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[Stacy Peterson]Stacy Ann Peterson Missing Sunday, October 28, 2007 - Bolingbrook, Illinois

Age: 23, Mother of two children ages 2 and 4 years old, adopted step-mother of two children, ages 12 and 14 years, lives at 6 Pheasant Chase Court, Bolingbrook, (Will County), Illinois, wife of former Bolingbrook Police Sergeant Drew Peterson, Bolingbrook Police Department - CALL *Illinois State Police District 5 Tip Line 815-740-0678*
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Christie Marie Cales - Missing Since March 11, 1998

Missing Since March 11, 1998 -
. [Christie Cales, Westmont Police Department booking photo - Photo found at http://www.suntimes.com/]
Christie Marie Cales
March 26, 1990
Westmont Police
Department Booking photo courtesy of www.suntimes.com

[Christie Cales at http://www.nampn.org/cases/cales_christie.html]
Christie Marie Cales Missing 03/11/1998

Learn more about Christie Cales at www.briansdreams.com
1- "go to the prison, he will talk -- DP killed her, was going to talk about affair when Christine was 16 -- 7"
2- "611 Baby was murdered with blue pillow -- Prozac 20 mg, 1988 -- no PPD, psychical disorder"
3- "body never left -- H -- church is Chicago - she was killed here"
4- "no air -- stop -- 19 stones on grave - no marks"

. Did Christie Cales really walk out on her children or was she murdered?

1958-01-25 Christie Marie Toutges born

1975-11-12 Daughter, Christina Michelle Toutges born to Christie Toutges [age 17]
1979-05-26 Christie Toutges [age 21] and Anthony McKenzie Cales [age 25] married. [His 2nd marriage]
1979-08-07 Son, Yelton Cales born.
1981-00-00 Daughter, Jessica Cales born.
1983-00-00 Anthony and Christie Cales purchase a house in Downers Grove IL
1983-12-00 Daughter, Jessica Cales [age 2] killed when Downer Grove house caught fire.
1983-00-00 Christie Cales files protection order against Anthony, [Aggravated Assault .357-caliber pistol] Charges dropped
1984-01-20 Daughter, Stacy Ann Cales born.
1984-10-17 Anthony and Christie Cales purchase a house in DuPont Co, IL
1985-00-00 Daughter, Cassandra Cales born.
1986-00-00 Christie Cales in psychiatric hospital, alchoholism, child neglect re: Yelton Cales [age 7]
1987-00-00 Daughter, Lacy Ann Cales born.
1987-10-17 Daughter, Lacy Ann Cales died of SIDS
1989-11-00 Christie Cales charged with shoplifting vodka and cigarettes from an Osco in Woodridge.
1989-12-26 Christie Cales charged with shoplifting Old Style and Bailey's alchohol, cigarettes from Cub Food, Downers Grove
1990-00-00 Christie Cales, DUI, hospitalized for alcoholism and depression.
1990-00-00 Anthony Cales filed protection order [claimed Christie torched his clothes, broke car windshield, child neglect]
1990-00-00 Anthony Cales filed for divorce and full custody of Yelton [age 10], Stacy [age 6]. Cassandra [age 5], Tina [age 14]
1990-00-00 Christie Cales challenged custody papers of her children but failed to appear for divorce hearing.
1990-00-00 Daughter, Christina Michelle Toutge put in Illinois State Foster care
1990-12-03 Anthony and Christie Cales divorce final, Anthony given full custody of the three children.
1991-00-00 Christie Cales treated for depression [Prozac], moved to the south suburbs living with family, visits children.
1993-06-16 Property transfer from Christie Cales to Anthony Cales.
1993-10-11 Anthony Cales sold house.
1993-11-12 Daughter, Christina Michelle Toutges turned 18 and released from State Foster Care

1994-00-00 Anthony Cales moved to Fort Myers, Florida with Yelton [age 14], Stacy [age 10]. Cassandra [age 9]
1995-03-26 Anthony McKenzie Cales married Linda June Olson in Fort Myers, Florida [His 2nd and, her 6th marriage]
1995-11-25 Anthony and Linda Cales filed protection order against each other [domestic violence, she spent 21 days in jail]
1996-00-00 Anthony and Linda Cales, Yelton [age 16], Stacy [age 12]. Cassandra [age 11] moved to Morgan City, Louisiana.
1997-00-00 Anthony and Linda Cales separated and Anthony moved back to Illinois with the three children.

1998-03-11 Christie Cales [age 40 DOB 01/25/1958] disappeared, Blue Island, ILL, carrying bible and purse heading for church. [Blue Island Police 708-396-7025 Agency Case Number: 98-14519]
www.nampn.org: "Christie Marie Cales was last seen at approximately 4:30 p.m. on March 11, 1998, in the vicinity of the 2300 block of West 199th Street in Blue Island, Illinois. She was carrying a Bible and her purse at the time. She indicated she was going to walk to a friend's house but never arrived."

2002-08-21 Son, Yelton Cales arrested for domestic battery, sentenced 15 months (DuPage Co, IL)
2002-00-00 Anthony and Linda Cales divorced.
2004-02-14 Son, Yelton Cales arrested aiding/possession stolen vehicle, sentenced 3 years (Will Co)
2005-01-20 Son, Yelton Cales arrested AGG CRIM SEX AB/VIC 13-16 (DuPage Co)
2006-09-17 Daughter, Christina Michelle [Toutges] Ryan [age 30] died of cancer.
2007-10-28 Daughter, Stacy Ann [Cales] Peterson disappeared.
2007-00-00 Son, Yelton Cales currently incarcerated at the Western Illinois Correctional Center

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