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[Stacy Peterson]Stacy Ann Peterson Missing Sunday, October 28, 2007 - Bolingbrook, Illinois

Age: 23, Mother of two children ages 2 and 4 years old, adopted step-mother of two children, ages 12 and 14 years, lives at 6 Pheasant Chase Court, Bolingbrook, (Will County), Illinois, wife of former Bolingbrook Police Sergeant Drew Peterson, Bolingbrook Police Department - CALL *Illinois State Police District 5 Tip Line 815-740-0678*
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April, 2007
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2007-04-13 video.nbc5.com
November 15, 2007
[John Lamantia talks about when he met Stacy in April 2007]
John Lamantia
"John Lamantia remembers Stacy Peterson when he met Stacy April 13th, he noted it in his calendar." ILL [John Lamantia]11/15/2007 Alex Perez (www.nbc5.com) reporting (VIDEO):
PEREZ: "Now among those who watched Drew Peterson's interview on the TODAY show yesterday [11/14/2007] was one man who had a very brief but emotional meeting with Stacy." - JOHN LAMANTIA: "Very nervous, very fearful, very timid." - PEREZ: "It was a day Stacy Peterson accidently crashed into his parked car [in a coffee shop parking lot]." - LAMANTIA: "She didn't want to go through insurance." - PEREZ: "So the two made arrangements to fix the car on the roe. Lamantia works as a social worker and counseler. He says Stacy opened up to him about her marriage, said it was troubled and that she was physically abused." - LAMANTIA: "She went into the story of telling me basically she had to leave her house because she was fighting with her husband and the arguement got heated."
August, 2007 EVENTS: Stacy's confession to her pastor regarding Drew Peterson's 3rd wife, The alledged gun firing incident in Peterson home, and Drew's son Steve was married
2007-08-00 chicagotribune.com
November 17, 2007
Wedding ILL "In August [2007], Carol Brown, his first wife, saw Drew for the first time in years at the wedding of their younger son [Stephen]. Peterson told a story about placing his gun on a desk to intimidate 'some union guys' who came into his printing shop, [Dave] Brown said.'He was acting like Mr. Tough Guy at the wedding, and I don't remember him being like that,' he said."
2007-08-00 gretawire.foxnews.com
November 29, 2007
Fox News confirms Stacy's confession to clergy re: Drew and Kathleen Savio's death ILL November 29th, 2007 4:39 PM Eastern, "CHECK OUT THIS EMAIL FROM BOLINGBROOK!!' by Greta Van Susteren, "From: Watts, Stephen, Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 4:06 PM, To: Van Susteren, Greta; Tarrant, Angela; Howard, Cory, Subject: Mark and I just spoke to [name deleted], "He ministered Stacey and knows Drew. He confirmed that one of pastors spoke with stacy. During a session stacy confesed that she knew drew killed his third wife. Pastors have an obligation to come forward to law enforecemnt if they feel there is an immediate threat and even a past crime if that person could be recipiant of violence. We don’t know when the pastor spoke to police. They will not appear on camera. We have located who we believe is the actual pastor and we are on our way to him now." - "After Steph sent me the above email I called him and he said, “you won’t believe it…we just ran into and talked to the VERY clergyman Stacy spoke to…..” Steph talked to that clergyman and confirmed for us all the reports…."
2007-08-00 chicagotribune.com
November 30, 2007
"Stacy's a woman of good character."
ILL "The minister [Pastor Rob Daniels] interviewed Friday [11/30/2007] formerly served at Westbrook [Westbrook Christian Church in Bolingbrook] but wouldn't confirm he was the clergyman who last conferred with Peterson -- or that she talked with him about her husband or about Savio's death. But he said he has been interviewed by police about her disappearance. "I have discussed several matters with police," the minister said. He said he doesn't think Stacy voluntarily would have left her children, as Drew has contended. "Not a chance," he said. "Stacy's a woman of good character."
2007-08-00 Greta: On The Record
December 10, 2007
[Stacy Peterson told Pastor Schori that Drew told her he killed Kathleen Savio]
"He [Drew] actually confessed to her to having killed Kathleen Savio?"
SCHORI: "Yes."
Pastor Schori met Stacy at a coffee shop
She told him Drew killed Kathleen.
Drew left voice mail with Schori same night to set up meet with him
ILL NEIL SCHORI, PASTOR STACY CONFIDED IN: "Well, I try not to push people into an area that they're uncomfortable, and I gave her [Stacy] — I gave her an out. I said, If you'd like to share it with me, I'm here to hear it, I said, but there's no pressure. You don't have to feel like you have to share anything you're not comfortable with. So if you are — if you are comfortable, please share it. And we talked about various other things, and then she blurted out the reason."

NEIL SCHORI: "I believed, unfortunately, that it was exactly what I thought, and I believed that it was related to the death of his wife. But I clarified, and I said, He did what? And she said, He killed Kathleen. And I was really blown away. I was reeling inside."

NEIL SCHORI: "I asked for more specific things. She gave me details that I really can't share. But I just got her talking about it and asked her what — this is a crazy amount of information. Again, I asked her, What exactly can I do with this? Why did you tell me? I asked her if she had ever told anyone else. She said at the time [August 2007], she had never told another person."
2007-08-00 cbs2chicago.com
December 12, 2007
[Cassandra Cales]
Cassandra Cales
"When police firearms are discharged, they're suppose to report it so I think it's something that needs to be looked into"
ILL 12/12/2007 Mike Puccinelli (cbs2chicago.com) Reporting (VIDEO):
"Stacy Peterson's sister talks about gunfire"
MIKE PUCCINELLI: "Tonight Stacy's Sister, Cassandra Cales is speaking out about it. Drew Peterson is also weighing on that story on the same day his lawyer went before a judge in Will County to argue that police should be foreced to return some of Peterson's property. Among the items they want back, two cars and eleven guns, one of which may have been fired inside the Peterson home." Cassandra Cales is talking about the time she says her sister Stacy Peterson told her she was almost shot in her home. Cales said it happened just a few months before her sister disappeared."
CASSANDRA: "She told me that Drew's gun had went off while she was in the garage getting a soda when he had come home from work. And she peeled the carpet opened and showed me a bullet hole through the floor." Cales said her sister had gone to the garage at the request of her husband." CASSANDRA: "She heard a bang or pow or didn't know what happened and when she went back upstairs Drew said his gun had went off."
2007-08-00 cbs2chicago.com
December 12, 2007
[Off camera quote by Drew Peterson]
Drew Peterson quote
Peterson's pal Steve Carcerano said "Drew told him it was actually Stacy Peterson who fired the weapon" ILL 12/12/2007 Mike Puccinelli (cbs2chicago.com) Reporting (VIDEO):
MIKE PUCCINELLI: "Drew Peterson says quote, "It was an accidental discharge of Stacy's firearm. I'm not even going to tell you who did it. It was a stupid mishap in the home. No one was close to being hurt.]" - "But Cales said that's not what her sister determined after she examined the bullet hole in the garage floor." PUCCINELLI: "And how close was she to getting hit?" CASSANDRA: "It was probably about a foot behind where she was standing." PUCCINELLI: "Cales said she's talking about the incident because she's hoping it will effect the investigation on whether the retired Sgt. gets to keep his $6,000 a month pension. Peterson's former neighbor, Steve Carcerano said Drew Peterson told him it was actually Stacy Peterson who fired the weapon. Illinois State Police are investigating. Bolingbrook Police say departmental rules require that officers report any discharge of a weapon whether or not they are on duty at the time. No report was filed in this case."
2007-08-00 chicagotribune.com
December 11, 2007
August 2007
Drew never reported the shooting and patched ceiling
ILL 12/11/2007 (Chicago Tribune) Stacy Peterson's sister tells of gunshot in home"
"She [Stacy] heard a pow. It scared her. She looked around the garage—she didn't know what it was," [Cassandra] Cales told the Tribune on Tuesday [12/11/2007]. "Drew went down there. He picked up all the pieces and he never made a report [to police]. He patched the ceiling. Stacy showed me the hole. She peeled the carpet back and showed me where the hole was." Cales said she sarcastically asked Stacy if the gunshot was an accident. She said her sister just stared at her. Cales said the gun incident happened in August [2007]."
2007-08-00 chicagotribune.com
December 12, 2007
"nothing says I love you like a Glock."
ILL 12/12/2007 (Chicago Tribune) "Peterson says wife shot gun"
"Drew Peterson on Wednesday [12/12/2007] said a gunshot in his home in the summer resulted from his wife, Stacy, accidentally firing the handgun he gave her as a present. "It was an accidental discharge—in my home by Stacy," Peterson said in an interview at their Bolingbrook home. "She had a fascination with guns. I bought her a Glock for Valentine's [Day]—because nothing says I love you like a Glock. That was our joke."
September, 2007
2007-09-00 News Media Employment ILL Drew Peterson discipline for violated no-chase policy at Bolingbrook Police Department
2007-09-00 Greta: On The Record
November 12, 2007
2nd wife Vicki Connolly
ILL LISA, DAUGHTER OF PETERSON'S SECOND WIFE: But she [her mother Vicki] doesn't talk to him. Not very often. He [Drew Peterson] just kind of pops up out of nowhere sometimes. The last time I myself had seen him was five years ago at my grandma's wake. I believe my mom had talked to him a few months ago [September 2007 ?]. So it was kind of — you know, mom said it always seems like he's there somewhere."
October, 2007 missing Section below covers from October 1, 2007 to October 27, 2007 (The days before Stacy missing)
Timeline Reference/Source Comment -- Timeline Information of Found Materials
2007-00-00 chicagotribune.com
October 30, 2007
Stacy attended Joliet ILL "Stacy Peterson is a student at Joliet Junior College, where she is majoring in pre-nursing, said Jeff Julian, a campus spokesman. She has been a student on and off since 2001 and was enrolled in one class this semester, Julian said."
2007-10-04 ? www.suntimes.com
November 17, 2007
Stacy's high school sweetheart ILL "[Ralph] Chira [Manager of a Meijer meat department] said he saw Stacy frequently shopping at Meijer. He said he saw no outward signs of the depression or moodiness Drew Peterson spoke of on "Today." Nor did he remember any unusual behavior associated with her menstrual cycle [They dated for three years in high school]. Peterson claimed Wednesday she would ask him for a divorce when she got her period. "She seemed happy," Chira said of the last time he saw her, about six weeks ago [Interview was 11/15/2007, 6 weeks ago is 10/04/2007]"
2007-10-07 ? suburbanchicagonews
November 18, 2007
Stacy called the brother of her former boyfriend of six years ago ILL "All of a sudden she [Stacy] called me [Scott Rossetto] once out of the blue about three weeks before she disappeared," Rossetto said. "That was the first contact in six years I had with her. She said she was just going through some stuff and just found my phone number. The two exchanged messages, but never made plans to meet, he said. "We were friends," Rossetto said. "We talked every once in a while. But that's it." Police tracked down Rossetto through phone and text messages"
2007-10-07 ? www.suntimes.com
November 21, 2007
Rossetto flirted with Stacy ILL "A Shorewood man [Scott Rossetto] admitted this afternoon he exchanged “somewhat flirty” text messages with Stacy Peterson in the weeks before she disappeared, but insisted he never had a sexual affair with the missing Bolingbrook woman. Scott Rossetto told reporters he flirted with Stacy and even met with her at a Denny’s — where Stacy’s husband Drew Peterson found them." - "He initially said he never met with her, but changed his story this afternoon [11/21/2007] after testifying before a Will County grand jury looking into the case."
2007-10-07 ? www.suntimes.com
November 21, 2007
Rossetto text messaged with Stacy every day ILL "[Scott] Rossetto, a registered nurse, said he and Stacy talked and exchanged text messages every day after she abruptly reached out to him. Some of the conversations were about nursing — which Stacy was studying. Some of the messages, though, were more racy if taken out of context by Drew Peterson."
October 11, 2007
2007-10-11 www.landlinemag.com
October 11, 2007
I-55 Auto/Truck Plaza at Exit 257 to close 11/03/2007 ILL "October 11, 2007 NEWS: Illinois truck stop closure will reduce truck parking A truck stop that’s been a fixture in the Joliet, IL, area for more than 30 years is about to close – taking with it about 180 truck parking spots. An assistant manager at the I-55 Auto/Truck Plaza at Exit 257 told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio that the business will close Nov. 3, and that developers plan to tear down the truck stop and put in a shopping center. Illinois ranked 42nd in commercial truck parking availability, according to a 2002 study conducted by the Federal Highway Administration."
October 14, 2007
2007-10-14 ? chicagotribune.com
December 11, 2007
Cell phone
ILL "[Cassandra] Cales said that two weeks before [approximentaly October 14th] Stacy went missing, she found her cell phone bill in [Drew] Peterson's briefcase, with numbers highlighted and notes scribbled on it. Cales said Stacy immediately got a new number and had the bill sent to Cales' work."
October 17, 2007
2007-10-17 www.wbbm780.com
November 4, 2007
11:26 AM
Stacy e-mail to friend Steve Cesare
ILL Stacy's e-mail dated 10/17/2007 11:26 AM to Steve Cesare (Her sister's former boyfriend): "I have been arguing quite a bit with my husband," Stacy wrote in an e-mail to family friend Steve Cesare 10 days before she disappeared. "As I mature with age I am finding that the relationship I am in is controlling, manipulative and somewhat abusive," she wrote in the Oct. 17 e-mail. "Tomorrow is our four-year anniversary and I'm not as excited as the years that have passed. "If you could keep me in your prayers I could use some wisdom, protection and strength."
2007-10-17 findstacypeterson.com
December 24, 2007
Internet Forum posting found from unknown individual
[Screen capture from MSNBC 'Live with Dan Abrams Front Page']
Screen captures from MSNBC 'Live with Dan Abrams Front Page'
[Screen capture from MSNBC 'Live with Dan Abrams Front Page']
Steve Cesare
E-mail that Stacy wrote to her friend Steve Cesare
11:26 AM
Wednesday, October 17, 2007 1:34 am From: (Steve cesare), To: (SP), Subject: Hey babe..., Hi Stacy..Did you have the boys and not call me?? Are you staying out of trouble??
ILL www.findstacypeterson.com forum posting by "DetHead", Full Member, Posts: 517, Thread titled, "Steve Cesare/Stacy E-mail-Dateline NBC" on: Today [12/24/2007] at 09:34:33 PM, Quote:
"Here is the entire contents of the e-mail partially discussed on Dateline NBC:

"RE: Hey babe..
Date: Wednesday, October 17,2007 10:26:49 am
From: (SP)
To: (Steve cesare)

Hello, i did have the boys over last weeked, but i also had aunt cany and my cousin and grandpa as well as all of my kids. We had a birthday party and all sorts of stuff so it was crazy. I didnt want to exclude you at all but was more so hopeing that i could have them again soon and it would be more intimate.the kids were all over! dont worry I wont forget you.im sure you understand. i was aslso thinking that my aunt candy time w/them is so extremely limited that i didnt want to take any away from her.
as far asme staying out of trouble....not really. I have been arguing quite a bit w/my husband. as I mature some w/age i am finding that the relationship I am in is controlling, manipulative and some what abusive. as I try to help make changes to this he has become argumentative. tomorrow is our 4 year aniversary and I am not as excited as the years that have past. I dunno?!?!?!?! we'll see what happen I guess, if you could keep me in your prayers i could use some wisdom,protection and strength.
thanks alot, stacy"
2007-10-17 abcnews.go.com
December 7, 2007
Stacy's voice mail to her father ILL "Stacy's family has posted a voice mail message online [12/07/2007] that the missing mother of two left with her father on Oct. 17, giving him her new phone number and telling him she loved him. The family believes it is evidence that she was not planning on running away. It's the first time the public has heard her voice. "Hey dad! It's me, Stacy. I just wanted to call you and tell you I love you," she says in the voice mail."
2007-10-17 Greta: On The Record
November 20, 2007
[Kerry Simmons and Debby Forgue, Stacy Peterson's step-sisters on Greta's 'On The Record']
Debbie Forgue (Right)
Stacy had new cell phone number ILL DEBBY FORGUE, STACY PETERSON'S STEPSISTER: "It was October. I believe it was, like, 17th or 18th, she called me to give me her new cell phone number. She talked about getting together with the kids soon, just, you know, Hi, how are you doing, kind of talk. She wanted to get together to exchange kids' clothes again because we give each other our kids' clothes. And that was the last time I talked to her. But she had talked about getting together with us and the kids in the next couple weeks, but then she disappeared and it never happened." - "I didn't get a chance to talk to her for long, only a couple minutes. I was on my way to work." - "GRETA VAN SUSTEREN (HOST): Debby, you have in your hand a poster, is that right? Is that a Stacy... - FORGUE: Yes, this is our new flier. Yes. - VAN SUSTEREN: And that's to help, if anyone has any information to find Stacy, that's the flier that's being put up."
October 18, 2007
2007-10-18 Media Reports Anniversary ILL Drew Peterson gives Stacy Peterson diamond ring for 4th wedding anniversary
October 19, 2007
2007-10-19 www.suntimes.com
November 22, 2007
[Chicago Sun-Times November 22, 2007]
Rossetto admits he met Stacy on 10/19/2007 9:30 PM at Denny's Restaurant ILL "He {Drew Peterson] asked me how I'd react if my wife was with another man," Scott Rossetto said Wednesday after testifying before a Will County grand jury looking into Stacy Peterson's disappearance. Stacy Peterson had told her husband she planned to meet {Scott] Rossetto at the Denny's, Rossetto said. Drew Peterson told her not to go, and when she defied him, Drew Peterson showed up at the restaurant in his Bolingbrook police sergeant's uniform and sat down at their table. He didn't rant or rave. He was "quiet mostly," Rossetto said. The 35-year-old registered nurse from Shorewood denies having an affair with Stacy Peterson but acknowledges he traded racy text messages and e-mails with her. "Some of the messages were quite perverted and flirty in nature, but they were all meant in fun," Rossetto said. "[Was I] Interested in dating? No. Flirting? Yes." But police sources dispute that. A source characterized Rossetto as her ''boyfriend.'' The source said the messages were indeed "very sexually explicit," and appear to show them talking about sexual encounters they shared and asking if the other enjoyed it."
October 20, 2007
2007-10-20 -- -- ILL ???????????
October 21, 2007
2007-10-21 Media Reports Stacy plans ILL Stacy Peterson tells her Aunt Candace Aikin she wants to divorce Drew Peterson
2007-10-00 ? Media Reports Stacy plans ILL Stacy neighbor Sharon Bychowski said Stacy said Drew Peterson's bag packed ready to move
October 22, 2007
2007-10-23 -- -- ILL ???????????
October 23, 2007
2007-10-23 -- -- ILL ???????????
October 24, 2007
November 1, 2007
Marriage Counseling ILL "[Kerry] Simmons said the couple were in marriage counseling, and she asked Stacy about it during a phone call last week [10/24/2007]. "She said she didn't want to talk on the phone because she was afraid he was listening and watching everything she was doing," Simmons said. "She was stressed. She wanted out of her marriage."
2007-10-24 Greta: On The Record
November 20, 2007
[Kerry Simmons and Debby Forgue, Stacy Peterson's step-sisters on Greta's 'On The Record']
Kerry Simmons (Left)
Stacy giving her sisters her new cell phone number
Marriage Counseling
ILL KERRY SIMMONS, STACY PETERSON'S STEPSISTER: I actually spoke to Stacy the Wednesday [10/24/2007] before she went missing. She had called to do the same, to give her cell phone numbers to all of us. She changed her phone. I asked her why, and she had said because Drew had figured out how to track her cell phone, so she kind of got tired of it and didn't want to be followed around anymore. And I asked how they were doing because I know they were trying to do marriage counseling, and she just said it wasn't going well. And I kind of wanted to continue the conversation, but she just said, We'll talk about it later when we meet up on Tuesday [10/30/2007]. We made plans to meet up Tuesday with the kids. And she just said, You know why. Well, that basically meant, you know, she felt Drew was either listening to her conversations or possibly had already gotten into her cell phone that she had just gotten.
October 25, 2007
2007-10-25 Greta: On The Record
November 7, 2007
[Pamela Bosco on Greta's 'On The Recrd']
Pamela Bosco, friend
Family Spokesperson
Pam Bosco:
"She told me she was fearful of her situation with Drew and that she was trying to find a way to live on her own."
ILL PAMELA BOSCO, FRIEND OF STACY PETERSON: I spoke to Stacy on the Thursday [10/25/2007] before the weekend she disappeared. She had called me to talk to me about renting my rental property in Westman (ph). And at that time, I knew she was having difficulties, but I wanted to know more and I asked her what was going on. And she says, Well, I'm looking to move out with my children and find a place to live with them. And at that time, I said no to her because I already had people living on the property, and we then discussed other things that were happening in her life." - "She was — at that time, she told me she was fearful of her situation with Drew and that she was trying to find a way to live on her own and looking for reasonable housing and find a way to do it based on she really didn't have a whole lot of money at hand because she said he had control of all the finances. So I had advised her actually to seek legal counsel at that point to do it legally so she, you know, didn't lose a chance (INAUDIBLE) losing the children."
2007-10-25 nationalenquirer.com
December 17, 2007
[National Enquirer 'Stacy murdered in bed' Stacy's final minutes of terror (NE Page 20)]
Ric Mims
said Drew claimed he got credit card receipt?
ILL National Enquirer (12/17/2007) Page 20: "Stacy murdered in Bed. Stacy's final minutes of terror":
"Drew said he had gotten receipts from a T.G.I. Friday's just the Thursday [10/25/2007] before when Stacy had gone out with one guy and used his credit card," Mims told the ENQUIRER. "I said: 'Are you serious? When did this all start?' Drew said it was months ago when Stacy went back to school to take nursing classes. Drews said that's when Stacy started seeing "the f---- street rats that she hung out with before I knew her."
October 26, 2007
abcnews.go.com Stacys Fear ILL "[Cassandra] Cales said she spoke to her sister on Friday night [10/26/2007], just two days before she disappeared. "She told me Friday night, 'If anything happens to me, I fear for my life,'"
November 1, 2007
Stacy's Aunt ILL "Two days before [10/26/2007] she disappeared, the wife of a Bolingbrook police sergeant told her husband she wanted a divorce, the missing woman's aunt [Suzan Robison] said Thursday [11/01/2007]."
2007-10-00 ? cbs2chicago.com
November 27, 2007
Stacy's sister, Cassandra seen the blue barrol in the garage ILL "In the latest bizarre twist in the Peterson investigation authorities are reportedly looking into the disappearance of a barrel from the family's home, and if that has any connection with the disappearance of Stacy Peterson. In the days before Stacy Peterson disappeared her sister, Cassandra Cales, noticed a large blue barrel in the Peterson garage. Cales asked her sister about it, who said it was a 30-gallon drum of chlorine they needed to clean their pool. Now, sources say, that barrel is missing [After Stacy disappeared], and police want to know why."
December 7, 2007
used the
Mac Lap Top
ILL www.findstacypeterson.com forum posting by "GuardianAngel", Global Moderator, Full Member, Posts: 254, Thread titled, "Re: Missing Computer" Reply #13 on: Today [12/07/2007] at 09:14:25 PM, Quote, "I Used The MAC Laptop Friday Oct. 26 and Saturday Oct. 27.... We Were Taking Photos Together On It....Me, Her And The Kids..... B/c It Had One Built In......"
October 27, 2007
cbs2chicago.com Suspicious ILL "When she [Stacy] told me [Cassandra] Friday night [10/26/2007] she feared for her life, I was suspicious so I wanted to stay in contact her, so I saw her Saturday night, [10/27/2007]" Cales said. "We spoke, we talked all day, we text messaged. When I left her Saturday night, she said she'd call me when she woke up. She never called, and I just got really worried."
November 1, 2007
Stacy's Aunt ILL "A day later, on Saturday [10/27/2007], Stacy Peterson told her sister she feared for her life, said Suzan Robison, Stacy's paternal aunt. Sgt. Drew Peterson, Stacy's husband, "was a very jealous, very controlling person," Robison said. "He followed her. He tracked her with GPS on her cell phone, called her constantly."
www.foxnews.com Thanksgiving
ILL "Betty Morphey, Drew Peterson's mother, told FOX News that she just saw Stacy last weekend [Was this weekend of 10/27/2007?], talking about plans for Thanksgiving. Morphey said she doesn't know anything about her disappearance, adding that Drew and Stacy were happy. "As far as we know, everything is fine with them. They get along," Morphey said."
2007-10-27 findstacypeterson.com
December 7, 2007
used the
Mac Lap Top
ILL www.findstacypeterson.com forum posting by "GuardianAngel", Global Moderator, Full Member, Posts: 254, Thread titled, "Re: Missing Computer" Reply #13 on: Today [12/07/2007] at 09:14:25 PM, Quote, "I Used The MAC Laptop Friday Oct. 26 and Saturday Oct. 27.... We Were Taking Photos Together On It....Me, Her And The Kids..... B/c It Had One Built In......"
2007-10-27 findstacypeterson.com 11:30 PM ILL [findstacypeterson.com Timeline]: "Cassandra leaves the house from seeing Stacy."

Timeline Recap October 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, 2007

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