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[Stacy Peterson]Stacy Ann Peterson Missing Sunday, October 28, 2007 - Bolingbrook, Illinois

Age: 23, Mother of two children ages 2 and 4 years old, adopted step-mother of two children, ages 12 and 14 years, lives at 6 Pheasant Chase Court, Bolingbrook, (Will County), Illinois, wife of former Bolingbrook Police Sergeant Drew Peterson, Bolingbrook Police Department - CALL *Illinois State Police District 5 Tip Line 815-740-0678*
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Let's FACE IT - Peterson Case Gallery #1

. Stacy Peterson's Side . People In The Middle . Drew Peterson's Side
. [Stacy Peterson, mother of two missing since October 28, 2007]
Stacy Peterson
She feared for her life
Missing 10/28/2007. Reportedly told a minister in August 2007 that Drew Peterson murdered his 3rd wife Kathleen.
. [Drew and Stacy Peterson with children, Kris, Thomas, Anthony and Lacy]
Peterson Family
Once Upon A Time there appeared to be a happy family . [Drew Peterson]
Drew W. Peterson
Drew Peterson:
"Sure their mom's missing and they're upset but there are more important things to worry about."
. [Cassandra Cales, Stacy's sister (Tribune photo by Antonio Perez - November 5, 2007)]
Cassandra Cales
Stacy Peterson's Sister Cassandra
"She told me Friday [10/26/07] night that she feared for her life."

. ['Brown, who was married to Peterson in the 1970s and has two grown sons with him, said that the two of them grew apart and that she discovered he was having an affair with another woman before the couple ultimately divorced' (abcnews.go.com) - Currently Carol Brown, formerly Carol Hamilton, Carol Peterson]
Carol Brown
Drew Peterson's 1st Wife (1974-1980) said the "two of them grew apart and that she discovered he was having an affair with another woman" . [Steve Carcerano, a friend of Drew Peterson's found Kathleen Savio's body]
Steve Carcerano
Steve Carcerano is a friend and neighbor of Drew Peterson who found Kathleen Savio's body 03/01/2004

. [Sharon Bychowski, Stacy's friend and neighbor - www.chicagotribune.com]
Sharon Bychowski
"Just remember, if I disappear, it is not an accident. He killed me.' She [Stacy] said it all the time," said [Sharon] Bychowski."
. [Kyle Piry, Ex-Fiance of Drew Peterson's in 1980 - 'He would follow me and stalk me after I broke up with him,' Piry said. 'He would pull me over on a Friday or Saturday night and give me tickets for stupid stuff, like bald tires. They were ridiculous things' (www.suntimes.com)]
Kyle Piry
Kyle Piry was Drew Peterson's Ex-Fiance (1980) "There was a voice inside of me that said there's something wrong here" [www.suntimes.com] . [--]
. [Stacy's Aunt Candance]
Candace Aikin (CA)
Stacy's Aunt Candace in California comments on Stacy's marriage,
"It was very shaky and she wanted out"

. ['But in the first interview granted by one of his ex-wives since Stacy's disappearance, Connolly, 48, said Thursday that during their marriage an increasingly controlling Peterson told her he could kill her and make it look like an accident.' (www.chicagotribune.com) - Vicki Connolly, formerly Victoria Rutkiewicz, Victoria O'Neil, Victoria Peterson]
Vicki Connolly
Drew Peterson's 2nd Wife (1982-1992) "Peterson told her he could kill her and make it look like an accident." [chicagotribune] . [Reem Odeh, Drew Peterson Attorney]
Reem Odeh
Reem Odeh, Attorney
. [Steve Cesare, friend of Stacy and her older sister Tina when they were younger]
Steve Cesare
Stacy's e-mail to Steve dated 10/17 "If you could keep me in your prayers I could use some wisdom, protection and strength" . [Kathleen Savio]
Kathleen Savio
Drew Peterson's 3rd Wife (1992-2003) found dead 03/01/04. "He wants me dead, and if he has to he will burn the house down just to shut me up" . [Joel Brodsky, Drew Peterson's Attorney on NBC Today Show]
Joel A. Brodsky
Joel Brodsky, Attorney
. [Pam Bosco, Stacy's friend and family spokesperson]
Pamela Bosco
"His initial statement was that she took her passport, bikini and a large amount of money and went to the Bahamas."
. ['Rossetto's brother dated Stacy Peterson six years ago, before she met and married Drew Peterson. Three and a half weeks before she disappeared, Stacy contacted Rossetto and they began communicating regularly. But Rossetto says he was not romantically linked with Stacy.' (cbs2chicago.com)]
Scott Rossetto
Scott Rossetto. "I never dated her. She dated my brother, and she dated my best friend," Rossetto said. "I don't date friends."
. [Betty Morphey, Drew Peterson's Mother]
Betty Morphey
"I would tell her I'm ashamed of her for putting the family through this," Betty Morphey said of Stacy. "She knows where she is." [SUN-TIMES]
. [Kerry Simmons, Stacy's Step-Sister]
Kerry Simmons
Kerry Simmons, Stacy's Step-Sister . [Kathleen Savio's niece, Melissa Doman]
Melissa Doman
Kathleen Savio's Niece, Melissa Doman: "Just the not knowing factor scares me. It's about time, in my opinion way to late but it's about time." [MyFox] . [Paul Peterson, Drew Peterson's brother]
Paul Peterson
Drew's brother Paul.
"I don't know anything about it," said Paul Peterson" when asked about the blue barrol.

. [Ric Mims]
Ric Mim Files
Ric Mims (Friend)
"I think anybody he
[Drew] feels is a threat
to him should be concerned."

.. [Kathleen Savio's sister, Anna Doman]
Anna Doman
Kathleen Savio's Sister, Anna Doman . [Alex Morelli]
Alex J. Morelli
Friend of Drew Peterson. "Also summoned to the grand jury [11/14] was Bolingbrook Police Officer Alex Morelli"
. [Anthony Cales, Stacy's father]
Anthony Cales
When asked would she just run away, just take off? Stacy's father, Anthony Cales said "Never, Never."
. [Kathleen Savio's nephew, Charles Doman]
Charles Doman
Kathleen Savio's Nephew. "They're looking at nothing new. This is everything they've had for four years now."
. [Michael Robinson, long time friend of Drew Peterson]
Michael J Robinson
Michael Robinson:
"I can tell you that when they start invading my personal life then I'm not going to take the polygraph."

. [Ralph Chira, Stacy's high school sweetheart back in 1997-2000]
Ralph Chira
Ralph Chira, Stacy's former high school sweetheart. "She seemed happy," Chira said of the last time he saw her, about six weeks ago.[suntimes] . [Lisa Ward, Vicki Connelly's daughter]
Lisa Ward
Lisa Ward, Vicki Connelly's daughter. "My mom is a very strong woman for being able to (get out alive]
. [Craig Stebic, who has NOT lifted on hand in the search for his missing wife Lisa Stebic says he feels for Drew Peterson's situation - Photo from front cover of the Chicago Sun-Times at www.suntimes.com]
Craig Stebic
"Police named Craig Stebic a person of interest in the disappearance of Lisa Stebic in July [2007]."
Lisa Stebic Timeline
. [Debbie Forgue, Stacy's Step-Sister]
Debbie Forgue
Stacy's Step-Sister. "If we ever couldn’t get ahold of her, we would need to look for her, that something happened.” Debby Forgue. [msnbc.com] . [Nick Savio, Kathleen Savio's brother]
Nick Savio
"I think it is very coincidental that the second wife said that the same thing that my sister said: 'He'll kill me and make it look like an accident."[abc] . ['Lawyer Gary V. Johnson, who had accompanied Peterson to his Nov. 7 grand jury appearance, has dropped Peterson as a client because of the TV appearance, a source close to the case said. It's unclear if Peterson's other attorney, Fred Morelli, will continue to represent him. Morelli couldn't be reached for comment.' www.suntimes.com]
Gary V. Johnson
"Attorney accompanied Peterson to his Nov. 7 grand jury appearance, has dropped Peterson as a client because of the TV appearance."
. [Roy Taylor, Family friend]
Roy Taylor
"He has not taken part (in) anything to help us locate her," said Roy Taylor, whose mother moved next door to the Petersons' house four years ago. [abclocal] . [Randy Mucha- 'Were on that short list of people that some other poeple in Oakbrook would like to see get screwed with. Long story short is I was fired for what the chief claims was a lie in a civil deposition and I have a lawsuit pending against the chief in federal court.' - 'Mucha says he's going on the record now to say he knows nothing' (www.myfoxchicago.com)]
Randy Mucha
Randy Mucha, friend of Steve Peterson. "They can have my cell phone records and dig up my yard or anything else they want to do."
. [Fred Morelli]
Fred Morelli
Attorney accompanied Peterson to his Nov. 7 grand jury appearance
. [Yelton Cales, Stacy's Brother]
Yelton Cales
Stacy's Brother . [Walter Martinek Jr., friend of Tom Morphey]
Walter Martinek Jr
Walter Martinek Jr., friend of Tom Morphey who told him about suspicions of helping to dispose of Stacy's body and then his suicide thoughts . [IMAGE]
John Paul Carroll
In the "Motion For Return of Personal Property 11/30, Att. John Paul Carroll mentioned along with Joel A. Brodsky as representing Peterson.
. [Gary Cales, Stacy's Uncle in California]
Gary Cales (CA)
"I know damn well she wouldn't go without them kids," said her uncle, Gary Cales, 68, of Hemet, Calif."

. [John Lamantias, Social worker John Lamantias told NBC5 that, prior to her disappearance almost three weeks ago, Stacy hit his car in a coffee shop parking lot and was so concerned that her husband would be upset that she begged for his silence.]
John Lamantias
Accidential meeting with social worker. "What sticks with me is her fearfulness," he said. "She was like a scared kitten."
. [Steve Peterson, Drew Peterson's son from first marriage to Carol]
Steve Peterson
Oak Brook Illinois Police Officer and Drew Peterson's son
. [Jamie Holt, friend of Stacy Peterson family]
Jamie Holt
"There's no possible way she would have left without those babies, there's no possible way," said Jamie Holt, family friend." [abc] . [Walter Lee James was on the Coroner's Jury in 2004 regarding Kathleen Savio's cause of death determination]
Walter Lee James
James was on Coroner's Jury 2004. "This policeman on the panel, he didn't think Peterson would be able to do something like this." [www.nbc5.com] . [Glenn Selig owns The Publicity Agency]
Glenn Selig
Drew Peterson's
Publicity Agent
. [Kaitlyn Holt, Stacy Peterson's babysitter]
Kaitlyn Holt
"She wouldn't have let her family suffer like this." said Kaitlyn Holt, babysitter for Peterson kids." [abclocal] . [Henry Savio, Kathleen Savio's brother]
Henry Savio
Henry Savio, Kathleen's brother [Sun-Times] . [-]
Andrew Abood
Drew Peterson's Attorney
. [James Maves, Stacy family frind]
James Maves
"I thought she was a great mom," he said. "I know she was a family-oriented person because she didn't have that growing up." [chicagotribune] . [Dr. Michael Baden]
Dr. Michael Baden
"It's my opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty that it's a homicide, and that's what I would have put down on the death certificate."[Greta] . [Gary Marcolina]
Gary Marcolina
Gary Marcolina was the best man at Drew's wedding and was witness to Kathleen's WILL
. [Suzan Robison, Stacy's Aunt]
Suzan Robison (Aunt)
"He was a very jealous, very controlling person," Robison said. "He followed her. He tracked her with GPS on her cell phone, called her constantly." . [Terry, former employee of Drew and Kathleen Peterson]
Terry (worked for DP)
Terry worked for Drew and Kathleen. "It was obvious that she was extremely afraid of him." [Dr. Phil Show] . [Marcus Patterson]
Marcus Patterson
Harvey police officer Marcus Patterson worked at Bolingbrook Police Department for Drew Peterson in the Gang Suppression Unit in
1999 to 2002
. [Matthew Simmons and his wife Kerry (Stacy's step-sister) - (Tribune photo by Zbigniew Bzdak, November 17, 2007)]
Matthew Simmons
"[Kerry] Simmons' husband, Matthew Simmons, said he hoped the police would provide the justice and closure the family desperately seeks" . [Carol's husband Terry was a former employee of Drew and Kathleen Peterson]
Carol (Terry's wife)
Husband Terry worked for Petersons. "When I heard Kathleen was dead, I said to my husband, 'He did it. Drew did it,'" says Carol." [Dr. Phil Show] . [--]
. [Kyle Toutges, Stacy Peterson's Uncle]
Kyle J. Toutges
"If she [Stacy] ran away with another guy, (Drew Peterson) would know where that guy is, his shoe size, everything about this man." [nbc5.com] . [Susan Doman, Kathleen Savio's sister - http://abcnews.go.com]
Susan Doman
"'So make sure you take care of my [Kathleen Savio] kids. I'm afraid of him. I'm afraid of him," Doman quoted her sister as saying. [cbsnews] . [--]
. [Carrie Furnas, Stacy family friend - (Stacey Wescott, Chicago Tribune - November 4, 2007)]
Carrie Furnas
Carrie Furnas sign up volunteers on Sunday to search for missing Stacy Peterson in Bolingbrook. [chicagotribune.com] . [Pastor Neil Schori of the Naperville Christian Church]
Neil Schori
Pastor at the Naperville Christian Church. Stacy Peterson said "He did it." I said "He did what?" Stacy said "He killed Kathleen." . [--]
. ['We're here for one reason, again, and that's because Stacy's missing,' Miller said. 'Unfortunately, I think enough time has gone by that we still hold that little glimmer of hope, but we've worked 790 of these cases, and past experience lets us know that something probably bad happened to her.']
Tim Miller
Tim Miller from
Texas Equusearch:
"We're here for one reason, again, and that's because
Stacy's missing."
. [Anthony Bindy Rock]
Anthony Bindy Rock
Anthony Bindy Rock, Convicted Cop Killer, Reputed Loan Shark . [--]
Maggie Furnas
Friend of Stacy Peterson . [Jim Pretto]
Jim Pretto
Jim Pretto was on Coroner's Jury 2004 in the death of Kathleen Savio . [--]
. [Bruce Zidarich]
Bruce Zidarich
Friend of Cassandra's and last person to speak with Stacy Peterson the morning of 10/28/2007 . [Tom Morphey attempted suicide the night he helped Drew Peterson move container from upstairs bedroom]
Thomas C Morphey
Drew Peterson's Step-Brother, Tom Morphey told a friend he helped Drew carry blue sealed container from master bedroom loaded into Drew's SUV 10/28/07 . [--]

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