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[Stacy Peterson]Stacy Ann Peterson Missing Sunday, October 28, 2007 - Bolingbrook, Illinois

Age: 23, Mother of two children ages 2 and 4 years old, adopted step-mother of two children, ages 12 and 14 years, lives at 6 Pheasant Chase Court, Bolingbrook, (Will County), Illinois, wife of former Bolingbrook Police Sergeant Drew Peterson, Bolingbrook Police Department - CALL *Illinois State Police District 5 Tip Line 815-740-0678*
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1986 - Drew Peterson's ex-girlfriend's brother suspicious suicide ??
. [Monica's Brother]
Steve Ray
(Monica's Brother)


"shari" posting on GretaWire blog shows Steve's last name spelled as "Ray" and that he died January 1st, 2nd or 3rd of 1986. She also indicates he was found in his bedroom not the garage.

"Larry's" posting on GretaWire Blog indicates Steve's last name spelled as "Rhea" and that he died in 1986

Both "Larry" and Ric Mims indicate that Drew Peterson was the first cop on the scene.

October 30, 2007

News article above from CBS2chicago indicates Drew Peterson was fired from Bolingbrook Police Department in 1985 and wasn't reinstatement with the department until March 1986. If this is true then Peterson wasn't even employed with the department the beginning of January 1986 when this Steve Ray/Rhea was reported found hanging in his bedroom so it is interesting how Peterson could have been the first officer on the scene as he told Ric Mims he was.

. If you're upset about your sister's relationship, do you commit suicide instead?
Drew Peterson reportedly was one of the first cops on the scene

Drew Peterson apparently had a girfriend name Monica while he was married to 2nd wife, Victoria Rutkiewicz (They were married from 1982 and divorced 02/18/1992). Apparently, according to Drew Peterson's former best friend, Ric Mims, Monica's brother Steve was very upset about this relationship yet he committed suicide hanging himself in a garage, some felt was suspicious.
[The 1986 date was calculated 21 years ago since Mims said this happened when he was around age 20 or younger]

November 13, 2007 - Transcript of Eavesdropping Audio of Greta Van Susteren and Ric Mims

Partial Transcipt BELOW:

MIMS: This thing we're trying to put all the dates and everything together, this afternoon, it happened right when Drew was married to Vicki and he would sneak Monica in the house.

GRETA: Whose Monica? Monica was the girlfriend?

MIMS: Yeah and right and her brother, the family lived like across the street and down the street from them. I knew the brother was very upset with them dating and I, were going back now when I was in my twenties maybe, not even that old when all this happened but with the patterns of Drew, anything with his girls that he was dating with or anything it seems that somebody dies around there.

GRETA: Let me ask you though, there's no proof that Drew did anything with the brother who died, the brother of the girlfriend?

MIMS: Right, there's no proof yet but were working on a story to find out the details on it. It's just a little suspicious.


GRETA: Okay the guy who committed suicide, was it a big surprise or had he been, had he been depressed and had troubles before that?

MIMS: No, it was a shock to all of us, this was a group of kids I grew up with and it was a shock to all of us.


MIMS: I don't know all the details of that, I mean we were kids back then Greta, so I've asked a friend of mine who does some research at the local papers to help me with this and we're getting names and we've contacted the girlfriend. She didn't want to talk to nobody but I'm going to get in touch with her here shortly maybe she'll talk to me about it because we were all fiends and just see, because what I'm afraid is this turning into a pattern for him.


GRETA: Did he ever say anything about his girlfriend's brother, the one whose about your age, with you?

MIMS: Yeah we've talked about it because I can't believe he killed himself and he's like yeah he had a drug problem and you know and was depressed, and I was like that's not the Steve we knew. He said I don't know, I was one of the cops first on the scene and he was hanging in the garage.

GRETA: He was one of the first cops on the scene?

November 13, 2007 - Two Postings found on GretaWire Blog regarding Monica and Steve

Comment by shari - December 17th, 2007 at 12:58 pm
"I was steve rays best friend. he picked me up from school everyday. rick mims did not hang out with us.He knows nothing about steve. drew would come to steves garage all the time in the evening. he came to hassle us,flirt with us girl,and try to get us to smoke pot with him. I was with steve the night he died. when i left him at four in the morning he was ok.Iwas the closesest person to steve.I know he asked his grandmother for asprin around five.I loved steve with all my heart. It kills me to think he was murdered,if he was. If he killed himself it was something he wanted. If he was murdered by that animal its a horror.Rick MIMS never hung out with us. we all thought he was an idiot ,and would never have let him around. steve died january 2nd, 3rd, or 4th of 86. RICK MIMS was more on DREW PETERSONS level. he was hanging in his bedroom by his boot stings.the room had a false ceiling,he was hanging by a pipe. I pray to GOD the truth will come out. I pray for monicas sake, and his parents, denise,joy, and danny. They will get peace from the truth. TRUST me rick mims never hung out with us. Steve left a note,and anything mims knows he never heard from steve or anyone who hung out with us. Steve and monica were great people. PLEASE GOD let the truth come out."

Comment by Larry - December 17th, 2007 at 11:50 am
"The man who (supposedly ) hung himself name was Steve Rhea.I was a close friend of his.He died in January of 1986.He lived on nottingham dr. in Bolingbrook…Dp supposedly lived on Mayfield (the next street over).The report I had always heard was that he hung himself in his bedroom closet which ,alway’s sounded a little odd to me.doesn’t sound like a lot of room to hang yourself.The garage sounds like a more likely scenario..He could be hung from a rafter or I-beam…I also know DP used to hang out in that garage with them.I also know that Steve did not approve of DP’s relationship with his sister Monica and, confronted him about it.A short time later…he was found dead….coincidence? Dp was also one of the first officers on the scene…..coincidence?"

1994 - Drew Peterson's Ex-Wife #2's new boyfriend found murdered
. [Apparently, according to 'unnamed sources' after Drew Peterson and Victoria Rutkiewicz were divorced, she then began seeing a new boyfriend and apparently he was murdered and that case remains unsolved]
Jeffrey W. Archer
DOB: 03/07/1954
Found 10/16/1994
Vicki Connolly's
Former Boyfriend

Cassandra Cales at findstacypeterson.com posted ISP link saying this is the boyfriend of Drew's former wife.
. Is there a trail of dead bodies?

Illinois State Police Unsolved Murders
"Illinois State Police, District Chicago Investigations is seeking assistance regarding the death of Jeffery W. Archer. He was last seen leaving his 1990 Plymouth Voyager, Illinois Registration TU5880 on October 10, 1994, at approximately 5:00 p.m. in the area of 6900 South Wolf Road, Indian Head Park, Illinois. His body was recovered on October 16, 1994, from the Sanitary Shipping Canal, one mile east of Routes 83 and 171 [Cook County]. Anyone with any information is urged to contact Special Agent Ray O'Brien, Illinois State Police, District Chicago Investigations at 847/294-4600, or via e-mail at obriera@isp.state.il.us to provide any additional information."

11/27/2007 www.chicagotribune.com
"NATIONAL ENQUIRER: Ex-cop Drew Peterson is the Enquirer's new O.J. Simpson. The tabloid scooped the mainstream media numerous times during Simpson's legal travails in the '90s, and in its four pages of Stacy Peterson disappearance coverage, it reports some illuminating tidbits, including that Illinois state cops "are now taking another look" at the unsolved murder of a man dating Peterson's second wife, Victoria, after she divorced Peterson in 1992. But that's according to an unnamed "source close to the investigation."

1997 ? - Drew Peterson's sister-in-law missing !
. [Is Thomas Morphey's wife missing too?]
Morphey's Wife
(Drew's Sister-in-law)

. Drew Peterson's sister-in-law (Morphey's wife) disappeared ten years ago !

JOEL BRODSKY (Peterson's attorney): "We've learned as of yesterday [11/29/2007] that Tom Morphey's wife vanished ten years ago and hasn't been seen since." [11/30/2007 CBS The Early Show]

1998 - Stacy Peterson's mother missing
. [Christie Cales at http://www.nampn.org/cases/cales_christie.html]
Christie Marie Cales Missing 03/11/1998

Christie Cales Timline
. Did Christie Cales really walk out on her children or was she murdered?

www.nampn.org: "Christie Marie Cales [DOB 01/25/1958] was last seen at approximately 4:30 p.m. on March 11, 1998, in the vicinity of the 2300 block of West 199th Street in Blue Island, Illinois. She was carrying a Bible and her purse at the time. She indicated she was going to walk to a friend's house but never arrived." [Blue Island Police 708-396-7025]

November 12, 2007 - Transcript of Eavesdropping Audio of Greta Van Susteren and Ric Mims

RIC MIMS: "The only thing I've talked to Stacy about that is about us trying to find her [Christie Cales]. We've done everything we could you know with running through different computer banks, you know different hits that show an address she might have been in or there might have been mail or like ordered cable tv through and they all came back to her social security number but when I arrived there to investigate it and help them out, the people there never heard of her, like one of the houses in Mississippi she was suppose to have been there in the early ninties and I went there and the people who live in that house have been there for forty years and never heard of her."

2004 - Drew Peterson's Ex-Wife #3 found dead in waterless bathtub
. [Kathleen Savio: 'A phone conversation was made that he is coming over to have to deal with me, He wants me dead, and if he has to he will burn the how down just to shut me up. I called after I drop my children off school, he came running after me, ready to beat me up. He (????) for me to return home to teach me a lesson, he has a gun, and other weapon I believe he will use on me. He just doesn't care if he lives or dies, or I live or die']
Kathleen Savio #3
(Married 11 Years)
"He wants me dead, and if he has to he will burn the house down just to shut me up"

March 11, 2002
Protection Order
#2002 OP 000460

Found dead in waterless tub on March 1, 2004


[November 29, 2007 front cover of www.suntimes.com]
November 29, 2007

'On The Record'
Fox News 12/10/2007:
"Did she have any solid information
he did it? Let me
back up a second. He actually confessed to her to having killed Kathleen Savio?"

SCHORI: "Yes."

Mark Fuhrman's
Big Alibi Discovery

. Why did Drew Peterson need an alibi if Kathleen Savio's death was an accidential drowning?
Drew Peterson was one of the first cops on the scene

http://gretawire.foxnews.com (Page 9) November 23rd, 2007 4:42 PM Eastern, GretaCast - OTR PRODUCER GETS AMBULANCE REPORT! LISTEN HERE!!!, by Greta Van Susteren - (acandyrose.com HERE listening to audio file:"Report: "Dispatched to the above for signs of life, upon arrival met by PD officer stated response for well being check, (Steph: "that's interesting") and found the patient unresponsive in the tub. Heard PD and neighbors last seen Saturday evening. On assessment, found patient on left side in bathtub with wet hair and molting and pooling to the right shoulder and left elbow. Blood dried and coagulated on bottom of tub. Patient cold to touch. Placed on EEG on ???." (Steph: "Baden's looking at that.") And it's got, "turned over to PD", that PD officer would have been Drew Peterson because at that time there was no police there and the well being check doesn't go with the story we've told. He [Baden] also thought it was interesting that there was dried and coagulated blood in the bottom of the tub so Dr. Baden has a copy of this and he's looking over that now and he's going to talk about it on the show tonight. I'm working on getting the crime scene photos to Baden because he would like to look at them for his final report on his autopsy that he did for the family." (www.acandyrose.com NOTE: February 2004 was a LEAP year so Saturday was 02/28/2004, Sunday was 02/29/2004 and Monday was 03/01/2004)

[BADEN: 'Even initially, there was enough information that it was a homicide because of the fact that she was an adult, healthy, hadn't been drinking or anything, found dead in a bathtub. It does not happen accidentally. No history of seizures or illness. And in addition, there were indications then of multiple blunt force traumas, of being beaten up. And one of the things we were able to look at today (11-16-2007) is those bruises were still there, and we could see with the naked eye that they were fresh.']11/16/2007 Dr. Michael Baden, Forensic Pathologist Goes 'On the Record' with Greta

VAN SUSTEREN: What conclusion did you reach as to the manner of death after doing the autopsy?


VAN SUSTEREN: Any doubt in your mind whatsoever that it's a homicide?

BADEN: "To a reasonable degree of medical certainty is the standard we usually use. It's my opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty that it's a homicide, and that's what I would have put down on the death certificate."

[--]11/24/2007 America's Most Wanted featured Stacy Missing story

"Ric Mims [former friend of Drew Peterson] revealed a secret to us with potential major ramifications. He told us when Kathleen Savio was found dead in the bathtub that Drew [Peterson] told the cops he had an alibi."

RIC MIMS: "He [Drew Peterson] mentioned to me that he was with the kids and that Stacy was his alibi.
'I told him sucks to be you now because Stacy's gone and they're re-opening the case.' I mean if she ran away, and that's your alibi, you're kind of screwed."

['SCHORI: Well, she shared details with me that I can't — I'm not comfortable getting into, but it was very clear. It was very clear that this was not just speculation. She was not jumping to conclusions.']12/10/2007 Stacy Peterson's Pastor Goes 'On the Record' with Greta Van Susteren (FoxNews)

NEIL SCHORI, PASTOR STACY CONFIDED IN: "Well, I try not to push people into an area that they're uncomfortable, and I gave her [Stacy] — I gave her an out. I said, If you'd like to share it with me, I'm here to hear it, I said, but there's no pressure. You don't have to feel like you have to share anything you're not comfortable with. So if you are — if you are comfortable, please share it. And we talked about various other things, and then she blurted out the reason."

NEIL SCHORI: "I believed, unfortunately, that it was exactly what I thought, and I believed that it was related to the death of his wife. But I clarified, and I said, He did what? And she said, He killed Kathleen. And I was really blown away. I was reeling inside."

NEIL SCHORI: "I asked for more specific things. She gave me details that I really can't share. But I just got her talking about it and asked her what — this is a crazy amount of information. Again, I asked her, What exactly can I do with this? Why did you tell me? I asked her if she had ever told anyone else. She said at the time, she had never told another person."

2004 ? - Drew Peterson's Ex-Wife #3's new boyfriend
. [Kathleen's boyfriend]
Kathleen's Boyfriend
. Believe this is JUST A RUMOR or Kathleen's sisters would have confirmed this during their many interviews. Just my opinion

2007 - Drew Peterson's Current Wife #4 Missing
. [Stacy Peterson missing October 28, 2007]
Stacy Peterson
(Drew's 4th Wife)

. "'Just remember, if I disappear, it is not an accident. He killed me.' said [Sharon] Bychowski."
Drew Peterson claimed Stacy ran off with another man and "she's where she wants to be."

Name: Stacy Ann Peterson
Last Seen: Boilingbrook, Illinois
Height: 5'2", Weight: 100 lbs, Age: 23
Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown
Tatoos: Carnation (on small of back)
Illinois State Police District 5 Tip Line 815-740-0678
Texas Equu Search Tip Line 877-270-9500

2007 - Drew Peterson's step-brother attempts suicide
. [Thomas Morphey, Drew Peterson's step-brother - myfoxchicago.com]
Thomas Morphey
(Drew's Step-Brother)


cbs2chicago.com - Peterson Relative Sister Talks
CBS2 Chicago Video

PUCCINELLI (CBS2): "Now she said her brother thought the world of Stacy Peterson and would never knowingly do anything to harm her. She also says her brother was an unwitting pawn that was used by Drew Peterson. Now she says her brother is being abused by Drew Peterson's lawyer who she believes is engaged in an organzied campaign
of character assassination."
. She's not heavy, He's my Brother !
Drew Peterson denies that his brother helped him move anything that day, says it never happened

video.nbc5.com - New Voice Heard In Peterson Case
Partial Transcipt: NBC Today Show 11/30/2007 (Tom Morphey's neighbor and friend, Walter Martineck Jr.):

MEREDITH: On October 28th the day Stacy disappeared, Tom showed up at your home, right?

WALTER MARTINECK JR: "That's correct."

MEREDITH: What time was that?

MARTINECK: "Roughly around quarter to ten."

MEREDITH: And when he came over to you, what did he say?

MARTINECK: "His eyes were sunken in the back of his head. He took me by my shoulders, told me I can't say anything and he just told me that he thinks he disposed of Stacy's body."

MEREDITH: Why did he think he had done that?

MARTINECK: "Because when he helped Drew, that's what he told me, he had helped Drew take something out of the house, it was warm to the touch."

MEREDITH: Did he tell you what he helped Drew do, what kind of object he took out of the house, where it was?

MARTINECK: "It was a blue container, a sealed blue container."


MEREDITH: What exactly did he say to you?

MARTINECK: "Drews a very powerful person and he could do, he could do anything from what I was told and with him, with Tom out of the way, he doesn't have to worry about his family."

MEREDITH: So you think if Tom thought if he took his own life his family would be safe. Was Tom worried that Drew would do him some sort of harm?


More Information HERE on Thomas Morphey

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