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[Stacy Peterson]Stacy Ann Peterson Missing Sunday, October 28, 2007 - Bolingbrook, Illinois

Age: 23, Mother of two children ages 2 and 4 years old, adopted step-mother of two children, ages 12 and 14 years, lives at 6 Pheasant Chase Court, Bolingbrook, (Will County), Illinois, wife of former Bolingbrook Police Sergeant Drew Peterson, Bolingbrook Police Department - CALL *Illinois State Police District 5 Tip Line 815-740-0678*
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1972-00-00 Peterson Family Education ILL Drew Peterson graduated from Willowbrook High School in Villa Park (Peterson ran cross country)
1972-00-00 chicagotribune.com
November 18, 2007
Senior Prom
ILL "He [Drew Peterson] was very outgoing, always told a lot of jokes," she [Carol Brown, formerly Carol Hamilton] said. "He was very confident." The couple went on dates, with Peterson bringing her flowers, taking her to movies and his senior prom."
1972-00-00 Peterson Family Military ILL Drew Peterson joined the US Army after high school

1974-00-00 chicagotribune.com Peterson's
1st Marriage
ILL "Three years later, in 1974, they [Drew Peterson and Carol Hamilton] married. After Peterson briefly attended the College of DuPage, the couple moved to Falls Church, Va., where he trained as a military police officer. "That was always his ambition to be a police officer," she [Carol] said."
1974-00-00 Peterson Family 1st Marriage VA Drew and Carol Peterson moved to Falls Church, Virginia

1975-08-06 anniemyth.proboards82
January 7, 2008
Internet Forum posting found from unknown individual
Cales Family
Found by "Webcam"
NV Wife #1 of Anthony Cales:
Book: 469 - Instrument number: 804548
Nevada Marriage Index, 1956-2005
Name: Anthony Mc Kenzie Cales
Gender: Male
Spouse: Laurie Ann East
Marriage Date: 6 Aug 1975
Marriage County: Clark
Officiant type: Religious celebrant
Recorded date: 21 Aug 1975
Recorded county: Clark
1975-11-12 Toutges Family Birth CA Christina Michelle Cales [Toutges?] born Long Beach, California, to Christie Toutges

1977-11-00 anniemyth.proboards82
January 7, 2008
Internet Forum posting found from unknown individual
Cales Family
Found by "Webcam"
CA California Divorce Index, 1966-1984
Name: Anthony M Cales
Spouse Name: Laurie A East
Location: Los Angeles
Date: Nov 1977
1977-00-00 Peterson Family Employment ILL Drew Peterson began working as police officer, Bolingbrook Police Department, Will Co

1978-00-00 Peterson Family Employment ILL Drew Peterson assigned to Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad, Will, Grundy Co
1978-00-00 ? www.suntimes.com Peterson Undercover Cop ILL "The Petersons moved back to Illinois in the mid-1970s. Dave Brown, at the time, was attending the University of Illinois and driving back to Villa Park on weekends to work as a bouncer at a bar called 10,000 Horses (now known as DiMito Time). “The place was packed,” Dave Brown said. “It was the best singles bar around.” {Drew] Peterson would stop by, sporting long hair as part of his look as an undercover cop. “He would come in and just hang out to see friends,” Dave Brown said."
1978-01-31 willcountyrecorder.com
January 31, 1978
Public Records
ILL James and Judith Owens (Grantors) sold to Drew and Carol L Peterson (Grantees) (Will Co)
DEED: Document Number: R1978003406 Recording Date: 01/31/1978
Great Lakes Mortgage Corporation - Document Number: R1978003407 Date: 01/31/1978
1978-00-00 ? chicagotribune.com Peterson
ILL "He [Drew Peterson] didn't really like me going out at night with friends," Brown said. "But he wouldn't hold me hostage and say, 'No you can't go out.' " Peterson, by contrast, was out almost every night as an undercover police officer, she said. Then, when she was pregnant with their second child, she discovered that Peterson had been cheating on her."

1979-00-00 Peterson Family Employment ILL Drew Peterson received a "police officer of the year" award Bolingbrook Police Department
1979-05-26 www.suntimes.com Marriage ?? Anthony McKenzie Cales, age 25 and Christie Marie Toutges, age 21 married
1979-08-07 Cales Family Birth ?? Yelton Cales Born, son of Anthony and Christie Cales

1980-00-00 ? Peterson Family Birth ? ILL Drew Peterson and wife Carol (Hamilton) son is born ??
1980-00-00 ? www.suntimes.com Peterson
ILL "[Kyle] Piry [age 46 in 2007] was in her early 20s [1980 ?] when she first encountered the handsome, mustachioed police officer. She worked part-time at a Bolingbrook gas station while attending beauty school. [Drew] Peterson arrived in uniform to investigate a gas theft. The police officer -- seven years her senior -- wasted no time in showing interest."
1980-00-00 chicagotribune.com Drew & Carol
ILL "In 1980, [Carol] Peterson filed for divorce and appointed an attorney. Brown, who was not working at the time, could not afford a lawyer, so Peterson's attorney oversaw the divorce proceedings. "That would be the controlling-type thing that he would do," she said. "He'd want things his way, and I'd want things my way and I think that's normal in any divorce relationship." As for Peterson hiring an attorney to mediate the divorce, [Carol] Brown said, "What kind of ethics did that lawyer have that he would represent both of us?"
1980-00-00 ? www.suntimes.com Peterson's
Fiance calls off wedding
ILL "But four months later, [Kyle] Piry called it off because she wasn't ready to become step-mother to Peterson's two young children from his first wife.[Carol]" - "Peterson appeared devastated, Piry said. She took pity on him, and ended up at his house one night about a week after the break-up. Piry said she found "long black hairs" in Peterson's bed."

1981-00-00 www.suntimes.com Carol Peterson remarried ILL "Carol Brown divorced Peterson, though, because he cheated on her — with a woman who wasn’t Vicki Connolly [formerly Victoria Rutkiewicz], Dave Brown said. " - "A year after Carol and Drew Peterson divorced, she married [David] Brown. The two raised Eric and Steve Peterson and had a child of their own, Lauren, now 23 [born in 1984]." - "Peterson regularly paid child support [$250 per month], and either he or his second wife, Connolly, would pick up the boys for regular weekend visits"

1982-00-00 Peterson Family 2nd Marriage ?? Drew Peterson and Victoria Rutkiewicz married
1982-00-00 Peterson Family Step-daughter ILL Victoria (Rutkiewicz) daughter Lisa became Peterson's step-daughter

1983-00-00 www.suntimes.com Cales Family ILL "Anthony and Christie Cales purchase home in Downer Grove, Illinois."
1983-12-00 www.suntimes.com Cales Family Child died ILL "In December 1983, the home [Downers Grove, Illinois] burned down, and their [Anthony and Christie Cales] daughter Jessica, 2, died in her bed of burns and smoke inhalation." - "The death of this child, family members said, marked when Christie Cales' life started to unravel. Eight months pregnant with Stacy, she escaped from the fire through a window, barefoot and in her pajamas, unable to save her child. Anthony Cales was not home at the time."
1983-00-00 www.suntimes.com Christie Cales
Protection Order
ILL "Four years later [1983], Christie Cales took out an order of protection against Anthony, saying he threatened her with a .357-caliber pistol. He was charged with aggravated assault, but the charges were dropped after she refused to testify against him."
1983-00-00 www.suntimes.com Peterson
ILL "In 1983 -- by this time [Drew] Peterson was already married to his second wife -- Peterson and another officer arrested [Kyle] Piry as she arrived at work [Bolingbrook Hair Salon], Piry said. The officers said Piry had amassed too many parking tickets, Piry said. She was ordered into Peterson's cruiser and fingerprinted at the Bolingbrook police station, Piry said." - "Piry said she had to talk to some of Peterson's cop friends to persuade her ex-fiance to drop the charges."

1984-01-20 Cales Family Birth ILL Stacy Ann Cales was the third of five children of Anthony and Christie Cales, his second wife
1984-10-17 Cales Family Property ILL David L and Suzan B Robison (Grantors) sold to Anthony M and Christine M Cales (Grantees)

1985-00-00 cbs2chicago.com
October 30, 2007
Peterson Fired from Boilingbrook Police Department ILL "Drew Peterson was fired from the Bolingbrook Police Department after the village board of police and fire commissioners found him guilty of disobedience, conducting a self-assigned investigation, failure to report a bribe immediately and official misconduct. He had been indicted two months earlier on charges of official misconduct and failure to report a bribe. Peterson was working under the auspices of the Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad at the time. Indictments alleged he solicited drugs in exchange for information about his agency."
1985-00-00 Cales Family Birth ILL Cassandra Cales born, daughter of Christie and Anthony Cales

1986-03-00 cbs2chicago.com
October 30, 2007
Peterson Reinstated Bolingbrook Police ILL "The charges later were dropped. Special prosecutor Raymond Bolden said at the time the charges were not provable. Drew Peterson won reinstatement with the department in March 1986. Judge Edwin Grabiec ruled police and fire commissioners lacked sufficient evidence to find Peterson guilty of the charges."
1986-00-00 www.suntimes.com Christie Cales
Psychiatric, alchohol
child neglect
ILL "The records show Christie Cales [age 28] was a deeply troubled woman who spent time in a psychiatric hospital, admitted to drinking a case of beer a day and drew convictions for many criminal charges, including contributing to the neglect of a child for letting son Yelton, when he was 7 years old, outside in bad weather when not properly dressed."

1987-10-17 Cales Family Death ILL Anthony and Christie Cales daughter, Lacy Ann Cales died from SIDS

1989-00-00 www.suntimes.com Christie Cales
ILL "In November 1989, she [Christie Cales] pleaded guilty to shoplifting a bottle of vodka and three packs of cigarettes from an Osco in Woodridge. The day after Christmas 1989, she was arrested for stealing two cases of Old Style, a bottle of Bailey's and more cigarettes from a Cub Foods in Downers Grove."

1990-00-00 www.suntimes.com Christie Cales
ILL Christie Cales had a DUI, was hospitalized for alcoholism and depression. Her husband Anthony Cales filed for divorce and an order of protection (Christie torched his clothes, broke car windshield and for child neglect.
1990-00-00 www.suntimes.com Child Custody ILL Christie Cales lost custody of all four of her children, Tina (age 14), Yelton (age 10), Stacy (age 6) and Cassandra (age 5) to her husband Anthony Cales
1990-12-03 Cales Family Divorce ILL Anthony McKenzie Cales and Christie Cales Divorced

1992-02-14 Peterson Family Relationship ILL Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio Valentine's Day trip to Jamaica
1992-02-18 Peterson Family Divorce ILL Drew Peterson and Victoria Rutkiewicz No-Fault Divorce Final
1992-04-00 ? Peterson Family 3rd Marriage ILL Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio Married

1993-00-00 www.suntimes.com
November 29, 2007
Morphey Family ILL "In 1993, an ex-girlfriend [of Thomas Morphey] twice sought orders of protection against Morphey, claiming he left threatening messages on her answering machine telling her to "watch your back, don't go to sleep, you'll be taken care of," according to court documents."
1993-05-00 Peterson Family Head Injury ILL Kathleen Savio at Hinsdale hospital for a head injury blamed on Drew Peterson
1993-06-16 Cales Family Property ILL Christie M Cales (Grantor) sold to Anthony M Cales (Grantee) (DuPage Co)
1993-10-11 Cales Family Property ILL Anthony M Cales (Grantor) sold to Anthony M and Gail A Selvaggio (Grantees) (DuPage Co)
1993-11-12 Cales Family Foster Care ILL Christina Michelle Cales [Toutges?], age 18 released from Illinois Foster Care

1994-00-00 Cales Family Relationship FL Linda Olson met Stacy's father, Anthony Cales at the Lani Kai, a tiki bar in Fort Myers, Fla.
1994-00-00 Cales Family Childcare ILL Linda Olson returned to Downers Grove IL providing childcare to Anthony Cales' children
1994-07-08 Cales Family Legal Release ILL Anthony M and Christie M Cales, DuPage Co, IL Doc#: R1994-148651 Desc: R87-130580
1994-00-00 Cales Family Moved ILL Anthony Cales, his children and Linda Olson all moved to Naperville, IL with friends
1994-00-00 Cales Family Moved FL Anthony Cales, his children and Linda Olson all moved from Illinois to Fort Myers Florida
1994-00-00 Cales Family Plans FL Anthony Cales had plans to buy a marina in Fort Myers Florida

1995-03-26 Cales Family 3rd Marriage FL Anthony McKenzie Cales and Linda June Olson married Fort Myers Beach (Lee Co) FLA
1995-11-25 Cales Family Arrest FL Linda June Cales arrest domestic violence. (Lee Co) Case Number: 95-MM-009403
1995-11-25 Cales Family Arrest FL Anthony McKenzie Cales arrest domestic violence (Lee Co) Case Number: 95-MM-009403
1995-00-00 Cales Family Residence FL Stacy and Yelton lived with Linda Cales daughter Dawna Klitzke in Fort Myers, FLA.

1996-00-00 Cales Family Moved LA Anthony and Linda Cales moved from FL to Morgan City, LA with Stacy, Cassandra and Yelton

1997-00-00 www.suntimes.com
November 29, 2007
Morphey Family ILL "In 1997, [Thomas] Morphey was arrested and convicted twice for drunken driving. During one drunken driving arrest in Sugar Grove, he allegedly told the arresting officer he was "going to get Seagram's for the guy with the glasses."
1997-00-00 Peterson Family Letters ILL Kathleen Peterson began getting anonymous letters re: husband Drew Peterson was cheating
1997-00-00 Cales Family Moved ILL Anthony and Linda Cales separated, he moved from Louisiana back to IL with the children
1997-03-02 Peterson Family Will drawn ILL Drew Walter Peterson and Kathleen Savio Peterson have will drawn (Will Co. IL)

1998-03-11 Cales Family Missing ILL Christie Marie Cales missing, Blue Island, IL http://www.nampn.org/cases/cales_christie.html
1998-00-00 Cales Family Relationship ILL Stacy Peterson met Ralph Chira Romeoville High School became high school sweethearts

2000-00-00 Cales Family Separation ILL Anthony McKenzie Cales and Linda June Olson Cales decision to divorce

2001-00-00 Cales Family Graduation ILL Stacy Ann Cales graduated Romeoville High School in Illinois
2001-00-00 ? Cales Family Relationship ILL Stacy Ann Cales dated Keith Rossetto for about two months before left for US Army
2001-00-00 Cales Family Employment ILL Stacy Ann Cales working at SpringHill Suites hotel in Bolingbrook, Illinois
2001-00-00 Cales Family Relationship ILL Stacy Ann Cales began relationship with Drew Peterson, Bolingbrook police officer
2001-00-00 Cales Family Moved ILL Christina Michelle Cales [Toutges?] living with foster mother in Naperville, IL
2001-00-00 Cales Family Education ILL Stacy Peterson is a student at Joliet Junior College, where she is majoring in pre-nursing

2002-00-00 Cales Family Divorce ILL Anthony McKenzie Cales and Linda June Olson Cales divorce
2002-02-00 Peterson Family Complaints ILL Kathleen Peterson began filing series of complaints agains Drew Peterson for abuse
2002-03-11 Peterson Family Complaints ILL Kathleen Peterson filed protection order that Drew Peterson threatened to killer
2002-00-00 Peterson Family Domestic ILL Kathleen Peterson began divorce from Drew Peterson
2002-08-21 Cales Family Arrest ILL Yelton Cales arrested for domestic battery, sentenced 15 months (DuPage Co)
2002-11-14 Peterson Family Letter ILL Kathleen Peterson letter outlining pattern of abusing and threats from Drew Peterson
2002-12-00 Peterson Family Complaints ILL Kathleen Peterson filed complaint against Drew Peterson trashed their home

2003-00-00 Peterson Family Petition ILL Drew Peterson petition to sell house to reduce $2,000 monthly child support payment
2003-00-00 Cales Family Pregnant ILL Stacy Ann Cales pregnant with Drew Peterson's child
2003-10-10 Peterson Family Divorce ILL Kathleen and Drew Peterson divorce finalized
2003-10-18 Peterson Family 4th Marriage ILL Drew Peterson and Stacy Cales married

2004-02-14 Cales Family Arrest ILL Yelton Cales arrested aiding/possession stolen vehicle, 3 years (Will Co)
2004-02-26 abcnews.go.com Kathleen Savio's fears ILL "[Kathleen] Savio's sister Sue Doman said today [11/15/2007] on "Good Morning America" that the family had always been suspicious of Drew." - "Just the Thursday [02/26/2004] before she passed away [03/01/2004], she called me and she said — she just felt so strongly that that he [Drew Peterson] was going to kill her and it was going to look like an accident. Take care of the children,'" Doman said, recounting the conversation."
2004-00-00 abclocal.go.com
December 5, 2007
Steve Peterson ILL "Twenty-eight-year-old Steve Peterson [Drew Peterson's son] has been a patrolman in suburban Oakbrook [Illinois] since 2004, the same year one of his stepmothers, Kathleen Savio, was found dead in a bathtub."
2004-03-01 Savio Family Death ILL Kathleen Savio [Peterson] mysteriously found dead drowned in waterless bathtub
2004-04-06 Peterson Family Trial set ILL Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio trial set to divide assets but she died
2004-05-00 Savio Family Inquest ILL Will County Coroner Inquest determined that Kathleen Savio's death was accidental drowning

2005-01-20 Cales Family Arrest ILL Yelton Cales arrested AGG CRIM SEX AB/VIC 13-16 (DuPage Co)
2005-03-23 Savio Family Will Read ILL Kathleen Savio's Will read for division of property to Drew Peterson
2005-03-23 Savio Family Insurance ILL Kathleen Savio's one million dollar policy left to children, Tom and Kris Peterson
2005-04-08 Peterson Family Settlement ILL Drew Peterson awarded half house sale proceeds from children to himself
2005-00-00 www.suntimes.com Peterson's
Aquilla Trike
ILL "About two years ago [2005?], [Michael] Hudetz [Flight Instructor at Cushing Field] trained Drew Peterson to fly his micro-light, which runs about $20,000 new, the flight instructor said. "He was actually a private pilot before that," Hudetz said. "He flew regular airplanes. He seemed like a very nice guy." Sometimes Peterson flew alone but he had also flown with his wife, Hudetz said."

2006-09-17 Cales Family Death ILL Stacy's sister, Christina Michelle Ryan, 30, of Marseilles died of cancer

Timeline Recap January Thru October 27, 2007

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