This web page is part of a series covering found materials regarding individuals, items or events that apparently became part of what is commonly known as the vortex of the JonBenet Ramsey murder case Christmas night 1996. The webmaster of this site claims no inside official Boulder police information as to who has been interviewed, investigated, the outcome or what information is actually considered official evidence. These pages outline found material which can include but not limited to materials found in books, articles, the Internet, transcripts, depositions, legal documents, Internet discussion forums, graphics or photos, media reports, TV/Radio shows about the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. Found materials are here for historical archive purposes. (www.acandyrose.com - acandyrose@aol.com)
This webpage series is for historical archive and educational purposes on found materials

[755 15Th Street, Boulder, Colorado]
Boulder, Colorado 15th Street

Flight755 15th Street
Passenger List


Boarding at Gate "A"

[Access Graphics Employees]
Access Employees
[300 Employees at the Access Billion Dollar Luncheon Party December 20, 1996]
Access 12/20/96
300 Guests
[Ex-Access Graphics Employee Fired for Smoking]
Access Smoker
[Alley House Sitter - Man left right after the murder]
Alley House Sitter
[Alley Way Boogie Man - Had white cord and a stick and said 'You can't have her. She's mine' and also reportedly said, 'Don't you just want to strangle her?']
Alley Way
Boogie Man
[Annie Muss posted at www.webbsleuths.com that they knew who the killer was. On May 31, 2003 Annie Muss informs the forum that he has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and that he still believe he lived in Boulder in 1996 following that by saying 'The experiment is over.']
Annie Muss
[Apple Repairman (Ex-Access Employee) Told boss when fired 'I hope you enjoy your new daughter' and he also worked on Ramsey's Computer 1996]
Apple Repairman
[Jameson's Araphahoe Suspect - Sent DNA to BPD August 17, 2001]
Araphahoe Suspect
[Ariana Pugh, Housekeeper's daughter - Linda, Mervin, Ariana did decorations and washed windows at Ramsey house. Linda brought the decorations in from the garage but couldn't find artificial trees brought from the Access Graphics storage hangar. Linda and Ariana searched house, found cellar room door which was painted shut. Next day Linda's Son-in-Law, Mike, daughter Tina and husband Mervin got the trees out of the wine cellar, took to bedrooms]
Ariana Pugh
[Atlanta Intruder 1997, 4070 Paces Ferry Road NW - Atlanta, Georgia. Alarm went off at 4:30 P.M. August 16, 1997.  Security Company didn't show up. John Ramsey found note on computer that read 'Don't call police if alarm was detected!']
Atlanta 1997 Intruder
[Atlanta 2001 Intruder - Thief locked John Ramsey in bathroom then stole, a Compac Lap Top computer, two duffel bags, jewelry from Patsy's Jewelry box, one small ring, one wedding style ring, John Ramsey's wallet, driver's license, Blockbuster video card, two visa cards, Merrill Lynch card, an American Express and Rich's credit cards plus $300-400 dollars plus his aircraft logs.]
Atlanta 2001 Intruder
[Atlanta 2:00am Door Bell Stranger said he had critical information]
Atlanta 2a.m. Stranger
. . . . . .

Boarding at Gate "B"

[B_n_Jazzy4ever45 posted message in www.maketoast.com guest book that she was forced to go to the crime scene and that a handyman killed JonBenet]
[Dennis Kelly]
Basement Painter
[BTCT Suspect - Jameson at www.webbsleuths.com says this suspect was at the Boulder Community Treatment Center and since it's on the SOUTH SIDE of town, she's wondering if anybody ever called that place the South Boulder Treatment Center which would stand for the letters SBTC.]
BTCT Suspect
[Bill McReynolds aka Santa]
Bill McReynolds aka Santa
[Boatman Informant from Waterford, Michigan, Claimed John Andrew Ramsey offered $10,000 to Kill JonBenet in the Summer 1996]
[Bob Wallace]
Bob Wallace
[Bob Wallace's Friend]
Bob Wallace's Friend
[Bomb Threat Caller November 10, 1999 said, 'There is a bomb in the building' and 'You had better take me seriously']
Bomb Threat Caller
[Boulder Historical Society Christmas Home Tour 1994]
Home Tour 1994
2000 People
[Brad Millard]
Brad Millard
[Brett Allen Sawyer]
Brett Allen Sawyer
[Brian Gilmore]
Brian Gilmore
[Brian Scott]
Brian Scott
[Bud Henderson]
Bud Henderson
[Bumper Sticker Guy - Wanted a bumper sticker that said, 'I Killed Her' and wen asked Which One? He Replied, 'Either one, JonBenet Ramsey or Susannah Chase']
Bumper Sticker Guy
[Burke Ramsey]
Burke Ramsey
[Midnight Bus Station Stranger - On Christmas night 1996, Daniel Pride's buddy drove him to Longmont and he took the 6pm bus into Boulder, Colorado for a transfer to a Greyhound bus to Denver.  About 1am a stranger arrived, he was stooped, thin, and a little emaciated, about 5'11. Daniel raised my unlit cigarette, asking the stranger, 'You got a light?' and the figures eyes flared wide, his face contorted in fear and horror and he let out a drawn out 'ohhhhhh Noooooo', his tenor voice filled with horror.  The 'vibe' off the man was overwhelming and Daniel said, 'Geez guess I'll get my light elsewhere'.  The stranger was wearing a western fleece vest with a shiny red spot in the area just over his heart.]
Bus Station Stranger

Boarding at Gate "C"

[Candy Cane Man - He stole a candy cane out of the Ramsey's yard about a week after the murder.  He also collects John Wayne Gacy stuff as well as made a shrine in memory of JonBenet on his computer desktop]
Candy Cane Man
[Apparently a video camcorder stolen from the Ramsey home but Patsy said 'I remember we thought it was probably the carpet people, but you can’t prove it. I mean, we’ve lost so many cameras and…' besides that was a couple years before the murder]
Carpet People
[Chi Psi Fraternity - Twenty-year-old John Andrew Ramsey's fraternity, like many people with a connection to the Ramsey case, was the target of a fierce media blitz in the days and weeks following the murder.]
Chi Psi Fraternity
[Chris Wolf]
Chris Wolf
[Ramsey Christmas Party December 23, 1996]
Christmas 1996
23 Guests
[Computer Wiz - Reported as 'Acting Wierd']
Computer Wiz
in Georgia
[Cowboy Boot Man - Charlevoix, Michigan, Reportedly somebody was sleeping in JonBenet's bed, somebody left suitcase and cowboy boots behind. Incident Occured in Fall 1996 but wasn't reported to Boulder Police January 1997]
Boot Man
[Curtis Fisher - Reportedly had a disagreement With John Ramsey.  Also reportedly attended suspicious Murder Mystery Dinner at Pasta Jay's Restaurant]
Curtis Fisher

Boarding at Gate "D"

[Darrel Kirkwood alias David Cooper, also known as 'Hitman' wanted $3,000 airfare, so he could fly to Boulder with his parents, turn himself in.]
Darrel Kirkwood aka David Cooper
[David Haynes, 42, was arrested in West Monroe, Louisiana on an unrelated incident. Boulder police investigating JonBenet's murder received an anonymous letter with a Shreveport postmark so they obviously wondered if there was some connection.  Apparently David Haynes was not too happpy about being connected to the JonBenet murder and he reportedly filed a lawsuit.]
David Haynes
[Dean Cole told jailmates that he installed the marble counter tops in the Ramsey kitchen 5 weeks before the murder. He said he did enter the basement to get buckets of water from the water heater as did other workers from other companies working elsewhere in the house.  Cole recalls the Ramseys wanting job done by Thanksgiving but it wasn't finished. He spent 2 days at the Ramsey house.  Cole reportedly said that the Ramseys 'signed off' on the marble job the day after it was completed.]
Dean Cole
Marble Man
[Debradear's Brother.  She believe her brother may have killed JonBenet as well as other murders]
Debradear's Brother
[Diane Hallis - Access Graphics Secretary - Reportedly received telephone call, somebody said 'Patsy had caught 'HIM' molesting JonBenet' - Gene Parker tested her and said 'The probability of truthfulness was very accurate, in the high 90's' that 'SHE DID RECEIVE THE TELEPHONE CALL.']
Diane Hallis
[Disgruntle Employee - Ramsey Legal Team Kept bringing up his name]
Disgruntle Employee
[Donald Paugh, JonBenet's Grandfather]
Donald Paugh
[Douglas County Attacker aka Steven McGonigle - August 2000 attempted rape of a teenager that was interrupted by the girl's aunt. Suspect owned handgun, utility knife, about 30 feet of yellow rope, handcuffs and a stun gun. - Ramsey unpaid P.I. Ollie Gray said Ramseys want this guy checked out.]
Douglas County Attacker

Boarding at Gate "F"

[Father Rol Hoverstock Photo courtesy of 'http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Senate/6502/primer/primer_cover.html']
Father Rol Hoverstock
[Fleet White]
Fleet White

[Foyer Party]
Foyer Party
60 Guests
. . . . . .

Boarding at Gate "G"

[Gary Merriman]
Gary Merriman
[Gary Oliva - aka Thomas Aquinas, aka The Saint, aka Churchmouse - Transient collected his mail at the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church on 14th Street. Showed up at 1 year memorial service vigil for JonBenet in Boulder holding folder sealed tightly with a strip of smooth, black duct tape, He has a criminal history, including the sexual assault of a 7-year-old girl in Oregon.]
Gary Oliva
[Gas Station Man - Charlevoix, Michigan. Stranger Hanging at Shell Station. He said he had 'unfinished business in Colorado' Incident was in Fall 1996 but wasn't reported until February 1997]
Gas Station Man
[Geraldine Vodicka was a former Ramsey housekeeper. Her daughter Lorraine Florence Lawrence died December 4, 1996 in what some feel was a mysterious incident in Boulder.]
Geraldine Vodicka
[Glenn Meyer - Rented Basement Apartment at Joe Barnhills at 764 15th, Boulder, Colorado - Glenn Meyer's first handwriting sample had similarities to the ransom note. Ramsey PI Ellis Armistead gave BPD dossier on Meyer, showing debts of $70,000 which drew suspicions]
Glenn Meyer
[Gloria Williams]
Gloria Williams
. . .

Boarding at Gate "J"

[Jack Logan - Guy went to same church as Ramseys, John said, 'said he saw some stuff at our house, and I forget his name, but he was a little bit of a weirdo also.' - Saw guy in Pick Up Truck in Alley]
Jack Logan
[She claims her boyfriend was involved in JonBenet's murder]
Jacqueline Dilson
[Jaguar (Mysterious Car Seen 12-25-1996 by John Ramsey) - Get the scoop HERE at www.crimerant.com]
Jaguar Mysterious Car spotted
[Jakula - He wrote the 'SANTA CLAWS' unpublished short Story. He was a CU student. The story was part of a novelette called 'GORE TIMES FOUR™' written 12/2/1996.  Story was about a girl who had her mouth taped, limbs tied and was raped and killed on Christmas night.]
Santa Claws
[James Selby - Jailhouse Confession to JonBenet Ramsey and Danielle Van Dam Murders]
James Selby
[James Leroy Davie]
James Leroy Davie
[James Partin - Suspected of Child Pornography (Ohio), Had Pictures of JonBenet And 'X' Marked Map of Idaho Springs, CO (Beth Miller Case)]
James Partin
[Janet McReynolds - Janet went with husband Bill to Ramsey 1996 Christmas party because he was just getting over major bypass heart surgury. 22 years prior, on December 26, 1974, her 9 year old daughter Jill was kidnapped. John Ramsey suggested S.B.T.C was really S.B.J.C stood for 'SantaBill JanetClaus.' - Her play copyrighted 'Hey, Rube' fiction account 1965 basement murder of Sylvia Likens in Indianapolis, Indiana]
Janet McReynolds
[Jason Mueller - Reportedly friend of Mike McElroy but denies knowing him. He also had what some belived to be a wierd website.  How did this man ended up on the murder vortex?]
Jason Mueller
[Jason Perkins - Reportedly attended suspicious Murder Mystery Dinner at Pasta Jay's Restaurant]
Jason Perkins
[Jay Elowsky]
Jay Elowsky
[Jay Pettipiece]
Jay Pettipiece
[Jeff Merrick Photo courtesy of 'http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Senate/6502/primer/primer_cover.html']
Jeff Merrick
[Jessie McReynolds - He had done two and a half years in an Arizona prison for conspiracy, aggravated robbery and kidnapping and had no corroborated alibi for Christmas night 1996 - Former Kidnapping charge was a botched $113 gas station robbery in Arizona, where he forced clerk to move from Point A to Point B, thus the kidnapping charge]
Jessie McReynolds
[Jim Marino - Reportedly attended Suspicious Murder Mystery Dinner. Photo courtesy of 'http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Senate/6502/primer/primer_cover.html']
Jim Marino
[Somebody named 'John' wanted her to give him information on American Express purchases at the store.]
Joanne Hanks
McGuckin Hardware
[John Andrew Ramsey]
John Andrew Ramsey

[John Brewer Eustace III - Arrested on Elizabeth Bradwell case Charlotte, North Carolina - Was also wanted on suspicion-Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada]
John Brewer Eustace

[John Kenady]
John Kenady
[John Gardiner]
John Gardiner
[John Mark Karr - Confessed to being with JonBenet when she died, he said it was an accident. He said he loved JonBenet]
John Mark Karr
[John Ramsey]
John Ramsey
[John Stephen Gigax - Falsely Targeted by CU Professor Michael Tracey's June 15, 2004 Documentary shown in Great Britian As PRIME SUSPECT in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Falsely accused of midnight burglaries in Boulder 1996 - Falsely accused of murder of JonBenet Ramsey 1996 - Falsely accused of murder of Michael Helgoth 1997 - Falsely accused attemped rape Dance West victim 1997]
John Gigax

Never a Suspect
[JonBenet Ramsey - THE REAL VICTIM murdered on Christmas night 1996]

[St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery, Marietta, Georgia - Boulder Police Anniversary Grave Site Surveillance Operation - December 20, 24, 25, 26, 1997]
JonBenet Grave Surveillance
[JonBenet Ramsey Grave Vandalized - St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery, Marietta, Georgia - Vandal Scrawls on Tombstone October 19, 1999 'No Justice In U.S.A.']
JonBenet Grave Vandal
[Glass Mosaic on Wood - American Faces series by artist Nils Grossien]
JonBenet Portrait Stolen
[James Michael Thompson aka J.T.Colfax - On May 22, 1997 Colfax stole the December 26, 1996 morgue log sheet from the county morgue that showed when JonBenet Ramsey was taken to the morgue. - On June 18, 1997 Colfax went to Boulder, Colorado and attempted to push burning papers through the front door mail slot of the Ramsey's vacant home at 755 15th Street, the house where JonBenet was murdered. Nobody reported the fire or that a stranger was on the Ramsey property. That night Colfax slept at Mustard's Last Stand on Broadway in Boulder.]
Shock Artist
[Judith Phillips, Photographer]
Judith Phillips
. . . . . . .

Boarding at Gate "K"

[Kali2 - Los Osos Woman]
Los Osos Woman
[Kathy Merrick]
Kathy Merrick
[Kevin Raburn - Out of Colorado Prison week before the murder. Bragged he had $118,000 to live on after prison. Had friend who lived in Ramsey neighborhood on 17th Street. Raburn turned himself into Longmont PD on check forgery charge, had court date of May 13th but then skipped town, went to Knoxville, TN, was arrested 09-01-1997 in TN for looking suspicious, Extradited by BDA's office (Smit) September 11, 1997)]
Kevin Raburn
[Killer Jim - Psychic Warren Freiberg Seance, Munster, Indiana, JonBenet told the psychic that 'Jim' told her, 'You're my child now' - Description: Tall, handsome, Small scar above left eye.]
Killer Jim
[Kimberly Ballard - Says THERE WAS NO AFFAIR - IT'S ALL LIES]
Kimberly Ballard
[Kristine Griffin, JonBenet Pageant Coach]
Kristine Griffin
Pageant Coach
. . .

Boarding at Gate "L"

[Larry Petrie]
Larry Petrie
[Laurie Wagner]
Laurie Wagner
[Lawrence Shawn Smith]
Lawrence Shawn Smith
[Linda Arndt]
Linda Arndt
[Linda Hoffmann-Pugh - Linda, Mervin, Ariana did decorations and washed windows at Ramsey house. Linda brought the decorations in from the garage but couldn't find artificial trees brought from the Access Graphics storage hangar. Linda and Ariana searched house, found cellar room door which was painted shut. Next day Linda's Son-in-Law, Mike, daughter Tina and husband Mervin got the trees out of the wine cellar, took to bedrooms]
Linda Hoffmann Pugh
[Linda Wilcox - Former Ramsey Housekeeper - Hired '93, left in 09-04-1995. She said John Ramsey NEVER wore his shoes in the house EVER. PMPT Page 259-'I don't remember if I told them about the large photo John had of an aircraft carrier. On the bottom of the picture in fancy writing were the words Subic Bay Training Center.' - Linda Wilcox discovered floor safe in wine cellar, showed it to Patsy, Nedra, Susanne Savage]
Linda Wilcox
. . .

Boarding at Gate "M"

[Mark Fix, Photographer]
Mark Fix
[Matthew Falcon - Aka 'The Falcon' - Attacked a 22 year old University of Colorado Student - He said, 'Run. Run as fast as you can, don't tell the police.' - He was also looked at regard Susannah Chase Murder]
Matthew Falcon
"The Falcon"
[Matthew Sanders - New Orleans, allegedly Child Pornography - Had Collection of Newspapers, Tabloid Articles about death of JonBenet Ramsey]
Matthew Sanders
[Melinda Ramsey]
Melinda Ramsey

[Mervin Pugh - John Ramsey said Pam Paugh got call that some woman called Mervin, 'Irwin the molester' said he killed JonBenet. - Thanksgiving Weekend 1996, Linda Pugh's daughter, Tina, Son-in-law Mike and Mervin helped take Xmas trees out of wine cellar, carried them upstairs.]
Mervin Pugh
[Michael Helgoth]
Michael Helgoth
[Michael McElroy - Aka 'The Prophet' - Had Barbie Bondage Web Site - BPD took McElroy's stun gun, 100 pages of old handwritten short stories, hiking boots, black sharpie marker, rope in closet, finger prints, palm prints and saliva swab, then BPD took him to Naked Edge Cutlery and bought him a brand new $51 stun gun and to the shoe store and bought him a brand new pair of $60 Nike hiking boots. They gave him $2 cash for his Sharpie pen.  McElroy said they never examined his computer.]
Michael McElroy
[Michael Minard - Reportedly attended Suspicious Murder Mystery Dinner at Pasta Jays]
Michael Minard
[Michael - Joshua-7 - Melissa wrote, 'Michael had it in for the DAs office, more specifically, Alex Hunter. Michael started a thread in the open forum about DNA testing and how it wasn't to be trusted or accurate. That in itself wouldn't be cause for suspicion, but the timing was odd. You see, he started this thread just days before DNA test results were released on JonBenet. The thing is, when the results were released, no one knew they were going to be released. It was a suprise to everyone. ']
[Mike Pugh SIL - Thanksgiving Weekend 1996, Linda Pugh's daughter, Tina, Son-in-law Mike and Mervin helped take Xmas trees out of wine cellar, carried them upstairs]
Mike (Pugh SIL)
[Mike Archuleta, Ramey Personal Pilot]
Mike Archuleta
Personal Pilot
[Mike Glynn - Reportedly attended Suspicious Murder Mystery Dinner at Pasta Jay]
Mike Glynn
[Milton Thomas Black - Threatening Interstate Communications - Said he had Information on JonBenet Murder]
Milton Thomas Black
[My Ex-Husband Did It - Reportedly Tied up Daughter, covered her mouth with duct tape]
My Ex-Husband Did It
[Mystery Man at Grave]
Mystery Man
at Grave
. . .

Boarding at Gate "N"

[Nancy Ransom Note Writer - aka 'No7ThirdPlace' and 'I KNOW' - She said the ransom note was part of 'sick brain's' book titled 'The Perfect Murder' - To Nancy only, S.B.T.C. stands for 'So Be The Cause']
Nancy Ransom Note Writer
[Nancy Krebs]
Nancy Krebs
[Nathan Inouwe - Susan Stine's Live In Sitter - Occasionally Drove Burke or JonBenet to School]
Nathan Inouwe
[Nedra Paugh, JonBenet's Grandmother]
Nedra Paugh
[Neighbor - Adam Fermeire - He was up watching TV - He didn't Notice Anything Strange]
Adam Fermeire
[Neighbor - Barbara Kostanick - JonBenet's 'Secret Santa' Story - Barbara's daughter Megan met JonBenet Valentine's Day of 1996. BPD left message at her daughter Megan's school they wanted to talk to the child. Barbara said JonBenet had TOLD HER that Santa was going to pay her a special visit after Christmas. - Megan said she was in Ramsey basement once]
Barbara Kostanick
[Neighbor - Barking Dog - Her Dogs didn't bark night of murder]
Barking Dog
[Neighbor - Reportedly walking her dog at 1AM and the neighborhood was quiet]
Carla Haney
[Dana Berger, Reportedly Patsy said she was 'the blonde bitch down the street' but Patsy said Priscilla called Dana that name]
Dana Berger
[Debbie Shefley, Reportedly Patsy said she was 'the blonde bitch down the street' but Patsy said that wasn't Debbie but was Dana Berger and that it wasn't she but Priscilla who called Dana that name]
Debbie Shefley
[Neighbor - Diane Brumfitt - She did not see a light on at the southeast comer of the Ramseys' house, though there had been a safety light in that spot for years]
Diane Brumfitt
[Neighbor - Donna Norris - PMPT435 'Another unfamiliar automobile turned out to belong to Donna Norris, whose daughter, a student at CU, used her car and lived across the street from the Ramseys']
Donna Norris
[Neighbor - Francis Smith - Ramey Neighbor who was interviewed by police three times, twice early in the investigation wanting to know if they heard or seen anything unusual the night of the murder. They said no. Third interview was December 17, 1997]
Francis Smith
[Neighbor - Jean Fortier - Her Children reportedly said JonBenet could not play on Christmas day because she was sick.]
Jean Fortier
[The Barnhills watched JonBenet's dog, Joe also hid JonBenet's Christmas bike for the Ramseys.  Joe said he thought he seen a John Andrew Ramsey look-alike walking in the back of the Ramsey house on Christmas evening]
Joe Barnhill
[Neighbor - Margaret Dillon - Ramey Neighbor who was interviewed by Louis Sahagun of the Los Angeles Times in December 1997 and she told him that the police had asked her whether she knew if the Ramseys owned a Taser or stun gun. They also asked her about duct tape and white nylon cord]
Margaret Dillon
[Neighbor - Mary and Pat Vann - PMPT133-'The Vanns had been away in Texas on a holiday visit when JonBenet was murdered and had returned on December 27. Mary Vann knew Patsy reasonably well. - The Vann' yard was the furthest point on the block where JonBenet was allowed to play alone. Patrick Vann used to see JonBenet rollerblade up to their house and then circle back home.']
Mary/Pat Vann
[Neighbor - Melody Stanton (Reportedly heard scream night of murder)]
Melody Stanton
[Neighbor - Neighborhood Kids (Friends of Burke and JonBenet)]
[Neighbor - Nicole Spurlock - PMPT435-'In the Ramsey case, one of the previously unidentified cars was found to belong to Eric Keck, who often visited his girlfriend, Nicole Spurlock, on 15th Street. Even after the couple broke up, Keck continued to park his car in the area']
Nicole Spurlock
[Neighbor - Patricia Limerick - Ramsey Book Says Limerick's were never interviewed by police]
Patricia Limerick
[Neighbor - Richardson Twins (Lived with Melody Stanton)]
Richardson Twins
[Neighbor - Scott Gibbons - Saw Light in Butler Kitchen around Midnight - Saw Butler Door Open at 8:00 A.M. 12-26]
Scott Gibbons
[Neighbor - The Cobies - John Ramsey-'The Cobies were weird as hell, frankly. Their house was a pig sty. I mean it was, I had never been in it but Patsy had, and she just described it was, you know, a mattress on the floor for the kids, the kids always dressed themselves. One day Burke took over a little gun, a plastic gun and he just went crazy, he didn't want any guns in the house.' - Cobie boys were there on Christmas.']
The Colbys
[Neighbor - Unidentified - He heard no Scream He said he was in bed with the flu that night]
[Neighbor - Unidentified (Heard a scraping sound)]
[New York Internet Threat (Said John's 'Done for it' if he goes to New York)]
New York Internet Threat
[Midnight Burglar - J.T.Colfax- 'There used to be a prisoner here named Nick Lowe. He was my neighbor. 'The Boulder Burgler.' Eighty-six counts of burglary. Det. Gosage came to tape record him here at the jail. They took hair, saliva, and handwriting from him too. This was in about August '97. Then I was removed from the POD. Nick's mother had moved to Victoria, Canada not far from where I was when the DEATH happened. Det. Gosage called her there. Her name is Debbi Lowe. Nick is in a Minnesotta prison as Colorado overflow']
Nick Lowe
Midnight Burglar
[Nick Williams (Owned www.maketoast.com)]
Nick Williams
. . . . . . .

Boarding at Gate "O"

[Oceanside California Felon - Arrested March 15, 1965 - Convicted of misdemeanor indecent exposure - Allegedly lived six blocks from Ramseys - Vanished shortly after murder]
Oceanside California Felon
[One Eyed Freak - Colfax Jailhouse Talk-'Oh, theres a ONE eye freak downstairs who is also on my kitchen shift. He said last night that a friend of his in Boulder has huge - all encompassing of JBR photos from 'day one' after the murder. Further, he said the friend got arested at home for 'freaking out' while drunk. So the BPD came and SAW this AWFUL WALLFULL of JBR photos and did Nothing but continue to execute the drunken arrest.']
One Eyed
Freak's Friend
. . . . . . .

Boarding at Gate "P"

[Pam Griffin, Ramsey Seamstress]
Pam Griffin
[Pam Paugh, Patsy Ramsey's sister]
Pam Paugh
Patsy's Sister
[Parade Float Stranger]
Parade Float Stranger
[Patricia Letter Writer]
Patricia Letter Writer
[Patsy Ramsey]
Patsy Ramsey
[Paul Hidalgo - 'Daddy's Little Hooker' Artist - 10' X 25' Mural by Paul Hidalgo in the Hall of Sibell Wolle Fine Arts Building, Colordo University, Boulder]
Paul Hidalgo
[Picture Framer]
Picture Framer
[Prank Wanted Poster]
Prank Reward Poster Owner
[Priscilla White]
Priscilla White

[Propwash Press Flyer - August 25, 1998 - Flyer alleges that Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby and Boulder County District Attorney, Alex Hunter as possible conspirators in a child-pornography ring]
Propwash Press Flyer Owner
. . . . . . . .

Boarding at Gate "R"

[Randy Simons (JonBenet Photographer)]
Randy Simons
[Raspy Voice Caller - If John Ramsey returns, the caller warned, 'Access Graphics employees will die']
Raspy Voice Caller
[Ricardo Gracia (Round Rock, Texas, Possible Fund Raising Fraud)]
Ricardo Gracia
[Richard Bjelkovig, Ramey Co Pilot]
Richard Bjelkovig
[Robert B. Cook (Reportedly heard Jailhouse Confession)]
Robert B. Cook
[Robert E. Laplante (S. Yarmouth, Mass. Reportedly had Pornography plus pics of JonBenet)]
Robert Laplante
[Running Man - Neighbor of the Ramseys reportedly seen a RUNNING MAN leaving crime scene 12-26-96 - Neighbor woman reportedly said the man was tall and slender - Neighbor reportedly called Peter Boyles Radio show in Denver to report the sighting]
Running Man
. .

Boarding at Gate "S"

[Sandra Henderson]
Sandra Henderson
[Santa Bear Mystery - Unidentified Santa Bear found in Crime Scene Photo - Pam Paugh told 'Inside Edition' 01-29-1999 that a note was in a small pouch attached to a teddy bear - Pam says the note was not alarming but that it was, 'telling' and 'a bit prophetic.' - There was no note in the bear's pouch - LaDonna Graygo purchased the bear as a prize JonBenet won as 'Little Miss Christmas' Amerikids Pageant, Boulder Colorado December 14, 1996]
Santa Bear Mystery
[Sean Patrick King - Pornography, had JonBenet Photos and 'S.K.'s Little Girl Black Book']
Sean Patrick King
[September 1997 Intruder Dance West Victim aka Ninja Man]
September '97
Ninja Man
[Shirley Brady, Former Nanny from Atlanta Georgia]
Shirley Brady
Former Nanny
[Shreveport Letter Author]
Shreveport Letter Author
[Sketchman #1 (Dorothy Allison's Killer) - Dorothy said JonBenet was already dead by 11:25 PM on Dec. 25, 1996, killer was hiding in the closet, said clue on little shiny yellow raincoat, said killer was a worker in the house, like a janitor, said she gets the name 'Irving or Irvin', connection to killer with Germany also something with Georgia.  She sees 'numbers 289 or could be 928', some connection to a Martin. She said the killer fixed a leak in the bathroom about a few weeks before the murder.]
Sketchman #1
Dorothy Allison
[Sketchman #2 (Carol Everett's Killer) - He looks like or feels like some sort of delivery man. Has a uniform but not military. Could even be a postman delivering packages etc. Sure he has already been questioned by police and let go. He is not a relative and seems to be involved in drugs. He appears to have a small scar on mouth, possibly a hair lip which has been around since childhood.]
Sketchman #2
Carol Everett
[Stephen Paul Linton - Threatened President George Bush - Signed Letter, 'Victory S.B.T.C.' for Society of Bums, Throwaways and Castoffs]
Stephen Paul Linton
[Stacy Denton Story - The three homeless guys witness a man carrying body 12/25/1996 by 917 Baseline house - Stacy Denton claimed JonBenet's murder happened at 917 Baseline Road. She said the green fibers in JonBenet's hair were from the pool table. She said her friends reported what they saw and were murdered, dumped into Boulder Creek - Two of the homeless men were Daniel Julian (July 97), Thomas Lemmon (Aug 97) and the third was David Emmett Simpson (aka 'Mad Dog') who died Sept 97]
Stacy Denton's Homeless Friends
[Stephen Miles - Boulder photographer and Ramsey neighbor - Lawsuit filed February 3, 1998 Steven Miles vs. John and Patsy Ramsey & The National Enquirer (John South and David Wright) - Case Dismissed February 3, 1999]
Stephen Miles
[Striking Eastern Couple (From Ramsey's Church) - John Ramsey said 'striking couple - like they were from East' with daughter, noticed them new in church then by coincidence at Pasta Jays, sat near John's table then they moved.]
Striking Eastern Couple
[Susan Bennett]
Susan Bennett
[Susan Stine (Sending Fraud E-Mails as Mark Beckner)
Susan Stine
[John Ramsey says Susannah Chase's killer is the same killer of JonBenet]
Susannah Chase Killer
[Suspect D (Knew term 'fat cat' and was in Boulder)]
Suspect D
[Suzanne Savage (Nanny and Babysitter)]
Suzanne Savage

Boarding at Gate "T"

[Tina Hoffman (Housekeeper's daughter) - Thanksgiving Weekend 1996, Linda Pugh's daughter, Tina, Son-in-law Mike and Mervin helped take Xmas trees out of wine cellar, carried them upstairs]
Tina Hoffman
[Tom Carson (Access Employee)]
Tom Carson
[Tom Horn's Grave Mystery (Western Just Us) - Columbia Cemetery, Boulder, Colorado - 'Seven Holes and Note to Boulder DA Alex Hunter']
Tom Horn's Grave Messenger
[Tristan McReynolds (Son of Santa Claus) - Tristan first met Patsy when he delivered a gingerbread house to the Ramseys from his bakery (Basemar Shopping Center). Once Patsy come into the bakery to ask about his father's health in 1996]
Tristan McReynolds
. . . . .

Boarding at Gate "U, V, W, X, Y, Z"

[Vennie Scott Thompson - Became A Suspect of 'Obsessor' - Suspicions Turned Over To Ramsey Investigators By Internet Poster named 'Obsessor' On The Boulder News Forum]
Vennie Scott Thompson
[Violin Case Man - Reportedly a guys sister was convinced that their brother was in town, driving an old LTD with a violin case in the back full of explosives. Was somebody who had regular contact with the Ramseys over a period of time.]
Violin Man
In old LTD
[Wheelchair Man - Wheelchair Man driving car past Ramsey house, He said man running down hill ask for a ride. Running Hill Man told Wheelchair Man- 'I hate the Ramseys and I'm going to hurt their daughter' - Incident was in Summer 1996 but Wheel Chair Man doesn't tell Patsy until late Summer 1997]
Wheelchair Man
. . . . . .

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