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[Stacy Peterson]Stacy Ann Peterson Missing Sunday, October 28, 2007 - Bolingbrook, Illinois

Age: 23, Mother of two children ages 2 and 4 years old, adopted step-mother of two children, ages 12 and 14 years, lives at 6 Pheasant Chase Court, Bolingbrook, (Will County), Illinois, wife of former Bolingbrook Police Sergeant Drew Peterson, Bolingbrook Police Department - CALL *Illinois State Police District 5 Tip Line 815-740-0678*
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November 13, 2007 - Eavesdropping Audio of Greta Van Susteren and Richard Mims

Posted on the GretaWire Web Site: "November 13th, 2007 5:42 PM Eastern, Tuesday: GretaCast #2 - With Sgt. Petersonís Friend Ric Mims, by Greta Van Susteren"

Transcript below was done by www.acandyrose.com of the November 13, 2007 Greta Van Susteren of Fox News evesdropping audio with Ric Mims (Runtime of original audio file is 12:54 minutes)

November 13, 2007 Greta Van Susteren and Richard Mims (Transcribed from Audio File)

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: It's Tuesday so I thought I would check back in with you now, where are you now?

RICHARD MIMS: I'm back in Bolingbrook but still kind of hiding.

GRETA: Hiding? So that means your not going home?

MIMS: Not yet.

GRETA: Has Sgt. Peterson tried to reach you in the last 24 hours?

MIMS: I got a phone call from him last night but I did not answer.

GRETA: What time he call?

MIMS: It was about 11pm.

GRETA: What do you think he wants?

MIMS: He just want to persuade me back to his side, you know, he wants to tell me, he likes to explain himself so, to have an excuse for everything that I found out, I'm just not really ready to listen to that.

GRETA: Well does he have any friends at all or anybody he's speaking to?

~ ~ ~ ~ Who is Mike Robinson? ~ ~ ~ ~

MIMS: Other than his immediate family I don't think so. No, that Mike Robinson, he might be still talking to him.

GRETA: Whose Mike Robinson, is that the, is he a police officer?

MIMS: I believe Mike Robinson was a police officer for a short time.

GRETA: And now does what?

MIMS: Heating and air I believe, heating and air conditioning.

GRETA: Is he the guy who helped him out, was it last week?

MIMS: Yeah.

GRETA: What'd he do, I forgot.

MIMS: Got him a cell phone.

GRETA: That was it?

MIMS: And I heard rumors that he got him a rental car but that's not confirmed.

GRETA: How does he know Robinson, from the police force?

MIMS: Well Mike Robinson graduated in 1992 and is probably in his early thirties so I'm guessing around town or at the police department in his little short stint there.

GRETA: How about his other friends, does he have other friends?

MIMS: Yeah I talked to a few in town but they're just keeping their distance from the whole situation.

GRETA: Have you talk to anybody who has spoken to him in the last three days?


GRETA: The last four or five days?


GRETA: So you have no idea how he doing?

MIMS: Nope.

GRETA: We heard that somebody went up to the door, a plain clothes officer with a piece of paper a little while ago

MIMS: Yeah I read that too and then came back without the paper so.

GRETA: What do you think that's all about?

MIMS: Your guess is as good as mine Greta, probably some type of summons to show up at one of these hearings.

~ ~ ~ ~ Who is Ric talking to and why doesn't he trust Bolingbrook police? ~ ~ ~ ~

GRETA: Have you gotten one yet?

MIMS: No mame but I'm expecting one any day.

GRETA: Have the police contacted you and said to expect one or are you just sort of expecting one?

MIMS: No, I talked to one of the state police officers that are investigating it and he thought I was going to the hearing last week and I told him I never got no papers on it and he's like well maybe that's not the one your coming to and well get back with you.

GRETA: And have any police officers called you in 24 hours?

MIMS: Yeah last night Pat Collins called me, we're playing phone tag right now, I've called him, he's called me, you know I called him back, we're playing phone tag till we get in touch with each other.

GRETA: Who does he work for, Bolingbrook or the state police?

MIMS: The state police. I would not be talking to the Bolingbrook police.


MIMS: I don't trust the Bolingbrook police right now, I mean I trust some of them but I don't trust all of them and until I know which ones I can trust I just keep my mouth shut.

GRETA: The chief seems like a straight arrow, I like the chief.

~ ~ ~ ~ Who is Roger Claar and why does Ric trust him? ~ ~ ~ ~

MIMS: I like the chief too and I hope he does a good job cleaning house but I'm waiting till Roger Claar gets back in town for me, he's in New Orleans on some business for the village and he gets back in town Monday and I want to sit down and talk with him. I want to find out from him, I trust him, he's like an Uncle to me

GRETA: Whose is he, I never heard of him?

MIMS: Roger Claar?

GRETA: Yeah.

MIMS: Roger Claar is the one that runs this town.

GRETA: What's his job though?

MIMS: He's the mayor.

GRETA: Oh the mayor, I didn't know he's the mayor, okay, so you know the mayor.

MIMS: Very well, very well.

GRETA: How do you know him?

MIMS: The same way I know almost everybody in that village hall, like I said I grew up in that village hall, literally from the time I was 13 to the time I was 19 to the time I was out of school so late at night I worked for the Community Access League there, I volunteered for different community functions there, Young Republican, I was president of the DuPage Township Youth Committee, I've done a lot for that town.

GRETA: So your going to talk to the mayor when he gets back on Monday, does he know your looking for him?

MIMS: I left a message with him today, I just missed him by ten minutes because his car had picked him up and I talked with the village clerk Carol Petting (sp?) and she said she would make sure he got the message and she understood and we'll just see where it goes from there.

GRETA: In the meantime are you going about your life in any ordinary fashion like going to work?

MIMS: No I haven't returned to work yet.

GRETA: Are you going to loose your job?

MIMS: No, my work is working with me, they told me to take as much time as I needed with this because I told them, I said bottom line is I want to spend as much time helping find Stacy. I said once Stacy is found I can come back to work and let the legal system take over on the rest.

~ ~ ~ ~ Did Drew's children say anything to Ric Mims? ~ ~ ~ ~

GRETA: When you were at the Peterson home in the days after Stacy disappeared you went over there, she disappeared on Sunday, you went over there Tuesday, I showed up Wednesday. Did any of his children ever say anything that caught your attention?

MIMS: Just the thing about where Kris said through the door when Cassandra came over there at 11 o'clock at night and....

GRETA: On Sunday?

MIMS: On Sunday and said his daddy was out looking for his mommy.

GRETA: Which is consistent with what Sgt. Peterson has said.

MIMS: Right. Now Sharon had said that Kris was wanting to talk to her and he was crying and upset about the fight that Stacy and Drew had Sunday morning but nobody said anything to me about that.

GRETA: Did you see our interview last night with wife #2's daughter, which would be Drew's step daughter?

MIMS: Yes I watched it.

GRETA: What did you think?

~ ~ ~ ~ Drew's girlfriend Monica's brother Steve killed himself ~ ~ ~ ~

MIMS: It just opens my eyes a lot more to how disturbing Drew is, he's a very disturbing person and now I am working with the state police on some things that I, once I started realizing this you look at things through different glasses now, you know, and some of the things that happened in the past that never made sense I told the state police about and I'm sure they're investigating.

GRETA: Like?

MIMS: And a ..

GRETA: Give me a sample.

MIMS: Just somebody that just passed away under curious circumstances and Drew happened to be dating.

GRETA: A girlfriend of Drews dated, died?

MIMS: No, no her brother hung himself in the garage and drew was dating the girlfriend, his sister.

GRETA: How long ago did this happen?

MIMS: This thing we're trying to put all the dates and everything together, this afternoon, it happened right when Drew was married to Vicki and he would sneak Monica in the house.

GRETA: Whose Monica? Monica was the girlfriend?

MIMS: Yeah and right and her brother, the family lived like across the street and down the street from them. I knew the brother was very upset with them dating and I, were going back now when I was in my twenties maybe, not even that old when all this happened but with the patterns of Drew, anything with his girls that he was dating with or anything it seems that somebody dies around there.

GRETA: Let me ask you though, there's no proof that Drew did anything with the brother who died, the brother of the girlfriend?

MIMS: Right, there's no proof yet but were working on a story to find out the details on it. It's just a little suspicious.

GRETA: Did he have any sort history of being upset or depressed or anything?

MIMS: No, Drew, you would never be able to read Drew.

GRETA: No, no, I mean the guy who hung himself.

MIMS: Drew doesn't show emotion

GRETA: No, no backup, you said a brother of a girlfriend of his committed suicide, right?

MIMS: Yes.

GRETA: Okay the guy who committed suicide, was it a big surprise or had he been, had he been depressed and had troubles before that?

MIMS: No, it was a shock to all of us, this was a group of kids I grew up with and it was a shock to all of us.

GRETA: Where was it done, where did he commit suicide?

MIMS: In his garage

GRETA: And I assume they did a full autopsy?

MIMS: I don't know all the details of that, I mean we were kids back then Greta, so I've asked a friend of mine who does some research at the local papers to help me with this and we're getting names and we've contacted the girlfriend. She didn't want to talk to nobody but I'm going to get in touch with her here shortly maybe she'll talk to me about it because we were all fiends and just see, because what I'm afraid is this turning into a pattern for him.

GRETA: The interesting thing, here's the thing I worry about Ric is that every, a lot of people now say they're afraid of him and a lot of people say people have died around him but nobody has any proof. You know it's almost like this fear thing that gets everyone all scared. I don't know if it's a legitimate fear or not but I keep pushing with the questions like asking whether it was the step daughter last night, give me specifics.

MIMS: Right and it's really hard to give specifics on that because you just don't know whose involved with him, you know, I mean nobody does, just the hints and the way his cancer was throughout life, you know he's got friends and I don't know if that was just a cop talking big talk or if it was Drew.

GRETA: Did he ever?

MIMS: There's just a lot of things that once you start putting the pattern down you looking at things through his life there just seems to be a lot of weird stuff going on.

GRETA: Did he ever say anything about his girlfriend's brother, the one whose about your age, with you?

MIMS: Yeah we've talked about it because I can't believe he killed himself and he's like yeah he had a drug problem and you know and was depressed, and I was like that's not the Steve we knew. He said I don't know, I was one of the cops first on the scene and he was hanging in the garage.

GRETA: He was one of the first cops on the scene?

MIMS: Eh huh, I mean it just looks suspicious but may be nothing.

GRETA: Right, right, any other? Anything else like that?

~ ~ ~ ~ Are there other missing person cases being looked at? ~ ~ ~ ~

MIMS: Well that's the only ones so far that I'm working on. I know that Erika from the Tribune...

GRETA: Yeah.

MIMS: is working on a different story, it has to do with some people in the 80s, somebody that came up missing, something like that she was telling me, she was being very brief about it. And we're also working on all the names that were on the you know signing the certificate, you know how it goes before the board.

~ ~ ~ ~ Suspicions regarding one member of the Kathleen Savio Coroner's Jury panel ~ ~ ~ ~

GRETA: Which one, you mean the Coroner's thing?

MIMS: Yeah for Kathy, yeah and there's like six people who decide if it's accidental or homicide or sign off on it.

GRETA: Right.

MIMS: Well one of the ladies who signed off on is named, her last name matches the same as a Bolingbrook cop and I know there are reports that there was a Bolingbrook police officer on the inquiry board but with the signatures that I've received from A and W, you can't read the last three names on there and one of them was like a Cockleeono (sp?) or something like that but the one we are looking at is one of the female names on there with the last name is the same as a friend of his that's a Bolingbrook cop.

GRETA: I see, well alright, we're going to continue to look into this and I thank you again for doing the Greta Cast. Can we call you back tomorrow?

MIMS: Yes Greta you can call me anytime and anything I can do to help you let me know.

GRETA: Alright, well I can tell you, the readers of GretaWire are very interested and they like to eavesdrop on these conversations so the, they're interesting in it, you can tell by all the comments on it.

MIMS: I've been on Greta Blog almost everyday.

GRETA: Good, I'm glad you're a regular reader, I'll call you tomorrow.

MIMS: Okay.

GRETA: Thank you Ric, this will be posted in about an hour.

MIMS: Okay.

GRETA: Thanks bye.


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