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[Stacy Peterson]Stacy Ann Peterson Missing Sunday, October 28, 2007 - Bolingbrook, Illinois

Age: 23, Mother of two children ages 2 and 4 years old, adopted step-mother of two children, ages 12 and 14 years, lives at 6 Pheasant Chase Court, Bolingbrook, (Will County), Illinois, wife of former Bolingbrook Police Sergeant Drew Peterson, Bolingbrook Police Department - CALL *Illinois State Police District 5 Tip Line 815-740-0678*
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November 12, 2007 - Eavesdropping Audio of Greta Van Susteren and Richard Mims

Posted on the GretaWire Web Site: "November 12th, 2007 6:20 PM Eastern, GretaCast - Listen to What Sgt. Petersonís Friend Ric Mims Has To Say, by Greta Van Susteren"

Transcript below was done by www.acandyrose.com of the November 12, 2007 Greta Van Susteren of Fox News evesdropping audio with Ric Mims (Runtime 13:18 minutes)

November 12, 2007 Greta Van Susteren and Richard Mims (Transcribed from Audio File)

RICHARD MIMS (Friend of Stacy and Drew Peterson): Right now I'm in Bolingbrook and I went to my doctor and I'm just waiting to find out where my hotel room is starting. I just stopped by for some clothes and then I'm getting out.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: Why aren't you staying at your own home?

MIMS: I just don't feel safe here.

GRETA: Is that because of Drew?

MIMS: I don't want Drew coming to confront me about me talking to the press and I don't want him knocking on my window at 2am like he did Sharon and a this whole thing with the Bolingbrook police department, there's a few cops on there that aren't very happy with me. They've circled me, I've gone to a little cigarette place where you pull up, you know you pull up with your car and I have three Bolingbrook undercover cops that were in one car and they kept circling like a band of Indians and I mean just trying to intimate, I felt, and then I had to go to the police department a couple days later to drop off come coordinates for a flight I took with Tim Miller and when some I've known for a very long time gives me the daggers eyes and the police officer that was talking to Tim and he said something to Tim to make him feel very uncomfortable and Tim grabbed me and rushed me out of there and told me to get somewhere safe.

GRETA: So you actually do have fear of him?

MIMS: Yes I do.

GRETA: But he's never done anything to you?

MIMS: No, no, just I know he's upset with me talking to the press. The last phone call I had with him, "So you've switch sides on me?" and he was real upset with that. You could tell in his demeanor that he was very very unhappy about that and I tried to explain you know, this is not about him, it's about Stacy, finding Stacy and if he can't understand that, I'm sorry. And then he's like "I'll talk to you later" and he hung up on me.

GRETA: And has he tried to call you since?

MIMS: Yeah, he tried to call me the other night and I haven't answered the phone.

GRETA: And he left one voice message?

MIMS: That's right he left me a voice mail that said, "I need to talk to you immediately, please call me, please call me."

GRETA: What do you think he needs to talk to you about?

MIMS: I don't know, I just don't feel comfortable talking to him. I mean I wouldn't mind having him on speaker phone with the State Police being with me, you know. I'm just trying to avoid a confrontation with him right now.

GRETA: So whose paying for your hotel?

MIMS: Some of the media groups have pitched in working with each other trying to keep me in different hotels.

GRETA: So what's the plan, you can't keep doing this forever.

MIMS: I'm just hoping something will break in the case and they either arrest him or they find Stacy and clear him and a, take it from there, it's a day by day thing right now.

~ ~ ~ Did Ric hear Drew Peterson tell Greta that Stacy took money and a bikini when she left ~ ~ ~

GRETA: When you and I first met, she disappeared on Sunday and you started staying at Drew's house on Tuesday, is that right?

MIMS: That's correct.

GRETA: And then on Wednesday that's when I showed up and that's when I first met you.

MIMS: Right we were both sitting there when you were interviewing Drew.

GRETA: Actually when I was interviewing Drew you heard him or maybe you didn't hear him tell me that when she left that she took money and a bikini?

MIMS: Yes, correct.

GRETA: Have you ever heard him telling that to anyone before?

MIMS: No, what he told me was that Stacy has found somebody else she wants to be with and she's taken off with him, she's took a large amount of money from the house that was cash and told him she was going on vacation for a while and to pick up the car at Clow Airport.

GRETA: But you never heard the bikini thing?

MIMS: I heard him when he told you the bikini thing but he never told me that.

GRETA: You hear him tell that to anybody else?

MIMS: No, no, I believe you're the only one he told that to.

GRETA: Did you hear him tell anybody else that he didn't tell me?

~ ~ ~ What did Drew tell Ric about Stacy and did Ric know Kathleen ? ~ ~ ~

MIMS: No, he just told me some disturbing things, you know, about Stacy and her family that I find, you know that we're so, there was just a very very sick thing that he was telling me about Stacy's life and some of the things that has happened to her and I find, some of them I know are true because I heard them from Stacy but some of them are really sick that I just don't believe.

GRETA: Did you know wife #3, Kathleen, Kathy Savio ?

MIMS: I met Kathy one time in passing at his bar.

GRETA: Anything unusual about her death or his relationship that you can think of?

MIMS: No, like I said I met her once so I really, I never really gotten into Drew's personal, we've never talked about deep personal things like his relationships. Like I've known his girlfriends more than I knew his wives. Now Stacy, when Stacy came into the picture, I met her about the time they started dating and she was always around and a, and she's just a bubbly great person and she's very beautiful and she brings cheer into the room every time she, she's very young, wide open eyes and I kind of thought she was looking for a father figure when she met Drew. I don't know if it was that or if she was taken by his power as a police officer.

GRETA: You said he told you some disturbing things about her childhood growing up, any of those have any remote connection as to why he said she would take off?

MIMS: I don't think so. I think he was just trying to make me think less of Stacy, it was like he was trying to get me to see his point on why he needed to follow her and keep track of her and I mean he was trying to tell me she was pretty promiscuous.

GRETA: Did you ever in the time you knew her, know her, did she ever have a boyfriend on the side or did you ever suspected it?

MIMS: Stacy is friends with everybody in the community, she worked at the village hall as a file clerk for a while. Everybody who has ever met Stacy has been taken them under her wing either as a daughter or you know just tried to help the girl because she was so naive and so wanting to learn everything. She's just a very very very beautiful person, wide eyed open. She's the type of girl you just can't help but love, fall in love with her when you met her, you know.

~ ~ ~ What does Ric know about Stacy's mother Christie Cales ? ~ ~ ~

GRETA: Did Drew every explain or say anything to you like why, I mean everybody I've talked to said Stacy would never leave her children. Did Drew ever discuss that with you in the first few days, whether or not she'd ever leave her children?

MIMS: The way he explained it to me was well she's doing what her mother did. And her mother, when she was fifteen said she was going to go to a church meeting that night, walked out with her bible and nobody's ever seen her again. Now I've helped with Stacy and Drew going to different places in the United States where they had possible leads where her mother might have been and they all turned out to be dead ends.

GRETA: Do people think she's dead or just walked off and started a new life?

MIMS: Everybody I talked to got the impression that she got sick of the environment she was in because I guess she didn't have a very healthy relationship with Stacy's father and just left.

GRETA: Stacy ever talk to you about it?

MIMS: The only thing I've talked to Stacy about that is about us trying to find her. We've done everything we could you know with running through different computer banks, you know different hits that show an address she might have been in or there might have been mail or like ordered cable TV through and they all came back to her social security number but when I arrived there to investigate it and help them out, the people there never heard of her, like one of the houses in Mississippi she was suppose to have been there in the early nineties and I went there and the people who live in that house have been there for forty years and never heard of her.

GRETA: So what's your guess, the mother is dead or alive?

MIMS: That I don't know, I don't know the woman, all I know is I was trying to help find them. Stacy seems to believe she's alive and that's all I could go on.

~ ~ ~ How come Drew's son Eric won't talk to him since Kathleen died in 2004 ? ~ ~ ~

GRETA: Now Drew has two boys from wife #2?

MIMS: Correct.

GRETA: Any they are in their late twenties?

MIMS: You mean from wife #1

GRETA: Yeah I mean from wife #1. He has two children from wife #1?

MIMS: That's Steve and Eric.

GRETA: And one of them doesn't speak to him?

MIMS: Right and he's never, I didn't even know Eric existed. I thought it was just Steve until I found out that he had another brother and like, well I've never met him and he's like he doesn't get along with my dad and a then I talked with a couple other people and they said Eric left when Kathleen passed away. I guess he had a big falling out with his father after that happened and he wants nothing to do with him.

GRETA: Any idea what the falling out was about?


GRETA: Have you heard anything?

MIMS: I've heard rumors but nothing that I want to say as fact.

GRETA: What are the rumors, we realize it's not fact.

MIMS: I just heard that he didn't believe, didn't agree with the accidental death.

GRETA: And then he stopped talking to his father?

MIMS: Correct

GRETA: Did Drew ever say anything to you about his son?

MIMS: No, he just said that him and Eric had a falling out and Eric's doing his own thing. That's about all he's said to me about Eric.

GRETA: And do you know when the falling out was?

MIMS: From what I gather it was right around March and April of 04 when ..

GRETA: When she died?

MIMS: Right.

~ ~ ~ Why doesn't Ric believe Drew Peterson's version of the missing Stacy story ? ~ ~ ~

GRETA: Do you know, you were very much in his corner and believed Drew and this was during the investigation and you and I have both discussed that sometimes it's not always as it appears like run away bride and Elizabeth Smart but right now what's your thought, does he have something to do with her disappearance?

MIMS: My heart wants to tell me no but my gut instinct is telling me yes.

GRETA: And is there anything beyond your gut, a fact that sort of pushes you in that direction?

MIMS: One is that his timeline for what the told me for that Sunday when she left he told me he got up at eleven and Stacy was gone. And then at nine o'clock she called at night and told him she was leaving with somebody that she found, they're going on a vacation and that the car was at Clow and that's all he said about that. And then with the timeline if she was gone at eleven AM when he woke up then how come both cars were in the driveway and then later at nine o'clock one of the cars is at Clow Airport and he never stated she ever came back to pick up a car after eleven o'clock. Eleven o'clock is the last time he seen her. So that's one of the things that keeps sticking in my head and then he's trying to tell me that Sharon's lying about the cars being there and I know Sharon and Sharon is a very good person, she's a very good hearted person, she loves Stacy, she was like a mother to her. And to tell you the truth my impression of Sharon, she wouldn't lie about anything. And from what I'm hearing is that Stacy had approached her days before that if anything happened to her, you know, it was Drew.

GRETA; Okay thank you Ric.

MIMS: Okay Greta.

GRETA: We'll stay in touch. Call me if anything comes to mind or if you learn anything or if he contacts you or anything, call me.

MIMS: That's great, I appreciate the blog and I appreciate all the support the bloggers have given me. You got a great thing going there.

GRETA: We're just trying to dig at the facts, it's a very confusing story to say the least.

MIMS: And let's just keep in mind the main thing is we really need to keep the focus the search for Stacy.

GRETA: Agree.


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