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. [Chicago Sun-Times October 30, 2007]
Sun-Times 10/30/2007
Stacy Peterson Timeline

Drew's House Tour '08

[Chicago Sun-Times November 14, 2007]
Sun-Times 11/14/2007
Kathleen Savio Timeline

Grand Jury 2007-2008

[Chicago Sun-Times November 29, 2007]
Sun-Times 11/29/2007
Pastor Neil Schori

Harry Smith Files

[SunTimes Cover]
Sun-Times 02/21/2008
Kathleen Savio Files

Drew's Other Woman

[March 10, 2009 Front Cover of the Sun-Times - www.suntimes.com]
Sun-Times 03/10/2009
Thomas Morphey Files

Lenny & Paula Files

[May 7, 2009 Front Cover of the Chicago Tribune]
Tribune 05/07/2009
Sud's Pub History

Drew's Property Files

Hearsay Trial 2010
Trial Details and Screen Captures
Witness Testimony Excerpts

Who Testified Chart
Drew Walter Peterson
"The ex-wives saying such a thing, they're getting even I would say, for me divorcing them or cheating on them or whatever." (abcnews.go.com 11/20/2007)
Murder Trial 2012
Jury Selection, Screen Captures
Witness Testimony Excerpts

Savio vs Peterson Case

[BolingBrook Police Department]
BolingBrook Police

[Screen Capture from NBC Dateline Show]

[Last Will and Testament]
Last Will and Testament

[Steven Carcerano says he found Kathleen's body]
Steven Carcerano Files

Former neighbor of Drew and Kathleens. Reportedly found Kathleen Savio's body. Die-hard friend of Drews since Stacy disappeared and hang out together at bars. Carcerano reportedly introduced Drew to Kim

[Stacy Peterson told Pastor Schori that Drew told her he killed Kathleen Savio]
Pastor Neil Schori Files

Stacy told Pastor Schori that Drew Peterson killed Kathleen

[Drew Peterson's step-brother, Thomas Morphey believes he helped Drew dispose of Stacy's body in a sealed blue container]
Thomas Morphey Files

Was Drew's Step-brother an unwitting pawn to helping Drew dispose of Stacy's body?

[Ric Mims, former friend of Drew Peterson]
Ric Mims Files

Mims admitted he helped Drew run surveillance on Kathleen just months before she was found murdered in her bath tub.

[Michael J. Robinson]
Michael J. Robinson Files

Did Robinson drive Stacy's car to Clow Airport the night she disappeared? Robinson also reportedly brought Drew Peterson a cell phone, was seen shredding notes with Peterson, two months later Robinson was charged with witness Intimidation

Peterson / Savio Links

Who's Who Names

Who Testified Chart


The Anthony Bindy Rock Files
Convicted Cop Killer, Alledged Loan shark, Mob connections

The Anthony Cales Files
Stacy Peterson's Father

The Alex J. Morelli Files
Drew Peterson's Former Partner
Witness to Kathleen's WILL

The Betty Morphey Files
Drew Peterson's Mother

The Bruce Zidarich Files
Last to speak with Stacy Peterson October 28, 2007

The Carol Brown Files
Drew Peterson's 1st Wife

The Cassandra Cales Files
Stacy Peterson's Sister who filed Missing Person report October 28, 2007

The Gary Marcolina Files
Best Man at Drew's Wedding
Witness to Kathleen's WILL

The Grand Jury
Stacy Peterson Missing
& Kathleen Savio Murdered

The Harry Smith Files
Kathleen Savio Attorney and
Stacy contacted him re: Divorce

The James Mitchem / Son Files
Neighbor And School Principal

The John Morphey Files
Drew Peterson's Step Brother and Witness to other brother, Tom Morphey's story

The Kathleen Savio Files
Not an accident but HOMICIDE

The Keith Rossetto Files
Stacy's Former Boyfriend

The Kim Matuska Files
Drew Peterson's new 22 year old Girlfriend March 2008

The Kyle Piry Files
Drew Peterson Former Fiancee' for four months in 1980

The Larry W Blum MD Files
Forensic Pathologist
( KathleenSavio Murder Case)

The Lenny Wawczak Files
Peterson Former Long time friend, turned Illinois State Police Informant, aka Drew Peterson's anonymous online girlfriend *real_ashley*

The Lisa Ward Files
Drew Peterson's ex-Step Daughter when married to
wife #2, Victoria Connley

The Marcus Patterson Files
Worked under Drew Peterson 1999-2002 Bolingbrook Police Gang Suppression Unit

The Michael J. Robinson Files
Report that he moved Stacy's car to Clow Airport the day she disappeared October 2007
Witness Intimadation Charge?

The Neil Schori Files
Stacy Peterson told him that Drew Peterson killed Kathleen

The Paul D. Peterson Files
Drew Peterson's Brother

The Paula Stark Files
Drew Peterson's former long time friend turned Illinois State Police Informant

The Peterson Children Files
Thomas, Kris, Anthony, Lacy

The Pontarelli Family Files
Thomas, Mary, Nick Pontarelli. Drew Peterson called them to Kathleen Savio's house as witness to finding Savio's body

The Ric Mims Files
Drew Peterson's Former friend

The Scott Rossetto Files
Sent text messages to Stacy

The Sharon Bychowski Files
Stacy's Neighbor / Good Friend

The Stephen P. Peterson Files
Drew Peterson's Son

The Steven J. Carcerano Files
Found Kathleen Savio's body

The Steven P. Maniaci Files
Kathleen Savio's Boyfriend

The Thomas Morphey Files
Drew Peterson's step brother said is convinced he unwittingly helped dispose of Stacy's body

The Thomas Morphey Family
Mike, Sue, Deb, John, Jim, Sheryl. All defending a brother and husband

The Vicki Connolly Files
Drew Peterson 2nd Wife

The Walter Martineck Files
Witness to his neighbor, Tom Morphey's story


Blue Container
Witnessed being moved to SUV

Cell Phones & Text Messages
Cell Phones/Cell Phone Calls

Clow International Airport
Was Stacy's car really there?

Cushing Field Airport
Drew keeps his Aquilla Trike

Gun Incidents and Gun Issues
Drew Peterson: "Nothin' says I love you like a Glock"

Savio 2004 Coroner's Jurors
Some 2004 jurors speaking out

Stacy Peterson Sightings
According to Drew Peterson

Suds Pub Bar and Grill
AKA Blue Lightning Corporation


Christie Cales Timeline

More Missing, Murdered, Suicide
- Vicki (Wife#2) Boyfriend Murdered?
- Tom Morphey's Wife Missing ?
- Stacy's Mother Christie Missing?
- Monica's Brother Suicide?
- Kathleen (Wife#3) Died/Murdered?
- Stacy (Wife #4) Missing
- Thomas Morphey Attemped Suicide

[From the 12-1-2007 Vigil]
Photo from Greta's OTR
Producer Cory Howard


The Peoria Letter (11/21/2007)
Stacy sighting shopping at Krogers!

Brownlee v. Peterson et al (12/17)
A barber with broken thumb

Bychowski Grave Hoax (12/26/07)
50 5x7 photos and unmarked grave

The Kentucky Letter (12/29/2007)
Stacy sighting in mall parking lot

Peoria Dream Center (01/02/2008)
Stacy at Homeless Center

Stacy in Thailand ! (02/01/2008)
Stacy at fast food in Thailand

Stacy in Jamaica ! (05/01/2008)
Stacy at Sandals resort Jamaica


Why is former Bolingbrook police officer, Drew Walter Peterson in the hot seat?

[Bullet Image] 03/01/2004 - Drew Peterson's 3rd wife Kathleen Savio found dead in waterless bathtub.

[Bullet Image] 03/01/2004 - Kathleen Savio's neighbor Steve Carcerano came forward November 8, 2007 and says he was the one who found Kathleen's dead body. Carcerano stated that the night Kathleen was found that Drew Peterson, in his police cruiser flagged him down to go into Savio's house the night she was found dead. Steve Carcerano also stated in various media interviews that a locksmith was called by Peterson and that additional neighbors, Mary Pontarelli, her husband Thomas as well as their son, Nick all went into the Savio house that night along with Carcerano. Apparently they were all directed by Drew Peterson to immediatly search the upstairs and of course they immediately found Kathleen dead in the bathtub. NOTE: Nobody seems to know or will reveal who the locksmith was that night.

[Bullet Image] 08/00/2007 - Alledged Gun incident. Stacy Peterson told her sister Cassandra Cales that while Drew Peterson had sent her to the garage for a soda from the refrigerator there that his gun was fired from the upstairs master bedroom and just missed hitting her by less than a foot. Drew Peterson claims that it was Stacy who fired the gun. The incident was not reported.

[Bullet Image] 08/31/2007 - Stacy Peterson confessed to Pastor Neil Schori that Drew told her that very night that murdered Kathleen and that it would a perfect crime and that she would be his alibi.

[Bullet Image] 10/28/2007 - 11:55 A.M. Drew Peterson told neighbor Sharon Bychowski when she telephone them that Stacy wasn't home because he claimed she left early that morning to visit with her grandfather.

[Bullet Image] 10/28/2007 - 2:30 P.M. Drew Peterson's calls off work at Bolingbrook Police Department.

[Bullet Image] 10/28/2007 - Stacy Peterson disappears, Drew Peterson claims she ran off with another man.

[Bullet Image] 10/28/2007 - Drew Peterson's claims Stacy took $25,000 cash out of the house safe, along with her bikini, passport and cell phone then called him at 9:00 PM and told him her car was at Clow Airport.

[Bullet Image] 10/28/2007 - Drew Peterson's step-brother Thomas Morphey claims he went to a coffee shop [Krispy Kreme] with Drew. Drew alledgedly gave Morphey a cell phone but told him not to answer it, then Drew left leaving Morphey there. The cell phone did ring and apparently the name "Stacy" showed up on the caller ID display.

[Bullet Image] 10/28/2007 - Drew Peterson's step-brother Thomas Morphey claims that after he and Drew left the coffee house that he helped Drew carry a sealed blue container from the Peterson house upstairs bedroom to Drew's Yukon Denali SUV and Morphey suspected it was Stacy's body. NOTE: The knowledge that Stacy Peterson was missing wasn't even known to the media when Morphey suspected foul play regarding Stacy.

[Bullet Image] 10/28/2007 - Drew Peterson's good friend Michael J. Robinson is alledged to help him move Stacy Peterson car to Clow Airport the very night she disappeared.

[Bullet Image] 10/28/2007 - Drew Peterson's step-brother Thomas Morphey tried to commit suicide from being distraught over possibly helping to move Stacy's dead body from Peterson's upstairs bedroom.

[Bullet Image] 10/28/2007 - Stacy's sister Cassandra Cales reported that young Kris Peterson told her that Drew and Stacy had an arguement in the morning and then stated Stacy went to see "Grandpa."

[Bullet Image] 10/29/2007 - Illinois State Police were allowed a limited consentual search of Peterson's residence, they were allowed access to the Yukon Denali SUV, but were NOT ALLOWED to search Stacy's Pontiac Grand Prix without an official search warrant.

[Bullet Image] 10/29/2007 - Thomas Morphey's friend and neighbor, Walter Martinek goes to Illinois State Police to report what Morphey told him about helping Drew to move the sealed container from the upstairs bedroom and suspicions about Stacy's body being inside the container.

[Bullet Image] 10/29/2007 - Media reports, "Then the next day [10/29/2007], neighbor Sharon Bychowski says Drew Peterson asked her to move Stacy's Grand Prix into her driveway next door. "I said, 'I'm not really comfortable moving the car if that's going to be something they'd look at for evidence,'" Bychowski said. "He said wear gloves. That should be no problem."

[Bullet Image] 10/30/2007 - Drew Peterson's former friend, Ric Mim's Interview with the National Enquirer alledges that Drew Peterson asked his son Steve Peterson, an Oak Brook Police Officer to help move Stacy's car that he [Drew Peterson] said was stashed at a neighbor's house.

[Bullet Image] 11/01/2007 - Illinois State Police issue seach warrant on Peterson's house, cars, pool and camper. From the search warrant, "be searched and that the following described instruments, articles, and things which have been used in the commission of, or which constitute evidence of the offense of First Degree Murder (720 ILCS 5/9-1(a)(1)) or Concealment of a Homicidal Death (720 ILCS 5/9-3.1(a)) be seized, searched and forensically analyzed" - (suburbanchicagonews): "The cops towed two of Peterson's vehicles -- a 2005 GMC sport utility vehicle and a 2002 Pontiac Coupe -- and removed property, including personal computers and wireless telephones, from his home. They also set cadaver dogs to sniffing around the interior of the house, the yard, an above-ground swimming pool and a camper."

[Bullet Image] 11/01/2007 - Drew Peterson's good friend Michael J. Robinson is alledged to bringing Peterson another cell phone after the ISP took Peterson's cell phone during a search warrant. According to former friend, Ric Mims, Peterson was to answer the cell phone saying he's from some heating and cooling company.

[Bullet Image] 11/01/2007 - Drew Peterson's former friend, Ric Mim's Interview with the National Enquirer that both Drew Peterson and his friend Michael J. Robinson were shredding notes they were writing to each other in Peterson's house.

[Bullet Image] 11/01/2007 - (NE12/17/08): "Mims stayed in the house while cadaver dogs went room to room sniffing fo Stacy's body. Police took all the linens off the bed in Drew and Stacy's bedroom, and they confiscated carpet cleaner, computers, toothbrushes and Drew's guns. When Drew got home in the afternoon, Mims met him at neighbor Sharon's house as the police finished the search. Later that night inside the house, Drew showed Mims a gun he'd hidden, a small pistol that folded in half. "They (the police) didn't find this one," Drew sneered."

[Bullet Image] 11/01/2007 - Drew Peterson is quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times, "He said he found her purse, cell phone and even some clothing gone after she left their two-story brick home on Sunday. [10/28/2007]" - "That call at 9 p.m. Sunday was his last communication with his wife -- and even then he said he didn't know where she was calling from. "I don't know where she was when she called," he said."

[Bullet Image] 11/01/2007 - Drew Peterson is quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times, "She seemed snotty," Drew Peterson said, describing the call as "unusual," though he wouldn't disclose details of what was said. "I believe she's not missing," he said. "She's where she wants to be. I have no reason to suspect foul play."

[Bullet Image] 11/02/2007 - Drew Peterson's former friend, Ric Mim's Interview with the National Enquirer alledges "I watched Drew write a check for a little over $200,000 from a home equity line and give it to Steve [Peterson] in case something happened to him. He also gave him another $10,000 check and $500 in cash."

[Bullet Image] 11/06/2007 - Illinois State Police issue seach warrant on Peterson's house. "As CBS 2's Mai Martinez reports, the Petersons neighbors said investigators arrived at the home at around 8 p.m. Tuesday night. They were escorted by Bolingbrook police. Neighbors also say that Stacy Peterson's husband, Drew Peterson, was not home at the time of the search. Neighbors told CBS 2 the state investigator police went into the home with a nylon bag and a camera. They reportedly spent less than an hour inside, but when the investigators came out, neighbors say, they clearly had something in the bag but it was not apparent what that was."

[Bullet Image] 11/07/2007 - (Sun-Times): "Eleven days after Stacy Peterson vanished, her police officer husband was called to testify Wednesday before a Will County Grand Jury. Accompanied by two lawyers, Drew Peterson spent about two hours Wednesday afternoon inside a Will County office building in downtown Joliet, then left hurriedly about 3:30 p.m. Peterson, 53, who was clean-shaven and dressed in a dark suit and tie, didn't respond to questions from reporters as he hustled out of the building with one attorney, then jumped into a waiting car driven by another lawyer. Lawyer: '... nothing to say' "This is an ongoing investigation," attorney Fred Morelli said as he left the building with Peterson. "We have nothing to say." (Peterson pleads 5th)

[Bullet Image] 11/09/2007 - Current Will County State's Atty. James Glasgow statement regarding Kathleen Savio's death is quoted, "I read the autopsy protocol," "I read the inquest; I looked at the crime-scene photographs; and I looked at the photographs from the autopsy. And with 29 years of experience, there's no doubt in my mind it wasn't an accident. That was clear."

[Bullet Image] 11/09/2007 - In the Petition to Exhume Kathleen Savio's body, prosecutors wrote that the head wound "did not render her unconscious" and that "evidence is consistent with the 'staging' of an accident to conceal a homicide." - "The abrasions that were seen on her left buttock and her elbow are not the type of injuries that would occur on a smooth surface as those in the tub area," Glasgow said."

[Bullet Image] 11/09/2007 - Drew Peterson named OFFICIAL SUSPECT in Stacy's disppearance.

[Bullet Image] 11/09/2007 - Drew Peterson was suspended without pay from the Bolingbrook Police Department.

[Bullet Image] 11/12/2007 - On Nov. 12, the day before the scheduled Internal Investigations interview at the Bolingbrook Police Department, a man identifying himself as Drew Petersonís brother [Paul Peterson] hand-delivered Drew Petersonís letter of resignation to officials at the Police Department Administrative Offices in Village Hall, Teppel [Lt. Ken Teppel] said." That letter included Drew Petersonís request for retirement benefits and also stated he would not appear for the Nov. 13 interview."

[Bullet Image] 11/13/2007 - Drew Peterson was scheduled for an Internal Investigation meeting 11/13/2007 because "According to Bolingbrook Police Chief Ray McGury, an internal investigation conducted over the last few weeks turned up enough information against Drew Petersonís on-duty work performance within the last 12 months that the department filed charges with the Bolingbrook Fire and Police Board seeking his termination." - "The department informed Peterson through a memo to his attorney, Fred Morelli Jr."

[Bullet Image] 11/15/2007 - Media reports quotes from Stacy Peterson's friend and neighbor, Sharon Bychowski, "'Sharon,' she used to say constantly to me, 'just remember, if I disappear, it is not an accident. He killed me.' She said it all the time," said [Sharon] Bychowski."

[Bullet Image] 11/16/2007 - Independent Forensic Pathologist, Michael Baden did autopsy on Kathleen Savio for the Savio family and he is quoted, "It's my opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty that it's a homicide, and that's what I would have put down on the death certificate."

[Bullet Image] 11/21/2007 - Illinois State Police executed subpoenas at Oakbrook police headquarters for Drew Peterson's son, Steve Peterson's police personnel file and other records of his recent patrol activities.

[Bullet Image] 11/24/2007 - Drew Peterson's former friend, Ric Mim's reveals to America's Most Wanted show that Drew Peterson told him that the now missing Stacy Peterson was Drew's alibi the night 3rd wife, Kathleen Savio was found dead. Why did Drew Peterson even need an alibi if everybody thought it was an accident?

[Bullet Image] 12/03/2007 - "The Bolingbrook Police Department turned over evidence to prosecutors that alleges Peterson used department computers to track private citizens not under active police investigation. The evidence alleges that Peterson ran ID and background information on friends and associates of his wife, Stacy Peterson, before she disappeared, as well as other people." Peterson's attorney Joel Brodsky said police were allowed to do that "when they would get bored in the evening".

[Bullet Image] 12/05/2007 - Media reported, "Steve {Peterson] and his new wife live in a north Aurora home. She is a federal agent with the inspector general's office for the U.S. Housing Department. Teresa Peterson has been questioned by investigators as to her husband's whereabouts and activities the past six weeks."

[Bullet Image] 12/11/2007 - "CBS2 News reported they learned that investigators are looking into reports that former Sgt. Peterson may have blown off a police issued flash bang grenade on the Fourth of July two years ago. [2004]"

[Bullet Image] 12/13/2007 - Drew Peterson's former friend, Ric Mim's gave photos of blue cable box containers to the media. Mims had told a Grand Jury earlier in December that he and Peterson bought three containers for about $100 from AmeriCable, where they both worked part-time in 2003. NOTE: Ric Mims posted on his web site blog 01/30/2008, "Ameriacable contracting company for Comcast, no longer in business."

[Bullet Image] 12/14/2007 - Media reporting "Sources have confirmed that prosecutors have subpoenaed bank records that show Drew Peterson, in the weeks after his wifeís disappearance funneled nearly a quarter of a million dollars to his son Steve, an Oak Brook police officer." - "According to sources, Drew Peterson has transferred more than $250,000 to his son from several bank accounts including joint accounts he held with Stacy. Investigators found that Drew wrote as many as six checks to Steve all within a few days in mid November including one check for more than $150,000."

[Bullet Image] 12/14/2007 - Media reporting "Also tonight [12/14/2007] Fox News has learned that state police have asked prosecutors for another search warrant for additional cell phone records relating to Drew."

[Bullet Image] 01/14/2008 - Drew Peterson's good friend Michael J. Robinson is arrested and charged with witness intimidation when he threatened a woman if she spoke with investigators.

[Bullet Image] 01/15/2008 - Kathleen's hand written Last Will and Testament [written by Drew Peterson] dated 03/02/1997 is being investigated by the Grand Jury. A copy of the two page WILL is released by the media. Witnesses to the will were Drew Peterson's former police partner, Alex J. Morelli and Gary L. Marcolina, who was Drew Peterson's best man at his wedding. Drew Peterson's Uncle, James B. Carroll was listed Executor of the Will.

[Bullet Image] 01/24/2008 - Drew Peterson's former friend Ric Mims reveals that he helped run surveillance on Kathleen Savio for Drew Peterson using two way radios in late 2003 and early 2004.

[Bullet Image] 01/28/2008 - Drew Peterson's former friend Ric Mims reveals that Drew got Stacy Peterson a cell phone with GPS tracking so he could track her movements on it.

[Bullet Image] 01/28/2008 - Drew Peterson's former friend Ric Mims reveals that shortly after Stacy Peterson disappeared that "one night he [Drew Peterson] dressed all in black and he had something under his shirtóand disappeared out the back door and came back about thirty minutes later."

[Bullet Image] 01/28/2008 - Drew Peterson's former friend Ric Mims reveals "And then the day I heard them say silver handles on the blue box, I knew immediately which box it was." Apparently the blue sealed container that Thomas Morphey said he helped Drew Peterson move from the upstairs bedroom had SILVER handles and the blue cable boxes that Ric Mims and Drew Peterson purchased had SILVER handles.

[Bullet Image] 02/21/2008 - Kathleen Savio's death offically ruled MURDER


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