about the entrepreneur's legal troubles.
06/29/2010: "I'm almost surprised Steph Watts didn't do some of the incisions in the autopsy," defense attorney Joel Brodsky said.
06/29/2010: Attorney Joel Brodsky: "They weren't just covering the news; this shows they were making the news."
06/29/2010: Brodsky said in court that the defense has received three pages of Watts' notes from the autopsy.
06/29/2010: A page noting the weight of Savio's liver, Watts wrote three numbers, including Francis' personal cell phone number.
06/29/2010: A Fox News spokeswoman said Watts, who no longer works for the network, did not participate in the autopsy.
06/29/2010: "The integrity of the autopsy is so flawed, the question is whether this is a investigation or a reality show," Greenberg said.
06/29/2010: Judge also seemed upset by the network's involvement and has threatened to ban Baden if the footage cannot be found.
06/29/2010: Steph Watts said prosecutors have subpoenaed him to testify before Judge Stephen White next week

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

06/30/2010: (myfoxchicago.com): Peterson Attorneys Question Baden Autopsy, Peoria Search
06/30/2010: Peterson's lawyers have filed a motion calling the procedure compromised.
06/30/2010: They can't find video of the autopsy, found phone number of Girls Gone Wild producer Joe Francis in autopsy notes.
06/30/2010: State police surrendered the reports detailing their downstate search for Stacy Peterson, but they don't seem to say much.
06/30/2010: "It showed it was pretty heavily redacted," Joel Brodsky said of the 50-odd page reports turned over Tuesday.
06/30/2010: State police secured an order prohibiting Attorney Joel Brodsky from discussing what the documents entail.

06/30/2010: (www.wlsam.com): State police surrendered the reports detailing their downstate search
06/30/2010: Judge Stephen White said he will determine on the first day of the trial whether Fox will produce notes or video of autopsy.
06/30/2010: Brodsky will also have to wait until start of trial if he decides that LE censored too much information on the Peoria reports.
06/30/2010: Master Sgt. Tom Burek said Peoria search for Stacy continued Saturday after weeks of inactivity.
06/30/2010: Brodsky scoffed at the notion that Stacy might be buried in Peoria, claiming that the young wife of his client "ran off."
06/30/2010: "In my humble opinion, someone is pulling the leg of the Illinois State Police," he said.

July 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

07/01/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Savio autopsy questioned
07/01/2010: Prosecutors have called for a hearing to determine what role Steph Watts played in a Savio private autopsy
07/01/2010: "This case is autopsies gone wild," said Peterson attorney Joseph "Shark" Lopez.
07/01/2010: Peterson's lawyers will argue during Friday's hearing that the autopsy was "irretrievably compromised"
07/01/2010: Peterson's lawyers want Baden out, one of his attorneys, Joel Brodsky was eager to get Watts on the witness stand.

07/01/2010: (dailyherald.com): Could DuPage County murder case help Drew Peterson prosecutors?
07/01/2010: Prosecutors in the Drew Peterson trial are seeking an 11th-hour appeal regarding barred hearsay statements
07/01/2010: Regarding a recent Illinois Supreme Court ruling for a condemned Naperville man who killed his family.
07/01/2010: Thursday, justices upheld Eric Hanson's death sentence for the Sept '05 slayings of parents, sister, her husband.
07/01/2010: Hanson's appealL DuPage County judge erred in allowing testimony from his oldest sister, Jennifer Williams.
07/01/2010: Williams testified their slain sibling, Kate, told her six weeks before being fatally bludgeoned...
07/01/2010: ...that Eric threatened to kill her if she ratted him out for stealing from their parents.
07/01/2010: In June 24 decision, the high court rejected Hanson's argument that the hearsay statement is not reliable.
07/01/2010: Glasgow will ask Judge White to reconsider his written sealed ruling barring more than a dozen hearsay statements
07/01/2010: DuPage State's Attorney Joseph Birkett confirmed Glasgow discussed high court's opinion, how it may work this case.
07/01/2010: "The court said reliability hearings aren't necessary for nontestimonial statements," Birkett said.
07/01/2010: Attorney Joseph BirkettL "The defendant forfeited that right by killing the victim."
07/01/2010: If White doesn't budge, prosecutors may choose to file a direct appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court.
07/01/2010: Filing this appeal would delay the start of the trial. Peterson would have to be let out of jail while issue pending.
07/01/2010: White also will hear arguments regarding defense's request to bar pathologist Dr. Michael Baden from testifying.
07/01/2010: Steph Watts, who lives in Pennsylvania, will be called to testify Friday.

Friday, July 2, 2010

07/02/2010: (www.suntimes.com): Judge: Pathologist can testify in Peterson trial
07/02/2010: Dr. Michael Baden can testify at Drew Peterson’s upcoming murder trial, a Will County judge ruled today
07/02/2010: After hearing, defense downplayed significance of Baden’s testimony, saying his work was “not a scientific autopsy.”
07/02/2010: “It was for a TV show,” defense attorney Joel Brodsky said.

07/02/2010: (dailyherald.com): Peterson judge mulls DuPage Co. case opinion
07/02/2010: On the witness stand Steph Watts said Baden was mistaken. Watts denied touching the body.
07/02/2010: Steph Watts said the video of Baden was filmed during a break and did not include any autopsy footage.
07/02/2010: Prosecutors obtained the Fox video Friday for further review.
07/02/2010: Steph Watts explained he jotted Francis' number during the autopsy while retrieving his voice messages.
07/02/2010: At the time, Watts said, he was working on a story about the entrepreneur's legal woes over tax evasion.
07/02/2010: Judge White said the jury can decide the pathologist's credibility and give his testimony the proper weight.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

07/03/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Ghoulish allegations in Drew Peterson case
07/03/2010: Defense says Dr. Michael Baden chopped off Savio's head, propped on table to be photograhed during autopsy.
07/03/2010: Joel Brodsky and Steven Greenberg presented pictures of Savio's severed head to witnesses during a Friday hearing
07/03/2010: Defense accused Fox News Channel medical examiner Michael Baden of decapitating her corpse for a photo opportunity.
07/03/2010: "Dr. Baden never removed the head during the autopsy," source said.
07/03/2010: Source: "There was very little connective tissue. There was massive decomposition."
07/03/2010: "Was this an autopsy or a reality show?" said Joseph "Shark" Lopez, another of Peterson's lawyers.
07/03/2010: Joseph "Shark" Lopez: "It looks like it's completely staged for TV."
07/03/2010: Steph Watts testified at Friday's hearing that he arranged the private autopsy but that Baden was not coerced.
07/03/2010: Steph Watts: "The agreement that we made was Dr. Baden would report on the findings whichever way they came down."
07/03/2010: Watts recalled Baden taking Savio's head, placing it on a table to be photographed, but said he didn't know why it was done
07/03/2010: Watts testified he shot brief video footage of Baden during a break in the autopsy but at no time filmed Savio's body.
07/03/2010: Watts also denied taking photographs or moving or touching her body.
07/03/2010: This contradicted Baden's testimony at hearsay hearing. Baden said Watts took pictures, helped him turn Savio's body
07/03/2010: Watts' cross-examination by Brodsky at times turned testy and personal.
07/03/2010: Brodsky tried to get Watts to admit he was fired from his last job for using a network credit card to pay for a nose job.
07/03/2010: Watts denied this, but did claim Brodsky tried to sell him a video of Peterson and his fiancee, Christina Raines
07/03/2010: Watts said Brodsky wanted $200,000 for the video of Peterson and Raines living "their lives together."
07/03/2010: Brodsky said "We never entered into any formal discussions," and "we have never been paid by any news media.

07/03/2010: (www.chicagotribune.com): Stacy's story gets only minor role in Drew's murder trial
07/03/2010: Will County Judge Stephen White has severely limited the amount of information jurors will hear about Stacy Peterson.
07/03/2010: The jury, for example, is not expected to hear detailed testimony about Stacy's October 2007 disappearance.
07/03/2010: "He's not on trial for Stacy Peterson," defense attorney Joseph Lopez said.
07/03/2010: Attorney Joseph Lopez: "The only way you'll hear a lot about Stacy is if she comes in and testifies herself."
07/03/2010: Four of the 13 hearsay statements prosecutors wanted to admit during trial were that Stacy made about Savio's death.
07/03/2010: Tribune learned three of those statements have been barred from the trial.
07/03/2010: Statement barred: Conversation Stacy allegedly had with a divorce lawyer shortly before her disappearance.
07/03/2010: Statement barred: Statements by High school pal Scott Rossetto and junior college classmate Michael Miles.
07/03/2010: Barred because "not provide sufficient safeguards of reliability, as to time, contents, circumstances of the statements."
07/03/2010: With the possible exception of her adopted teenage children, none of Stacy's relatives is slated to testify.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

07/04/2010: (stephww.wordpress.com): I Testified, and the judge ruled for the state
07/04/2010: The defense team took personal swipes at me — ripped from the tabloid headlines.
07/04/2010: The judge listened carefully, and ruled based on my testimony that Dr. Baden CAN testify at trial.
07/04/2010: It was a draining day, but a small sacrifice on my part to ensure that justice will be served.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

07/06/2010: (www.dailyherald.com): Peterson judge won't budge in barred hearsay statements
07/06/2010: Circuit Judge Stephen White refused Tuesday an eleventh-hour prosecution request on barred hearsay evidence.
07/06/2010: In a one-sentence written ruling, Judge White refused to budge Tuesday.
07/06/2010: If State Attorney James Glasgow appeals to a higher court, Thursday's jury selection would be delayed.
07/06/2010: DuPage State's Attorney Joseph Birkett confirmed the two top prosecutors strategized during a phone call Tuesday.
07/06/2010: Attorney Steven Greenberg wamts jury selection until July 12, after his ongoing federal mortgage fraud trial ends.
07/06/2010: Circuit Judge Stephen White's hearsay decision is sealed from public inspection until after the trial starts.

07/06/2010: (www.chicagotribune.com): Key players in the Drew Peterson trial
07/06/2010: Peterson wrote in a rare jailhouse letter to Chicago Tribune. "I feel safe with my life in their hands."
07/06/2010: Peterson: It "turned out to be a blessing in disguise with Joel Brodsky assembling the finest team I have ever seen."
07/06/2010: His four youngest children have been living with his adult son Steve since his arrest.
07/06/2010: One of his teenage boys is expected to testify on Peterson's behalf at trial.
07/06/2010: Without a single juror picked, Judge Stephen White has already made history.
07/06/2010: Judge White, 62, became the first Illinois judge to hold a hearing under the new hearsay law.
07/06/2010: Former Peterson Defense Attorney, Andrew Abood: "I think he's [Judge White] really smart. He gets it.
07/06/2010: Andrew Abood: It's obvious he's a former trial lawyer because he understands the law."
07/06/2010: Judge White has maintained tight control over his courtroom and the case.
07/06/2010: Even the landmark hearsay ruling will remain private until after the trial.
07/06/2010: Judge White is an Army veteran, paid thru law school as math teacher, basketball coach [Mokena Junior High School]
07/06/2010: White joined the Will County state's attorney's office in 1979, he rose to first assistant before becoming a judge in 1991.
07/06/2010: After nearly two decades on the bench, Circuit Judge Stephen White has announced plans to retire in October.
"This is Brodsky's first murder trial, but the Chicago lawyer recently surrounded himself with crack criminal defenders after half his legal team left the case this year, citing conflicts. Abood told the Tribune he left because he didn't think the case was winnable with "Joel playing a significant role." Brodsky, who turns 53 this month, is a DePaul University law school graduate who started out in business and bankruptcy law before turning to criminal defense. The media-friendly attorney, whom Peterson retained shortly after Stacy vanished in 2007, will give the defense team's opening statement, a responsibility he insisted on handling."

Thursday, July 8, 2010

07/08/2010: Drew Peterson's murder trial to begin
07/08/2010: MECZYK RALPH EUGENE 7 8 10 930 402 PETERSON DREW W 09CF001048 SDW (willcountycircuitcourt.com)
07/08/2010: PETERSON DREW W 7 8 10 402 930 09CF001048 0 MURDER/INTENT TO 1 Jury Trial
07/08/2010: PETERSON DREW W 7 8 10 402 930 09CF001048 0 MURDER/INTENT TO 2 Jury Trial
07/08/2010: JURY SELECTION BEGINS JULY 8, 2010 PER JUDGE WHITE 06/02/2010

07/08/2010: (www.foxnews.com): Judge: Drew Peterson Remains Jailed During Appeal
07/08/2010: Drew Peterson will remain in custody pending an appeal from prosecutors
07/08/2010: Will County Circuit Judge Stephen White ruled Thursday that "the court finds compelling reason" to detain Peterson.
07/08/2010: Defense attorneys argued at morning hearing the lengthy appeal requested by prosecutors denies him right to speedy trial.

07/08/2010: (www.chicagobreakingnews.com): Judge: Peterson must stay in jail during appeal
07/08/2010: Peterson showed no reaction as Will County Judge Steven White announced his ruling.
07/08/2010: Peterson looked down, wrote on a yellow legal pad, looked at his attorneys and tapped his fingers against the table.
07/08/2010: Peterson attorney Joseph Lopez argued the state had no compelling reason to hold Peterson in jail during the appeal.
07/08/2010: "Is the defendant a threat to anybody on the street? He is not," Lopez said.
07/08/2010: Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow said if Peterson wasn't a danger, he didn't know anyone who was.
07/08/2010: James Glasgow: The case involve accusations that Peterson murdered his third wife Kathleen Savio.
07/08/2010: James Glasgow: Evidence has been presented that he also killed his fourth wife, Stacy to prevent her from testifying.

07/08/2010: (dailyherald.com): Peterson to remain in jail during appeal, judge rules
07/08/2010: "The power to accuse is not the power to punish," defense attorney Joseph Lopez said.
07/08/2010: Attorney Joseph LopezL "By holding him indefinitely, that is punishment."
07/08/2010: "This case is unprecedented in the annals of justice in the state of Illinois," Glasgow said.
07/08/2010: James Glasgow "We presented evidence that (Peterson) killed someone to silence them about a previous murder."
07/08/2010: James Glasgow: "I don't know what could be more compelling."

07/08/2010: (www.suburbanchicagonews.com): Judge: Drew Peterson will remain in jail
07/08/2010: Joel Brodsky bragged he'd have Peterson on Chicago's Rush Street Thursday night, eating steak dinner in Gibsons.
07/08/2010: Instead, Peterson was back in jail where they were serving beefaroni for supper.
07/08/2010: Attorney Joseph "Shark" Lopez said they planned to appeal Judge Stephen White's refusal to let Peterson out of jail
07/08/2010: Glasgow says he could not go through the murder trial if evidence presented at hearsay hearing was suppressed.
07/08/2010: Glasgow said he needs Peterson's 2nd wife, Victoria Connolly; Eric Peterson; and Savio's sister, Anna Doman.
07/08/2010: Glasgow's appeal could take two years to sort out, said Lopez, and might make it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.
07/08/2010: "The court finds compelling reason to keep Mr. Peterson detained," Judge Stephen White said.
07/08/2010: Judge Stephen White: "I'm not going to go into any specifics. It will be quite clear for the appellate court."

07/08/2010: (www.chicagobreakingnews.com): Judge: 'Compelling reason' to keep Peterson in jail
07/08/2010: Judge Stephen White offered no specific reason for not releasing Peterson after a brief hearing Thursday.
07/08/2010: However, in a sealed May 18 ruling, White found, by the preponderance of the evidence, that Peterson killed Savio..
07/08/2010: ...and caused the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.
07/08/2010: The "preponderance" standard means White found it more likely than not that Peterson committed the acts.
07/08/2010: Peterson's attorneys argued that prosecutors had lost faith in their case so they filed the appeal to delay the trial.
07/08/2010: About 200 prospective jurors went to the courthouse in Joliet expecting the selection process to begin.
07/08/2010: The judge, who was clearly unhappy with the 11th-hour maneuver, said the delay could last between six and nine months.
07/08/2010: White chastised prosecutors for not giving advance warning of appeal, could have spared jurors going to the courthouse.
07/08/2010: Several prospective jurors were overheard grumbling about the inconvenience at a Joliet restaurant during the lunch hour.
07/08/2010: The current jury pool still could be used for trial, as the judge instructed them to continue avoiding media reports.
07/08/2010: White may not see the case to its completion. He is scheduled to retire in October after nearly 20 years on the bench.
07/08/2010: Prosecutors appealed three separate rulings in court documents filed Wednesday, including White's barring witnesses
07/08/2010: Glasgow built his case around pathology reports and 13 hearsay statements allow Savio and Stacy to speak from the grave.
07/08/2010: White barred the majority of hearsay witnesses because they did "not provide sufficient safeguards of reliability."
07/08/2010: Prosecutors appealed judge's refusal to allow attorney testify on money Peterson would have lost to Savio divorce
07/08/2010: Glasgow also appealing to overturn White's decision to bar three witnesses from testifying about so-called prior bad acts.
07/08/2010: Among the three is Peterson's adult son Eric, who testified about a violent incident between his father and Savio in 1993.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

07/11/2010: (www.chicagotribune.com): Table turns for Peterson case prosecutor
07/11/2010: In an ironic move to convict Peterson, State Attorney James Glasgow finds himself fighting the law he helped create.
07/11/2010: Legal experts, however, contend the state's attorney was correct to launch an appeal, even if it meant assailing his own law.
07/11/2010: Glasgow says statute simply codified common law, gave road map to determine admissibility of secondhand testimony.
07/11/2010: Statute requires judges to do two things: Is statement reliable and evidence shows the defendant made witness unavailable.
07/11/2010: To no one's surprise, the law's first big test came from Peterson's murder case.
07/11/2010: Though Judge ruled in the state's favor, White still barred the majority of hearsay witnesses
07/11/2010: Judges reasons: Because they did "not provide sufficient safeguards of reliability." The sealed ruling was issued May 18.
07/11/2010: "When you codify common law … that codification takes precedence over the common law," Judge White said.
07/11/2010: "The judge makes a very strong argument, but it's going to be a very interesting appeal.

August 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

08/20/2010: Will County Circuit Court update on Michael Robinson (willcountycircuitcourt.com)
08/20/2010: ROBINSON MICHAEL 8 20 10 404 930 08CF000098 0 BATTERY/CAUSE BODILY 3 Status-Comp
08/20/2010: ROBINSON MICHAEL 8 20 10 404 930 08CF000098 0 DOMESTIC BTRY/PHYSICAL 2 status-Comp
08/20/2010: ROBINSON MICHAEL 8 20 10 404 930 08CF000098 0 INTIMIDATION/PHYSICAL 1 Status-Comp

Monday, August 23, 2010

09CF001048 – People/State of IL vs. Drew Peterson, Defendant MURDER/INTENT
PETERSON DREW W 8 23 10 402 930 09CF001048 0 MURDER/INTENT TO 2 Status
PETERSON DREW W 8 23 10 402 930 09CF001048 0 MURDER/INTENT TO 1 Status

08 CF 1169 – People of the State of IL vs. Drew Peterson, Defendant GUN CHARGES
ANDREW ABOOD 8 23 10 930 405 PETERSON DREW W 08CF001169 RCS
PETERSON DREW W 8 23 10 405 930 08CF001169 0 RIFLE <16 IN/SHOTGUN 2 Status
PETERSON DREW W 8 23 10 405 930 08CF001169 0 RIFLE <16''/SHOTGUN 1 Status

September 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

09L 000326 In Re: Estate of Kathleen Savio, Deceased wrongful death suit
PETERSON DREW 9 13 10 WCCA 900 09L 000326 Case

February 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

02-16-2011 (www.wgntv.com): Peterson hearing to be broadcast live
02-16-2011: The state appellate court will hear arguments today over evidence in the Drew Peterson murder case.
02-16-2011: Prosecutors say the barred secondhand testimony will essentially let Savio speak from the grave.
02-16-2011: First time in Illinois state history, a video camera will be allowed in a courtroom broadcasting live oral arguments.

Peterson hearing to be broadcast live

Peterson hearing to be broadcast live

Live broadcast of Peterson murder trial

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