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September 6, 2012 - Drew Peterson is GUILTY OF MURDER
[Hearsay Hearing 2010]
Trial Details, Screen Captures, Witness Testimony Excerpts
Drew Peterson Trial ~ July 31, 2012
Kathleen Savio Murder


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Grand Jury, Hearsay Hearing
Kathleen's Murder Trial

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Found Materials
Screen Captures

[Kathleen Savio]
Kathleen Savio

[Kathleen Savio]
Kathleen Savio

[Kathleen Savio]
Kathleen Savio with her two children

[Kathleen Savio House]
Kathleen Savio House:
392 Pheasant Chase
Bolingbrook, Illinois

[Kathleen Savio House]
Kathleen Savio House:
392 Pheasant Chase
Tom Pontarelli's House:
396 Pheasant Chase
Steve Cancerano:
400 Pheasant Chase

[Kathleen Savio House - Drew Peterson's House]
Kathleen Savio House:
392 Pheasant Chase
Drew & Stacy's House:
6 Pheasant Chase

[Will County Court House]
Will Co Court House

[Judge Edward Burmilla]
Judge Edward Burmilla
Former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, Former States Attorney 1988-1992. Became an associate judge in 2003

Will CountyTwelfth Judicial Circuit Court


[James Glasgow]
James Glasgow
Attorney since 1951. States Attorney 4th term served in 1992-2000, re-elected in 2004. Prosecuted felony criminal cases from retail theft to murder, three death-penalty convictions.
Facebook Link

[John Connor]
John Connor
Asst. State Attorney for the past 14 years. Connor spearheaded State’s Attorney Glasgow’s Grand Jury investigation into disappearance of Stacy Peterson and murder of Kathleen Savio.

[Kathleen Patton]
Kathleen Patton
Asst. State Attorney, criminal division chief directs more than 50 asst.state's attorneys who prosecute roughly 3,000 new felony cases & more than 4,000 misdemeanor cases each year.

[Chris Koch]
Chris Koch
Asst. State Attorney joined the Will County Office in 2003, prosecuted felonies, murders, complex financial crimes.


[Joel A. Brodsky]
Joel A. Brodsky
Defense Attorney Lead, Opening statements and witnesses questioned during pre-trial hearing.

[Joseph 'Shark' Lopez]
Joseph "Shark" Lopez
Defense Attorney
Practicing law since early 1980s. Best known for representing members of the
Chicago Outfit (Mob) including Frank Calabrese Sr. in the Family Secrets mob trial of 2007. (Law enforcement witnesses and closing statement)

[Steven A. Greenberg]
Steven A. Greenberg
(Legal objections and motions) 25 years as a defense attorney.

[Ralph E. Meczyk]
Ralph E. Meczyk
(Forensics) Defense Attorney for Anthony Doyle, another defendant in the Family Secrets mob trial of 2007. Tried 150 cases, certified by the Illinois Supreme Court to defend clients facing the death penalty.

[Darryl A. Goldberg]
Darryl A. Goldberg
(Forensics) Attorney handled major crimes, including drug, conspiracy, murder, white-collar, sex.

[Lisa M. Lopez]
Lisa M. Lopez
Defense Attorney, wife of Joseph Lopez licensed to practice law in Illinois in 2010, helped out at the
Family Secrets mob trial.

[Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012]
Drew Peterson
Trial 07/31/2012

(Artist: Cheryl A. Cook)

[Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012]
Drew Peterson
Jury Selection 07/24/12:

"Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Drew Peterson, I'm the Defendant in this case. I'd like to thank you for your time, and wish you all a good day."

[Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Mary Pontarelli
Savio Neighbor/Friend
Testified 07/31/2012

(Artist: L.D. Chukman)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Mary Pontarelli
Savio Neighbor/Friend
Testified 07/31/2012

(Artist: Christine Cornell)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Mary Pontarelli
Savio Neighbor/Friend
Testified 07/31/2012

(Artist: Tom Gianni)

[Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012]
(Evidence Drawing)
Bath Tub Scene

(Artist: L.D. Chukman)

[Chicago Sun-Times 08/01/2012]
Wednesday, Aug 1, 2012
Chicago Suntimes

[Chicago Tribune 08/01/2012]
Wednesday, Aug 1, 2012
Chicago Tribune

[Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Thomas Pontarelli
Savio Neighbor
Testified 08/01/2012
"We had a conversation where he was accusing me of changing the locks on the front door. I said I didn't, but I got his message yesterday. He asked what was that. I said I found a .38-caliber bullet on my driveway."
(Artist: L.D. Chukman)

[Chicago Sun-Times 08/02/2012]
Thursday, Aug 2, 2012
Chicago Suntimes

[Chicago Tribune 08/01/2012]
Thursday, Aug 2, 2012
Chicago Tribune

[Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012]
Defense Team

[Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012]
Prosecution Team

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Louis Oleszkiewicz
Bolingbrook Fire
Department Paramedic
Testified 08/02/2012

(Artist: Tom Gianni)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Evidence Drawing)
Bath Tub Scene

(Artist: Tom Gianni)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Evidence Drawing)
Blue Towel on Tub

(Artist: Tom Gianni)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Robert Akin, Jr
Testified 08/02/2012

(Artist: Tom Gianni)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Evidence Drawing)
Door Lock

(Artist: Tom Gianni)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Michael Newton (Ltd)
Bowlingbrook Police Department
Testified 08/02/2012

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Michael Johnson
Bolingbrook Fire
Department Paramedic
Testified 08/02/2012

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Timothy Berkery
Bolingbrook Fire
Department Paramedic
Testified 08/02/2012

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Anna Doman
Kathleen Savio's Sister
Testified 08/03/2012

(Artist: Christine Cornell)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Anna Doman
Kathleen Savio's Sister
Testified 08/03/2012

(Artist: L.D. Chukman)
ABC7 Chicago News

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Anna Doman
Kathleen Savio's Sister
Testified 08/03/2012

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Michael VanOver
Will Co. Deputy Coroner
Testified 08/07/2012

[Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Michael VanOver
Will Co. Deputy Coroner
Testified 08/07/2012

(Artist: L.D. Chukman)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Michael VanOver
Will Co. Deputy Coroner
Testified 08/07/2012

(Artist: Christine Cornell)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Robert Deel
Illinois State Police
Evidence Technician
Testified 08/07/2012

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Robert Deel
Illinois State Police
Evidence Technician
Testified 08/07/2012

[Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Robert Deel
Illinois State Police
Evidence Technician
Testified 08/07/2012

(Artist: L.D. Chukman)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
Wednesday, Aug 8, 2012
Chicago Tribune

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
James Coughlin (Lt)
Bolingbrook Police Dept
Testified 08/07/2012

[Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
James Coughlin (Lt)
Bolingbrook Police Dept
Testified 08/07/2012

(Artist: L.D. Chukman)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
Judge Edward Burmilla

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Patrick Collins (Retired)
Illinois State Police
Testified 08/08/2012

(Artist: Christine Cornell)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Patrick Collins (Retired)
Illinois State Police
Testified 08/08/2012

(Artist: L.D. Chukman)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Patrick Collins (Retired)
Illinois State Police
Testified 08/08/2012

(Artist: L.D. Chukman)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Kristin Anderson
Kathleen Savio Friend
Testified 08/08/2012

“Yes . .. she showed me a knife she kept in between her mattresses, for protection.”

[Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Kristin Anderson
Kathleen Savio Friend
Testified 08/08/2012
“Yes . . . she told me that prior to us moving there, Drew had broken into her house, dressed in swat uniform, held her at knifepoint, and said, ‘I could kill you, and make it look like an accident.”
(Artist: L.D. Chukman)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
Thursday, Aug. 9, 2012
Chicago Tribune

[Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Mary Parks
Savio Former Classmate at Nursing School
Testified 08/09/2012

(Artist: L.D. Chukman)

[Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Mary Parks
Savio Former Classmate at Nursing School
Testified 08/09/2012
Kathleen told her Drew Peterson once grabbed around her neck and asked, "Why don't you just die?"
(Artist: L.D. Chukman)

[Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Mary Parks
Savio Former Classmate at Nursing School
Testified 08/09/2012
(Artist: Christine Cornell)

[Chicago Sun-Times 08/02/2012]
Friday, Aug 10, 2012
Chicago Suntimes

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Steve Maniaci
Kathleen Savio's Boyfriend
Testified 08/10/2012

(Artist: Christine Cornell)

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Susan Doman
Kathleen Savio's Sister
Testified 08/10/2012

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Susan McCauley
Drew Peterson's ex-girlfriend
Testified 08/10/2012

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
(Prosecution Witness)
Dominick DeFrancesco
Kathleen Savio's neighbor
Testified 08/10/2012

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
Saturday, Aug. 11, 2012
Chicago Tribune

[Drew Peterson Murder 2012]
Dominick DeFrancesco
(Artist: Christine Cornell)
In Session Facebook

Found Materials Archive Collection
Mini Timeline of Events

April 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

04/12/2012: (www.suntimes.com): Court allows hearsay evidence against Drew Peterson
04/12/2012: llinois appellate court has ruled prosecutors can present additional hearsay evidence in Kathleen Savio murder trial.
04/12/2012: The new ruling could mean eight more secondhand statements made by Savio before her 2004 death.
04/12/2012: 3rd District Appellate Court previously had upheld a lower court ruling barring those statements as evidence.
04/12/2012: The ruling means Peterson’s attorneys can’t challenge the reliability of the dispute hearsay statements.
04/12/2012: “All the statements are hogwash made by Johnny-come-lately media wannabes,” attorney Steven Greenberg said.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

04/15/2012: (petersonstory.wordpress.com): Appellate court overturns hearsay decision
04/15/2012: "These are the hearsay statements that have been deemed reliable (based on our research. The original decision was sealed, but leaked). The statements in red are the ones that were originally barred but are now admissible." Scribd Link
04/15/2012: 1. Kathleen Savio’s letter to Asst. State’s Attorney Elizabeth Fragale Re: Drew’s abuse, plus July 2002 knife attack.
04/15/2012: 2. Kristin Anderson’s (Rented Savio basement 2003) testimony re: Savio fears that Drew would kill her.
04/15/2012: 3. Mary Park’s (student Joliet Junior College) testimony she saw red marks on Savio's neck 2003 by Drew Peterson.
04/15/2012: 4. Savio told co-worker, Issam Karam Peterson came to her home, held knife to her throat.
04/15/2012: 5. Kathleen’s sister, Susan Savio’s testimony about her sister’s fears that Peterson would kill her.
04/15/2012: 6. Savio told sister, Anna Doman to care for her children if she died, saying Peterson wanted to kill her.
04/15/2012: 7. Savio’s handwritten statement attached to a Bolingbrook police report on the July 2002 incident.
04/15/2012: 8. Six 06/13/03 audio excerpts Savio had with insurance company re: stolen jewelry.
04/15/2012: 9. Savio’s Aug. 6, 2003, statement to the insurance company
04/15/2012: 10. Savio’s divorce attorney, Harry Smith re: Stacy divorcing Peterson shortly before she vanished.
04/15/2012: 11. Stacy’s friend, Scott Rossetto said Peterson coached her as alibi witness in Savio’s death.
04/15/2012: 12. Rev. Neil Schori’s said Stacy told him Drew returned home dressed completely in black, carrying a bag of women’s clothing in the late morning on the day Savio’s body was found. Stacy also told him Peterson coached her for his alibi.
04/15/2012: 13. Stacy’s Joliet Junior College classmate, Michael Miles’ testimony that Stacy told him before Savio’s 2004 death that Peterson wanted to kill his ex-wife but that Stacy talked him out of it.

Monday, April 16, 2012

04/16/2012: (www.suntimes.com): Drew Peterson is down in the dumps
04/16/2012: “They took away my right to a speedy trial,” said Peterson, via a phone call to a Sneed source.
04/16/2012: “They took away my right to confront witnesses. They’ve taken away my right to be with my children.
04/16/2012: “What else can they take away. They call me a murderer of two, why don’t they call me a father of six?”
04/16/2012: “But this decision is not all that devastating,” said Joel Brodsky, he has other weapons in his legal arsenal.

Monday, April 23, 2012

04/23/2012: (www.prnewschannel.com): Criminal defense attorney who will deliver closing argument
04/23/2012: Attorney Joseph R. Lopez is best known for representing members of the Chicago Outfit.
04/23/2012: Joel Brodsky tapped Lopez to join the defense team because of his skills and success at delivering closing arguments.
04/23/2012: Two of Peterson’ ex-wives will likely “testify” during the trial even though one is dead and the other is missing.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

04/24/2012: (abclocal.go.com): Peterson drops appeal, will fight hearsay at trial
04/24/2012: Peterson is ready for his trial, and has dropped his appeal over use of hearsay statements at the appellate court level.
04/24/2012: Defense attorney Joel Brodsky says they will continue to fight the use of hearsay evidence at the trial, itself.
04/24/2012: Tuesday lawyers filed a motion to drop the fight in the appellate courts and move on with the trial.
04/24/2012: Peterson's attorneys have reportedly asked the Will County court to move forward as soon as possible.

May 2012

Saturday, May 5, 2012

05/05/2012: (www.wgnradio.com): New judge assigned to Drew Peterson case
05/05/2012: Looking a little grayer but still cracking jokes, Drew Peterson made his first court appearance in almost 2 years.
05/05/2012: Stephen White, the judge hearing the case, retired after the appeal and is now in private practice.
05/05/2012: Case assigned Friday: Judge Edward Burmila, former Will Co. state's attorney worked in criminal defense in 2003.
05/05/2012: Dressed in a blue jumpsuit, Peterson joked with the deputies guarding him Friday.
05/05/2012: When a bailiff announced to the courtroom that observers were not allowed to communicate with anyone in custody...
05/05/2012: Peterson raised his hands and said, "That would be me."

Monday, May 7, 2012

05/07/2012: (www.suntimes.com): Peterson doesn’t want jurors to hear about Stacy’s disappearance
05/07/2012: Peterson attorneys asking Will County Judge Edward Burmila to bar the mention of Stacy Peterson’s disappearance.
05/07/2012: They also asked Burmila not to let prosecutors convict Peterson for Savio’s death “upon innuendo.”
05/07/2012: Attorney Steven Greenberg: All they say is, ‘Hey, they were getting divorced, she’s dead, he must have done it.’ ”
05/07/2012: Peterson defense lawyer Joel Brodsky calls Stacy Peterson’s October 2007 disappearance “irrelevant.”
05/07/2012: Peterson’s lawyers also are challenging evidentiary hearing testimony from attorney Harry Smith.
05/07/2012: Attorneys claim Smith violated attorney-client privilege testifying re: conversations he had w/Savio and Stacy Peterson.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

05/08/2012: (heraldnews.suntimes.com): Drew Peterson’s trial won’t be made-for-TV
05/08/2012: Don't bother waiting for Drew Peterson’s much-anticipated trial to turn the tale of his dead and missing wives.
05/08/2012: Chief Judge Gerald Kinney has said he’s exploring the idea of letting cameras into Will County courtrooms.
05/08/2012: But Kinney also said it’d be logistically difficult to clear the way for the cameras in time for a Peterson murder trial.
05/08/2012: Will County Judge Edward Burmila would also have a say whether to let photographers in courtroom, Kinney said.
05/08/2012: So far the court has announced it will allow cameras in 13 Illinois counties, including Kankakee.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

05/17/2012: (www.nbcchicago.com): Drew Peterson Attorneys Return to Court
05/17/2012: Lawyers argue if testimony from divorce attorney for Peterson's deceased ex-wife violated attorney-client privilege.

July 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

07/24/2012: (www.suntimes.com): Meet the Drew Peterson murder trial jury
07/24/2012: 1) Hispanic man (20s) studies broadcasting at Columbia College, attended Bolingbrook High School while Kathleen Savio’s oldest son, Tom was at the school. His brother in the Army, his parents both work at Will County high schools.

07/24/2012: 2) Plainfield man formerly owned a construction company, now works as consultant, plans to retire Sept. 1. He’s married with two grown children and takes flying lessons.

07/24/2012: 3) A divorced woman in her 50s who works as an office secretary, who once edited her college’s newspaper and describes writing poetry as “a passion.” She also reads mystery novels, true crime books and watches TV cooking programs.

07/24/2012: 4) A woman emigrated from Poland when she was a child. Her favorite TV show is “Dancing with the Stars.”

07/24/2012: 5) A divorced Bolingbrook man in his 40s who works for the U.S. Postal Service, but formerly served in the Army National Guard and attended law school and graduate school.

07/24/2012: 6) A man (60s) works as plant manager for manufacturing company, rides a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

07/24/2012: 7) A married woman whose husband first read newspapers to remove articles relating to the Peterson case so she wouldn’t see them. She likes to watch crime-related TV programs.

07/24/2012: 8) A married woman in her 50s who is one of eight children, four of whom are divorced.

07/24/2012: 9) An African-American man from Plainfield who works as a research technician. He is married with two children, doesn’t watch TV news but likes watching “Criminal Minds.”

07/24/2012: 10) A man in his 60s who graduated from Lockport High School and formerly worked for Texaco.

07/24/2012: 11) An African-American man in his 20s who was laid off earlier this year and lives with his parents.

07/24/2012: 12) A married woman (60s), White Sox fan whose boss cringed when she heard the woman had been called for jury duty in the Peterson trial. She watches CNN, reads fiction that includes “The Hunger Games” novels.

07/24/2012: 1) Alternate juror: A woman who is a semi-retired school crossing guard and doesn’t watch TV.

07/24/2012: 2) Alternate juror: A divorced man with a graduate degree in education who runs, cycles and swims.

07/24/2012: 3) Alternate juror: A man who collects pistols, has an orchard and once was attacked by a bat-wielding robber.

07/24/2012: 4) Alternate juror: A divorced man, fan of Chicago Cubs & Green Bay Packers, son is an aspiring police officer

07/24/2012: (ABC7News) Jury seated in Drew Peterson Trial (YouTube)
[Jury seated in Drew Peterson Trial (YouTube Video, CLICK HERE)] [Jury seated in Drew Peterson Trial sketches by L.D. Chukman] [Jury seated in Drew Peterson Trial sketches by L.D. Chukman] [Jury seated in Drew Peterson Trial sketches by L.D. Chukman] [Jury seated in Drew Peterson Trial sketches by L.D. Chukman]
ABC7 News Video ~ Trial sketches by L.D. Chukman ~ July 24, 2012 on "artamnesia" YouTube channel

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

07/31/2012: (www.nbcchicago.com): Drew Peterson Murder Trial Underway In Illinois
07/31/2012: Prosecutor, James Glasgow told jury Peterson murdered Kathleen Savio and "staged" death like an accident.
07/31/2012: Defense declare a mistrial over James Glasgow's mention of $25,000 alleged hitman during opening statements.
07/31/2012: Glasgow failed to disclose to the defense he was going to use that evidence.
07/31/2012: Judge Burmila said it didn't warrant mistrial because Glasgow didn't say the money was offered to a hit man.
07/31/2012: Glasgow said, Peterson's actions were "related directly to financial setbacks, physical retaliation by the defendant."
07/31/2012: Defense objected to the prosecution mentioning hearsay statements and Peterson’s financial motive.
07/31/2012: Judge Edward Burmila ruled against the defense’s motion to limit the prosecution’s opening statement.

07/31/2012: (napervillesun.suntimes.com): Drew Peterson lawyer: Ignore hype, ‘Legend becomes fact’
07/31/2012: During Joel Brodsky's opening, he introducing Peterson as a man who wanted "a job where he could help people.”
07/31/2012: Burmila called Brodsky’s opening to tell Peterson's life history “completely inappropriate” perverting the purpose.
07/31/2012: Brodsky called Savio a “very spirited, hot-tempered woman” who was “livid” when she learned of Peterson's affair.
07/31/2012: Brodsky said Savio's order of protection against Peterson, had “stupid, ridiculous statements that have no basis.”
07/31/2012: On the weekend she died, Savio had a “lovers’ quarrel” with her boyfriend, Brodsky said.
07/31/2012: Brodsky said injuries found on Savio's body, scrapes, carpet burns, were by having sex with her boyfriend.
07/31/2012: Brodsky on media: “They don’t just report the news, they make it,” Making entertainment from a tragedy.
07/31/2012: Brodsky said ignore the hype, “myth becomes rumor, rumor becomes legend, legend becomes fact.”

07/31/2012: (ABC7News) Emotional testimony at start of Drew Peterson trial (YouTube)
[Emotional testimony at start of Drew Peterson trial (YouTube Video, CLICK HERE)] [Day One - Emotional testimony at start of Drew Peterson trial, Court room sketches by L.D. Chukman] [Day One - Emotional testimony at start of Drew Peterson trial, Court room sketches by L.D. Chukman] [Day One - Emotional testimony at start of Drew Peterson trial, Court room sketches by L.D. Chukman] [Day One - Emotional testimony at start of Drew Peterson trial, Court room sketches by L.D. Chukman]
ABC7 News Video ~ Trial sketches by L.D. Chukman ~ July 24, 2012 on "artamnesia" YouTube channel

07/31/2012: Mary Pontarelli Testified (Kathleen Savio's Neighbor)

August 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

08/01/2012: Thomas Pontarelli Testified (Kathleen Savio's Neighbor)

08/01/2012: (ABC7News) Drew Peterson Trial-day 2. Defense asks for mistrial (YouTube)
[Drew Peterson Trial-day 2. Defense asks for mistrial (YouTube Video, CLICK HERE)] [Day Two - Court room sketches by L.D. Chukman] [Day Two - Court room sketches by L.D. Chukman] [Day Two - Court room sketches by L.D. Chukman] [Day Two - Court room sketches by L.D. Chukman]

ABC7 News Video ~ Trial sketches by L.D. Chukman ~ August 1, 2012 on "artamnesia" YouTube channel

Thursday, August 2, 2012

08/02/2012: (www.hlntv.com): Drew Peterson judge: No mistrial’
08/02/2012: Burmila gave this instruction to the jury regarding the imporper testimony:
08/02/2012: “I have an instruction on the law I’m going to read to you before we proceed any further in the case. I will re-read this instruction at the end of the case. You have heard the testimony of Mr. Thomas Pontarelli... During the redirect examination, the assistant state’s attorney asked the question which she knew would draw an inadmissible response. You cannot consider any of the testimony given by Mr. Pontarelli during his redirect examination, and more specifically whether he said he had gotten a message from Mr. Peterson, felt intimidated, or anything about a bullet. The Court does not mean to suggest that you must necessarily disregard the remainder of Mr. Pontarelli’s testimony... It remains your duty to reach a verdict on the facts before you, and not on any other grounds,” said Burmila.

08/02/2012: (WGNTV News) Drew Peterson trial blog: Day 3
[Day 3 - Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012] [Day 3 - Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012] [Day 3 - Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012] [Day 3 - Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012] [Day 3 - Drew Peterson Murder Trial 2012n]
WGN9 News Video ~ Trial sketches by Tom Gianni ~ August 3, 2012 on "http://www.wgntv.com"

08/02/2012: Louis Oleszkiewicz Testified (Bolingbrook FD Parametic)

08/02/2012: Robert Akin Jr. Testified (Locksmith)

08/02/2012: Michael Newton Testified (Bolingbrook Police Department)

08/02/2012: Michael Johnson Testified (Bolingbrook FD Paramedic)

08/02/2012: Timothy Berkery Testified (Bolingbrook FD Paramedic)

Friday, August 3, 2012

08/03/2012: Anna Doman Testified (Kathleen Savio's Sister)

[Anna Doman, Kathleen Savio's Sister] [Michael VanOver, States Witness] [Robert Deel, Illinois State Police Evidence Technition] [James Coughlin Testified] [Patrick Collins]
Anna Doman, Michael VanOver, Robert Deel, James Coughlin, and Patrick Collins all Testified

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

08/07/2012: Michael VanOver Testified (Will County Deputy Coroner)

08/07/2012: Robert Deel Testified (Illinois State Police, Evidence Technician)

08/07/2012: James Coughlin Testified (Lt. Bolingbrook Police Department)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

08/08/2012: Patrick Collins Testified (Illinois State Police (Retired)

08/08/2012: Kristin Anderson Testified (Rented Savio Basement Sept/Nov 2003)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

[Mary Parks] [Steve Maniaci] [Susan Doman, Kathleen's sister] [Susan McCauley] [Dominick DeFrancesco]
Mary Parks, Steve Maniaci, Susan Doman, Susan McCauley, Dominick DeFrancesco all Testified

08/09/2012: Mary Parks Testified (Classmate Joliet Junior College)

Friday, August 10, 2012

08/10/2012: Steve Maniaci Testified (Kathleen Savio's Boyfriend)

08/10/2012: Susan Doman Testified (Kathleen Savio's Sister)

08/10/2012: Susan McCauley Testified (Former employee Sud's Pub Bar)

08/10/2012: Dominick DeFrancesco Testified (Kathleen Savio's Neighbor)

[Chicago Tribune 08/08/2012] [Chicago Tribune 08/09/2012] [Chicago Tribune 08/11/2012] [Chicago Tribune 08/15/2012]

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

08/14/2012: Christopher Long (PhD) Testified (Forensic Toxicologist)

08/14/2012: Teresa Kernc Testified (Former Bolingbrook Police Officer)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

08/15/2012: Larry Blum Testified (Forensic Pathologist - Did 2nd autopsy 2007)

Friday, August 17, 2012

08/17/2012: Dr. Gene Neri Testified (Kathleen Savio's Neurologist)

08/17/2012: Scott Rossetto Testimony “BANNED” (Friend of Stacy Peterson)

[Christopher Long] [Teresa Kernc] [Larry Blum] [Gene Neri Testified] [Scott Rossetto]
Christopher Long, Teresa Kernc, Dr. Larry Blum, Dr. Gene Neri, Scott Rossetto all Testified

08/17/2012: Joseph Steadman Testified (Old Republic Life Insurance Claims)

08/17/2012: Jennifer Schoon Testified (Ex-Girlfriend of Steve Peterson)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

08/21/2012: Dr. Mary Case Testified (Doctor, Pathologist, Chief Medical Examiner)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

08/22/2012: Jeffrey Pachter Testified (Hitman - Former Co-Worker at AmeriCable)

08/22/2012: Bryant Falat Testified (Illinois State Trooper)

08/22/2012: Dr. Vinod Motiani Testified (Kathleen Savio's Physican)

08/22/2012: Nick Pontarelli Testified (Kathleen Savio's Neighbor's Son

Thursday, August 23, 2012

08/23/2012: Pastor Neil Schori Testified (Pastor Naperville Christian Church)

08/23/2012: (www.suntimes.com): Drew Peterson has received love letters since trial started
08/23/2012: Sneed is told accused wife murderer Drew Peterson has received a pile of love letters since trial began.
08/23/2012: Sneed hears jail guards were surprised and hesitant at first to give Peterson the incoming pile of letters.
08/23/2012: Sneed learned Peterson gave permission to "Aunt Candy" to take his two children, Lacy and Anthony for weekend.
08/23/2012: Candace Aikin was in town as a possible trial witness for the prosecution but wound up not being called.

08/23/2012: (www.chicagotribune.com): Trial Updates: Minister says Stacy Peterson lied to police
08/23/2012: Rev. Neil Schori testified that he provided marriage counseling to Drew and Stacy Peterson.
08/23/2012: Rev. Neil Schori met Stacy for counseling at a local coffee shop to avoid impropriety with congregants.
08/23/2012: Schori said he met with Stacy Peterson on Aug. 31, 2007, on the outdoor patio of a Starbucksin Bolingbrook.
08/23/2012: Schori also said Stacy claimed Peterson coached her for hours on what to say to police after Savio died.
08/23/2012: A tearful Stacy Peterson told Rev. Schori that she lied to police, he testified.
08/23/2012: Stacy told Schori she woke in middle of night on weekend Savio died looking for her husband.
08/23/2012: Stacy told Schori she found him in the laundry room, dressed in black and putting women's clothes in washer.
08/23/2012: Drew told her, "Soon police would want sit down to interview her, and he told her what to say to the police."

Friday, August 24, 2012

08/24/2012: Norman Ray Clark Testified (Sprint Nextel, Custodian of Records)

08/24/2012: Brian Hafner Testified (Lieutenant Bolingbrook Police Department)

08/24/2012: (www.chicagotribune.com): Stacy Peterson lied for her husband, pastor says
08/24/2012: Stacy Peterson cried as she told a Bolingbrook minister about the night her husband coached her.
08/24/2012: Hour after hour, on how to cover up his slaying of his ex-wife by lying to police, the pastor testified Thursday.
08/24/2012: Jurors kept their heads down and took notes during Schori's testimony Thursday morning.
08/24/2012: Jurors have seen Stacy's picture but have not heard any testimony that she is missing.
08/24/2012: "She said that she lied on Drew's behalf to the police. She continued to cry. She was very scared."
08/24/2012: Barred from Testimony, "Peterson told Stacy he hit Savio in back of head to make drowning look like an accident.
08/24/2012: Barred from Testimony, "Peterson told Stacy what to tell police so Savio's slaying would be the perfect crime."
08/24/2012: Defense attorney Joseph Lopez primarily attacked Schori's failure to act on Stacy's revelation.
08/24/2012: Lopez also asked why Schori had asked another man, who sat about 10 feet away, to accompany him to the session.
08/24/2012: The man couldn't hear what was said but was there as precaution since Schori was meeting with a married woman.

08/24/2012: (www.chicagotribune.com): Restaurateur arrested on contempt charge
08/24/2012: A prominent Ohio restaurateur was arrested on a misdemeanor contempt charge.
08/24/2012: Jeff Ruby said he was arrested in the lobby of Harrah's casino in Joliet Thursday evening.
08/24/2012: Ruby was booked at the Will County Jail at 8:56 p.m. Thursday, according to records, and released at 9:49 p.m.
08/24/2012: During a break Thursday morning, Ruby and Peterson began to stare each other down in the cramped courtroom.
08/24/2012: "I kept staring at him because I am not going to be intimidated by this lowlife," Ruby said
08/24/2012: Ruby mouthed two words, including an expletive, at Peterson in front of a Will County sheriff's officer
08/24/2012: Deputies then removed Ruby from court, and he was barred from the courthouse and grounds.
08/24/2012: Ruby did not seem overly concerned about the episode. "He's a murderer and I'm the one in trouble?" he said.

08/24/2012: (www.huffingtonpost.com): Witness Testifies Ex-Police Officer Rec'd Evidence Training
08/24/2012: Judge told prosecutors Friday that they have failed to either place Peterson in the bathroom.
08/24/2012: Judge balked, "You don't even have evidence linking him to the scene. Now you want to say this is what he did there?"
08/24/2012: Burmila did let prosecutors enter evidence that Peterson received evidence-technician training as part of his job.
08/24/2012: Testimony meant to bolster their contention he was more than capable of making a murder look like an accident.
08/24/2012: Brian Hafner, a record-keeper w/Bolingbrook police, testified Peterson took brief courses more than 20 years ago.
08/24/2012: "Do you know if they taught how to stage an accident, how to clean it up?" defense attorney Steve Greenberg asked.

08/24/2012: (heraldnews.suntimes.com): Drew Peterson avoids being confronted by former sister-in-law
08/24/2012: Drew Peterson avoided a face-to-face courtroom confrontation Friday with Cassandra Cales, Stacy's sister.
08/24/2012: Prosecutors expect to rest Monday after offering several documents, including 2 Peterson 2007/08 TV interviews.
08/24/2012: Defense said Burmila could order a directed verdict that would acquit Peterson before he calls a witness.
08/24/2012: Prosecutors simply haven’t proved he had any role in the death of his third wife, Defense said.
08/24/2012: “What happened? Today, we still don’t know,” defense attorney Joel Brodsky said.
08/24/2012: Glasgow said only that he’s pleased prosecutors have essentially completed their portion of the trial.
08/24/2012: Neither of the two most dramatic witnesses initially expected to testify Friday ended up taking the witness stand.
08/24/2012: That included Cassandra Cales, expected to simply confirm her missing sibling’s cell phone number.
08/24/2012: “My turn’s coming, for Stacy. No doubt,” Cales said. “I’m ready for [any verdict], but a conviction is coming.”
08/24/2012: “It’s always good to see [Peterson] locked up, not in control,” Cales said. “It makes me feel good to see that.”
08/24/2012: Savio’s divorce attorney Harry Smith also was expected to testify about a letter Savio wrote to prosecutors in 2002.
08/24/2012: Burmila agreed to admit her written statement without requiring Smith to testify.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

08/25/2012: (heraldnews.suntimes.com): Attorney: I didn’t rat out man who swore at Drew Peterson
08/25/2012: Ruby has been banned from the courthouse since Thursday morning, for mouthing expletive at Peterson.
08/25/2012: On Friday, Defense attorney Joe Lopez approached Ruby, who had accused Lopez of tattling on him.
08/25/2012: “I’m not a beefer,” Lopez said. I hate rats,” Lopez said.
08/25/2012: Ruby said he issued a public apology to Burmila outside the courthouse Friday morning.
08/25/2012: “It was wrong,” Jack Ruby said. “I admit that mistake.”
08/25/2012: “If you win, are you going to be happy if [Peterson] kills another person too?” Ruby asked Lopez.
08/25/2012: “Someone might kill him,” Lopez replied.
08/25/2012: Ruby left Joliet on Friday afternoon, after he was alerted his conversation with Lopez could land him in county jail again.
08/25/2012: The warrant for his arrest, Ruby was ordered no contact with the jurors. officers of the court, including attorneys.
08/25/2012: Ruby immediately got into his luxury bus and high-tailed it out of Joliet, headed home.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

08/26/2012: (www.blogtalkradio.com): True Crime Radio with Tricia Griffith
08/26/2012: This Sunday 8 PM Eastern join us for True Crime Radio with Tricia Griffith.
08/26/2012: Guests include Jeff Ruby, the man who stood up to Drew Peterson in court, and more.

08/26/2012: (www.chicagotribune.com): All eyes on judge in Peterson case
08/26/2012: Judge Edward Burmila lost his temper with lawyers, considered three motions for mistrials.
08/26/2012: He's criticized prosecutors regularly, rebuked a witness he thought was mocking him.
08/26/2012: His temper, biting sarcasm, willingness to wear his emotions on his sleeve set him apart from restrained judges.
08/26/2012: During the trial's first week, Burmila verbally slapped prosecutors in front of the jury.
08/26/2012: Told jurors that the job of the state's attorney's office is "not that it shall win at all costs, but that justice be done."
08/26/2012: Peterson's lead attorney, Joel Brodsky, said Burmila is clearly unhappy with prosecutors' mistakes.
08/26/2012: "That jury has been in the room so infrequently, I don't know what they're picking up on," Brodsky said.
08/26/2012: Jurors, for example, do not know that Burmila has lashed out at the state for presenting other barred testimony
08/26/2012: Prosecutors have not publicly criticized the judge's decisions, few supporters have blasted Burmila in the press.
08/26/2012: Burmila and lead prosecutor, James Glasgow, have history — Glasgow unseated Burmila as state's attorney in 1992.
08/26/2012: Before testimony began, Glasgow called Burmila "a judge who truly understands criminal law."

Monday, August 27, 2012

08/27/2012: (usnews.nbcnews.com): Judge denies request for acquittal
08/27/2012: Judge denied call for acquittal by defense on Monday, setting the case on course for deliberation before a jury
08/27/2012: Prosecutors rested their case earlier Monday.
08/27/2012: Defense attorney Steven Greenberg argued that prosecutors had not proven Peterson is guilty.
08/27/2012: "That's why, with all due respect, this case has been so hodgepodge and scattered," Greenberg said
08/27/2012: "They have no theory on how this happened. They're just hoping the jury or your honor will dislike Drew Peterson."
08/27/2012: "It's like they're trying to nail a clump of jello to a tree and have it stick there. There's nothing here, judge."

08/27/2012: (www.usatoday.com): Drew Peterson trial judge pokes fun at Cubs
08/27/2012: Judge Burmilla noted as proceedings began Monday that most jurors were wearing sports jerseys.
08/27/2012: A few had jerseys on with the insignia of the Cubs' cross town rivals, the Chicago White Sox.
08/27/2012: Judge told jurors that they were clearly intelligent because, in his words, "nobody has any Cubs clothes on."
08/27/2012: On Monday, all wore sports jerseys. Along with Sox gear, some donned Chicago Bears jerseys.

08/27/2012: Mary Pontarelli (Kathleen Savio's Neighbor) - (Defense Witness)

08/27/2012: Bryan Falat (Illinois State Police Master Sergeant) - (Defense Witness)

08/27/2012: (www.fox19.com): Ruby to offer reward for information on Stacy Peterson case
08/27/2012: Jeff Ruby is offering a six figure financial reward for information leading to the recovery of Stacy Peterson.
08/27/2012: Stacy Peterson, missing since 2007 was the wife of Drew Peterson, a Chicago police officer who is now on trial.
08/27/2012: Ruby will announce the amount of the reward during a press conference in Cincinnati on Monday afternoon.
08/27/2012: He ran advertisement in Chicago newspapers calling Peterson's attorneys 'disgusting' for their press interview.
08/27/2012: He earned national media attention for kicking O.J. Simpson out of his Louisville steakhouse in May of 2007
08/27/2012: He also ran advertisements in Orlando newspapers criticizing the not-guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial.

08/27/2012: Joseph Steadman (Old Republic Life Insurance Claims) - (Defense Witness)

08/27/2012: Joseph Basile (FBI Agent - Chicago field office) - (Defense Witness)

08/27/2012: (bolingbrook.patch.com): Drew Peterson Defense Launches Case
08/27/2012: Judge rejected bid by defense to have accused wife-killer acquitted without even putting on a case.
08/27/2012: Steve Greenberg argued Monday that prosecutors utterly failed to prove Peterson was even in the home.
08/27/2012: "They didn't do it because they can't do it," Greenberg said.
08/27/2012: "It's like they were trying to nail a clump of Jell-o to a tree and make it stick there," Greenberg said.
08/27/2012: Defense called 6 witnesses, none of whom was Peterson's son Thomas Peterson.
08/27/2012: Sun-Times columnist and Drew Peterson "friend" Michele "Michael" Sneed claimed Thomas would testify Monday.
08/27/2012: Sneed used the name "Michele" when she visited him in the Will County jail. Jail records list her as Peterson's "friend."
08/27/2012: Mary Pontarelli testified that she had never seen Peterson get angry at Savio or strike her.
08/27/2012: Pontarelli neglected to say she pulled up in her car as Peterson was forcing Savio face-down in the grass in 2002.
08/27/2012: In 2010 Pontarelli: “I said, ‘Drew, how could you pin your wife down into the lawn in front of the whole neighborhood?’”
08/27/2012: “He [Peterson] said, ‘Mare, don’t come any closer. This is police business.’”
08/27/2012: Instead, Pontarelli testified for defense, "He's the funny guy, always telling jokes about things," she said.
08/27/2012: Illinois State Police Master Sgt. Bryan Falat next took the stand and fielded questions about his interview with Stacy.
08/27/2012: Joel Brodsky tried to question Falat about how Stacy told him she and Peterson slept through the night.
08/27/2012: "You're the captain of the ship," Burmila told Brodsky. "If you want to travel in that direction, you go right ahead."
08/27/2012: Joseph Steadman was called to tell about Savio's policy and did Peterson knew she removed him as beneficiary.
08/27/2012: Expected testimony: Attorney Harry Smith, who claims he was told by Stacy that Peterson killed his third wife.
08/27/2012: After weeks of wearing color-coordinated outfits, jury on Monday all wore shirts bearing the logos of athletic teams.
08/27/2012: "I did hear somebody in the hallway say, 'This is a murder trial not a fashion show,'" Defense, Joseph Lopez said.

08/27/2012: Rob Sud (Bolingbrook Police Officer) - (Defense Witness)

08/27/2012: Darrin Devine (Illinois State Police Special Agent) - (Defense Witness)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

08/28/2012: Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen (Board Certified Forensic Pathologist) - (Defense Witness)

08/28/2012: Dr. Vincent DiMaio (Board Certified Forensic Pathologist) - (Defense Witness)

08/28/2012: (www.washingtonpost.com):
Pathologists for defense: Drew Peterson’s 3rd Wife died in accidental fall in her bathtub

08/28/2012: Forensic pathologists testified that they believe Drew Peterson’s 3rd wife died of accidental fall in her bathtub.
08/28/2012: Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen said a gaping wound on the back of Kathleen Savio’s head and bruising on her side were telling.
08/28/2012: “These injuries are classic for a fall,” said Jentzen, director of pathology at the University of Michigan medical school.
08/28/2012: “She slipped and fell, she struck the left side of her body and her head violently against the side of the tub.”
08/28/2012: Dr. Vincent DiMaio, echoed she likely slipped for several reasons, including a slick tub surface with no rubber mat.
08/28/2012: “This position in a tub is not unusual for people found (dead) in a tub,” said DiMaio, a pathologist.

08/28/2012: Robin Queen (Illinois State Police, Special Agent) - (Defense Witness)

08/28/2012: Bridget Bertrand (Captain Illinois State Police) - (Defense Witness)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

08/29/2012: Patrick Collins (Retired Illinois State Police Sergeant) - (Defense Witness)

08/29/2012: Eileen Payonk (Illinois State Police Special Agent) - (Defense Witness)

08/29/2012: (www.chicagotribune.com): Peterson trial: Defense challenges hostile witness
08/29/2012: Judge Edward Burmila ruled that defense attorneys can call Wheaton family attorney Harry Smith.
08/29/2012: Judge said if the defense calls Smith his entire 8.5-minute coversation with Stacy Peterson is admissable.
08/29/2012: Former Illinois State Police Sgt. Patrick Collins said he saw no signs of disturbance, struggle or anything unusual.
08/29/2012: Collins, who retired in 2008, said he didn't recall seeing bags placed over Savio's hands.
08/29/2012: Collins said he asked the evidence technician, Sgt. Robert Deel, to cover her hands in case there was any evidence.
08/29/2012: Patrick Collins: "Going back to my earlier testimony, it was my first homicide, so it was a learning experience for me.
08/29/2012: Illinois State Police Special Agent Eileen Payonk: LE returned to Savio house to get carpet samples, bathroom grout.
08/29/2012: Defense attorney Joel Brodsky urged Judge Burmila to bar state from using letter Tom Peterson wrote to his father.
08/29/2012: Judge Burmila asked prosecutors if they were able to get state police investigators who interviewed Tom Peterson.
08/29/2012: Prosecutors said that one of the officers would arrive at 2 p.m, other asked if they question him via text message.
08/29/2012: "I don't know how they'll be able to ask him all they need to through text messaging," Burmila said.
08/29/2012: "Not if we get my daughter in here," quipped defense attorney Steve Greenberg, prompting laughter from onlookers.

08/29/2012: Harry Smith (Kathleen Savio's Divorce Attorney) - (Defense Witness)

08/29/2012: (www.chicagotribune.com): Peterson trial: Defense challenges hostile witness
08/29/2012: Brodsky asked to treat Harry Smith as an adverse or hostile witness so that he could ask leading questions.
08/29/2012: "We're entering areas where I want to be very careful I don't go where the court has prohibited us," Brodsky said.
08/29/2012: "There's no such thing as a state witness or a defense witness, there's just witnesses," Judge Edward Burmila said.
08/29/2012: Burmila told Brodsky to rephrase questions and warned him not to make such a motion again in front of jurors.
08/29/2012: Divorce attorney Harry Smith testified that he had a conversation with Stacy Peterson in October 2007.
08/29/2012: "She [Stacy] wanted to know if the fact that he killed Kathy (Savio) could be used against him," Smith testified.
08/29/2012: "She [Stacy] didn't use the word leverage, but certainly that was the intimation," Smith said.
08/29/2012: In a sidebar outside jurors' presence, defense Steve Greenberg accused Harry Smith of committing perjury.
08/29/2012: "Now he gets up there and says, ‘He killed her.’ That's ridiculous, judge," Greenberg said.
08/29/2012: The judge agreed and allowed defense attorney Joel Brodsky to treat Smith as a hostile witness.
08/29/2012: Brodsky immediately challenged Smith, asking why he never before had said Stacy said Drew Peterson killed Savio.
08/29/2012: Smith: "Every time I've testified, I've said, 'If we give this information that he did this, can we get more out of him.’"

08/29/2012: Thomas Peterson (Son of Drew Peterson and Kathleen) - (Defense Witness)

08/29/2012: (www.washingtonpost.com):
Drew Peterson son on witness stand: ‘Dad is innocent’ of killing mother

08/29/2012: Thomas Peterson, a Bolingbrook High School valedictorian, now a University of Pennsylvania student, smiled at jurors.
08/29/2012: “I believe that my dad is innocent,” he said firmly when a defense attorney asked why he was in court.
08/29/2012: Thomas Peterson was 11 when his mother was found dead in her bathtub with a gash on the back of her head.
08/29/2012: Thomas Peterson told jurors he saw no change in his father’s demeanor around the day his mother died.
08/29/2012: He said that when his father broke the news about their mother’s death to them, he seemed genuinely distraught.
08/29/2012: In a high-risk move, defense attorneys put divorce attorney on the stand, who spoke by telephone with Stacy Peterson
08/29/2012: Stacy Peterson was considering a possible shakedown of her husband by threatening to tell police he killed Savio.
08/29/2012: And it also risked raising the question in jurors’ minds about what happened to Stacy Peterson.
08/29/2012: “I did tell her to be careful, but it wasn’t about extortion,” he said. He didn’t elaborate.
08/29/2012: Some courtroom observers said later that the defense blundered by putting Smith on the stand.
08/29/2012: “It was a gift from the defense,” said Pam Bosco, a spokeswoman for the Stacy Peterson family.

08/29/2012: (southtownstar.suntimes.com): Peterson won’t testify in his trial on murder charges
08/29/2012: Drew Peterson opted Wednesday not to take the witness stand as defense against charges he drowned Savio in 2004.
08/29/2012: “I will not testify,” Peterson told Judge Edward Burmila just before his attorneys formally concluded their defense.
08/29/2012: Hearsay evidence by Harry Smith marks the first time Stacy Peterson confided to him that Peterson had killed Savio.
08/29/2012: Smith told jurors Stacy gave that info Oct. 24, 2007 phone call which she asked him to represent her in a divorce.
08/29/2012: “She wanted to know if, in my opinion, the fact he killed Kathy could be used against him in divorce proceeding.”
08/29/2012: Defense attorneys apparently wanted to use her conversation with Smith to undermine crucial hearsay statements.
08/29/2012: Pastor Schori testified Stacy Peterson told him on Aug. 31, 2007 she had been ordered by her husband to lie to police.
08/29/2012: Stacy Peterson claims that she could detail for police how her then-husband allegedly had murdered Savio.
08/29/2012: “She specifically used the word ‘how’, not just the fact that he killed Kathy, but how?” answered Smith.
08/29/2012: “You found out that Stacy was going to say anything to gain an advantage in the divorce,” Greenberg said.
08/29/2012: “She had a motive to lie, she wanted a financial advantage in the divorce and that’s why she did it,” Greenberg said.
08/29/2012: Glasgow smiled when asked outside the courtroom if he was surprised defense attorneys called Smith as a witness.
08/29/2012: Even Smith said he was surprised Peterson’s attorneys called him as a witness.
08/29/2012: Stacy, though, said “she had too much s--- on him for him to do anything to her,” Smith told jurors.
08/29/2012: Smith said he warned Stacy that she could be arrested if she pursued her plan to try to win a better divorce.
08/29/2012: “What could she be arrested for?” defense attorney Joel Brodsky asked. “Concealing a homicide,” Smith replied.

08/29/2012: (bolingbrook.patch.com):
Peterson Shies Away From Spotlight, Lets Son Take Stand Instead

08/29/2012: Last day of the defense's case did feature the most explosive testimony in the trial.... HARRY SMITH !
08/29/2012: Brodsky repeatedly let the jury hear how Stacy supposedly told Smith that Peterson killed Savio.
08/29/2012: A rattled Brodsky then stammered through his questioning of Smith. He complained that Smith was making faces.
08/29/2012: At one point, Brodsky accused Smith of looking to prosecutors for cues about what to say.
08/29/2012: Harry Smith beamed broadly at Brodsky throughout his testimony.
08/29/2012: Smith said, "Drew was pissed at her because he thought she told (his son) Tom he killed Kathleen."
08/29/2012: Peterson was tracking Stacy through her cell phone GPS system, Smith said, he was also "surveilling" her.
08/29/2012: "He called to her and asked her what she was doing and who she was talking to," said Smith.
08/29/2012: Peterson then called to Stacy a second time "to rush her off the phone and get her in," he said.
08/29/2012: Stacy Peterson mysteriously vanished just days after her phone call to Harry Smith.

08/29/2012: (bolingbrook.patch.com):
Peterson Shies Away From Spotlight, Lets Son Take Stand Instead

08/29/2012: "I'm the informant who spent 7 mo. with Drew Peterson," said Paula Stark, during Brodsky's press conference.
08/29/2012: Stark and her husband, Len Wawczak, say they wore wires for the state police to surreptitiously record Peterson.
08/29/2012: Stark said the recordings will be used as evidence if Peterson is charged in connection with missing Stacy Peterson
08/29/2012: "I learned that Drew's a murderer," Stark said of her time with Peterson, and that he was cruel to his children.
08/29/2012: "Every time they brought up their mother, he told them to shut up and go to their rooms," Stark said.
08/29/2012: Stark also said Stacy's young son, Anthony, secretly kept a hidden picture of his mother in his room.
08/29/2012: Stark and Wawczak were left to watch Peterson's children when he took trips out of town to appear on talk shows.
08/29/2012: Stark told how Peterson once called Thomas a "faggot" after Thomas complained about his father's cooking.
08/29/2012: Stark also told of a letter to Santa Claus written by Savio's younger son, Kristopher Peterson, when he was about 10.
08/29/2012: In the letter, Kristopher asked Santa to stop his father from beating his mother, to give his mother the divorce.
08/29/2012: "If Tom says anything positive about his father, it's all lies," Stark said.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

08/30/2012: (articles.chicagotribune.com):
Drew Peterson defense witness called 'gift from God' by prosecutor

08/30/2012: Wednesday's stunning testimony came after Joel Brodsky called Harry Smith against advice of his defense team.
08/30/2012: "It's a gift from God," State's Attorney James Glasgow was overheard saying outside the courtroom.
08/30/2012: Before defense attorneys called Smith to the stand, the judge warned them of the possible consequences.
08/30/2012: Peterson lawyer Steve Greenberg could be heard in the courthouse hallway urging Brodsky not to do it.
08/30/2012: "I've filed 74 (expletive) motions to keep him out and now you're going to undo all of it," Greenberg said in a loud voice.
08/30/2012: Brodsky called Smith to the stand in an attempt to rebut critical testimony from Stacy's pastor Neil Schori.
08/30/2012: Schori told jurors Stacy confided to him that she lied to state police about Drew Peterson's alleged slaying of Savio.
08/30/2012: A few months later, Stacy contacted Smith about divorcing her husband. Stacy disappeared 4 DAYS LATER.
08/30/2012: Defense attorneys had fought to keep Smith from testifying as a prosecution witness.
08/30/2012: After Smith testified a second time that Stacy told him "Drew killed Kathleen," attorney Joseph Lopez called out "Joel!"
08/30/2012: Attorney Joseph Lopez and motioned Brodsky over to the defense table. Brodsky then dropped the line of questioning.
08/30/2012: "Brodsky just walked backward over a cliff with Drew Peterson in his arms," said attorney, Kathleen Zellner.

08/30/2012: Dr. Michael Baden (Pathologist, Did 3rd Autopsy) - (State Rebuttal Witness)

08/30/2012: Dr. Mary Case (Doctor, Pathologist, Chief Medical Examiner) - (State Rebuttal Witness)

08/30/2012: (bolingbrook.patch.com):
Last Drew Peterson Witness Called, Closing Arguments Next Week

08/30/2012: Testimony in the Drew Peterson murder trial wrapped up Thursday with a pair of doctors taking the witness stand.
08/30/2012: Celebrity medical examiner Michael Baden was grilled about Fox News producer Steph Watts filming autopsy.
08/30/2012: "Did you know Mr. Watts tried to peddle that tape to the people who produce Girls Gone Wild?" Ralph Meczyk asked
08/30/2012: Watts also shot video of the autopsy, but did not film Savio's body. The video appeared on Fox News.
08/30/2012: Meczyk pursued the line of questioning despite pretrial testimony showing the accusation was baseless.
08/30/2012: During 2010 hearing, Watts accused Joel Brodsky of trying to sell him a video of Peterson and Christina Raines.
08/30/2012: Joel Brodsky was trying to get $200,000 for the video, Watts said.
08/30/2012: "I express my ignorance of what Girls Gone Wild is," Burmila said. "Is this some entity?"
08/30/2012: Greenberg told Judge during Savio's autopsy, Watts was checking voicemail and had a call from Girls Gone Wild.
08/30/2012: Watts was working on show about Francis legal troubles, Greenberg said, he wrote Francis' number on autopsy notes.
08/30/2012: "The testimony regarding Girls Gone Wild, any connection Mr. Watts is to be ignored by you," Judge ordered jury.
08/30/2012: On Friday, Greenberg will try to convince the judge to throw the case against Peterson out before it gets to the jury.
08/30/2012: Attorneys will also hash out jury instructions in the event Greenberg fails to sway Burmila.
08/30/2012: "No more gifts from God today," added Glasgow, referring to the devastating testimony of attorney Harry Smith.

September 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

09/02/2012: (www.chicagotribune.com):
Final pitches readied for Peterson jurors, Stakes couldn't be higher as closing arguments loom

09/02/2012: After five weeks of testimony, head-scratching moves and blustering before TV cameras, trial comes to an end.
09/02/2012: "Both sides know that the stakes are high. I expect the prosecution to have a great closing," Joseph Lopez said.
09/02/2012: Peterson attorney Joseph Lopez: "I'm going to give it everything I've got too."
09/02/2012: Prosecutor Chris Koch will give the state's closing argument, with State's Attorney James Glasgow the final words.
09/02/2012: "The circumstantial evidence isn't just one piece of evidence, but all taken together," Koch said
09/02/2012: Chris Koch: "If you look at testimony from expert witnesses, it's not consistent with accidental slip and fall."
09/02/2012: Prosecutors will face an unusual obstacle: They first have to convince jurors that she was murdered.
09/02/2012: Prosecution presented more than 30 witnesses to help paint portrait of Savio as a woman terrified of Peterson.
09/02/2012: They also called three experts who testified that her injuries were not consistent with an accident.
09/02/2012: Lopez said he will work on his closing over the holiday weekend, but he will not do any practice runs.
09/02/2012: Lopez said he believes jurors respond better to spontaneous arguments.
09/02/2012: Joseph Lopez acknowledges he must address several damning witnesses with the jury, including Harry Smith.
09/02/2012: Experts predict a colorful closing from Lopez, whose oratories reflect his larger-than-life personality.
09/02/2012: Joseph Lopez memorably told jurors "the framers of the U.S. Constitution would barf" on prosecution's evidence.
09/02/2012: Brodsky said. "You are going to see what I'll call a very informative and a very forceful and a very entertaining closing."

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

09/04/2012: (bolingbrook.patch.com): Drew Peterson's Fate in Jury's Hands Wednesday
09/04/2012: "Everybody in America wants Drew Peterson convicted," one of the ex-cop's lawyers said outside court.
09/04/2012: "Everybody is dying for Drew to lose this case because misery loves company," Lopez said enigmatically.
09/04/2012: In his argument, Koch ran through the damning statements Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio
09/04/2012: "I'm going to kill you," Koch said, parroting Peterson's supposed threat.
09/04/2012: "You're not going to make it to the divorce settlement. You're not going to get the pension. You're not getting the kids."
09/04/2012: Lopez, during his closing argument, called into question how the prosecution's doctors.
09/04/2012: "If you can't prove it's a homicide, who cares what (the Rev.) Neil Schori says?" said Lopez.
09/04/2012: "Who cares what (Savio's sister) Anna Doman says? Who cares what (attorney) Harry Smith said?"
09/04/2012: Lopez likely lashed out at Smith with such aggression due to the attorney's managing to torpedo Peterson's defense.
09/04/2012: Smith beamed broadly at Brodsky when testifying, or as Lopez put it Tuesday, he was "grinning like a Cheshire cat."
09/04/2012: Glasgow: "When you put all evidence together, it's solid, it's real, it proves Peterson killed Savio in cold blood."
09/04/2012: Susan and Mitch Doman said Lopez disrespectful, when he spoke of using a ouija board to determine how Savio died.
09/04/2012: Susan Doman also told of how Peterson fought his wife when she tried to take their sons to church.
09/04/2012: "She'd take her kids to church, she'd come out and her car would be gone, Drew did not want them raised Catholic."
09/04/2012: Susan Doman: "The truth is the truth and the truth will come out."

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

09/05/2012: (www.chicagotribune.com): Drew Peterson trial updates: Jurors begin deliberations
09/05/2012: Lopez: "You don't have to like Sgt. Peterson at all. You know what you have to like? That flag."
09/05/2012: Lopez: "You have to like America. You have to like the Constitution. You have to like the principles that we live by."
09/05/2012: Lopez repeatedly displayed a photo of the Cheshire Cat from the Disney animated film "Alice in Wonderland."
09/05/2012: Lopez used PowerPoint slides to poke fun with photo of Hollywood sign to mock Sue Doman, signing book deal.
09/05/2012: Lopez used photo of Larry the Cable Guy as Jeff Pachter, who testified Peterson offered him $25,000 to find hitman.
09/05/2012: Lopez referenced a number of movies, including "The Big Lebowski" and "Zorba the Greek."
09/05/2012: Lopez strained to remember the name of the animated comedy "King of the Hill" reference Savio's neighborhood
09/05/2012: Lopez described circumstantial evidence with a story about a pie-eating cat.
09/05/2012: Lopez referred to Savio's head injury in the tub as being akin to dropping a water ballon at low speed on concrete.
09/05/2012: Lopez compared trials to Monopoly and a Bears-Packers football game, they all have rules.
09/05/2012: Lopez claimed the French philosopher Voltaire once said "Common sense is an uncommon thing."
09/05/2012: Lopez called the state's case nothing but "spec-u-lation," drawing out the second syllable for effect.
09/05/2012: Lopez: "This case is about Kathy, not Stacy," the PowerPoint slide read with yellow text, "Do not forget that."
09/05/2012: Lopez called death of Kathleen Savio an accident and the case "riddled with doubt like a piece of Swiss cheese."

09/05/2012: (usnews.nbcnews.com): Jurors begin deliberations in Drew Peterson murder trial
09/05/2012: After five weeks, the jury began deliberations at 10:37 a.m. ET Wednesday.
09/05/2012: "The defendant is not required to prove his innocence," Burmila told jurors.
09/05/2012: The jurors made requests in the first few hours, Peterson’s phone records, autopsy photos of Savio’s body.
09/05/2012: They also wanted letter written by Savio describing her fear Peterson would kill her (got redated copy)
09/05/2012: The jurors’ request for a transcript of the testimony from Rev. Neil Schori and attorney Harry Smith

09/05/2012: (www.suntimes.com): Drew Peterson upbeat on first day of jury deliberations
09/05/2012: Sneed has learned that accused wife-murderer Drew Peterson is already booked.
09/05/2012: If acquitted of murdering Kathleen Savio, Peterson has granted exclusive interview on "Today Show" w/Matt Lauer
09/05/2012: Don't be surprised if PR agent Glenn Selig helps run Peterson's media campaign.
09/05/2012: Brodsky spent time with Peterson on Wednesday in his holding cell, claimed his client was upbeat.
09/05/2012: He's back to being his old, joking self, said defense attorney Joel Brodsky.
09/05/2012: Drew talked about his jailer, Will County Sheriff Paul Kaupas, and stories about being narcotics detectives.
09/05/2012: Basically that's it, there's nothing for him to read, just four walls for him to stare at until the verdict comes in.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

09/06/2012: (www.hlntv.com): Verdict watch in Peterson trial: Is today the day?
09/06/2012: Wednesday, jurors deliberated for more than eight hours and were able to return to their own homes in the evening.
09/06/2012: Jurors went straight back to the jury room Thursday morning, second day, and got started around 10:05 a.m.
09/06/2012: Judge Edward Burmila has reserved the right if he decides it’s necessary sequester the jury.

09/06/2012: (www.suntimes.com): Drew Peterson found guilty in Savio murder
09/06/2012: Earlier Thursday, the seven-man, five-woman jury asked judge in a note: What does unanimous mean?
09/06/2012: Their note to Judge Edward Burmila came after about 13 hours of deliberations.
09/06/2012: After a brief objection by the prosecution, who did not want the judge to respond at all.......
09/06/2012: Burmila wrote that unanimous means that the verdict has to be agreed upon by all 12 jurors.
09/06/2012: Jury deliberated for only 14 hours over two days before finding Peterson guilty.
09/06/2012: Peterson whose tangled marital history became a made-for-cable TV movie appeared stone-faced
09/06/2012: There were gasps in the courtroom as the verdict was read.
09/06/2012: Anna and Sue Doman, Savio’s sisters, hugged each other and started crying.
09/06/2012: Outside the courthouse, there were cheers and cars honked as family and friends reacted to the verdict.
09/06/2012: “I hope to god he never, ever gets out so he can hurt someone else,” Savio’s stepmom, Marcia Savio, said.
09/06/2012: She was planning to head to visit Kathleen Savio’s grave: “I’m gonna sit by Kitty and let her know she got the bastard!”
09/06/2012: The family of Stacy Peterson, Drew Peterson’s still-missing fourth wife, were also ecstatic over the verdict.
09/06/2012: Pam Bosco: “I always believed in the system. I never saw this man getting back on the street.”
09/06/2012: The 58-year-old Peterson faces up to 60 years in prison when he is sentenced Nov. 26.

09/06/2012: (bolingbrook.patch.com): They Got The Murdering Bastard
09/06/2012: "I loved my sister very much. She's finally getting the justice she deserved," said Savio's sister, Susan Doman"
09/06/2012: "He's a sick man," Susan Doman said of Peterson. "He's an evil man."
09/06/2012: Susan Doman's husband, Mitch Doman said outside court, "They got the murdering bastard."
09/06/2012: Judge Edward Burmila set Peterson's sentencing date for Nov. 26.
09/06/2012: "Glasgow also called Peterson a "coward and a bully."
09/06/2012: "He would threaten people because he had a gun and a badge."
09/06/2012: "No one ever took him on. We took him on, and he lost." (SNIP)
09/06/2012: "I feel numb. It hasn't really hit me yet," said Cassandra Cales, "Game over, Drew."
09/06/2012: "I'm absolutely thrilled with what happened," Neil Schori said. "Justice is coming for Stacy's family too."
09/06/2012: "I'm excited," Candace Aikin said. "I had to hold all my tears till I ran down the hallway, crying like a baby."
09/06/2012: None of Peterson's family was present when the jury rendered its verdict.

[Drew Peterson GUILTY] [Drew Peterson GUILTY] [Drew Peterson GUILTY] [Drew Peterson GUILTY]
Friday, September 7, 2012

09/07/2012: (bolingbrook.patch.com): Jury: Defense Witness Sealed Drew Peterson's Fate
09/07/2012: "At the start only seven thought Peterson was guilty of killing her. It took the testimony of Savio's divorce lawyer.
09/07/2012: "A witness called by Peterson's own attorneys—to tip the scales and send Peterson down on the murder rap."
09/07/2012: "The lawyer's testimony was the one that got us the most," said jury foreman Eduardo Saldana.
09/07/2012: "A source close to Peterson's team of six attorneys said three were opposed putting Smith on the stand.
09/07/2012: Joseph "Shark" Lopez, Lisa Lopez and Steve Greenberg vocally opposed putting Smith on the stand
09/07/2012: Brodsky was the only one in favor of the move, the source said.
09/07/2012: Joel Brodsky also said the case against Peterson was a "stacked deck."
09/07/2012: Joseph "Shark" Lopez: "The whole world wanted Drew Peterson to be convicted, They've hated him from Day 1."
09/07/2012: After the first vote of seven for guilty, four for not guilty, one undecided, the jury shifted to 11 to one on its second poll.
09/07/2012: Jury didn't buy accidental fall theory, "There were too many bruises, too many parts of the body" were injured.

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