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[Stacy Peterson]Stacy Ann Peterson Missing Sunday, October 28, 2007 - Bolingbrook, Illinois

Age: 23, Mother of two children ages 2 and 4 years old, adopted step-mother of two children, ages 12 and 14 years, lives at 6 Pheasant Chase Court, Bolingbrook, (Will County), Illinois, wife of former Bolingbrook Police Sergeant Drew Peterson, Bolingbrook Police Department - CALL *Illinois State Police District 5 Tip Line 815-740-0678*
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Search Warrant - November 6, 2007
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11/06/2007 Search Warrant Page 1, 2, 3
"Missing Apple Computer Laptop"

Search Warrant, Date of Issue 11/01/2007 05:00 PM (signed by Judge)
Transcribed by www.acandyrose.com



People of the State of Illinois
The Residence of Drew W. Peterson, 6 Pheasant Chase Court, Bolingbrook, Will County, Illinois.

Illinois State Police PR #07-18261LP



On this day, Tuesday, November 6th, 2007, Complainant-Affiant Investigator David J. Margliano of the Will County State's Attorney's Office (Will County SAO) has signed and sworn to a complaint for search warrant before me. Upon examination of the written complaint, I find that said complaint on its face states facts sufficient to show probably cause for the issuance of a search warrant, and I therefore command that the following be searched:

A. A single family residence located at 6 Pheasant Chase Court in Bolingbrook, Will County, Illinois, further described as a two story residence with white siding and pinkish-tan brick, a western exposure with the number '6" located above the attached garage door, which faces the street.

B. A 25 foot recreational trailer located in the southeast corner of the east yard of the residence at 6 Pheasant Chase Court in Bolingbrook, Will County, Illinois, further described as bearing the words Sportsman 25th Anniversary, K-Z Inc. 3303, with a sticker indicating Recreation Vehicle Industry Association number 6257982. This yard is surrounded by a brown picket fence.

C. A storage area beneath an above ground pool located in the east yard of the residence at 6 Pheasant Chase Court in Bolingbrook, Will County, Illinois further described as a 25' deep pool with decking on the south side, white in color with a blue cover, with a fenced-in area beneath the pool.

Missing Apple Computer Laptop
at 6 Pheasant Chase Drive, Bolingbrook
Search Warrant Page 1 of 13 (Although only 3 pages were released)

be searched and that the following described instruments, articles, and things which have been used in the commission of, or which constitute evidence of the offense of First Degree Murder (720 ILCS 5/9-1(a)(1)) or Concealment of a Homicidal Death (720 ILCS 5/9-3.1(a)) be seized, searched and forensically analyzed:

A. Any and all computers as defined in 720 ILCS 5/16D-2, including but not limited to cellular telephones, desktop computers, laptop computers, PDAs, iPods, WebTVs along with any computer accessories including cables and cradles, or peripherals connected thereto, and any and all computer software.

B. Any and all magnetic, digital or optical media including but not be limited to hard disk drives, floppy disks, compact discs ("CDs"), digital video discs ("DVDs"), universal serial bus ("USB") devices, tapes, memory cards or sticks, and any other media which is capable of storing any form of digital data;

C. Any and all passwords, encryption or decryption mechanisms, or other computer security devices;

D. Records evidencing occupancy or ownership of the premises described above including but not limited to passports, utility and telephone bills, mail envelopes or address correspondence, diaries, or user manuals.

FORENSIC ANALYSIS: This search warrant shall include authority to analyze and search any media seized for relevant evidence as outlined in this search warrant. This search warrant shall be considered formally returned within a reasonable time period by listing all physical items seized pursuant to the warrant.

Missing Apple Computer Laptop
at 6 Pheasant Chase Drive, Bolingbrook
Search Warrant Page 2 of 13 (Although only 3 pages were released)

RETURN OF SEARCH WARRANT: Full search warrant return including the results of all forensic analysis contemplates a reasonable time period in light of the fact that modern hard drives can potentially contain millions of pages of data in a format that is not easily searched. This search warrant shall permit the decryption of any encrypted or password-protected digital data.

USE OF UNSWORN PERSONNEL: Forensic analysis of any seized computer equipment pursuant to this search warrant may be conducted by employees of law enforcement agencies who are not sworn law enforcement personnel, but are instead civilian employees.

I further command that a return of any physical items so seized shall be made without unnecessary delay before me or before Judge Richard C. Schoenstedt or before any Court of competent jurisdiction.


Date of Issuance: Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
Time of Issuance: 07:05 P.M.

Missing Apple Computer Laptop
at 6 Pheasant Chase Drive, Bolingbrook
Search Warrant Page 3 of 13 (Although only 3 pages were released)

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