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[Stacy Peterson]Stacy Ann Peterson Missing Sunday, October 28, 2007 - Bolingbrook, Illinois

Age: 23, Mother of two children ages 2 and 4 years old, adopted step-mother of two children, ages 12 and 14 years, lives at 6 Pheasant Chase Court, Bolingbrook, (Will County), Illinois, wife of former Bolingbrook Police Sergeant Drew Peterson, Bolingbrook Police Department - CALL *Illinois State Police District 5 Tip Line 815-740-0678*
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Stacy Peterson Case - The James A. Mitchem Jr. Files
Drew Peterson's Neighbor and Bolingbrook High School Principal


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- Bolingbrook High
[Bolingbrook High School Principal, James Mitchem Jr]
- ILL Bolingbrook High School, 365 Raider Way, Bolingbrook, IL 60440
November 2, 2007
2007-11-02 nationalenquirer.com
December 17, 2007
[National Enquirer 'Pal fears he unknowningly helped get rid of evidence' (NE page 20)]
Ric Mims took trumpet case to Steve Peterson's house but Thomas didn't stay there ILL 12/17/2007 (National Enquirer) "Stacy murdered in Bed. Stacy's final minutes of terror"
"On the afternoon of November 2, Drew asked his pal Richard Mims for a favor. He wanted Mims to take to his son Steve, a police officer, a suitcase of teenage son Thomas' clothes and a trumpet case. Thomas plays in his high-school band. Drew said his younger kids were going to be staying at Steve's home. Mims met Steve near Thomas' high school, but Thomas wasn't with him. He gave him the suitcase and trumpet case. That night, Mims was surprised to see Thomas arrive at the Peterson home with his principal, who lives just a few doors away from Drew's house.. Thomas, Mims learned was actually staying with the principal's family- not with Steve. Mims got a bad feeling."
May 1, 2008
2008-05-01 myfoxchicago.com
May 1, 2008
Peterson Neighbor Testifies ILL 05/01/2008 (myfoxchicago.com) "Stacy Peterson's Father Testifies Before Grand Jury"
"Peterson's neighbor, James Mitchem, and his son, Kevin, also testified Thursday [05/01/2008]. Mitchem, the principal of Bolingbrook High School, declined to discuss his appearance before the grand jury."

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